UFO Sound - Buzz

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Glowing globe stopped over tree emitted faint buzzing sound.

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One bright silver, cigar-shaped object, as long as an airliner, buzzed the witness car.


Heard a loud buzzing sound. Glowing red-gray cloud. The two men could discern within it a round metallic object with a flat base.


As UFO came closer, pulled off road and overcome by heat and stuffiness. Heard a buzzing sound.


Jarmo Nykanen. A few moments later he woke up and heard a buzzing sound. First he
thought he had forgotten to turn off the radio but soon noticed that
this was not the case.


Strange buzzing noise. Large, glowing, bluish-white, egg-shaped craft hovering nearby.


Two bright objects buzzing over the city.



Raul Dominguez. I heard it when it was 10 to 12 meteres above my head and I heard a sound like bees buzzing. I felt my hair brisling and my close moved as well as my hair. Immediately afterward these marks appeared on my face and hands.


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