UFO Flash

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It emitted fixed flashes of light, lightning, which lasted about 30 seconds. The object then seperated into 7/8 pieces and travelled swiftly horizontally before disappearing in an arc like a rocket.


Flash of light, decrease in sun's warmth and luminosity.


It then exploded silently in a blinding flash of light. Sanderson, Ivan Terence.


Captain Casey Pierman on Capital Airlines flight 807. He and the rest of his crew saw seven objects flash across the sky. "Like falling stars without trails."


A couple saw a bright flash in the sky. At the same time, their car engine died and the headlights failed.


Singer Buddy Greco saw a metallic dome spinning on the ground. Brilliant white lights flashed around its rim.


Dome with flashing light.


The UFO allegedly flew around the missile and emitted several brilliant flashes of light. Moments later, the missile went out of control at an altitude of approximately 60 miles.


Sanderson and his assistant saw a solid, flashing bright-red object which split into two pieces, each half moving off in a different direction.


Aristeu Machado. Two small humanoids on rim of Saturn-shaped craft with flashing lights on the underside; craft took off, skimming ocean surface (see section V).


Eddie Webb, driving in Southwest Missouri, evening; "saw a luminous object in his rear view mirror. He put his head out the window of his truck and looked back. There was a bright white flash... one lens had fallen from his glasses and the frames were melted...fortunately, the damage was not permanent.

One grotesque nonhumanoid creature, flipper-like feet, webbing between legs, appeared from top of dome-shaped object with blue-green flashing lights that landed on road, E-M effects on car.


UFO flashed on and off, two smaller objects approached and merged with it.


At each end of the object was rings releasing multi-colored flashes of light.


Report of two discs with domes on top and bottom, flashing red, green and gold lights while playing tag, are observed for over 4 hours.


Object emits bluish-green and red lights flashing along its leading edge.


Moves about a bit and flashes from time to time.


Witness saw a circular object wobbling above trees, huge silver metallic double decker cake shape, dome structure on top with windows, flashing lights along exterior.


Single large cone shaped flying object with red and yellow flashing lights around the base.


There was a red square box with a yellow flashing light, almost a beacon.


U.S. Air Force said that a series of flashing lights and booming sounds sighted and heard over Virginia recently must be a UFO.