They came by ship in 1840 - Orissa, Perfect, Rajasthan, Steppings, Strathfieldsaye, Theresa, Thomas Harrison, Tomartin, Vesper, William Barres, William Metcalfe, William Woolley
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Came to Port Phillip in 1840
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Arrived 10 May 1840, Captain Brown, from London and Plymouth via Adelaide, barque, 323 tons,
list paper 7 April. Passengers Miss Friend, Miss Lyons, Messrs O Gourlay, Carr , Cameron, Oliver, Anderson and Campbell
Steerage Mrs Corbett and 3 chn, Mr Williams, H Cameron Anderson, Draper wife and child, H Mackenzie.

See visit to Adelaide of Orissa recorded by Di Cummings.

Orissa came with 2 women, and 6 men
2 families and 3 men in the steerage


Arrived: 8 November 1840 ship 658 tons, Captain Snell Master, from Greenoch, 24th June. Have fiche page, also Images 161, Image Scotland 108. with Dr Surg SuptCampbell,
Port Phillip Herald Tuesday November 10th 1840, Shipping Intelligence:-
Passengers Mrs Major Fraser/Frazer, two Misses Frazers, Misses Sarah Montgomery and Jean Montgomery, Mr and Mrs McDonald of Glengary, two Misses McDonald, Master McDonald, Miss Baird and Mr and Mrs Richards, Messrs Frazer, Bell, James Cuthbert, Mirsh, and Matthew, 44 in the steerage

List from Victorian web site - John Bon 32, John Cameron 22, Wm Enwin 20, Francis Mcgregor 23, James Walker 19, and the 9 listed for the Bounty claim

Perfect came with 2 families, and 12 men
44 in steerage, includes 9 Bounty

From Bounty claim, Sydney records - Agent Mr Watson, Bounty of 134 pounds was claimed for 9 souls,
James McGregor 23 and Elizabeth McGregor 22, (Shepherd and Dairywoman from Argyleshire),
James Ramsay 34, and Ann Ramsay 29 (Labourer from Ayreshire and Housemaid from Belfast),
Samuel Mcmillan 39, Janet Mcmillan 28, Thos Mcmillan 8, Janet Mcmillan 5, Letitia Mcmillan 3, (Labourer from Londonderry and Housekeeper from Ayreshire).
All are Presbyterians, adults - Ann reads, others both read and write.

From Celtic influence -
On 24 June 1840, the Perfect sailed for Port Phillip, arrived 8 Nov 1840. Aboard was the Highland chief Macdonald of Glengarry, his family and entourage "the most wealthy emigrants we should suppose that ever left the Clyde" along with his cattle and herdsmen. Three months later, the John Cooper left for New South Wales with almost one hundred of "the most wealthy and respectable description, taking out an immense capital in money, besides livestock of valuable kinds."

Port Phillip Herald - 14 Dec cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo. Passengers Mrs M'Donald, Miss M'Donald, and Masters M'Donald, Mr Jamieson and wife, Miss Baird, Mr Richards and wife, Mrs Browne and child, Messrs Connell, Croker, Douglas, Girdwood, Mather, Mood, Nash, Rankin, McKenzie , 31 in the steerage.


arrived 9 March 1840 ship, 700 tons, Captain Duncan Ritchie Commander, from London 27 Oct and Adelaide 26 February.
Passengers cabin, from England Mr and Mrs Greig, Messrs J Perry and F Perry, and Mr Mackenzie, from Adelaide Messrs Empson, Fisher, Pickering, Thorn, Wallack and six in the steerage

See visit to Adelaide of Rajasthan recorded by Di Cummings.

