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September 2001

Jahad in Ambon

TNI to withdraw Second Joint Battalion from Maluku: Pattimura (28/09/01) #1616
The Jakarta Post, (9/27/2001 2:18:09 PM)
JAKARTA (JP): Chief of Pattimura Military Command overseeing Maluku and North Maluku provinces Brig. Gen. Mustopo revealed on Thursday that the Second Joint Battalion of the Indonesian Military's (TNI) elite troops would be withdrawn as they had beenin the troubled provinces for a long time.

New Zealand issues warning on travel to Indonesia (28/09/01) #1614
ABC 28/09/01 4:00:28
New Zealanders have been warned to take extreme care in Indonesia. A Foreign Affairs ministry statement says New Zealanders should closely monitor developments which might affect their security following threats from Islamic hardliners against people from the United States and its allies.

New Zealand issues warning on travel in Indonesia (28/09/01) #1613
The Jakarta Post, (9/27/2001 7:18:51 PM)
JAKARTA (Agency): New Zealanders were warned on Thursday to take extreme care in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country. A Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement said New Zealanders should closely monitor developments that might affect their security following threats from Islamic hard-liners against people from the United States and its allies,
AFP reported.

Indonesia Opposition to U.S. Grows (27/09/01) #1608
ASSOCIATED PRESS, Wednesday September 26 2001 4:52 AM ET
By DANIEL COONEY, Associated Press Writer
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - Opposition to potential U.S. strikes against suspected terrorists in Afghanistan is growing in Indonesia, and President Megawati Sukarnoputri could face a test of resolve after pledging support for Washington's fight against terrorism. Political analysts said Wednesday that Megawati would come under attack by Muslim groups when she returns this weekend from the United States, where she met with President Bush and visited New York.

Indonesian group threatens Japanese citizens (27/09/01) #1606
ABC 27/09/01 9:51:18
The head of an Indonesian Muslim movement says it members will undertake operations aimed at driving Japanese citizens out of Indonesia if Japan assists the United States in its planned attack on targets in Afghanistan. The chairman of the Muslim Youth Movement, Syuaib Didu (soo-i'b dee-do), made the remarks in an interview with Kyodo News Agency at his organization's headquarters in Jakarta.

Indonesia's Islamic Council calls on Muslims to wage a holy war (26/09/01) #1604
ABC 25/09/01 21:05:25
Indonesia's top Islamic council has called on all Muslims to wage a holy war if the United States and its allies attack Afghanistan. South East Asia correspondent, Ginny Stein reports, the call was made as a register was opened for Muslims to declare their willingness to travel to Afghanistan in support of their Islamic brothers and sisters.

Indonesian Islamic scholars urge jihad if US attacks Afghanistan (26/09/01) #1601
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Tuesday September 25, 6:02 PM
JAKARTA, Sept 25 (AFP) - Indonesia's top Islamic authority called Tuesday on all Muslims to wage a jihad (holy war) if the US launches an attack on Afghanistan and warned President Megawati Sukarnoputri not to support any such retaliation. The Indonesian Council of Ulemas (Muslim scholars) said it "calls on all Muslims of the world to unite and mobilise their forces to fight in the path of Allah (jihad fi sabilillah) should the aggression of the United States and its allies against Afghanistan and the Islamic world take place."

Indonesians Sign Up for Holy War in Afghanistan (26/09/01) #1600
REUTERS, Tuesday September 25 5:03 AM ET
JAKARTA (Reuters) - A hardline Muslim youth group in Indonesia said on Tuesday more than 200 of its members had signed up to participate in a possible holy war against the United States in Afghanistan (news - web sites). The Islamic Youth Movement (GPI), which claims to have several thousand members, said it had links with Afghanistan's ruling Taliban but did not give further details or say how it was funded. ``We officially opened the registration on Sunday and up until now we have 225 people signed up to join a holy war in Afghanistan,'' GPI commander Hardiansyah told Reuters.

