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Commodore's Notes:  Estamos Palando la Arena en Los Barrilles.
     So, Diane and I found ourselves at the beach in Los Barrilles, which is about 50 miles North of Cabo San Lucas. We bought the tickets, packed the gear, and headed south to sail the "El Norte" winds of Baja California. We had a great vacation; we fished, we traveled, we even sailed, twice! Diane did the Corpus Christi women sailors proud. She rigged a 6.7 and rode a borrowed board in the clear blue waters and head high swells. Those of you who know Di realize that this was something she wouldn't do in Corpus Christi. I can never get her to sail if she has to use a 6.0. But we were determined to justify our time and vacation dollars, so sail she did. I, on the other hand, was content to spend the day at my host's home, helping his hired hand, Felipe, build a corral for their horse. Determined to make the most of my trip, I grabbed an English-Spanish dictionary and decided to immerse myself in the vernacular of Corral Construction. Hence the title of my article, which translates as "Shoveling the sand in Los Barrilles". This was one of the high points of my vacation. The other being a chance to sail one really windy day with the Locals at their favorite spot, Playa Norte and having a great day sailing with my buddy, Rob Gudor. Rob and I took up windsurfing in San Francisco back in the early 1980's. We bought the boards and taught ourselves the sport.  Over the years, we have visited each other and sailed many times. He's even made the pilgrimage to Corpus Christi on more than one occasion. Which speaks highly of our local sailing scene as he also has a place in Hood River and Aruba. It was great to spend time at his new home in Baja. I even enjoyed the workout; shoveling the sand into the corral. 
    Which  brings me back to why I started this story. I've made more than a few friends in this sport. Thanks to windsurfing I've visited many parts of this nation that I might not otherwise have ventured to explore. I even found myself at a wedding, acting as Best Man in a room full of Brits as the result of a chance encounter while sailing one day. We've accumulated a few stamps on our passports in our search for wind. The people we've met have become friends for life. This is one facet of our windsurfing experience that all of us who sail should cherish and promote. 
     Those of you who made last months meeting at Paradise Pool and Billiards (Thanks to Harrison Todd for having us!) helped welcome a new member, Ron Hayden, to the club. I spent the last year teaching him what little I knew,  and then encouraged him to join. He's now teaching his son , Matt, how to sail.  Now we're dreaming of a trip to Hawaii together. I know we will get there and maybe, just maybe, there will be wind. So, here lies the future success of our club. Get someone into sailing! Make a friend and change their life! Windsurfing has paid dividends in friends and memories that are priceless. Let's work to share our enthusiasm and bring some new blood into the fold. By the way, I sailed the day after I returned from Mexico. It's like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home."               Chip

