They came by ship in 1840 - John Bull, London, Lord Goderich, Louisa Campbell, Madras, Majestic, Marmion, Martin Luther, Mellish, Midlothian, Orient
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Came to Port Phillip in 1840
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John Bull

arrived 22 Jan 1940, ship, 705 tons, Master Francis Ormond, from London September 22 1839. Cargo, sundries and passengers. Have 5 fiche page Images 29-37,, Port Phillip Herald, Fri 24 Jan 1840, Page 2
Alexr Mckenzie Cheyne the Surgeon Superintendent. In page 26, "Perilous Journeys to the New Land" by Michael Cannon, he is named 'Dr M C Rayne'. Two adults and two chn died during passage to Port Phillip
Cabin - Mr George Blackmore and Miss Blackmore, Peter Cheyne, Messrs Claud Faerie, James Gibb, William Gibb, Edmund T Mr Higgins, Mr and Mrs William Kerr, with William, Robert, Charles, Ann and Margaret Kerr,
Messrs Michael Marshall, Joseph Sharpe, Thomas Spurrell, Thomas Rutherford and Miss Rutherford.
Mr and Mrs William Henry Buckley/Backley with George 10, Mary Ann 8, John 6, William 3 and Fanny Backley, Mr and Mrs Alexander Dennis and infant, Messrs John Mr Dennis, William Mr Dennis, George Mr Penn,
Steerage Mr Thomas Robinson senior 48, and Thomas Junior Robinson aged 4

245 bounty immigrants (43 families, 45 single men, 56 single women, bounty 3441 pounds (18 pounds per adult, no payments for children, except 3 Morris boys 30 pounds, 3 Woods boys 15+10+5, 25 children not paid for).

- For more details and list see my John Bull page.

Andromache, China, Coromandel, Glenhuntley, Himalaya, Isabella Watson, John Bull,
ShipCouplesParentsDau+15 Dau+7Dau+1Infantsson+1 sons+7sons+14Familiesfemalesmen


John Bull30140210785 11095646221


Cabin19Inter13Steer3 Staff2Not listed25Total62


arrived 18 Oct 1840 barque, 388 tons, Gibson master, from London, 23 June.
Passengers Mr and Mrs Manton and 3 chn, Mr and Mrs Clay and 4 chn, Mr and Mrs Stewart, Miss Wilkinson and Miss Gibson, Messrs Bishop, H, J and R Clowe Holland, Hobson, Joyce, Jenkins, R Ogilvie and I Ogilvie, Pike, Ramsden, Southey, West, 7 in the steerage.

London came with 3 families, 2 women and 14 men
and 7 in the steerage

17 Nov cleared for Sydney, Passengers Colonel Wall and lady, Mr and Mrs Campbell and child, Messrs Cameron, Candy, Gibson, Grant, Hawthorne, Hobson, Holland, Jeffrey, Kemp, McFarline, Peate, Riley, Smith, Southey, Wert, Wilkinson,
and 6 in the steerage.

Lord Goderich

arrived 25 Feb 1840, barque, 460 tons, Capt P Kay, from London 1 Sep 1839 with delay at Portsmouth for repairs, and Launceston


Reported in Colonial Gazette, Wed 25 Sep, 1839 and reprinted in Port Phillip Herald, 24 Jan 1840.
The ship Sophia, bound for Sydney, New South Wales, with emogrants, came in collision with the Lord Goderich, passenger ship for Port Phillip, early on Saturday morning, (14 Sep 1839,) off the Island of Wight. She was fallen in with by the Adelaide steam ship, belonging to the Dublin Steam Company, in the greatest distress, being almost a total wreck, her bowsprit and cutwater having been carried away, together with her foremast; one fluke of her anchor was buried in her bows, the other broke off by the extreme violence of the concussion. The Adelaide took her in tow, and brought her safely to anchor off Gravesend on Sunday; whence she was towed on Monday, to the ST Katherine's Docks to discharge her cargo, for the purpose of having an overhaul and the damage repaired.
It was most fortunate that the poor passengers were in their berths; had they been on the deck at the time of the accident, the consequences might have been dreadful,
The Lord Goderich put into Portsmouth, with loss of bowsprit and cutwater, and other serious damage. She had been upwards of a fortnight in reaching the Isle of Wight, owing to the tempestuous weather. - A lady who was a passenger on board the Lord Goderich thus describes the event. "We are safe at Portsmouth, and thankful - I trust most reverently thankful - for our merciful deliverance. From eleven on Friday night till two on Saturday morning (the 13th and 14th) the sound of wind and rain was most awful, and the waves were mountains high; we several times feared the roof of our cabin was breaking in. At two o'clock there was a dreadful crash, from the meeting of another vessel; and for a few minutes all was given up for lost. The warning was given that the poopwould be swept away, and every minute I expected it to be battered in, so dreadful was the shock and grinding of the Sophia against the side of our cabin; for a short time both the captain and mate thought we should go down.
We stood most anxiously waiting the result, and were rejoiced when we heard that the ships had cleared each other. We sat deeply solicitous to witness the first gleam of daylight, when the signal flag was hoisted.