Rajasthan came with 1 couple, and 3 men from London
5 men from Adelaide, and 6 in the steerage

The Seppings

Captain Rawlings, barque, 344 tons, arrived in Capmbells Wharf, Port Jackson, this 22 day of April 1840, carried a cargo of sugar from Calcutta to Port Phillip (Melbourne) and Port Jackson (Sydney) together with passengers, convicts and soldiers.
The web page Seppings was written by Alex Rogers 18/5/1999, who explains - On board was my 3x Great-grandfather, Domingo Garcia [Gressier], a Portuguese speaking native of Bombay, transported for stealing jewellery.
Cabin passengers Mr and Mrs Nails and family, Messrs Brown, Buchran, Cooper, Hutchinson and Sparks
Fifteen surviving convicts from Calcutta in charge of four soldiers and Eight prisoners of the Crown from Port Phillip


arrived 20 June 1840, barque, 345 tons, Capt John Quiller, left Liverpool 4 Feb 1840 and arrived at Port Phillip 20 June 1840 with merchandise. Image 234
Cabin - Messrs Buchannan, Campbell, Craig, with Mrs Maneugh for Sydney

14 July 1840 departed for Sydney, Agents Dunlop & McNab


arrived 9 May 1840 from Sydney 24 April, barque, 476 tons, Captain Spence, to this port brings
passengers - Mrs Spence,, Mr Bullen wife and child, Mr Forster wife and child, Mr Symmonds and wife, Mrs Munday, Mrs Umphelby, Captain Bentley, Rev Mr Grainger, Captain Wilson Messrs Ballingall, Bourne, RH Browne, Crawford, Deane, G Harper, Ingleton, Ingleton, Mr Maitland, C Manton, Frederick Manton, J Manton, Ogilvie, Pickering, and Maitland; and 50 in the steerage.
Imports list in paper for 12 May.
Strathfieldsaye came with Captain's wife, 3 couples, 2 women and 3 men in Cabin,
and 50 in the steerage


arrived 18 Jul 1840, ship, 496 tons, Captain Walter Young master, from London via Plymouth 24 March 1840 and , Agent Mr John Marshall. Have 9 fiche pages, also Images 59-64, Total of 243 names, including 17 who went on to Sydney

18 July 1840 "Port Phillip Herald' reported a vessel "Theresa" arrived at Port Philip with immigrants presumably from Britain. Passengers Cabin Mr and Mrs Smyth, Mrs M Kay, Messrs Roske, Gibbons, Tyson, Davy, Zouch and Cumming, Rev R Darey, Dr and Mrs Lindiman. 10 Intermediate and 216 steerage

Page 183 - Cabin 9m and 3f - Dr Henry J Lindeman, Superintendant and Mrs Lindeman, Mr D Mckay/Mackay and Mrs Mackay, Mr Samuel Smith and Mrs Eliza Smith, Messrs Burke/Bourke, Henry S Cumming, Revd Richard Davey, J Gibbings, Richard Tysson, Arthur Zouch
Intermediate 10m, 2f and 6chn - Captain Wigmore, Mrs Wigmore, Mary Wigmore, Susan Wigmore, Richard Wigmore, Josh Wigmore, Henry Wigmore and William Wigmore, MissEasey, Messrs Richard Bligh, Arthur Bouiriquot, Robt S Bouiriquot, G Fulford, George Hayden, Edward Lasseter, T D Mckay/Mackay, Charles Reynolds, Richard Reynolds
Page 184 - Steerage 18 paid and stayed in Melb - Margaret Bickett 22, John Bowden, Wife Mary Ann Bowden, Grace Bowden 12, Charles Bowden 9, Charlotte Eliza Bowden 5, Chas Spencer Deveral, Mary Gaffney 19, James Hamilton 17, Dudley Harvey 23, Mary Hay 32, Henrietta B Hickard 22, Edward Kennedy 19, Henry Robinson 24, Jane wife of Hy Robinson 23, John Roderick 21, F W Splatt 30, Robert Walton 30,
Bounty 182 people, 33 families of 83 souls, 67 men and 32 females, total 3008 pounds plus 13 who claimed Bounty and went on to Sydney

- For more details and list see my Theresa page.