Whacko Windsurfer Takes Out A Pro Kiter....
 Interview with Flash Austin by Vern Wichers, January 2001 (Posted on rec.windsurfing)
     I caught up with Flash Austin in an effort to get the full story concerning the collision he suffered on the water at the hands of an emotionally unstable windsurfer at Lower Kanaha Beach Park a little over a week ago. Rumor was turning to myth and it was time we heard the true story as it happened directly from the man him self: Flash Austin.
     Some of you may know Flash. I myself see him often at Kite beach here on Maui when he’s not on the road, and I often cross paths with him on the water. Flash is not just one of the best kite surfers in the world; he's courteous on the water and an all-around friendly guy.
     When word of the incident filtered down to Kite Beach, soon afterwards, local kite surfers knew something was wrong: Flash is too proficient to get into a collision. Rumor of a confrontation on the water rang alarm bells since everyone who knows Flash knows that he's a total pacifist - a peacemaker if anything. Maybe it was someone else we thought… It couldn’t involve someone like Flash. Well it was… and here's the story as it actually happened.
     V.W. - Flash, what kind of day was it when this incident took place, you know…how where the conditions?
    Flash - It was one of those nice moderate days with small waves and light north wind, a great day! I was out practicing low altitude free style maneuvers, something I really love doing in those conditions. 
   V.W. - Where exactly were you kiting? We've heard all kind of places, even Ho’okipa! 
   Flash - I was about half way between the canoe House at lower Kanaha and Kite Beach, You know… where we launch from, and I was riding back and forth on a line with the old dilapidated canoe Hale [canoe house] that is half hidden by Kiawe trees. There was no one around, I had the area to my self and was having a great time practicing tricks in the waves out on the reef.
   V.W. - When did you spot the wayward windsurfer? I say wayward because typically, nobody windsurfs that area. The wave at Lowers peters out just up wind and offers very little to a sailor on that section of reef. Not to mention it's the designated "fly zone" for kite surfing. The area is not very appealing for windsurfing and sailors typically avoid the place.
   Flash - I was stopped in the water out on the reef in the impact zone after attempting a move. I was facing out when I spied this sailor riding a small wave and cranking up wind…at me! I thought: Did I go too far up wind, into the windsurfers? I stopped my kite overhead and waited for the sailor to pass. He held his course! I thought: Maybe he just wants to spray me and give me a scare. He was bearing down fast! At ten feet I had eye contact with him and I said to him, "You are going to hit me!" He did not change course, he just kept coming and BANG!!  My mind didn’t want to believe it was happening. The fin buried into my left shin opening it to the bone, then it slid up over my right knee just missing the artery. I was lucky for that and I know it!  The man at that point was in the water and shouting at me. It took  a minute to realize that he was challenging me to a fight. I looked him in the eye and said several times: "you did this on purpose, you know it and I know it". This seemed to quiet his verbal attack, then he sailed off, leaving me to bleed to death or get back to the beach on my own which I managed to do of course.
  V.W. - Have you ever met the man before this incident?
  Flash - If I did I don’t remember. He was later identified to me as the person  who was behind the trouble with the FAA and other state agencies about a year ago concerning our sport. It seems he doesn’t like it - Kitesurfing that is.
  V.W. - Did the man appear remorseful afterwards when confronted by lifeguards, or the following day when he was met by the Maui county police? 
  Flash - No. Not at all. He was aggressive and remorseless! I won’t repeat the things he said which were not so much personal as a reflection of his hatred of kite surfers or anyone it seems that does things differently than him. It did leave me with the impression that the man needs help and not just a little bit!  I'd like to stress here that his attitude does not seem to be shared by other windsurfers. This guy is a one-man assault team. A windsurfer I know reported to the police overhearing the man’s oath to take out a kite surfer one day soon while standing on the beach. This was about a month ago. I guess I just drew the short straw.
  V.W. - How many stitches and how long will you be out of action? 
  Flash - Nine stitches and hopefully not more than three weeks. Naish has their new 2001 kites ready for testing and I’m needed on the job! It’s kind of scary having an injury when you make your living as a pro
  V.W. - I imagine the boys at Naish aren’t happy with this situation.
  Flash - No. Not even a little bit. They pay me to do a job and at the moment I can’t do it. I think Don Montague is relieved that it was not a more serious or permanent injury even though I’m of little use to them right now. 
  V.W. - Given the problems we’ve had promoting this sport here on the island and the issues we face, what are some of your thoughts about how the sport effects the island and our island community? 
  Flash - Think about it…before we were banished to this no-man’s land down here at Kite Beach, this area we kite surf in was pretty scary! This was a place where some knarly looking people hung out. I don’t know what they were up to, but it probably wasn’t good! Now look at it! The kite surfers here took it upon them selves to clean up the garbage, fix the road leading in and persuade the low lifes to move on. Now Tourists not only stop to look at the beautiful kites, they often stop and picnic on this previously un-visited stretch of beach. A large section of beach park that used to be ignored is now seeing more clean recreational use. A much better situation for the beach and the community. We thought we were getting a bad deal, but it turned out to be pretty good 
  V.W. - Is there any kernel of wisdom you would like to leave us with from this experience?
  Flash - Yes. Whether it is a surfboard, a sailboard or a car, with ill intent it can easily become a deadly weapon. Be careful out there, remember; It’s all fun.
After speaking with Flash I learned that the man identified in this assault was rumored to have been arrested previously on unrelated assault charges. 

