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VTA Bus Stop Signs

Standard Disclaimer: This information is being provided by me as a private citizen and is in no way to be considered to be official VTA information.

This is a brief history of the various bus stop signs used by SCCTD/TA from 1973 to the present.

Sign 0
        Signs SCCTD/TA inherited from San Jose City Lines/Greyhound/ Peninsula Lines/Peerless. Not counted as SCCTD/TA signs.
Sign 1
        Blue 12"x12" sign with picture of bus.
Sign 2
        Blue 12"x18" with picture of bus, info number and route numbers.
Sign 2A
        Slight variation on sign 2 using a different typeface.
Sign 3
        Slight variation of sign 2, bus picture changed.
Sign 4
        Slight variation of sign 3, bus picture changed. Orange 12"x12" sign used to denote express stops.
Sign 4A
        Slight variation of sign 4, orange bottom for express only signs.
Sign 5
        First major redesign in a while, sign size changed to 14"x20", grid placed on sign for route numbers, phone number put on in read to denote Express stop, wheelchair symbol to denote accessible routes, circular sticker to denote "Bonus Bus"
Sign 5A
        Test sign version of 5 that is white instead of blue.
Sign 6
        White sign, 15"x20" with strips for each route with the number of the route and the destination. red strip saying Express Stop to denote express stops. Max 6 strips per sign, extra wing used for additional strips.
Sign 7
        Current Sign. Blue sign, 15"x23". A larger version 15"x31" is also used. Strips have 3" route numbers followed by route destinations in 1/2-3/4" letters. Signs installed in various combinations of small and large depending on number of routes serving stop. Color of strip is used to denote type of route, red=express/super express, green=limited, blue=regular service. These signs were installed in the spring of 1995.
Sign 7A
        This is a slight variation in sign 7 where the TA logo is replaced by the VTA logo.
Sign 7B
        This is a slight variation that is designed to have route number strips installed on both sides of the sign. Designed for use at locations with multiple stops, such as transit centers.

I don't have exact dates for most of the signs, Sign 5/5A were installed in the early-mid 80's, sign 6 was first installed in 91.

During the last updating of the signs, various older signs were deleted, most where sign 6, but all others were found except 1 and the orange 12"x12" signs used for express stops. Once the last few stops were fixed, SCCTD/TA has been using the same type of sign at all stops for only the second time since 1973. The last time that occurred was with sign 1.  The last signs of style 1 was deleted by me from a stop that had not been used in service for approx. ten years when I deleted the sign.

There are some specialized signs use at various transit centers, such as Palo Alto Caltrain, Eastridge, and Valley Fair.

This is as complete as I know it, there may be mistakes and some people might number the signs differently.

Transit Ops
VTA Overview

This is sign # 7A  This particular sign has two different routes represented on it.  The first is a regular service route (70), while the second is an Express (140).

This is sign # 1

This is sign style #2

This is sign style # 4

This is sign style #4 A

This is sign style # 5

This is sign style #6

This is sign style # 7.  This sign was photographed in the field at the San Jose Santa Clara Water Polution Control Plant.

If you want to see signs from other districts, visit "The Bus Stops Here".

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