The Grandness of Number
Mystical Formula
Lets start of with a basic formula, a question must be faced.
Is Mysticism by definition that which is undefinable or that which is undefined?
If Mysticism is undefinable, the formula for it would be akin to x/0.
If Mysticism is the undefined, the formula for it would be akin to x/y;

Ockham's Razor postulates that the simpler of two arguments are probably correct.
Evaluation of x/0 and x/y must in simplistic logic result in an abolishment of the probability
that anything could be equal to x/0, and that if it is equatable, the equation must be related to

The normal skeptic would say that the equation x/0 is correct because mysticism is precisely
like that, unreal! If you look at human history, you will see that Mysticism is persistently part of
our group. This is not reason enough to say mysticism is a valid discipline, but it shows that it
does exists. The question is in its validity, do we keep it, or do we abolish it?

If the second formula is true, we must keep it.

If the second formula is true, we can define mysticism anew:

            “Mysticism is the undefined reaches of Science”

Before we understood the power of Gravity, our philosophers assumed that the power of god
kept the Heavenly Lights in place. There was a power, and they saw it manifested. The
couldn't define it properly because of a lack of knowledge, thus their apparent error.

Now we know more, why? Because we kept on asking why!
The Scientist is he who needs to Know, he who needs to Understand.
The Scientist is not the keeper of truth but the seeker thereof. The Scientist is the new name
for a Hermetist. The rules are the same, the environment has changed.
As true Scientists, we do not turn back from any quest because others think it useless or
immaterial, we seek. That is what we do.

What happens to the Mystical when it is defined by Science? The mystical qualities are
replaced with knowledge. If that does not happen, the Mystical remains, and to deny its
reality is to halve your soul, or heart or mind! It is to say “I Know” without knowing.

It is a Lie.

Let us then begin this journey of asking why, delving into the Mysteries of the Mystical
In The Beginning
These words from the English Bible, is what will start any born philosopher on his painful
road of Religious questioning. ( Of course, one must have an aptitude for Number to be a
true philosopher, just mentioning the obvious doesn't count! )

The Beginning.

How is it possible, that there was one? If God was there at that Holy Time, did he then came
into being at that moment?
The “Beginning” is in reality a Black Hole with no escape. The easiest ways out are:

1 – Everything has always been.
2 – God has always been.
3 – There was Nothing, then for no reason at all it exploded to become everything.

To say there wasn't a real first moment is cheating, cause we don't know!
Fortunately, we can begin at another time, even though there will still be a thousand open
questions remaining. ( Enough to keep us happy!)

We will start in Phoenicia, roughly 600 BC.

From what we know of Pythagoras, through the works of others, we know that he was the
Modern Father of the Mysteries. Even though Egypt slept behind him, with her mysteries
save in the Vaults of Thoth, he was the man who brought the Inner Light back to this world.

Let me quickly note the importance of this man, as he is not the central figure, we need to get
this done!

1- Man is the equal of the Universe
2- Everything works in Numbers
3- Geometrical Shapes are Keepers of Truth
4- The Planets Sing, and their Music are Truth
5- Music is Numbers in Action
6- Language is Abstracted Mathematics

Obviously these are not direct Quotes, but more my impression of his great message.

The next debate I will refrain from: Is the Qabalah Hellenistic?
Who knows? It could be Phoenician, since the Phoenicians were Semitic, and their alphabet
IS the parent of the latter Hebrew and Hellenistic alphabets. We really cannot say, with
honesty. We also know that the Hellenists saved the Bible by translating the old Hebrew into
Greek, which was then later re-translated into “modern” Hebrew, or Assyrian Hebrew, if you

One thing that must be noted is that the Hellenistic and Hebrew alphabets were both used as
numerical systems, leaving us with the first keys to the Truth – Number. Most people today
have a very basic idea that Numerology is the art of finding numbers in words.

Secondly, Hebrew and Greek are fundamental Bible languages.
Not that it is a reason to elevate them above all languages, but it is as it is.

