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1. William Worsham b abt 1786 VA & Sarah b abt 1799 SC were in the 1850 Co., Cass Co., GA Census, p 166, age 64, house carpenter. There was a William Worsham from Monroe Co., GA who was a fortunate drawer of land in the 1832 Cherokee land lottery and located in Cass Co. Patricia Worsham found out that the William Worsham who made that draw never claimed the land and it went back to the state. In the Baldwin Co., GA Union Recorder newspaper clippings page 62 by Tod Evans, Vol III, 1837-1839 published by Evans in Savannah, GA, 1994, there was a letter remaining at the Post Office in Forsyth, Monroe Co., GA on 1st Jul 1837 for William Worsham. There might be a connection to the John Worsham who was in the list of letters remaining in the Post Office at Forsyth, Monroe Co., GA on 1 Oct 1835, pg 237 of the Union Recorder newspaper clippings. William is in the 1840 Cass Co., GA Census with 10 children. The family is included in the Pope Co., AR, Vol 2, Pope Historical Assoc., 1981, Joster's Pub., Topeka, KS. Children: (Patricia Worsham & Jerry H. Adams)

1.1. Sarah Worsham b abt 1829 of Cass Co., GA. (21-1850) might be the Sarah Worsham who md W. T. Wilson 20 Apr 1879 Galla Rock, Pope Co., AR. (Galla Rock, Pope Co., AR Marriages, Bk E, p 293) She is age 35 & J. T. is age 40. There is connection between this Wilson family and the Worshams. They were neighbors in the GA Census records from 1850 and 1860. They apparently migrated together from Cass Co., GA to Pope Co., AR. Two members of the Wilson family affirmed John E. Worsham's service in the 60th GA in his AR Confederate Pension Application, saying that they had known him for 45 years and knew of his service. This Wilson family was from SC. In the 1880 Galla Rock, Pope, AR cens, is John T. Wilson, age 53, & Sarah, age 45 GA.

1.2. John Elbert Worsham b 13 Jan 1832 of Cass Co., GA. (18-1850) md Amanda Melvina Tanner abt 1869 probably in Cass Co., GA. Melvina b Jan 1852 GA. Another date of birth is 15 Feb 1855. (Pat Worsham, 1997) Her age varies with every census, her tombstone, and her death certificate. They probably moved to Pope Co. between 1871 and 1875. It was said that he built three houses upon arrival in Galla Rock. He is age 42 in the 1880 Galla Rock, Pope Co., AR Census & is in the 1900 Burnett, Pope, AR Census.  Picture is of John Elbert Worsham and John Elbert & Melvina Worsham.jpg (20303 bytes)Melvina M. Tanner born 15 Feb 1855 GA. John is the son of William & Sarah Worsham.  Picture from Bertrand R. Worsham, 1981

The name Elbert is in the Pope Co. History book by Bertrand. They were Methodist. Patricia Worsham believed this Tanner line was from Haralson Co., GA. Two of Melvina's brothers, Allen and Richard also migrated to Pope Co. Richard was a hemophiliac and Melvina was a carrier. Patricia Worsham suspects that some of the male Worsham children may have died young from this disease.

John E Worsham, claimed residence in Bartow Co., enlisted 25 April 1862, Private, served Georgia Enlisted H Co. 60th Inf Reg. GA, Source: Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865. AR Conf. Veterans & widows pension application lists John Elbert Worsham, widow Melvina, Co H 60 regiment GA I, 1862-65, app. 8/26/01 in Pope Co, AR; deceased. 7/25/08. John E's AR Confederate Pension Application places him with the Cass Co. Confederate group. John was wounded by a shot in the left side and part of a tree fell on his right arm. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Monocacy, MD. He was later send to Point Lookout POW camp and eventually was exchanged.

He d 26 Jun 1908, Pope, AR & she d 24 Sep 1921 Pope Co., AR. John & Melvina are bur in Bell's Chapel cemetery Pope Co., AR with their infant son Richard. The original tombstone for John E. shows "Born in Georgia." It has since been replaced.


