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NLP?  T, "lc" (NEURO LIVEWARE PROGRAMMING?  Tender, "loving care")

Thoughts surrounding this Core TENET :
However much of the grey matter we use, its obvious that we process the things around us in a bit of a different way to every other known creature....(as far as we know)

We think "Telephones are fun - cameras are great - but chopsticks are truly multipurpose".

So many of our human foibles are handed down to us and we end up thinking in the way "thinking is supposed to be thought". Sure thing! But but butty but ... This is only ok if lessons never contradict themselves but they do. Are we told to put 'Greed' in our bad books at the moment?    What progress beyond our origins would we see today had 'greed' never occured. "Ha! to progress"?

Whether you soak in the baths of past peculiarities or pull the plug to their soakaways, you are on line to be labelled "conformist or rebel". .... "there is a third way" ..  probably far more!

We started to form the ideas for this Core Tenet by imagining what it would be like if all creatures processed 'thought' in the same way as we humans. It's been fun to see this portrayed in cartoon form and through the eyes of countless live storytellers and authors like Aeosop and Scott who skillfully use animal characters to 'comment' on the way we process our thoughts.

Now in the 21st Century, we are not sure if we still need morals tucked up in cosy beds of timely stories, but if this is the best way for basic adages
to be churned out then "let it be".  Many adages are tenets, several tenets pair well with natural laws (common sense), and some natural laws are own-branded by our legislatures.

"All this is null if we cannot agree, worldwide, to hold a common nugget of symbiotic effort together, heart in mind and beating as one".              (Tomlinson and Jesse 1996)

Tomlinson and Jesse have put together the tale of 'Hannibal Quack' .... only one
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 G.R.E.E.D.  (Good Riddance Ever Eating Duck)

 "surely now we're all inbred
To store more sense within the head."

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