Is it Originally Germanic? This is regarded as far fetched and insane by most Qabalists,
since the Aryan Folk Movement of the early 1930's caused the second world war, and killed
Jews. So, the Jewish Tradition of Kabballah cannot be part of a Germanic tradition! Can it?

No. Obviously not.
So, how then a Synthesis of “Germanic Qabalah”?

Well, this is the true journey, isn't it?
The Number
If you ever studied the Revelations of John, you will always have a fascination with that old
beast : 666.
“Let him who have Understanding Reckon The Number of the Beast ( Therion )”
And then, when you've emerged yourself for far too long in Apocalyptic Prophecy, you
suddenly see the Evil Empire everywhere. They're implementing level after level of the New
Babylon, slowly and surely enslaving us, until finally, the Beast will Rule.
I do not think that there is any other verse in the Bible that is more known, and possibly, no
other verse that can instill such Paranoia with such style and ease!

Just Imagine, that the Greatest Enemy of Man and God, ever, will be revealed by one 3 digit

It's as if your left and right brain suddenly surge to comprehend this mystery, as if your
subconscious comes alive, the Occult world is suddenly everywhere, and very Alive. Your
frontal lobes ooze with abstractions, the inner journey has begun!

( Crowley had his brain fried by this, eventually calling himself Therion! His arrogance is
ludicrous. )

All this only means:
Numbers have Power, even if that Power is all illusion and make believe, it still has the
power to unlock parts of your own mind to color this world that we live in. Douglas Adams
used “forty-two”, and every fan will giggle, smile or nod, whenever you conclude that the
answer the the Question is “forty-two”.

The holiness of “777” has been written about, debated, ridiculed and more, for the same
reason. Likewise, the Germanic 9 is seen as sacred.
Numbers are easy to use, but not really that easy to understand when seen as abstractions.

Are numbers the stuff you jot down next to the items on your Budget? Is it the stuff printed on
your Bank statement that will make you either smile or cringe?
Just like Words, they convey Ideas, just in another manner.

Numbers have Deeper Meaning.
The Word
In the Gospel of John we read that the Word ( Logos ) is a Very important part of his new
Religion. It is and was and will be, the Word is almost just like God, but not quite.
Jesus as the Messiah is equated with the Word, as if the Sacrifice of his life, brought
Creation and Time through a loop and everything changed.
The concept of words are the most powerful thing in our world. Everything is because of
them. Like the Tower of Babel would have been, were it not for the Scrambling of the
Earthlings Words.
Further more, we read in the Old Myths how Odin found the Runes of Power, 18 runes to
control all kinds of things, from Fire to Oceans, even the Desire of a woman.
Truly, Words of Power are as old as our Religions.

The second principle of Hermes was also called Logos. That which mediates between
Heavenly Father and The Worker.
Back with Pythagoras, we see that Word and Number are related in subtle ways. More than
that, the Building blocks of words, the Primal sounds, are related to the pure numbers.
But the relation between Number and Sound is maybe not so straight forward. In Hebrew
and Greek we had a Letter system that doubled as a Number system. That made the relation

But today we use the Roman system, that has been divided in Letters and Numbers.
Together we have 36 symbols, opposed to the Hebrew 22.
This gives us a Clue to the Truth of the Qabalistic Tree of Life.
It too is divided by Number and Letter, or more well known, Sphere and Path. Since the
Hebrews did not make that distinction in their system, it should be apparent that the Qabalah
is POST Roman.

We have a multitude of Number Systems from antiquity, but it all seems daft if one realize
that we are using the Roman Letter System.

So, the Number system of choice MUST be Decimal ( 0-9,10-19...etc).

One can argue the validity of the Decimal system based on quite a number of arguments, but
when the dust settle, we must admit that we have TEN fingers and TEN toes. This is a very
basic and absolute truth about the creature called Man.