ShipCouplesParentsDau+15 Dau+7Dau+1Infantsson+1 sons+7sons+14Familiesfemalesmen


Theresa20811 73412 0846732183


Cabin12Inter 18Steer19 Staff2To Sydney13Total25

Aug 8 - Theresa cleared for Sydney, Passengers Cabin - Mrs Mackay, Mrs Lindame Messrs Lindame, Zouch, Rourke, Gibbons, Davy; Intermediate Messrs Tuffin, Lasater, Bligh, M'Ronald, Mackay; 11 in the Steerage, part of original cargo.
Page 181 - Bounty, 14 folk went on to Sydney - Mary Bartlett 22, Eliza Martin 24, Peter Mcronald 34, Jane Mcronald 25, Peter Mcronald 4, James Quinlan 30, Sarah Quinlan 27, Hanly Quinlan 3, Susanna Quinlan 0, Anne Quinlan 28, Eliza Quinlan 26, John 2 Sullivan 32, Mary Sullivan 28,

Thomas Harrison

arrived 31 Oct 1840, barque, 366 tons, Captain Smith master, from Plymouth 27 June,
Passengers Dr and Mrs Clutterbuck and child, Mr and Mrs Council, Messrs Connolly, Griffiths, Hill, Lindsay, Littlehale, Moore, Runbold, Lindsay, and Littlehale and 2 servants
22 Dec cleared for Swan River and India. Passengers Honorable William Talbot, Messrs Snodgrass, Runbold and Clark, 5 in the steerage

Thomas Harrison came with a couple, a family and 9 men
also 2 servants


arrived 9 Apr 1840, barque, 428 tons, Mr Hardinge Captain Wingate, from Greenock via Adelaide on 4 Apr 1840, with merchandise. Image Scotland 101
Cabin passengers from Adelaide Judge Cooper, Mr Bogle and Mr Hardinge
Departed 4 may for Batavia in ballast

See visit to Adelaide of Tomatin recorded by Di Cummings.


arrived 14 Dec 1840, brig, 224 tons, Capt Michael Thomas/Kames master, from Liverpool, out 94 days
Dec 14 - noted arrival of Vesper, Dec 18, import details, no passengers listed. Images 74-75,
23 souls in 6 families, Mrs Lyddy died at Sea, 12 children, 2 single men and 12 single women, total bounty 540 pounds paid to AB Smith & Co
Passengers - Rev. J. S. Bolden, wife, 4 children and 2 servants - confusion, as the Vesper had 6 cases, 2 bales and 3 barrels belonging to Bolden. He is also listed as arriving on the Dumfries (with no imports in his name), and may have had cattle on the Orient, all of which arrived in Port Phillip the same time, as did the Midlothian and the Anne, both from Leith

Bounty immigrants - 23 + 2 + 13
Robert Andrews 28, Butler from Donegal with Susan 30 and B Allan 5
Gerard Derby 25, Ag Lab from Donegal with Sarah 26, Elizabeth 5, John 3, Jane 1
Edward Edgar 36, Glazier from Armagh with Catherine 37, Theresa 7, Margaret 5, Catherine 3 and Jane 1
Stephen England 21 Cabinet maker from Manchester with Mary 27
Thomas Lynnot/Symiot 36, Ag Lab from Wexford with Jane 31, Bridget 6, Patrick 4, Mary 1
James Lyddy 31, Bookmaker from Dublin with James 3. Wife died
Thomas Allan/Mcallin 22, Baker and James Magin/Mayne 21, Shepherd both from Armagh
Jean Baird/Beard 25 from Monaghan, Mary Caine/Kain 21, Elizabeth Gordon 20 from Yorkshire, Margaret Mcglinn 19,
Mary Mcglinn 21, Maria Maguire 19, Susan Mcahey/Mccaughey 20, Mary Mains/Maines 18, Margaret Mckernon 20,
Jane Mcadden/Mckadden 18, Mary Mcanulty 20, Anne Mckernon 22, all from Tyrone unless shown otherwise, Mary Patterson 27.

Vesper came with 1 family as Cabin passengers
Bounrt of 23 in 6 families, and 2 men and 13 women in the steerage

William Barres

arrived 7 Feb 1840, 275 tons, Captain Norrie/Norrie, from London 8 July 1839 to Adelaide 20 Dec 1839, Jan 31 still at Adelaide
Feb 7 arrival, Passengers from London - Mr Jacob Hagen, Mr Sungen, Mr William Charles Bond and wife
From Adelaide - Mr Huon; servants, Jerry Murphy, Henry Benson, George Rogers, John Simons, Agent JB Were

William Barres came with 1 couple, and 2 men from London
5 men and servants from Adelaide