Embassy Draws Protesters in Jakarta (26/09/01) #1599
ASSOCIATED PRESS, Tuesday September 25 2001 7:20 AM ET
By DANIEL COONEY, Associated Press Writer
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - Students protested outside the U.S. embassy and a consulate office in Indonesia on Tuesday and influential Muslim clerics called on the world's most populous Islamic nation to oppose threatened military strikes against Afghanistan. The stand by the Indonesian Ulamas Council comes just days after Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri met President Bush at the White House and condemned the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

S-E Asian Muslims think locally, mostly act moderately (26/09/01) #1598
Sydney Morning Herald, 25 Sept., 2001
By Louise Williams
The man who commands Indonesia's "jihad warriors" counts his proudest moments as the two years he spent fighting alongside Islamic forces in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. Now, says 39-year-old Ustad Ja'far Umar Thalib, he is ready to counter any US strike on Afghanistan with retaliatory attacks against American targets and civilians inside Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation. As a close American ally, Australian targets and civilians may also be at risk.

Bin Laden Issues Call to 'Holy War' (26/09/01) #1597
ASSOCIATED PRESS, Tuesday September 25 4:08 AM ET
By LAURA KING, AP Special Correspondent
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) - Osama bin Laden 's organization made a fresh call to arms Tuesday as Saudi Arabia broke off diplomatic relations with the Taliban, leaving Pakistan the sole country with formal ties to Afghanistan's hard-line leaders.

The West battles to root out network of terror cells (26/09/01) #1596
Independent, September 25, 2001
By Raymond Whitaker in Islamabad
The military wing of Osama bin Laden's al-Qa'ida organisation has trained fighters for armed conflicts in almost every continent, according to intelligence officials engaged in the campaign to destroy his network of terrorism.

One killed in Ambon bomb blast (25/09/01) #1595
The Jakarta Post, September 25, 2001
AMBON, Maluku: A bomb exploded near Pattimura University at 11 local time on Monday, killing one person and seriously injuring another four, Antara reported. The incident forced the university to stop activities. Students and employees immediately left the campus. Police went to the scene and traffic was back to normal 30 minutes after the incident.

Indonesian Bomb Blast Kills 1, Injures 7 In Ambon (25/09/01) #1594
ASSOCIATED PRESS, Monday September 24, 2001
JAKARTA (AP)--One person was killed and seven others injured when a bomb exploded Monday in the Indonesian town of Ambon, which has been devastated by years of sectarian strife, police said. Lt. Col. Hasanuddin, Ambon's police chief, said the bomb was hidden in a car that was passing near the town's state-run Pattimura University.

Unofficial summary of local press articles 19-20 Sep 2001 (25/09/01) #1593
Siwalima, 19 September 2001, p1: * Latuconsina not afraid to deal with terrorists * The Governor of Maluku, Saleh Latuconsina, stated that he is not afraid of terrorist threats, and rejected the idea that Ambon would become a target of terrorist attacks because of what happened in New York last week. However, he said he had anticipated this by deporting four unidentified foreigners who came without proper identification and purposes to Ambon.
Other news:
Siwalima, 19 September 2001, p1 * Mysterious shooter in Batu Gantung *
Siwalima, 19 September 2001, p2 * Masohi conducive because of communication *
Ambon Ekspres, 20 September 2001, p2 * Maluku needs peace education *
Ambon Ekspres, 20 September 2001, p3 * IDPs in Buru decrease *
Suara Maluku, 20 September 2001, p3 * 12,429 Muslim IDP families refuse to go home *
Suara Maluku, 20 September 2001, p12 * Increasing number of IDPs not logical *
Suara Maluku, 20 September 2001, p12 * MTB uses donation from Japan *
Siwalima, 20 September 2001, p1 * Mayor forms Task Force for Supervision of Foreigners *
Siwalima, 20 September 2001, p3 * Medicines from "Maluku Help" yet to be distributed *
Siwalima, 20 September 2001, p3 * SMU 45 lacks facility and infrastructure *

Another Year of Living Dangerously? (25/09/01) #1592
The National Interest [Washington DC] No. 65 The Fall 2001 issue
By Rajan Menon
Indonesia is staggering like a heavyweight boxer who has absorbed too many blows in too many places. A faltering economy, a fractious and feeble central government, communal war and secessionism could culminate in the state's collapse and the country's fragmentation. The result would be more than a local disturbance, for Indonesia is no ordinary place.