We can argue that the Mayan count of base 20 ( Toes plus Fingers ) must be equally valid,
but I would like to point out that in the West, we wear shoes.  So twenty count would be
impractical, wouldn't it?

It is how we count, on our fingers. The decimal system is by far the easiest of all. Compare it
to the old Babylonian monstrosity, or to modern systems used in the Information Technology
world, and you will concur, the Decimal System Rules!

This does not mean that the other systems have no value, it it just the accepted system of our
current collective and for clarity and ease, why not?

From here we move forward to the melting pot of Number and Sound, that is where the
Qabalah comes in.
Some Meaningless Oddities
Did you ever play on a pocket calculator out of absolute boredom?
Ever noticed some strange things, like adding numbers in certain patterns will have the
same results?
Face of the Calculator
1-5-9 Connection
The 1-5-9 Connection
159 + 951 = 1110 => 1 + 1 + 1 + 0 => 3
And if you move your line,
456 + 654 = 753 + 357 = 1110 => 3.
There are, obviously, quite a few such patterns, the question then will be, does it MEAN
anything?  Probably not.

Newton said that Each Action had an Equal and Opposite Re-Action.
Thus, when you do really odd things, really odd things will result!
Real Oddities
Number Theory. The Son of Pythagoras. The friend of Mathematicians. The enemy of the
Lazy Mind. A very Clear and Apparent Key to the questions of the Qabalah.

This statement I make because it is stated in the Sepher Yetzirah:

            “Ten Spheres of Nothingness
              In the Number of Ten Fingers”

If you think of the pictograph of the Tree, the Ten Spheres are the Ten numbers, the
Functional Parts that will be connected by the Letters. This is nothing new.
Let us now look at some fun things to do:
The Basics of the Pythagorean philosophy is that all numbers have qualities, just like real
things, for example rocks, have qualities.

They have size, which is pretty obvious, a 'One' is 'One' big.
Even though that 'one' is pretty abstract, like One Apple is not as big as One Sun.
But then, he also said they have dimension.

This is a rather odd thing to say.  But as you will see, not so complicated!
A quick walk through on Dimensions:

First we have to clarify some definitions.
The Three Spatial Dimensions of X-Y-Z
In the diagram with the three axis, we find the Rule that each Spatial dimension MUST be
90 degrees from all others. So, X forms ninety degree angles with both Y and Z, so too
does Y form a 90 degree angle with Z.
A Spatial Dimension is an abstract definition of Space.
All real things can be defined inside the three Spatial dimensions and mixes of them.
All real things have Height, Length and Width. Lacking any of these, will drop that thing to a
lower dimension.
So, a line will be ONE Spatial dimension, since it only has length.
A Square will be TWO Spatial dimensions, having length and width.
A Cube is THREE Spatial dimensions, having length, width and hight.
The number to Dimension association is based on the minimum number of points that will
create a Spatial object.

We begin with One, it is a Point. In the Order of Spatial Dimensions, it is the 0th or Null
Spatial Dimension.
It has no length, no width, no hight....
...yet, a point when zoomed closer, is a little sphere, which has length, width and hight!

A point (1) is very cool indeed, it is the Dimensionless All Dimensions.
The line (2) is the First Spatial Dimensional.
The 3 is the first Plane as a Triangle, the Second Spatial Dimension.
The 4 will be the most basic Solid, the Third Spatial Dimension.

All, naturally, very Abstract! Or like old Crowley would say : “Mystical”.
What then of the remaining numbers, five to ten?

This is where things get a little odd.
Consider a 4 dimensional object. An Object of the Fourth Spatial Dimension.
Following the rule that each following dimension must have a ninety degree angle with all
preceding dimensions.
Can you?
If you can I think YOU are something special!
We have been trying to bend our minds around this concept for so long, that some has
stopped trying. But then there are other “Spiritual” people who constantly talk about 5th, 6th
and even 10th dimensions, as if THEY know it like the back of their hands!

