They came by ship in 1840 - Culdee, Dauntless, Duchess of Kent, Dumfries, Eagle, East London, Glenhuntly, Helen Thompson, Himalaya, India, Indus, Isabella Watson
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Came to Port Phillip in 1840
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barque arrived 13 Aug 1840, 387 tons, John Campbell master, from Greenock 17 Feb, reached Adelaide 7 July with 21 passengers and departed Adelaide 8 August. Image Scotland 104
Passengers from Greenock - Messrs John Brown, Wm Cottreux/Guttreiux, Wm Henry, C Hunter, George McCready, John Macredie, Dugald McPherson, Ed Morton, Wm H Scott, Wm Taylor, James Turnbull, Also Dr Stoddart, David Graham from Adelaide
Intermediate - Mr David Farquhar, David Hanston, Isabella Harris, Robert Harris, Thomas Harris, Neil Johnson, Mr Wm Richardson and 8 in Steerage
20 Aug Cleared for Sydney, Passengers Cabin Messrs Brown, Scott and Graham, 7 in the steerage

See visit to Adelaide of Culdee recorded by Di Cummings.

Culdee came with 19 men, 1 lady and 8 in Steerage
Brown, Scott and Graham continued journey


ship arrived 15 Aug 1840, 698 tons, Captain William Miller master, from Greenock 17 Feb, arrived Adelaide 10 July with 85 passengers, and left Adelaide 8th Aug. Image Scotland 105-6 has 22 + 8 Cabin names, 12 in the steerage and 5 convicts (prisoners) with 2 constables
Dr Fletcher Surgeon Superintendent, Passengers Mrs Fletcher, Messrs A and G Fletcher, Misses A and E Fletcher, Mr Clarke Mr Inglis, Mr Wallace and Mrs or Miss Wallace,
Passengers from Adelaide - Miss Rickets, Mr and Mrs Deseke, Messrs Baddley/Baderly, Cooker, Dabrill, Gogerty, Wurr
Passengers for Sydney from Adelaide - Messrs Ball, Crumpton, Gill, Townsend, Miss Laimmon Mr and Mrs Fisher and 6 chn, Mr Dunbar, Mr Grant, Mr Cochrane Mr Hay Mr Daw,
4 Sep cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo, passengers Miss M Wyne, Mr Jennings,

See visit to Adelaide of Dauntless recorded by Di Cummings.

Dauntless came with 2 families, 2 women and 7 men
and 12 in the steerage

Duchess of Kent

arrived 20 June 1840, Barque, 342 tons, Captain Newby master, from Gravesend 17 Jan and Plymouth 17 Feb.
Passengers Messrs J Nicholson, Edward Hughes, Edwin Haviland, Francis Haviland, R Trope MD, and one in steerage.

Imports list includes items for some individuals - for WH Baccus, J Hagen, SJ Brown, TH Power, WFA Rucker, PW Welsh, JB Were, JM Woolley,


Arrived 14 Dec 1840 ship, 468 tons, Captain Thompson master, from London,
Passengers Rev John Bolden lady and 4 chn, Mr and Mrs Shepherd and 2 chn, Messrs Alpin, Burchell, Henry, Messinger, R Thomas, Wharton and 3 servants, 7 in the steerage.
Reported Port Phillip Herald, 14 Dec - The Dumfries from London was ashore at the Heads yesterday evening, and Captain Lewis had gone to her assistance in the revenue cutter Prince George. The Dumfries was advertised to sail from the Downs on 15 Aug 1840.
Rev. J. S. Bolden, with his wife, four children, and two servants, reached Melbourne in the Dumfries from London on 14 December 1840, the day that the Vesper from Liverpool brought goods for 'L. & A. Bolden'. The Dumfries carried no cattle, and the Durham (shorthorn) bull, cow, and calf that arrived in the Orient from London the day before may not have been shipped by John Bolden; but Australia's 'greatest early bull Mussulman (4525)' apparently was, and arrived about the same time, with other pedigreed beasts.

