Claire Forlani - Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow

Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow
Directed by: Alan Metter.
Release date: 1994
Runtime: 83 minutes (1:23)

Plot Summary
The Russian Police ask Commander Lassard (George Gaynes) and his Academy Squad to assist in the capture of Russian mobster Konstantin Konali (Ron Perlman). With Lassard lost in Russia, his group teams up with the Russians to launch a covert operation against Konali. Along with rookie Kyle Connors (Charlie Schlatter), the usual Police Academy cast is present, including Tackleberry (David Graff), Callahan (Leslie Easterbrook), and Jones (Michael Winslow).

Claire's Role
Claire plays the lovely Russian translator Katrina. She and rookie Kyle journey around Moscow spying on Konali. Their travels take them to the Circus, a floating nightclub, and finally, to Konali's headquarters.

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