Editor's Puffs:   by Roy Tansill
     I’ve had enough of this winter but an e-mail from Colorado resident CCWA member Leo DeVigil doing what those mountain folks consider winter fun put our recent lousy weather in a better perspective.  While our water temps have plunged into the realm of ‘too darn cold’, at least we can’t walk on it! 
     With January already history Spring has got to be getting near and its already looking very different this year.  The ‘written in stone’ edit regarding all Whataburger races being held along Ocean Drive turned out to be a myth- more about this major revision next month.  Likewise the unavailability of insurance for kite boarding events was erased when an insurer was found.  There will be Kites included in the Whataburger races held on the Bay but not those held at Bird.  With the latest revisions in the schedule, the six events in the 2001 Whataburger race series will have an even split (3 at Oleander and 3 at Bird) in their locations.  Its hoped that the move out to Bird will increase participation in the Whataburger Race Series; some of us also hope that same move will put more fun into the races. 
     The Final Draft plan for Bird Island Basin is now behind schedule but the last word I received was that they would release it Feb 12.  The Bird Island issue has been written about in both of the past two USW newsletters and we’ve also been in contact with the West Coast windsurfers regarding this issue.  That was achieved with the help of George Haye of iWindsurf who has offered us support via the nearly 2,000 sailors out West that he has listed in his e-mail address book.  The website set up by Jerry McEwen to support our efforts to improve Bird has received over 1,600 ‘hits’ (visits) since its inception last fall .  All of us who enjoy sailing out at Bird owe Jerry a major thank you for his work on the web page.  If you haven’t seen the page give it a look; its address is:  http://www.coolcats.com/bib/ 

Mark Roundings..... 
Not a lot happening on the race front this month although the previously published schedule received major alterations in response to the  Texas State Championships date revisions.  Take a look at the new schedule.  At the time of this printing, the Whataburger series is now evenly split between Bird and Oleander with three races scheduled for each site. 

2001 CCWA Event Schedule (*Revised dates)
9th-     Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
10th-   Screaming Reach- Contact Chester Hulme 
20th-   Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Biery 
23-25  ABK clinic w/ Andy Brandt at Worldwinds, Bird Island Basin Call (800) 793-7471
*24th-   Wataburger Race #1, Bird Island Basin, Contact Craig Greenslit 

7th-8th- Gulf Coast Championships, Lake Texana, Contact Cliff Tudor 888-WHY-SAIL
8th-       Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
*17th-   Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Biery 
*21th-   Wataburger Race #2, Oleander Point, Contact Craig Greenslit 
*22th-   Wataburger Race #3, Bird Island Basin, Contact Craig Greenslit 
*28-29th  Texas State Championships, Lake Whitney, Contact Aris Tsamis 800-536-9463

4-6th-   2001 Blowout, South Padre Island Contact
7th-      Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
15th-    Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Biery 
19th-    Wataburger Race #4, Oleander Point, Contact Craig Greenslit
20th-    Wataburger Backup date for first 4 races
24-28th- US OPEN Windsurfing regatta, Oleander Point, Contact EM Marketing 
  (361) 985-1555
6th-      Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
9th-      Wataburger Race #5, Oleander Point, Contact Craig Greenslit 
10th-    Wataburger Race #6, Bird Island Basin, Contact Craig Greenslit 
16th-    Wataburger Backup date for races five or six
19th-    Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Ducrest 
23rd-    One Hour Classic, Contact Craig Greenslit 