Dumfries came with 2 families, and 6 men
3 servants and 7 in the steerage


arrived 30 Sep 1840, ship, 438 tons, Captain Buckley master, from London 2 June,
Passengers Mrs LeSouef and 2 chn, Miss Fyans, Miss Cussen, Mr and Mrs Kirby, Mr and Mrs Palmer, Mr and Mrs Poblam,
Messrs Allen, Belcher, Bolden, Budd, James, Jebb, Leman, Phillips, Pohlman, Smith, Wollaston, and 11 in the steerage

Eagle came with 1 family, 3 couples, 2 women and 11 men
and 11 in the steerage

East London

arrived 29 Aug 1840, ship, 409 tons, Captain Lewis master, left London 18 Apr 1840, cargo of merchandise
Passengers Cabin Messrs Mountford, Tooth, Polson and Rollaston, Bounty - Sophia Phillips and Thomas Phillips both aged 25


arrived 17 April 1840, left Greenock, Scotland 14 Dec 1839 and reached Port Phillip 17 April 1840, Captain John Patterson Master, Superintendent Surgeon James Brown. Images 240-246, with 154 immigrants, only record disposal, no details of native place, calling or religion.


On arrival a quarantine was set up on and around the site of Point Ormond, formerly known as Red Bluff. John Craig, George Armstrong and James Mather died and were buried on the spot.
Appears to be a total of 154 survivors - 114 people in families, 12 single females over 14 yrs, and 28 single men over 17 yrs

- For more details and list see my Glenhuntley page.

ShipCouplesParentsDau+15 Dau+7Dau+1Infantsson+1 sons+7sons+14Familiesfemalesmen


Glen Huntly61941442515 71221428154
Typhoid and measles caused at least 16 deaths, during voyage and Port Phillip's first Quarantine event

Helen Thompson

arrived 12 Jan 1840, ship 544 tons, from Greenock 8 Aug 1839 reached Adelaide 12 Dec 1839 and Port Phillip 12 Jan 1840 with Captain James Wilson, Leslie Sibbaud/Sibbard Surgeon sperintendent
Passengers Messrs William M Bell, Isaac Buchanan, Pullar, Thomas L Cochrane and 14 in steerage - James and Catherine Donaldson, Martin and Phoebe Handley with son Edward, Dr Robert Kirk, Grace nee Gillies, sons Archibald , Robert and Daniel, John McKenzie wife and dau, David and Agnes Young.

See visit to Adelaide of Helen Thompson recorded by Di Cummings.

Helen Thompson came with 5 men
and 14 in the steerage


arrived 30 Sep 1840 - Master Hew Burn, barque, 477 tons, Left Plymouth 29 June 1840 with Surgeon Superintendednt Mr Monk. Have 6 fiche pages, Images 67-73,
Himalaya 1840 constructed in Sutherland, owned by E Arthur, registered in London, a barque sheated in yellow metal.
Passengers 7m, 5f in Cabin - Dr and Mrs DL Long and 3 daus and 3 sons, Mr and Mrs T W Mr Dallimore and Mr E E Maunsell,
Intermediate 20m, 10f -
William and Mrs Burns, Mr Pat and Mrs Hamilton, Captn and Mrs Hargrave, Mrs Harlin/Harling, Mr and Mrs G W Langford and 3 dau, son, Mr and Mrs Jason Withers/Wethers,
Messrs Robert Mr Allen, William Ames 59, Mrs Anderson 50 Chas Atkinson, Edw Barlow, R Bell, Edwd Boyd/Balme, Henry Chas Boyd, Henry Coulter/Gaulter, Thos Delany, Henry Jones/Jonce, Henry Mr North, John Mr Pepper, John Mr Ross, Joseph P Tapp,
steerage 30 families, 28 single males, 58 single females
Bounty passengers total 169, 31 families with 80 souls, 32 males and 57 females, paid 2812 pounds.

- For more details and list see my Himalaya page.

ShipCouplesParentsDau-15Dau-7Dau+1Infantsson+1 sons-7sons-14Familiesfemalesmen


Himalaya2010055264 0825532169


Cabin13Inter29Steer14 Staff2Total37Diedun

15 Oct cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo from London, Passengers Mr and Mrs Strode, Major Lettsom, Messrs Bowman and Leman, 8 in steerage and 10 prisoners


