eating a lizard in Thailand
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eating a lizard
On a less serious note (depending on your perspective), I saw a cat capture and eat a large lizard tonight.

It was nothing short of amazing to watch. The lizard was really a cute little guy with large eyes and skin like a leopard under a black light.

I became aware of the cat having his feast when I heard it crunching down on the lizards head. I then quickly ran over to observe him munching.

By the time I sat down the cat had already dislocated the lizards head which sat peering at me a few inches away from it’s body flinching and flopping around in the cat’s mouth.

I had never witnessed anything like this before so I was really surprised to see that the body was still moving quite strongly.

The cat continued to grind off a foot, and then an arm and then the lungs and onto the next arm. And all the while, the body kept resisting. The lizards back legs held feet with toes similar to a frogs in that they seemed to have suction cups on each end. The lizard’s feet kept clamping down on the ground whilst the legs pushed against the cat’s mouth in a effort to free itself from the cat’s grip. But the head was as dead as a fish at market and it’s eyes just stared off into the distance, robotic and without life, like Dick Cheney on a good day.

This was a great symbol of the energy of life to keep living. After a couple minutes, the cat had devoured the entire torso down to the lizard’s hind legs which were pushing it’s feet into the cat’s teeth at an attempt to gain leverage and free itself. ‘What the hell would the bottom half of the body do with itself if it did manage to get free??’, I thought. God only knows that, and we haven’t been on talking terms for some time now, so I doubted he would be forthcoming.

The truly amazing part came when the legs were already seated in new form within the cat’s stomach and the cat began to eat the tail. The tail (ONLY THE TAIL!) was whipping back and forth like a dangling snake! It was unbelievable! This lizard has now become my new hero. I then smacked the cat over the head with my shoe, stole the lizard’s tail from him and hung it on the wall of my room. Would you believe me if I told you that it is still moving back and forth even now?! I hope not, because although I’m slightly abnormal, I would never do something quite that insane.

After the cat was done eating the tail it when back and finished off the head. The lizard’s dead, Dick Cheney like eyes, slowly disappeared into the cat’s mouth and I started to breath normally again. Hahaha… what an amazing sight that was! I really wonder what it is inside the lizard’s body that made it continue to fight so hard for it’s life when clearly it could never survive without it’s head, let alone it’s body. I don’t know much about anatomy or the true makeup of the human body, but something like this really makes you wonder how much the brain really controls and our own bodies, and how much of pain and general response to certain stimuli is just instinctive.

I remember a really good experiment wherein scientists put a bunch of chickens in a gated yard that had a chicken hut at one corner. They then attached a piece of wire from one end of the yard to the other and slowly pulled a fake hawk across this wire. When they did this, all the chickens ran and hid in the chicken hut. But when the scientists turned the hawk around and drew in backwards across the same wire, the chickens blew him off and weren’t concerned in the least. So again, how much of our response in life is just instinct? There’s no doubt that most of it programming and conditioning (like people that continue to smoke, even knowing that they are slowly killing themselves) , but there is still A LOT that is instinctive. Advertisers know this very well and love to place beautiful women next to their products to mixup the man’s instinctive attraction to the female form and the product that they are trying to sell. So the common man see’s all the ads of the pretty woman holding the sunflower seeds and soon he gets a hard-on every time he sees sunflower seeds. lol People are stupid, advertisers are geniuses. Unfortunately, advertisers are people as well.

*Maybe this picture below is not the best, but it shows a lizard very similar to the one in my short story above. This picture was taken in my outdoor bathroom in Northern Thailand.


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