Indonesia's defence minister tells police to protect Americans (25/09/01) #1591
ABC 25/09/01 9:09:30
Indonesia's defence minister has told police to crack down on attempts to intimidate Americans after militant Muslim groups roamed international hotels and the airport in Central Java city looking for US citizens. Matori Abdul Jalil says arbitrary acts by members of the public, including conducting sweeps, are anarchic and the government strongly discourages those acts.

Indonesian Extremist Backs Terror (24/09/01) #1587
LOS ANGELES TIMES, September 23, 2001
By RICHARD C. PADDOCK, Times Staff Writer
MATARAM, Indonesia --
Ja'far Umar Thalib is the kind of extremist Muslim that Americans fear most. The 39-year-old Indonesian fought in Afghanistan in the 1980s along with Osama bin Laden. He trained at a radical Islamic school in Pakistan. And he supports acts of terrorism against "strategic facilities," including the World Trade Center in New York. Today, Ja'far heads his own armed Islamic group in Indonesia and has thousands of dedicated warriors at his command. If the United States strikes Afghanistan, he says, he and his followers are prepared to retaliate against U.S. targets and civilians in Indonesia.

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 42 (24/09/01) #1586
14 - 21 September 2001
* Last Friday, local fighting in Tual resulted in the death of a civilian, reportedly killed by a Brimob (mobile brigade) policeman. A domestic dispute occurred on the road between Tual and Un. The Brimob was called to the scene, after which a person was shot to death. After the crowd dispersed it proceeded to the police station, demanding that the responsible soldier be handed over. As this was refused, the crowd attacked the police station and trashed it as the police fled. Calm was restored after a religious leader and the military arrived. The dead man was buried on Saturday, with members of all three religious communities (Muslim, Catholic & Protestant) attending to show solidarity.
NORTH MALUKU * Lt. Col. Sahyudi was installed as the head of the Pattimura District Military Command in charge of North Maluku province on Wednesday. According to the police, the weeklong strike at the Barito Timber Processing plant, at Jailolo sub-district of North Maluku district, has ended peacefully and the 3,000 workers have resumed work.

Hundreds attack Police facilities in Central Sulawesi (24/09/01) #1585
The Jakarta Post, (9/22/2001 4:21:57 PM)
JAKARTA (JP): Hundreds of people, angered by the death of a 20-year-old man allegedly tortured by drunk policemen, attacked police facilities in Banggai, the capital of Bangkep district in Central Sulawesi from Thursday until Friday afternoon, damaging an office and two dormitories.

Several Muslim groups search for Americans (24/09/01) #1582
The Jakarta Post, (9/23/2001 9:16:51 PM)
SURAKARTA, Central Java (JP): Hundreds of members of several radical Muslim groups went to five-star hotels here on Sunday to find out whether Americans were staying there, insisting that U.S. citizens should leave if the U.S. attacked Afghanistan. Riding cars and motorcycles, the groups, who calledthemselves the Anti-American Terrorist Soldiers, also went to nearby Adi Sumarmo International Airport, where they checked whether there had been any Americans landing in Surakarta over the last few days.

Muslim gangs hunt for Americans in central Java (24/09/01) #1581
ABC 24/09/01 9:41:45
Ginny Stein reports:
Hotel staff and witnesses say the men represented several Muslim groups. At least four hotels were targeted in the sweep. Staff were asked to hand over guest registers and warnings both verbal and written were left stating that if revenge attacks take place in Afghanistan all Americans and nationals from countries supporting the United States must leave Indonesia immediately. Threats were also made that the group would return to the hotels if any attack were launched. Muslim groups in Solo made similar demands last year when relations soured between indonesia and the United States on a range of issues. Ginny Stein, Jakarta.

