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5 of 9 Assumption Mathematics

LIFE?  PTA, ET AL (Live Innocently For Ever?  Perish Thought Association, Envelope Tone And Live.)

Thoughts surrounding this TENET :

Things are really taking off by the time the **** hits the fan.

One second out of the Womb and our peripheral devices are scanning, bugging, emitting and
spitting trashed waste into the environment without a care. ..then "enters the mother factor".

The 'mother factor' which is all around us in the western world, feeds fabulistic food in all innocence of the consequences, inventing its way to culture new adults for society but creating children in its wake. Be warned, we can't build anything but a miraged future on this sort of innocence.

There's a lot to creating the sort of people we need to be. There's not much skill involved in freewheeling, or fighting to get what we want to get - "enter mother nature - enter the dragon"

'Mother nature' helps us, and all other instinctive creatures, to capitalise on the most basic situations, then we humans have the skill to 'move mountains'. But Tomlinson and Jesse believe there are some hills to climb that we are not grasping. Ok, so we are now over the first rise and can grasp the idea of "The World is NOT flat" and the "Moon is NOT made of blue-green cheese", but it wasn't too long ago when the flat and cheesy ruled. Heck ..... even nowadays some of us are still up in the clouds over whether 'genes maketh man' , whether 'gods judge man' and whether we should be using the term 'person' rather than 'man' in those last two "whethery bits"! (hmmmmmm).

Take a trip with us for a while as we try to click WITH you.

This core tenet suggests to us, that to "assume" something through thought association or just by "believing that which somebody else tells us" can be very dangerous, and damage the good health of our joint future. We call this knock-on system of assumption, "Assumption Mathematics".


Assumption Mathematics
dangerous and is the disease of
'taking things for condition-granted'

"Love adding,  hate subtracting.  Multiplying is ok in small numbers,  dividing is
the key of life so long as you combine again, which will bring you back to multiplying".

Is this the only pivitol principle in LIFE, or are we missing something ?

Tomlinson and Jesse feel we are all a bit blinded by so-called 'knowledge'. We hang onto it a bit too tightly at times and like a banner of pride waved by the all mighty muscle of good itself, we hide behind 'knowledge' very effectively! With this pure surety we surge forward. To give this thought weight in your own mind click onwards to meet something who knew God was right once in:

The Beggar From Valhalla

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