AGSMA at Anime Expo 2002: Closing Credits
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AGSMA at Anime Expo 2002
Closing Credits
Chapter 5
It's the Credits Page
Where people get credit
Soooooooo interesting!

Inspired by:
Escaflowne, The Movie

Dilandau Wayne Kaa
Millerna Miss Kelly
Hitomi Annie
Van Henry Genjitsu
Folken Mattokun
Sora Hichan
Naria Lily
Eriya Kie

Voice Actors:
Van Henry Genjitsu
Dilandau Henry Genjitsu
Folken Henry Genjitsu
Hitomi GenriettaAnnie

Stage Ninja:
Graciously Provided by Anime Expo 2002 Masquerade Staff

Original Concept Idea:
Henry Genjitsu
Wayne Kaa

Wayne Kaa

Script Editing:
Wayne Kaa
Henry Genjitsu

Henry Genjitsu
Wayne Kaa

Producer (Financial Backing):
Waynekaa's Stash of Cash
Henry's Bank Account
Baby Neko Twin Birthday Money
Generous Donations from Viewers like You

Script Approval:
None Needed

Costume Construction:
Dilandau (Wayne Kaa)
Millerna (Miss Kelly)
Hitomi (Annie)
Van (Henry Genjitsu)
Sora (Hichan)
Eriya and Naria (Baby Neko Twins & Mom)
Folken (Wayne Kaa)

Prop Construction:
Wayne Kaa
Henry Genjitsu

Background Soundtrack:
"#16, Sora's Folktale" from Escaflowne OST
"#6, Horse Ride" from Escaflowne OST
"#19, Black Escaflowne" from Escaflowne OST
"#10, Sora" from Escaflowne OST

Recorded at:
GAP Recording Studios
"The Soundtrack to Escaflowne, A Girl in Gaia"
Available on AGSMA Records

Materials Provided by:
LA Fashion District
JoAnn's Fabrics
AX Masquerade Office Trash Can
Your local Ford dealer Dumpster
Miss Kelly's friend's Couch

The Official FC01 Snack Food:
Dried Squid

Special Thanks:
Tiffany of Ah! My Cosplay for fixing the Magical Mullet
AX Masquerade Staff for helping get everything together for #51
Linus Lam at for letting us use some of the pictures

Transportation Provided by:
Hichan's Groove Machine
Annie's Accord
Southwest Airlines
American Airlines
Taxi Shuttle

Accomodations Provided by:
Long Beach Hyatt, Rooms 532 and 333

Filmed On Location at 2002 Anime Expo Long Beach Performing Arts Center

This has been an Production of the Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts
All Rights Reserved


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