Indonesian Muslims make hotel checks for Americans (24/09/01) #1580
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Sunday, September 23 2001 6:37 PM SGT
JAKARTA, Sept 23 (AFP) - Groups of militant Indonesian Muslims on Sunday showed up at five international hotels in the Central Java city of Solo, demanding to know if any American citizens were staying there. Six groups of Muslims, each of about 25 to 30 men, separately checked the five hotels and the city's airport,
Detikcom online said. No US citizens were found.

Several explosions hit Jakarta shopping centre (24/09/01) #1579
REUTERS, Sunday September 23, 2001 1:32 PM
JAKARTA (Reuters) - A series of explosions rocked the parking lot of a busy shopping centre in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Sunday morning, police said. The blasts caused moderate damage but there were no immediate reports of injuries and the cause of the blasts was not known. A bomb exploded in the same shopping centre on August 1.

One killed in Ambon's bomb blast (23/09/01) #1578
The Jakarta Post, 22 Sept. 2001
AMBON, Maluku (JP): A man was killed here after his truck was struck by two bomb blasts on Friday afternoon while traveling along Jl. Jend. Sudirman, officials said. The driver, Danci Wattimena, died instantly at the scene. The fatal incident shocked residents, as the usually volatile Ambon has maintained relative calm over the past few weeks.

THE COMING WAR The Danger Within (23/09/01) #1576
FAR EASTERN ECONOMIC REVIEW, Issue cover-dated September 27, 2001
By John McBeth/JAKARTA and REVIEW correspondents
LAST JULY 17, SEVEN AFGHAN NATIONALS flew into the strife-torn Moluccan capital of Ambon to a warm greeting from local police officers and a welcoming party of Indonesian Muslim militants. When officials wanted to check their identities by looking at their passports, the Laskar Jihad militants brushed them aside before whisking their mystery guests away. They joined about 200 other Afghans, Pakistanis and Malaysians, whom Western intelligence sources claim remain on the Indonesian island to help the Laskar Jihad in their violent campaign against a cowed Christian population.

Expert says bin Laden helps fund jihad fighters in Indonesia (23/09/01) #1575
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Friday September 21, 2001 5:50 PM
JAKARTA, Sept 21 (AFP) - Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network has supplied money and weapons for Indonesians and other Islamic fighters waging a 'holy war' against Christians in the Malukus, an expert said Friday.

Hundreds of Indonesian Muslims rally against U.S. (23/09/01) #1574
REUTERS, Saturday, September 22, 2001
JAKARTA, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Several hundred Muslims rallied in cities across Indonesia on Saturday in growing anger at U.S. plans to carry out retaliatory strikes on Afghanistan and for accusing Osama bin Laden of orchestrating the deadly attacks. The official Antara newsagency reported hundreds of protesters gathered in the port towns of Makassar and Palu on Sulawesi island, calling Americans arrogant and threatening to boycott U.S. goods.

Sales of Bin Laden T-Shirts Soar in Indonesia (23/09/01) #1573
REUTERS, Friday September 21 2001 7:41 AM ET
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Sales of T-shirts bearing the picture of Muslim militant Osama bin Laden ( have surged in Indonesia, home of the world's largest Islamic population, since Washington named him as its chief suspect in last week's attacks.

Militant Islam Unsettles Indonesia and Its Region (23/09/01) #1572
The New York Times, September 21, 2001
BANGKOK, Thailand, Sept. 20 — Southeast Asia knows what havoc militant Islam can create. With mass kidnappings in the Philippines, "holy warriors" in Indonesia and armed cells in Malaysia, governments have learned they can never relax.