has a busy year 1838, in Australian waters
Sydney 'Commercial Journal and Advertiser', from the Ferguson Project web site, reported
23 March 1839, Indemnity arrived yesterday from London, having sailed 11 Nov 1838, with merchandise, passengers Mr S Lyons, Mr A Lyons, Mrs, Miss and Master Harris, Mr John Smith, John Griffiths, John Daley, James Hewett, wife and 4 chn,
27 March, in stream, just arrived
10 Apr - at Campbells Wharf, discharging
27 Apr - In Cockle Bay, Sydney, refitting
8 May - departed yesterday for Norfolk Island with Government stores
19 June - arrived from Norfolk Island with 8,000 bushels maize for Government, passenger Mr Kerr
13 July - departure for Norfolk Island, with Government stores
7 Sep - Indemnity arrived at Sydney from Norfolk Island having left the 22 Aug, with convicts, etc
2 Oct - The Indemnity resumed her passage to Hobart on Monday last, cargo of rice, passengers Sydney Stephen with lady, family and 3 servants, Mrs Mason and child, Mrs Arthur and Sarah Wade.
2 Nov arrived on Weds last, from Hobart Town, with rice. Passenger Mr White
6 Nov at Darling Harbour, discharging
23 Nov, loading for London, then on Dec 7, loading for Port Phillip and Launceston, Dec 18, moved to Queens Wharf, loading
1 Jan 1840 Indemnity sailed on Sunday last, for Port Phillip and Launceston, with 14 named passengers and 23 in the steerage. Name variants are Miss Barber, Mr Henchcliffe, Fraser


arrived 7 Jan 1840, barque, 505 tons, Captain Roberts, from Sydney Dec 29, cargo, sundries, passengers. Cabin Rev W Hamilton, Rev Douglas, Major Fraser/Frazer, Mr JH Barsten, John Coonal, J Hinchcluffe, Alexander Ross, WH Yaldwyn, Rev Wilson with Lady and 2 chn, Miss Marian Bartlet
Steerage Michael Regin & wife and 5 chn, Thomas Regin, William Weddall & wife, James Egan, Richard Martin, Robert Mahoy & wife and 2 chn, Richard Babbington, Henry Jackson, William Howell & wife and 2 chn,
Brought goods for J Allan, JP Fawkner, R Fletcher, W Langhorne, plough for Skene Craig, Alexander MchinlayMachinlay, Henry N Mason, one house in frame for Messrs Campbell & Woolley

Indemnity came with Rev Wilson and family, Miss Marian Bartlet, and 8 men
and 22 in Steerage, from Sydney

Reported in Sydney 'The Free Press and Commercial Journal' for 16 Jan 1841, lists 'Indemnity' and another eight vessels 'are all laid on for London, and to be dispatched as soon as possible'.


arrived 9 Apr 1840, ship, 493 tons, Capt Hugh Campbell from Greenock 5 Oct 1839 via Adelaide. Image Scotland 100. Passengers 8 in Steerage, reached Adelaide 23 Feb Arrived at Port Phillip 9 Apr
18 as Cabin - Alexander Scott, Lady and dau, Kenneth McKay and family, Rev Andrew Love, Mrs Catherine Love and family, Mrs and Master David Gardner, Mr James Campbell and Misses Julia Campbell and Flora Campbell,, Messrs A McCallum, Robert Neil, W Ansley, JB Gilmore,
6 as Intermediate - Messrs David Oliphant and Ebenezer Oliphant, D Robertson, J McLaren and William McCarter or Carter
and 8 in Steerage
India came with 4 families, 2 women and 9 men
and a number in the steerage

See visit to Adelaide of India recorded by Di Cummings. The barque India reached Adelaide 23 Feb, 38 passengers to Adelaide, Passengers for Port Phillip and Sydney --- Rev Mr Love, his lady and family, Mr and Mrs Gardner, Mr and Mrs Scott and family, Mr and Mrs McKay and family, Misses Stewart, Julia Campbell, Flora Campbell, Messrs James Campbell, Godfrey McNeill, N Hill, John Crowe, Robert Neil, E. and O. Oliphant, A S Robertson, William McCarter, Joseph Gillespie, Robert Fitzgerald, Colin Campbell, William Lochhead, JC Gilmore, Thomas Annersley, Thomas Darchy, John Dickson, Robert Wigmore, George Bell and Robert Bell, and a number in the steerage.

'Port Phillip Herald' reported - March 20, first sighting, anchored at Williamstown, believed to be India. Reported 10 Apr
The India met with a good deal of severe weather on the passage.
4 May India, cleared for Sydney. Passengers cabin - Mr and Mrs Scott, Miss Scott, Messrs Neil, N , G McNeil, J Crane, R Darchy, J Gilmore, R Wigmore, J Hughes, Gardener, Milne, James Hunter, J Sharp, John Porter.
Steerage and Intermediate - R Russell, 5 Mounted Police, Mr Thompson, Colin Campbell, J Gillespie, D MCallum.
Cargo leaving Port Phillip is part of original cargo and 255 bales wool.