51 Passengers - Cabin Mr and Mrs Graves and 3 chn, Mrs A Graves, Messrs Adolphus Graves and Godfrey Howell, Miss Mary Milner, Mrs Chamberlin, Mr and Mrs Wm Patterson, Miss Butler, Mrs E Lee, Miss Ann O'Brien, Miss Purves, Messrs Backland, Backwell, E Butler, Chamberlin, TW Humphrey, J Darnfield, A Thom.
Steerage Ann Obrien, Mr Bamford, JH Birch, Mr and Mrs Hall, JM Hall, WB Hall, TW Hall, and 3 Misses Hall, J and R Howitt, E Hughes, Mr Lansdown, Lister, Mr Murray, Mr Paget, Mr Perry, Mr Quin, Mr Robinson, B S Smith, J Smith, C Smith and 2 chn, JEB Smith, JEB Smith, B SSmith, Mr Sullivan, Mr Williams .

Lord Goderich came with 3 families, 7 women and 23 men

Louisa Campbell

arrived 16 April 1840, barque, 280 tons, Captain Derby/Darby, from London 27 Nov, direct.
Passengers Cabin - Mrs Windson, Mrs Korf and 2 sons, Messrs Wemyss and Cooper.
Steerage Mr and Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Marshall, Messrs Thompson, Dickson, Coombes, Leitch, Langford and 2 sons

Louisa Campbell came with 3 families, 2 women and 6 men
May 12, Cleared for Sydney,
Passengers Mr and Mrs Cleary with 2 chn and servant, Mrs Korff, Mrs F and Master G Korff, Mrs Windson, Miss Susan Templeton, Messrs Wemyss, Alison and Heggie.
Steerage Mrs Broadripp and child, Wm Gilliard.


arrived 22 Jan 1840 barque, 331 tons, Captain Henniker master, from London, at Port Phillip,
Passengers - Cabin - R Allan, John Blundell, Mr and Mrs Heina, Captain J Jack and son James Jacks
Mr HB Kampf, Mr WB Kampf, Mr and Mrs Legg, Mr and Mrs Lovell and infant dau, Captain T Minton and Miss Minton, Mr and Mrs Taylor,

Madras came with 6 families, and 4 men
Feb 4 Madras cleared for Launceston with part of original cargo from London.
Passengers - John Barnard, Mr and Mrs Brown, Capt James Jack and son, Mr and Mrs Legge, Capt and Mrs Smith,
steerage - Lieut Airey, John Hazlitt. E Johnstone, Edward Morgan, John Barnard Phillip, Matilda Phillip, Thomas Wales, Mr and Mrs York,


arrived 8 June 1840 barque, 316 tons, Robert Smith the Master, from Liverpool, Hobart town and Geelong 2 June 1840 and Port Phillip 8 June. Image 231-2
Passengers Cabin - Mr and Mrs Gillern, Dr and Mrs Fowler, Messrs Austin, Bellinger, Harker, Hasker/Husker, Kennedy, McNeil, Rickard, Roberts,
Steerage - R Anderson, E Bromley John Davidson and wife, F Henry, T Ikin and O Ikin, W Mann and wife, Mrs McGuiness and 3 chn, G Turner B Walker wife and 3 chn.