iWindsurf Wind Sensor Installations   by  David Morris
     As many of you may have heard through the grapevine recently, iWindsurf.com will be installing a network of wind sensors along the Texas Coast in the coming weeks.  Roy Tansill has been extremely helpful and invited us to add a few lines of introduction to the CCWA newsletter. For those of you who have never heard of us I will begin with a brief history of where we came from and what we are about, before going on to explain our plans for your area. So here goes:
     The Wind Hot Line was founded in 1989 as a wind information service for New England area sailors. The founder, Phillip Atkinson, (MIT graduate, aerospace engineer and avid windsurfer), realized the concept of placing a meso-net of wind reporting stations to expose the highly variable wind patterns in coastal regions. Since the original install of 10 stations, the company has grown to a complete in-house marine forecasting service with a meso-net of over 100 stations in the United States, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. It is certainly the largest private network of wind sensors in this country. In fact Roy helped to install some of the original sensors throughout Chesapeake Bay.
     Early last year the Wind Hot Line came together with Call of the Wind, the West Coast wind information company that founded the ‘Wind Pager’. The two companies united to form iWindsurf.com and now provide wind information for windsurfers from the Great Lakes, New Hampshire to North Carolina, Florida, California and Oregon including the Columbia River Gorge. A team of meteorologists provides up-to-the-minute forecasts and analyses throughout the season in most of these areas. Real time wind data is provided on the web for free, with forecasts also available for a subscription. 
     The difference between the services we provide and the National Weather Service is that their primary mission is public safety, whereas everything we do is geared towards sailors. Put simply, iWindsurf.com answers two questions for you: Is the wind blowing hard enough to go windsurfing? And, where is it blowing the most? Our staff possess a wealth of engineering, information-technology and meteorological talent, combined with on the water sailing skills that allow us to compile and deliver a one stop shop for windsurfers.
     Progress in Texas has been great since we started planning before Christmas last year. The response from local sailors has been enthusiastic and extremely positive. Words have translated very quickly into action, and already many sites have been confirmed. Currently we have locations at South Padre Island at On The Beach Surf Shop, and also at Wally Allen’s marina, Laguna Shores. Due to the lack of power and phone lines, a sensor at Worldwinds, Bird Island Basin, would need to utilize a telemetry unit and would also take months for approval by the National Park Service. This is still being investigated. An excellent site at Ropes/Oleander has been confirmed. This is to be located at Dr. Guy Racette’s house literally just across the road from launch. We are still investigating possible locations around Port Aransas. 
     Further northeast, locations are being investigated at Surfside, near San Luis Pass, and have been confirmed at The Levee (Dollar Point Marina), Bacliff (Bayside RV Park), and El Jardin (A local house 90 yds. from launch).  The data from our sensors will also be supplemented by existing public domain data from NWS stations and buoys across the region. We are also installing sensors around the most popular windsurfing spots in the Dallas Lakes. Check out the website for the latest details.
     You may know of a better location for a wind sensor, or have a preferential NWS station that you would like to see on the map, or perhaps like us to steer clear of because its wind readings may bear no relation to what is actually happening on the water. For whatever reason, please feel free to contact us with your much-valued input. It is much easier to make changes to the proposed network now, rather than in the middle of summer once the sensors are installed.  I would like to thank the local sailors that have been so instrumental in finding locations thus far. Thanks to Roy Tansill, Dr. Guy Racette, Wally Allen, Cliff Tudor, Chester Hulme, Don Jackson, Kyle, Gene Bagley, Val Tudor, Aris Tsamis, Don Kivlovitz, Wayne Thompson and Cindee Scott. Please keep up the good work!
David Morris
         Website: www.iwindsurf.com   E-mail: davidm@iwindsurf.com  Phone: 1-800-765-4253 

Bird's Eye View:
Wind Peaks
 Nov., Dec., & Jan. '00-'01 
by  John Vanleeuwen
   First, allow me to apologize for the absence of our Birds Eye View column from the past couple of newsletters. Randy, still overwhelmed with his new and challenging job in San Antonio, and Don finally moving his family into their new home here on the island, have been quite busy lately. In the interim, I will do my best to fill in. But rest assured, they will be back very soon once the dust has settled. 
       Okay, here we go. Still considering myself a newcomer to this area, I generally look to locals for answers to many questions.. Such as; " Why is it so cold? Where is the sun?" Well the common answer has been an honest one - "I don't know!" This has been the coldest winter on record. Great, just my luck! On the positive side, I have been given many inspiring reports of what's to come: warmer temps, warmer water, sun, and the main ingredient - WIND! Now January has seen several windy days and many times I 've counted 8-10 hardcore sailors ripping it up, toasty in wetsuits and having fun. Well, on the Worldwinds front, Don and I are joining the pack. The purchase of 2 new semi-dry suits and the best coldwater booties on the market has left us with no excuses.. We'll see you on the water!
     This slower time of the year has allowed for the development of our tentative spring agenda, which is now posted in this newsletter and on our website. We are very excited with having 3 Whataburger series races held at Bird. They are guaranteed our full support. Craig Greenslit and I have talked at length about conducting a mini race clinic held prior to 1, or possibly 2 of the races. The focus of these clinics will be on jibing and upwind sailing. Our hope is that if we can improve some of these skills for recreational sailors, more folks will be enticed to be involved in the racing scene. In addition to race clinics, there will be 3 free sessions aimed at bringing beginners to the sport, and an additional 2 sessions focusing specifically on kids. Please stay tuned for upcoming times and event content. 
     As you can see from the agenda, I take instruction very seriously at all levels. With this many teaching events ahead, I have assembled a small but dynamic team of instructors that all share the same passion of advancing sailors to new heights. After 5 months of being here, and feeling very much at home, I am still convinced that Bird Island is the perfect windsurfing site. I hope that it stays just that way.

