Personalities, people that make this world…interesting


Throughout the years, Carmelo has written investigative reports, articles, essays and reviews. He has also written about people. Whatever you may think of these personalities or social beings, the truth of the matter is our cohabitation with these beings enriches our lives.



Howard Zinn: Académico Revoltoso - Article (In Spanish)

El Mundo de Noam Chomsky - Article (In Spanish)


La mujer trabajadora ante la globalización - Article (In Spanish)


Phillip Berrigan: con nosotros siempre – Obituary (In Spanish)


La ciudad habitable: entrevista a Hermenegildo Ortiz – Interview (In Spanish)


La fascinante vida del Señor VavilovArticle (In Spanish)






This is only a small sample of writings. Carmelo has two online projects where he comments on the environment, biotechnology and other relevant subjects; please visit Carmelo’s blog and his bio-security project, as well as his Yahoo Group.


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