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3T-GTE Fuel Injection System
2T-G HKS Camshaft Specs
3S-GE ECU Pin-outs
3S-GTE Boost Modification
3S-GTE Fuel Rail Modification
3S-G(T)E Rear Wheel Drive Conversion
3S-GE Rear Wheel Drive Conversion - updated article
3S-GTE (MR2) Nology Installation
3S-GTE (MR2) HKS Fuel Cut Defenser Installation
4A-GZE Supercharger Info
4A-GE TRD Formula Atlantic Specs
4A-GE TRD Camshaft Specs
4A-GE WEB Camshaft Specs
4A-GE 16 Valve ECU Pinouts - US Model
4A-GE 20 Valve ECU Specs
4A-GE Engine Types and Specs
Toyota EFI Modification
Toyota AFM Modification
MR2 VIN #'s de-coded

How to Degree a Camshaft
Got Nitrous?
Why Nitrous?
Nitrous Tech
Exhaust Theory
Flywheel Theory
TRD engine break in instructions
Octane Boost Formula's
Oil Tech
Torque and Horsepower

Dyno Runs/Tuning
Jacobs Omni Torquer Nissan Sunny GT-S
Nology Power Core Toyota Levin
Nology HotWires Honda Integra VTEC
KBD Headers Toyota Levin S/C
WEB 101 Cams Toyota Levin
WEB 294 Cams Toyota Levin S/C
AEM Cold Air Intake Honda Integra Type R
Nitrous Express 50hp Single Nozzle system Honda Integra Type R
AEM Cold Air Intake, Pulleys & Timing GearsHonda Integra VTEC
Stock vs Magnacor vs Nology Spark plug wire test, Honda Integra VTEC

Gunter Automotive 4A-GE Turbo Kit
AE-111 TRD Turbo 20 Valve Levin

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