Worldwinds’ Schedule of Events for 2001
Mar 3 Video Night 
Mar 4 Speed Trials 
Mar 10 Question & Answer 
Mar 11 Fun Race 
Mar 17 Mini Clinic 
Mar 18 Question & Answer 
Mar 23, 24, 25 ABK Clinic 
Mar 24 Whataburger Race Series 
Mar 24 Worldwinds Garage Sale 
Mar 31 Video Night 

Apr 1 Speed Trials 
Apr 7, 8 Gulf Coast Championships 
Apr 7 Question & Answer 
Apr 8 Fun Race 
Apr 14 Video Night 
Apr 15 Portland Windfest 
Apr 21 Mini Clinic 
Apr 22 Whataburger Race Series 
Apr 28, 29 Texas State Championships 

May 5, 6 South Padre Blowout 
May 5 Free Beginner Lessons 
May 6 Speed Trials 
May 12 Video Night 
May 13 Fun Race 
May 19 Free Morning Intro to Windsurfing 
May 20 Question & Answer 
May 25, 26, 27, 28 US Open Windsurfing Regatta 

June 2 Free Kids Intro 
June 3 Speed Trials 
June 9 Mini Clinic 
June 10 Whataburger Race Series 
June 16 Kids Camp 
June 17 Fun Race 
June 23 Toucan Open 
June 23 Video Night 
June 24 Free Morning Intro to Windsurfing 
June 30 Fun Race/BBQ 

CURRANTS... Letters to the Editor
From the e-mailbox:
    I appreciate your willingness to help spread the word about iWindsurf.  We have the beginnings of our Texas sensor network up and running right now.  You can see our Texas map here: 
We have just launched Texas on our website and will quickly be adding more sensor reports on iW. Right now there are just the first couple reporting.
     As you can see, we are looking for help to install sensors at key TX coast and Dallas windsurf areas. If you want to give us a hand, you could mention in the CCWA newsletter that iW is now covering Texas and that anyone able to give us a hand in terms of installing sensors can contact us at (800) 765-Gale  (800-765-4253). 
George Haye
Race #1 - March 24 @ Bird Island Basin...Be there and help out.
Volunteers Wanted:  The club sponsored events, both races and fun events, need people to help out on and before the events.  This is particularly true for the US Open.  One year, the CCWA was a sponsor and had a booth at the Open; but we didn't have sufficient help to man the booth throughout the event.  We don't want that to happen again!  Similarly, other events suffered because of a lack of help.  How about volunteering your help this year?  Just phone an event coordinator and offer some help.
Corpus Christi Windsurfing Association Membership Application

Name:______________________________________Phone: (       )______________

Family membership, list names of family members:_____________________________________

____________________________________E-mail Add:_________________________



Please enclose $20 for individual; $30 for family (1 year membership)

Mail To: CCWA,  PO Box 81453, Corpus Christi, TX  78468
Annual memberships are from Jan. through Dec.  Members Joining after Oct. are credited for the next year.

Used Gear: Classified ads are free to members, non-members:  $5.00
Please submit the ads by the 25th of the month.
Mail ads to: LooseClu@prodigy.net
Complete short board transition setup:
Bic Electric Rock - excellent condition, new sugar deck, straps and pads (includes several fins).  Gastra 5.7 and 5.0 meter sails - good condition. Fiberspar 460 carbon mast - like new.  Chinook mast foot and standard mast base - good condition.  Booms - 2 sets, aluminum, fair condition.  Other miscellaneous stuff -  harness, lines, uphaul, boom bra, etc.  This is a great deal!!  Either just the board, the sails or the mast is worth the asking price.  All for $225. 
Call Woody at  (361) 937-7022.

Wilderness Systems Chaos surf  kayak.  Excellent condition, only ridden three times (twice in surf).  Comes with paddle, fins, seat back and thigh straps. $425  Call Nancy

99 ProTech Z26 9’2”120L race board w/bag $450  97 North Raves: 4.5, 4.9, 5.3 great wave/B&J sails with plenty of life left $120 ea.  ‘98 Neil Pryde Z1’s 7.8 and 5.5 $150 ea. Contact Philip Keyserlingk @ (361) 884-1299

For more web classifieds, check out the Windsurfing Classifieds at "the other CCWA".

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