What's New?


-Interviews with Joy Electric and Frodus.

- New biased musical opinions on Sixpence, Plankeye, and tons of other bands who paid us the green to get a good review in the hallowed pages of (whirl).

- Sound Clips of funky new jams from Fold Zandura, velour 100, and that one band with the guy from poor old lu.

- Wire. Need we say more? We needn't.


- New-as-all-get-out interviews with Sixpence None The Richer,All Star United,Model Engine, and Switchfoot.

- More music reviews than you can shake a Fold Zandura at (whatever that is).

- WIRE UPDATE!!! For like the first time in 20 years!!!


- Brand slappin' new interviews with Brandston,Damien Jurado,Dan Michaels,Every Day Life, and Roadside Monument.

- Minty fresh editorials on Marilyn Manson (by Thom) and The Scene (by Kurt).

- Music Reviews by Kirk 'n' Derek.

- A heartfelt apology.

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