1.2.1. William Henry Worsham b 16 Jan 1870 of Pope Co., AR. (9-1880) md Dona A. Cooper 16 Aug 1894 Pope Co, AR. She was b 8 Oct 1874 & d 18 Mar 1936 Pope, AR. He d 27 Jun 1902 while fording Isabella Creek on mule back in Pope Co., AR. Rose Clemie Worsham b 2 Jul 1895 Pope, AR md. Dolan Burris abt 1917 Pope, AR & she d. Sep 19, 1973 Pope, AR. Dolan b. Dec 27, 1893, d. Aug 1, 1997. Both bur. Shiloh Cem, Pope Co, AR. George Leonard W. Worsham b 30 Aug 1896 Pope, AR md 1st) Pauline Bridges & md 2nd) Catherine Gray, 1917. He d 2 Nov 1967 of Conway Co, AR. Lewis Henry Worsham b 2 Apr 1898, Pope, Lewis Henry & Emma Worsham.jpg (43923 bytes)AR md Emma Levada Burris, d/o John Eddy & Amanda Caroline Burris, abt 1921 in Pope, AR. She b 3 Mar 1906 in Pope, AR, and died 20 Dec 1995 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK & bur. Memorial Park Cem., Oklahoma City. He d 4 Jun 1964, Oklahoma, OK.  Picture of  Lewis Henry Washam, & Emma Levada Burris from Bertrand R. Worsham, 1981

Children: Wilma Beatrice Worsham b 21 Oct 1922 Atkins, Pope, AR md. 1st) William Cole of Oklahoma, OK; md. 2nd) Felix. She grew up in Russellville, AR and Sand Springs, TX & moved to OK in 1931 where she graduated from Central High School. Wilma was a real estate broker and loan closer until her retirement in 1976. She d 9 Jun 1996, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK & bur Jun 12 Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Oklahoma City. Willard Inez Worsham b 15 Apr 1924 Pope, AR md Richard L. Vanden Bos. Dr. Bertrand Ray Worsham b 14 Feb 1926 Pope, AR md Lynne. Edsel Earl Worsham b 19 May 1928 Pope, AR md Jane. Tempie Worsham b Mar 1900 Burnett, Pope, AR md 1st) Martin Maxwell & 2nd) John Duval. She d. 1972 Pope, AR & bur Shiloh Cem.

1.2.2. John Allen Worsham b Dec 1875 of Pope Co., AR md 1st) Helen Kelley 5 Nov 1899 Conway Co., AR. It was an easier trip to Conway Co. Courthouse than to the Pope Co. Courthouse. In Bertrand's article, his middle name is Archer but on the social security application for his son Carl Lester Worsham, his name is Allen. Allen Tanner was Melvina's brother and that may be where the name Allen came from. He is listed as a carpenter in the 1900 census. Helen b 8 Sep 1880 & d 24 Dec 1951 of Pope, AR. He md 2nd) Julia Hillis. John d 1952 North Little Rock, AR & bur there. He was md several times but only the marriage to Helen yielded children. John was a hemophiliac which he inherited from his mother Melvina, a carrier. Since this is a sex-linked (X chromosome) trait, his sons did not inherit the disease, but his daughter Myrtle was a carrier. Both of her sons were hemophiliacs. Children: Myrtle E. Worsham b abt 1901 Pope, AR md. Denton Knight. Emmett Homer Worsham b 28 Dec 1902 Pope, AR. md Eula Vernon Wright 15 Apr 1923 in Conway Co, AR. She was b 15 Jun 1897 in Pope, AR and d 14 Nov 1975 Russellville, Pope, AR. He d 30 Sep 1942. Child: Carl Vernon Worsham b 22 Nov 1924 Pope, AR. Irvin (Ervin) L. Worsham b abt 1906 Pope, AR md. Altha E. Miller 1923 Pope, AR. Carl Lester Worsham b 28 Feb 1908 Atkins, Pope, AR, md 1st Virginia Coker & md 2nd) Emma & he d 19 Aug 1986, Holtville, Imperial, CA. Child: Don Worsham b. abt 1928.

1.2.3. James Worsham b abt 1880 of Pope Co., AR. (l/12 -1880) d before 1900

1.2.4. Richard N. Worsham b 15 May 1881 Pope, AR & d 17 Jul 1882, Pope, AR. He is bur Bell's Chapel Cem. (Pat Worsham, Jefferson, MD)


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