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Half triangle, half round object, follows man in his car. Object causes vehicle interference and physical effects on driver.


Private pilot reports three arrow-shaped objects flying in formation and disappearing at high speed.


L-shaped object with lights swoops down and begins spinning. It follows a car.


Two pyramid-type and translucent objects, sporting red rotating lights and traveling parallel to each other, maneuver approximately 25' over three witnesses.


Hexagonal object with flashing lights and emitting a loud buzzing sound, hovers near two witnesses and emits a an orangish cone of light toward the ground. Two recordings. First, notification from the police department and second, interview with one of the primary witnesses.


Astronomer and UFO expert J. Allen Hynek, accompanied by field investigators Philip Imbrogno and Dennis, saw a "Ferris wheel" shaped UFO in the sky in Hudson Valley, New York that turned on its side and then disappeared. (Source: J. Allen Hynek, Philip J. Imbrogno & Bob Pratt, Night Seige: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings, p. 151).

This craft was shaped like a pyramid with the apex pointing to the front. At the base were two more red lights. Multiple witnesses.

This unusual looking craft was captured on film at 7:24 pm in Istanbul, Turkey, on the 27th of December 1997 by a cameraman called Mr Güray Ervin. The craft seems to be shaped like a diamond [Pyramid] and has some very strange coloring almost glass-like in appearance.


Craft a cross between Triangle/Chevron/Arrowhead/Diamond; clear, starry night; witnessed what I believe to be: quiet, low humming craft with 2 bright banks of lights (what appeared to be rather halogenic red/clear/blue), approximately 500-1000ft above ground. Dull body surface in a darker color, i.e., it was not silver/white/red/blue/green/purple/orange, etc. It was, perhaps gray/brown/black.


Note: Similarities in lights outside of elongated craft.

I took this picture tonight at dusk. At around 8:50 I noticed some kind of craft toward my left that appeared from behind a tree that is in our front yard. I rapidly rotated my camera on its mount and took one picture. There were several brilliant lights that surrounded this craft. It was impossible to make out the shape of the craft because the lights were so brilliant. The lights did not strobe or flash like a normal aircraft array would. Each light glowed with the same intensity and color as a sodium-vapor type street lamp. © R. David Anderson

While doing maintenace on the inteldesk.com website, I noticed something odd about the Washington image feed, and queried further. Some screen shots were taken. We have contacted the National Parks Service Police, as this is where the webcam is operated from. They have been on the site, but we have not heard back from them at this time. Take notice that the headlights of autos are showing exposure trails from the headlights, but the object in the air is not, thus implying it is stationary or hovering. We consider this to be a remarkable image. Several UFO experts we have contacted have agreed that it is a very remarkable image. Observe that the time as shown in the bottom right of each screen shot is EST. It is not known how long the image was up or when it first appeared before being noticed by the inteldesk.com site administrator. Credited to: "Casey Rea"