Meditation and Freedom
  Meditation & the Acceptance of Life









Meditation and Freedom

You MUST PRACTICE, then you will see:

Thought is Search
The Search for pleasure of the senses.

Thought only arises when there is sufficient absence of pleasure and security.

Thought searches memory for ways to return to pleasure and security.

Pleasure and security are relative.

Depending on our current and past experience of pleasure and security, our thoughts will strive as far as their known horizon allows.

Obsession is the over-attachment to pleasure and security; even if the object is seen as painful or insecure by others.

Obsession is a less intrusive word used for Addiction.

The general nature of Addiction is to breed imbalance, which further strengthens it.

Lack of balance can be paralleled to our degree of attachment.

When the mind becomes threatened it looks to it’s attachments for solace and perceived balance.

People, places, ideas, beliefs, drugs, habits, feelings, emotions, television, sex, alcohol, work, shopping, technology, thinking and religion are all common objects of attachment.

Attachments become escapes when they are returned to routinely and connected to the pleasure and security centers of the brain.

When a mind becomes bored, it is going through withdrawal from attachments.

Observation of thoughts and it’s reward of distance from thought itself, leads to freedom.

Freedom is the ability to move without restrictions imposed from within or outside the mind.

The general nature of Freedom is to breed balance, with further strengthens it.

Balance is Happiness.

Happiness is Freedom.



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