The following was published in the South Australian Register, 23 February 1840 - The barque INDIA, 493 tons, Hugh Campbell, commander, from Greenock, having left on 5 October, by way of Cork and Porto Prio, with a cargo of sundries. Passengers for Port Phillip and Sydney --- Rev Mr Love, his lady and family, Mr and Mrs Gardner, Mr and Mrs Scott and family, Mr and Mrs Mackay and family, Mr and Mrs Scott, Misses Stewart, Julia Campbell, Flora Campbell, Messrs Robert Neill, James Campbell, Godfrey McNeill, N Hill, John Crowe, E. and O. Oliphant, A S Robertson, William McCarthur, Joseph Gillespie, Robert Fitzgerald, Colin Campbell, William Lochhead, J C Gilmore, Thomas Annersley, Thomas Darchy, John Dickson, Robert Wigmore, George and Robert Bell, and a number in the steerage.
An Irish Immigrant, Robert Bell, travelling in the intermediate cabin kept a journal of the voyage. The precis has by necessity included only general facts of the voyage and details of a few highlights and events experienced. The full journal is very well written and contains details of daily life on board the ship. Journal Of Robert Bell
INDIA - Lost at Sea 19 July 1841


arrived 15 March 1840, barque, 560 tons, Captain McFarlane from Leith on 29 Sept 1839 and via Adelaide 6 March arrived 15 March. Image Scotland 99
Passengers, Cabin Miss Ann Drysdale, Mr and Mrs John? Gibson, James Ayton,
Intermediate Peter Huchinson, John Dobie and James Kidd.
Steerage William Brown and family, Mr Kidd and family, Miss Elizabeth Brown 22, Wm Thain, From Adelaide Mrs Watson and 3 dau,
Port Phillip Herald, 17 March 1840 - The Indus, on her passage out, encountered most severe weather. In the Channel she lost some of her spars and was obliged to put into Cork, to refit. At Cape Leuwin she was struck with lightning and lost some of her masts. Again while approaching Kangaroo Island, a white squall carried away several of her masts and spars - fron 'South Australian'.
25 April Indus, ship, 368 tons, M'Farlane master, for Calcutta, in ballast, and back in Adelaide 6 June with 6 passengers and cargo from Calcutta

Indus came with 3 families, 2 women, and 4 men
and Mrs Watson and daus from Adelaide

Di Cummins page Indus 1840 reports that she sailed 26 Sep 1839 but was in a collision off Montrose and put back to Leith for repairs. Sailed from Leith 5 Oct 1839 with Capt John MacFarlane and 22 passengers, arrived at Port Adelaide 25 Feb 1840.
She identifies the Brown family as William Brown and his wife Elizabeth nee OGorman, with John Brown, Mary Brown, William Brown, Thomas Brown, Eliza Baxter Brown, and James Brown.

Isabella Watson

arrived 11 Aug 1840, ship, 515 tons, Capt John A McDonald master, from Leith 11 Apr 1840. Have 4 fiche pages, Images 65-66,.Image Scotland 102-3
Passengers Cabin - Mr and Mrs Anderson and family, Mr and Mrs Henderson with masters T and W, Misses M and E; Miss M Hogg, Captain J Reid, Mrs M Reid, Masters John, William Reid, S and Agnes Reid,
Messrs W Ogilvie, James Laurence, John Carfrae, J Miller, J Bland, C Pentland, and W Jennings MD; 41 bounty emigrants (30 to proceed to Mr Thomas Barker's estate in Sydney and the other 10 to a gentleman in Geelong) and 40 steerage - , have 61 names.
Had 5 couples, 8 single women and 1 single man, bounty 342 pounds for 19 adults. There was no payment for the 7 children, who came at parent's expense. Problem over who is to receive Bounty seems to include some of the Steerage passengers. 10m and 12 f remained in Melbourne, 26 wanted to go to Sydney.

- For more details and list see my Isabella Watson page.

ShipCouplesfemalesmanCabinInterSteerageNot listed Staff


Isabella Watson 5817142036296

8 Sep cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo, passengers Messrs Mr OConnell, Mr McArthur, Mr Manton, Mr Ryrie, Miller, Mr J Lorimer, Pentland, Ogilvie, and Mr Jenkins, Judge Donithorne/Donnithorne, Mrs Ley and 38 in the steerage.
Arrival in Sydney reported Sep 25.

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