The Specter of Terrorism in Indonesia (21/09/01) #1571
TEMPO Magazine, No. 02/II/September 18-24, 2001
By Ken Conboy
Last week's tragic events in the United States beg the question: Can similar acts of terrorism happen in Indonesia? For purposes of discussion, terrorism is defined as premeditated, politically motivated violence against noncombatant targets. It can often be inspired by religious ideals, but these often have an underlying political basis. It is usually perpetrated to influence an audience.

A special letter from the President of ICC (20/09/01) #1570
Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2001
From: Steven Snyder, President, International Christian Concern
"The LORD is my light and my salvation-- whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life-- of whom shall I be afraid? When evil men advance against me to devour my flesh, when my enemies and my foes attack me, they will stumble and fall. Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then will I be confident." Psalms 27:1-3

Indonesian Muslim groups threaten to expel US citizens (20/09/01) #1566
Wednesday September 19, 2001
JAKARTA, Sept 19 (AFP) - Hardline Indonesian Islamic groups threatened Wednesday to raid US facilities and expel Americans nationwide if Washington attacks Afghanistan in its war against terrorism. "If America drops even one bullet in Afghanistan, God willing, we will wipe out all US facilities and interests here," said Muhammad Kalono, the head of Laskar Jundullah.

Indonesia needs to come off the fence
Asia Times (, September 19, 2001 (20/09/01) #1565
By Bill Guerin
JAKARTA - When Afghanistan starts appearing on CNN's daily weather forecasts, one knows that something is afoot in the still smoking war rooms of the Pentagon. Despite American protestations to the contrary, most Muslim countries are assuming that innocent Muslims are going to suffer in the hunt for retribution and are warning off the Americans from any action that would help fuel an Islam v The West clash.

For Megawati, it's the Muslim question (20/09/01) #1564
Australian Financial Review, September 19, 2001
Tim Dodd
Indonesia's President Megawati Soekarnoputri is known to love the duchessing and flummery which comes with her job as a national leader and, until a week ago, would have expected her first meeting with President George Bush at the White House today to be full of such trappings.

Indonesia's immigration chief issues warning on terrorists (20/09/01) #1563
ABC 20/09/01 4:30:16
Indonesia's Immigration chief has warned that trained terrorists could be among illegal immigrants from the Middle east arriving in Indonesia, en route to Australia.

Indonesian fears terrorists may slip in with illegal immigrants (20/09/01) #1562
ABC 19/09/01 19:16:17
Indonesia's immigration chief has reportedly warned that trained terrorists could be among illegal immigrants from the Middle East who are arriving in Indonesia on their way to Australia. The Jakarta Post newspaper quotes Immigration director, Muhammad Indra, as saying tougher controls are needed to curb the thousands of mainly Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians and Pakistanis arriving in Indonesia.

Commission Urges Bush to Raise Religious Freedom with... (19/09/01) #1559
The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has written to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice asking her to urge President Bush “to raise prominently religious freedom concerns” in his upcoming meeting with Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri. The text of the letter follows:

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 41 (19/09/01) #1558
* Maluku Governor Saleh Latuconsina, who is also the state of civil emergency administrator, called on Wednesday for Vice President Hamzah Haz to take special care in handling conflict in the Maluku islands, and to take different approach from that being used in Aceh and Irian Jaya, according to The Jakarta Post daily. President Megawati had put Hamzah Haz in charge of finding a solution to the Maluku conflict. The governor said there were 330,000 IDPs in the province.
NORTH MALUKU * Security in the province is normal and there is more traffic over land on mainland Halmahera along the Sidangoli-Kao-Malifut-Tobelo and Galela main road, mainly involving IDP returnees and traders. However, to maintain the security the new group of the TNI troops have erected more check posts along the busy highway.

Terror on our doorstep (19/09/01) #1557
South China Morning Post
Monday, September 17, 2001
After losing a leg carrying a bomb he admits was intended for a church, Malaysian Taufik Abdul Halim, alias Dani, lies in a Jakarta police hospital and denies knowledge of regional militant Islamic groups. Whether or not he is proven to be connected to an alleged Mujahedeen group in Malaysia, Taufik, 26, represents a Southeast Asian threat many now see as real in the wake of the attacks in the United States.

