why blog if nobody cares what you think anyway?
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why blog if nobody cares what you think anyway?
people have a difficult time differentiating their thoughts from the reality that is set in front of them. this is natural and is as old as thought itself. we never quite see the true nature of things clearly, because most of our experience life in relation to our thoughts about life.

for instance, many people have a fear of heights. they know their fear is irrational, but they cannot overcome or gather the power to face that fear and erase it from their lives. so when the person who is afraid of heights comes to a situation in his or her life where they have to be in a high place (maybe they are traveling with some friends and they are at a veiwpoint), although there is nothing in that high place that would try to hurt them or push them off the edge, they somehow get very scared that some accident might happen that would send them over the edge to their death. it's a very real fear, but a very irrational one. it's just not reality.

another example would be the man who builds his whole life around his career and his work, with the idea that his eventual success will make him happy and secure. this is his thinking, but in reality, his whole life is spent feeling insecure about himself, because there are always people that are more successful, more rich and more powerful than he his.. and the happiness he wishes for, plans for and desires, becomes a distant dream in his thoughts.... a picture of some wonderful tropical island where all will be satisfied and in balance. but in reality, life and happiness are much different than this.

so we all have our individual thoughts and our individual hopes and fears, but we all share a common reality. and in order to live in balance with that common reality, to live in balance with our neighbors, our friends, family and lover, we must be very careful not to confuse our thoughts about this shared reality, with the reality itself. we cannot confuse our attachment to the feeling someone gives us, with that exact person. we cannot confuse our thoughts and opinions about life with life itself. Life IS and we ARE, but our experience of life is not life.... it is our experience.

So what the hell does blogging have to do with any of this?

Blogging, and writing in general, is an extremely healthy way to experience your thoughts and the feelings and emotions that inspire those thoughts objectively. It is sometimes very difficult for the man who is afraid of heights to think away his fear because he says "I am afraid" and "I" is the thought. Many people have thoughts that they know are destructive to them, but they cannot look at these thoughts objectively and just dismiss them as silliness or a natural phenomena of the human experience. Intead, many people have the thought "I am afraid" and that ends everything. They believe their thoughts, even if they are unhealthy.

So what happens when we write, when we blog? We write down the thoughts and we can see them more objectively. We can experience them outside our minds and see their sometimes irrational and rational logic. We can see the emotions and feelings that may have triggered them at that time. Perhaps we are angry about something and we choose to write a little today, but then tomorrow we feel nothing and when we read what we wrote when we were feeling anger, we can laugh at the silliness of it all. But at the time it was all very serious.

Writing is purging, writing is an opening of the valves and a releasing of the pressure that thought can sometimes bring with it. Writing is a experience of the reality of the moment, but then that moment can be looked at again to see if it still rings true in the current moment. Because we humans are constantly changing emotions and feelings, which in turn change our thoughts, our hopes, our fears, our ideas about what is right, wrong and important, writing can give us the blessing of objectivity in looking at our thought processes over time.

If we are very attached to our thoughts and we follow them and take their hopes and fears seriously, writing them down and testing them versus the shared reality we all experience can be a good way to prove their irrationatlity in a surprisingly rational way.

Then again, I could be totally wrong and this could all be a lot of bullshit that I spew out to make myself feel smart. lol But time will tell. : )


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