William Metcalfe

with Captain Edward Phillipson Master, Agent 1838 is W Walker departed Portsmouth (1834 May 25) to Hobart Town (1834 Sep 4)
1 Sep arrived Sydney yesterday, from London whence sailed 15 May with 250 emigrants of Mr Marshall's selection, including 21 cabin passengers, had 3 births and one child died during voyage.
15 Sep 1838, Discharging cargo at Sydney
Sydney (1838 Oct 2) to Java/India
Plymouth (1839 Jul 24) to Melbourne (1839 Nov 15)
Melbourne (1839 Dec 14) to Sydney (1839 Dec 7) and left Sydney 31 Jan 1840

William Metcalfe

arrived 10 Feb 1840, ship, 445 tons Master Phillipson, left Sydney 31 Jan,
14 Feb has list of Passengers Dr O'Mullane, Mr and Mrs Lyon Campbell, 3 chn and 3 servants, Mr Fenwick and three Misses Fenwick (the new police magistrate at Geelong),
Messrs Arrowsmith, Arundell, Brown, Ogilvie, Eyre, Campbell, Hamilton, Harvey, Kilgrove, Oliver, Thompson, Troper and 74 in the steerage
Commercial Journal and advertiser report - printed 1 Feb 1840
Mr. & Mrs. Campbell, three children, and 3 servants; three Misses Fenwick, Messrs. Fenwick, Brown, Ogilvie, Hamilton, Eyre, Campbell, Kelgour, Arrowsmith, Oliver, Harvey, Arundell, Thompson, Troper, & O’mullane; and seventy-four in the steerage
William Metcalfe came with 22 Cabin passengers
3 servants and seventy-four in the steerage from Sydney

William Metcalfe

on 9 March 1840 cleared Port Phillip for Madras and Calcutta in ballast
Bridget Sharman, ultimately to marry George Egerton arrives in the "William Metcalfe" into Port Phillip, Victoria on 27 Aug 1841 from Cork. Biddy is travelling with her brother, Daniel.
18 Sep 1841 laid on for Manilla and sailed 13 Oct 1841
The Rivett family emigrated to Australia leaving Cork on 24 November 1843 aboard the ship "William Metcalf". The passage was arranged under contract by Messrs. Carter & Bonns of London with Her Majesty's Land and Emigration Commissioners for the conveyance to Sydney and Port Phillip of 2000 Statute Adults at the rate of £18/14/- per Statute Adult. Captain of the ship was Edward Philipson.; First Mate: John Wells; Surgeon Supt.: Thomas Phillips.
London (1843 Nov 4) to Sydney (1844 Mar 13)
9 June 1844 departed Sydney for Calcutta with horses &c. Passengers—Mr and Mrs Middleton, five children and servant, Mr A Dickson and servant, Mr Shepherd and servant, Mr Wilkins, Mr Beaumont; steerage, Messrs Spencer, Ximenes, Newhorne, Slowley, Lawbourn, Adams, Littlejohn.
Sydney (1844 Jun 9) to Calcutta
Calcutta (1844 Oct 4) to Cape of Good Hope (1844 Dec 6)
Cape of Good Hope (1845 Jan 16) to London
Downs (1845 Jun 7) to Sydney (1845 Oct 2)

William Woolley

arrived Port Phillip 27 Aug 1840, a brig, 199 tons, Captain Truscott master, from Sydney, cleared Monday 17 August.
Passengers are Dr Agnew with Dr Arthur O'Mullane and Colonel and Mrs Wall

William Woolley came with a couple, Dr Agnew and Dr O'Mullane,
Left with a couple, Dr Agnew and and 5 men

16 Sep cleared for Sydney, Passengers Mr and Mrs DS Campbell, Dr M'Crae, Messrs Cormack, Joseph Hawdon and John Hawdon, Lieut Cormack and Mr R Lodes
William Woolley Arrived Sydney 4 Oct, reported 7 Oct
From The Cork Examiner, 30 December 1863, On the 21st October, 97 Burke-street, West Melbourne, Arthur O'Mullane, M.D., aged 51 years, son of the late Jeremiah O'Mullane, Buttevant.

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