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Dorian: "Mel, do you think we can possibly get into this position from that height?"
"Hmmmm.....I wonder if they have a section in here on adolescent boys?"
I have the feeling that I want the book for Immature Women!
"Boy oh boy, is Mel in for the night of his life!!!"
Dorian peruses the index: "Fish," "Feathers," ah, here it is...."Fun with Fruit!" Well, it seemed to do something for Clint and's worth a try. Wonder if Mel likes mangoes? Melons? Simoooooooone!
Dorian: Okay, now that you've tweezed all the hair off your body Mel, Martha says to make this recipe for prune whip--I'll read it to you--spread it all over yourself and wrap yourself in one of her color-coordinated towels, then steam yourself in the sauna for 20 minutes and you'll be ready. Really, Martha Stewart is an expert at so MANY things!!

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