Jakarta now under pressure to act (19/09/01) #1555
Strait Times, 18-09-01
By Susan Sim
JAKARTA - Few sights unsettle Western diplomats here more than the welcome desk the Laskar Jihad maintains at Ambon airport to register foreign mujahideen fighters volunteering for their year-long war to cleanse the Maluku islands of Christians.

Indonesian Muslim group threatens to hit U.S. embassy (19/09/01) #1554
REUTERS, Tuesday September 18, 5:50 PM
By Tomi Soetjipto
JAKARTA (Reuters) - A radical Indonesian Muslim group on Tuesday threatened to attack the U.S. embassy and seek the expulsion of Americans in Jakarta if Washington carries out revenge strikes against any Islamic nation.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS – Report no. 198 (18/09/01) #1551
THREE SOLDIERS KILLED – At noon last Saturday, September 8, 2001, three members of battalion Armed 8 Kostrad found their deaths at the military quarters of infantery battalion 733/Masariku in Ambon, where they were stationed.. For still unknown reason private Sunarto shot dead two of his fellow soldiers, named Suijono and Nurkalim. A third one, Mujiono, was wounded. It is thought that then Sunarto pulled the trigger on himself, thus killing himself. The three bodies were evacuated to Surabaya the following day.

Bin Laden Foothold in Indonesia Poses Threat (15/09/01) #1547
LOS ANGELES TIMES, Friday, September 14 2001
JAKARTA, Indonesia --
Osama bin Laden, suspected of masterminding Tuesday's terrorist attacks, has begun operating in Indonesia, where social chaos and rising Islamic fundamentalism provide a rich recruiting ground, authorities here said. Bin Laden, already sought by the United States for his alleged role in the 1998 bombing of two embassies in Africa, is believed to be planning a terrorist attack in Indonesia, possibly against the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, the capital, officials said. The embassy has been on high alert for the last month.

US Warns Terrorists May Attack US Interests In Indonesia (13/09/01) #1542
Dow Jones Newswires
September 12, 2001
TOKYO (AP)--The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta warned Wednesday that terrorists may be planning a strike against American interests in Indonesia. The world went on a terror alert Wednesday as governments urged calm and stepped up security in the wake of audacious attacks in New York and Washington that left people around the globe wondering whether their cities might be next.

Governor asks VP to handle Maluku conflict carefully (13/09/01) #1541
The Jakarta Post, (9/12/2001 8:21:21 PM)
AMBON, Maluku (JP): The state of civil emergencyadministrator,
Maluku Governor Saleh Latuconsina, called on Wednesday for Vice President Hamzah Haz to take special care in handling conflict in the Maluku islands. Speaking to The Jakarta Post at his office on Wednesday, the governor said that since President Megawati had put Hamzah Haz in charge of finding a solution to the Maluku conflict, the Vice President should take special care to stop communal conflict as well as use a different approach from that being used in Aceh and Irian Jaya, where there is also strife. "What is happening in Maluku is conflict between two communities. This is not a separatism upheaval such as in Aceh and Irian Jaya," he said.

Indonesia says it foiled two U.S. embassy attacks (13/09/01) #1539
REUTERS, Wednesday September 12, 1:25 PM
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda said on Wednesday authorities had prevented two planned attacks on the U.S. embassy in Jakarta, but did not say when or give other details.

Red, white and black (12/09/01) #1535
South China Morning Post
September 9, 2001
By Chris McCall (kenema@a...) is a Jakarta-based journalist
WITH HOMEMADE guns at the ready, dozens of Christian men guard truckloads of refugees as they make for safety. It is a pitch-black night, and the Muslims are only a few kilometres away. A few hours later, this band of self-made warriors will launch an attack on the Muslims, around dawn, just when the other side will be saying morning prayers. To get to the battle site, they will walk along the mountain paths their headhunter ancestors once followed. They will use bows and arrows like those their ancestors used in their tribal wars. Some are tipped with poison, drawn from Sulawesi's strange and unique plant life, and recognised through skills handed down the generations. They also use secret powers. Among the "red forces", as the Christian side is known, are the "Black Bats", men who can walk along a trail at night and render their enemies motionless through magical powers. Red and black are colours of tradition in Central Sulawesi, and black is the colour of war.