Not only that, they speak of intimate knowledge of the “Beings” who live there.
Insisting that these Dimensions are Spatial.  Just of lesser density.
Far be it from me to tell them about psychological institutions that can help.

For myself, I do not know these Higher Spatial Realms.  I still haven't found one single
deeply and less dense spiritual theory where these spooky people can draw a picture of
these lesser densities.  

They very much like the idea of the old (1886) Flat Land comparison, convincing you that
there logically must be more ( no argument here ) and then relate you the concept of
perceptual difference between abstractly two-dimensional to the third.
( still no argument here )

But then they go on and explain ( without saying anything ) how they have this special gift
and insights ( mostly given by Aliens, Angels, anything Scientifically remote, even gods )
and how they have been burdened to share this awe inspiring insight that will miraculously
"upgrade" or "activate" you dormant DNA.  That is laughable!
Any maybe genetic scientist knows that chimpanzees has more chromosomes that Humans.
Having more chromosomes they have more "dormant" DNA, thus a lot more like to have a
need for this miracoulous activation!

The simple evolutionary truth is that we have less DNA information than the chimps, in
accordance with the Second Law of Thermo-dynamics, because the "dormant" DNA will be
shed in following mutations, not activated.

We are in an evolutionary process of refinement, where we get better by loosing information
that we do not need.
It is like streamlining a piece of software, optimizations mostly means getting better routines
that will be faster, have less code, be easier, less energy consuming ( processor time ).

These less dense Apostles are always very vague about the details concerning the
dynamics of these other dimensions, off course, or the precise time when this activation will
happen.  The next great time is 2012, December,  when we reach the theoretical end of the
Maya calender.  All I can say is "wait and see", chances are 1000000 to 1 nothing will

It's like the Second Coming, always in the Current Generation, so repent and ye too will be

Others see this next (4th) dimension existing in folded space. But, being of a Hermetic
Mind, we will follow intuition and reason. I found a very nice piece on the 4th dimension.
Basically they claim that the 1st to 3rd dimensions are Abstractions of Reality, while the 4th
IS reality as we know it. It has FORM. Related to the Dimensional Matrix, it is not the Fourth
Spatial, but the First Formal Dimension.

When you look at it from that simplified point of view, things are a lot less complicated.
Away with the Rule that each following dimension must be 90 degrees with all preceding
dimensions. We're not dealing with Spatial dimensions alone, we have to realize the
existence of Formal Dimensions!

The ludicrous element being less dense is also redundant ( thank goodness ).

Suddenly we see the 4th not as a Spatial, but as THE Spatial.
The place where Abstracted dimensions actually takes FORM.

The 5th will be Subtle Form (etheric), ( A less dense you! )
the 6th will be Astral Form,                 ( An even lesser dense you! )       
the 7th will be Spiritual Form.              ( So not dense, you're almost gone! )

Like I said before, I know nothing of Higher dimensions and can only speculate.
In this chapter, mostly, I'll be focusing on Numbers, to see if we can glean some truth about
dimensions form them.
What about Resonance? Does it feature in our world of Numbers?  In music notes resonate
with their upper and lower octaves.  Ever played on an Organ and held a note? You will
notice that some notes will make other objects vibrate, like a window or a glass. The old
picture of the Opera star holding a high note that'll make a champagne glass burst.
Resonance.  The concept is simple, but transposing it to pure number, well that is a little
different.  A look at the qualities of Pythagorean numbers, might elucidate!

We have Odd and Even numbers, like we all know, then we have Prime and Regular
Numbers, and that is where we mostly stop. We have a few more, Triangle, Square, Cube
and Oblong numbers. Abundant, Deficient and Perfect numbers. Numbers with whom the
Number Theorists are acquainted with. Beyond that, even more bizarre, the Mystical
Numbers, from the Holy Tertraktys of Pythagoras.

And then, we have number sequences, being build by the propagation and iteration of
number and formula.
It all gets really exciting, when late at night, suddenly, like a Flash of lightning, you see The
Number Sequence
Here is a few that I found most enlightening.
Using the Square Numbers, and Numerology, I saw got this Table:
Square Numbers are the squares of the natural numbers.