Majestic came with 6 families, and 13 men
The Imports list has items, some for passengers, including -
100 barrell ale, J Woolley; 350 boxes soap, 11 bales cottons R Willis & Co; 10 crates earthernware, L Holland; 2 cases cloth, R Whitehead; 1 bag potatoes from Tasmania for B Walker; 1 whaleboat and net, 1 wheelbarrow, Ikin; 1 tent, 1 tarpaulin, Dr Rickard; 57 bags flour, 13 bags bran, 2 gigs, Dr Fowler;
6 March 1841 departed for London


Arrived 8 Aug 1840, ship, Captain Jellard master, from London 24 Apr, Have fiche page
Passengers Cabin Mrs Scott, Mr F Scott, Messrs J Barker and E Barker, Mr and Mrs Robinson and family. Steerage Gray, Hannah Gray and 2 chn, Abraham Morson, Frederick Woodal.

Marmion came with 3 families, and 4 men
John Gray, Hannah Gray, and family, the only Bounty passengers.

Martin Luther

arrived 1 Nov 1840, barque, 445 tons Captain Robert Swan master, from Greenock 5 June and Adelaide 28 Oct Image Scotland 107.
Passengers Mr and Mrs Drummond, Miss Steel, James P Hunter
Intermediate Mr and Mrs Logan and family

See visit to Adelaide of Martin Luther recorded by Di Cummings.

Martin Luther came with 2 families, 1 woman and 2 men
Departed 7 Dec 1840 for Anjiers in ballast.


arrived 29 June 1840, barque, 480 tons, Captain Jones master, from London 21 March.
Passengers T Reibey and lady (of Entally, Tasmania), C Arthur and lady, Mrs Power and family, two Messrs Power and several others

Mellish came with 3 families, and several others
10 July The Mellish is stuck on a sand bank.


arrived 13 Dec 1840, barque, 414 tons, George Morrison master, from Leith 23 July. Image Scotland 109
Passengers Rev Charles Simpson, Mr Christie and wife (or could be mother and daughter), Miss Rose, Miss Rosignoti/Rossignoli, Miss Robertson,
Messrs William Westgarth, Cross, Wright, Crombie, Isley, McGilvrie, Drummond, and 8 in the steerage

Midlothian came with 1 couple, 2 ladies and 8 men, most went on to Hobart
and 8 in the steerage
28 Dec cleared for Hobart town with part of original cargo. Passengers Mrs and Miss Christie, Miss Robertson, Miss Rosignoti, Mrs Walker, Rev Charles Simpson, Messrs F and J , Westgarth, and Crombie, 2 in the steerage


Arrived 13 Dec 1840, barque, 596 tons, Capt Douglas Wales master, from London 2 Aug and Plymouth 11 Aug, to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] Surg Supt Grant, Images 76-83, with merchandise,
18 cabin and intermediate passengers, and 243 steerage passengers (bounty immigrants) - Passage money has gone up to 19 pounds per adult, also paying for children under 7 - 5 pounds, and 10 pounds if over 7, nil for infants.
216 steerage passengers - 39 families with 116 souls, 59 single women, 40 single men
Passengers Colonel Gwynne and lady, Mr Francis Gwynne, Mr HB Morris and wife, Mr James and Mrs Pastlethwaite/Postlethwaite, Messrs Willsmore, Pritchard, George Roach and Henry Manning.
Intermediate Mr Coulstock, Mrs Mary Coulstock and Alfred Coulstock,
Messrs F Austen, D Farquhar, Thomas Martin, and Charles Dalrymple,
Not in newspaper lists are Cabin - Mr John Postlethwaite,
Intermediate - Mr C Austin, Mr John Magill,
Steerage paid - Catherine Hegarty, M A Johnston 27, Peter Lundry/Landry 21, Sarah Mander, Eliza Quick
Staff gratuities are listed, for first time, Captain Douglas Wales, 1st Mate GD Pritt, 2nd Mate A Brooking and 3rd Mate William Maurice.

- For more details and list see my Orient page.

ShipCouplesParentsDau+15 Dau+7Dau+1Infantsson+1 sons+7sons+14Familiesfemalesmen


Orient161514 561211 11166040216


Cabin12Inter 9Steer5 Staff5To SydneyunTotal25

Dec 31 cleared for Sydney Passengers Mrs Colonel Gwynne, Mr and Mrs Mason, Mr and Mrs Harrison, Messrs Gwynne, Pritchard, Dalrymple, 17 in steerage.

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