Murder suicide incident in Ambon (10/09/01) #1528
The Jakarta Post, 10 Sept. 2001
Pattimura Military Command chief of staff Col. Syarifuddin Sumah revealed that a soldier who survived the melee, Pvt. Mujiono, was being treated at Latumeten Army Hospital in Ambon. "It's hard to find out what really happened during the fatal shooting incident as three main witnesses in this case are dead," Syarifuddin said.

Three soldiers die in Ambon murder suicide incident (10/09/01) #1527
The Jakarta Post, (9/9/2001 5:49:55 PM)
AMBON, Maluku (JP): After weeks of tense calm here, a fatal incident, involving members of the Armed VIII unit of the Army Strategic Reserves Command (Kostrad), resulted in the deaths of three soldiers on Saturday, one of the victims being the attackerwho committed suicide after his unexplained violent behavior.

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 40 (10/09/01) #1526
After an eventful last week, Maluku province has been relatively quiet this week. The speedboat incident around Pombo Island east of Ambon Island last Friday 31 August is believed to have caused the death of at least three people. The circumstances of what actually happened have not been confirmed, but the incident led to considerable tension in Ambon that morning. Also, on 31 August, security forces arrested 47 alleged FKM activists who held a meeting in Waisarisa, western Seram sub-district, and who were reportedly carrying homemade guns. The FKM (Forum Kedaulatan Maluku - Forum for Maluku Sovereignty) had its activities banned by the Governor of Maluku in April this year. There are claims that TNI soldiers beat two journalists at the time of the arrest, although TNI denies this.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS – Report no. 197 (07/09/01) #1524
BRIDLING OF NEWSMEDIA – The two reporters that had been abused in Waisarissa (see no.1) were accused to have handled contrary to an official letter that had been issued by the governor of the Moluccas as the Responsible for the Emergency State, on August 28, 2001. In that letter the newsmedia were forbidden to report on any FKM activities. Meanwhile the AJI (Aliansi Jurnalis Independen) Indonesia has strongly protested against that prohibition, since it obstructs authentic gathering and publishing of news items. Having been detained during one day both reporters had been released under condition that they would not report on the maltreatment they had experienced nor on any FKM activities they might have witnessed. On September 5 local TV showed Kyai Haji Ali Fauzi, leader of the BIMM ("Badan Immarat Muslim Maluku") supporting the action of the military towards both reporters.

Maluku conflict has claimed about 9,000 lives: Group (06/09/01) #1521
The Jakarta Post, 6 Sept. 2001
JAKARTA (JP): The sectarian conflict in Maluku which broke out in January 1999 has claimed about 9,000 lives, according to Pokja Maluku, a volunteer group aiding in the effort to end the civil strife.

Indonesia reportedly considers body to settle Maluku unrest (06/09/01) #1520
ABC 6/09/01 11:20:10
Indonesia's Vice President Hamzah Haz, is reportedly considering establishing a special body to settle religious unrest in the Maluku islands. The chairman of a private working comittee on the Maluku problem, Amir Hamzah, was speaking after a meeting with the Vice President.
In Bahasa Indonesia:
Badan baru mungkin dibentuk untuk membereskan konflik Maluku
ABC (6/09/01 10:12:06)
Wakil Presiden Hamzah Haz kabarnya sedang mempertimbangkan pembentukan suatu badan khusus untuk menyelesaikan kerusuhan di Maluku. Ketua panitia kerja non pemerintah mengenai masalah Maluku, Amir Hamzah, mengatakan hal itu sesudah bertemu dengan Wapres.

VP mulls forming body to solve Maluku conflict (06/09/01) #1518
The Jakarta Post, (9/5/2001 9:02:49 PM)
JAKARTA (JP): Vice President Hamzah Haz is considering forming a special body to solve the communal conflict in the Maluku islands, which has claimed more than 9,000 lives since it erupted in January 1999.

Police Arrest 47 For Separatist Mtg In Indonesia's Maluku (04/09/01) #1516
Monday September 3, 2001
JAKARTA (AP)--Police have arrested 47 people, including two reporters, who were attending a meeting in the Maluku islands to discuss the possibility of seceding from Indonesia, security officials said Monday.

Indonesian police arrest 47 pro-independence activists in Maluku (04/09/01) #1515
Monday September 3, 2001
JAKARTA, Sept 3 (AFP) - Indonesian police in the eastern province of Maluku have arrested 47 suspected supporters of a pro-independence movement, a report said Monday.

Church Leaders Fear a Bloodbath is Imminent (04/09/01) #1510
LONDON (Compass) -- A "second Ambon" is brewing in Indonesia according to Christian leaders as a 3,000-strong Muslim jihad force closes in on 28,000 Christians in Tentena, Central Sulawesi. Ambon refers to an area in eastern Indonesia where thousands have died in Muslim-Christian conflicts.

URGENT-Open Doors Email Prayer Alert (04/09/01) #1509
This week, we've also received fresh reports of violence in Indonesia. We need to pray in particular for the situation on the island of Sulawesi. A 3,000-strong jihad (Muslim extremist) 'army' is closing in on 28,000 Christians who have fled their homes and are taking refuge in a small town called Tentena. Since June, the jihad have 'cleansed' the town of Poso and surrounding areas of Christians.

US official warns of terrorists infiltrating Asia Pacific region (03/09/01) #1508
ABC 2/09/01 15:21:33
A senior American State Department official says an increase in asylum seekers heading to Australia through Indonesia has made it easier for international terrorists to infiltrate the region.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS – Report no. 196 (03/09/01) #1507
Note: Herewith we resume our regular Reports from the troubled Moluccas, apologizing for our absence for several months. We invite our subscribers to notify us if they want to unsubscribe. Those who would like to receive belated reports up from June 2001, please let us know and we will be happy to comply to your request.
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SPEEDBOAT SHOT AT – Yesterday at about 5.30 p.m. speedboat Krista on its way from Benteng, Ambon town, to Hative Besar on the opposite side of the bay, with christian passengers aboard, was shot at by a speedboat that came from the muslim enclave of Pohon Mangga, at the western end of the town of Ambon. There were no casualties. Up to early this morning at various locations in the town of Ambon spread shooting was heard.

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 39 (03/09/01) #1506
* An explosion believed to have been caused by a time bomb killed five people and injured 13 on 27 August. The bomb went off in a food stall on Latumeten Street near the Pattimura University alternative campus opposite the military hospital. Vendors and their customers from both communities have filled the street between the hospital and the campus, as this is one of the most frequented neutral areas in the city. Since the explosion, the market has been closed. Two other bombs went off in the vicinity of Amans Hotel, which is another neutral area. No one was reported injured in the latter two blasts. M.J. Papilaja, Mayor of Ambon city, said that in order to avoid incidents such as the one on Monday, he would separate the traders from the college students of Pattimura University, by having the traders move to one section of the street (away from the campus).
NORTH MALUKU * Thousands of demonstrators, from groups supporting and opposing governor-elect Abdul Gafur, rocked Ternate city to welcome the arrival of the joint team consisting of national parliamentarians and officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The team is going to investigate the allegation that Gafur has bribed local parliamentarians to elect him governor on 5 July.

Two Dead In Religious Fighting On Indonesia's Maluku (03/09/01) #1505
Friday August 31, 2001
JAKARTA (AP)--Fighting between Christians and Muslims on Indonesia's Maluku islands Friday left a soldier and a policeman dead, officials said.

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