The Squares

1 ^ 2 = 1 ( read: 1 to the power of 2; which is equal to 1 x 1 )
2 ^ 2 = 4
3 ^ 2 = 9
4 ^ 2 = 7 ( 16 = 1 + 6 = 7 )
5 ^ 2 = 25 = 7
6 ^ 2 =36 = 9
7 ^ 2 = 49 = 4
8 ^ 2 = 64 = 1
9 ^ 2 = 81 = 9

The Sequence then is :
    1 4 9 7 7 8 4 1 9
If we continue with this:
10 ^ 2 = 100 = 1
11 ^ 2 = 121 = 4
12 ^ 2 = 144 = 9
13 ^ 2 = 169 = 7

Now if you would, you can continue until you feel you're exhausted, or write a UNIX script that
will do this for you up to any number, and you will be left with a number sequence that repeat
INFINITELY : 1 4 9 7 7 8 4 1 9

The sequence for the 1st, even though I think it should be obvious is:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The CUBES, we get by doing the same

1 ^ 3 = 1
2 ^ 3 = 8
3 ^ 3 = 27 = 9

The eventual sequence is : 1 8 9 1 8 9 1 8 9

The 4th dimensional sequence is : 1 7 9 4 4 9 7 1 9
The 5th dimensional sequence is : 1 5 9 7 2 9 4 8 9
The 6th dimensional sequence is : 1 1 9 1 1 9 1 1 9
The 7th dimensional sequence is : 1 2 9 4 5 9 7 8 9

These are ALL the possible sequences based upon this approach.

Now THAT is an oddity!
Just for fun, I will list the 8th and 9th Dimensions.

8th : 1 4 9 7 7 9 4 1 9
9th : 1 8 9 1 8 9 1 8 9

Have we seen them before? Yes, the sequences of 2nd and 3rd ( Square and Cube )

I will not list more, the process is obvious and straight forward:
Take any numbers,

Lift the series of numbers from 1 to 9 to that exponent, use numerology to simplify the number
to its Base 9, and look at the sequence, compare it with the ones listed for 1 to 7, and cringe.
It IS there.

The NEXT odd thing, is that numbers are now pared, which does not conform to Numerology.
Nor does it conform to any number system. Strangely, however, the very simple 'Sigil' is very
well know, and mentioned before. The Pocket Calculator.
The relationships is not yet clear, but if you look at the vertical columns, you will see that:

1 = 4 = 7
2 = 5 = 8
3 = 6 = 9

same columns, no more )

If we list all these sequences in a nice little table, we see some lovely things.
2nd 1 4 9 7 7 9 4 1 9
3rd 1 8 9 1 8 9 1 8 9
4th 1 7 9 4 4 9 7 1 9
5th 1 5 9 7 3 9 4 8 9
6th 1 1 9 1 1 9 1 1 9
7th 1 2 9 4 5 9 7 8 9
1st 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Vertical columns are formed by the numbers, we can call these ordinal numbers, since they
will be connected to their order in the sequence.
Look at Ordinal 9. They are ALL nines.
Look at Ordinals 3 and 6, all except the One sequence have nines there.
In the “One” sequence we see that the ordinal three and six as a nine issue is absent, here
we find the numbers three and six at ordinal positions three and six.

So we get some rules from this:
Ordinal 1 is always 1. ( 1 ^ n = 1 )

Ordinal 9 is always 9, that is because in numerology we have these very simple rules :
            x + 9 => x
            x * 9 => 9
             if x > 1:
                    3 ^ x => 9
                    6 ^ x => 9

You might ask: “So what?”
We need to take an even closer look.
Note, the sequence for one:

1st 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Compare 1st and 7th sequences. To make things clear, I'll replace the ordinals of 3/6/9 with
an X.

1st : X 2 X 4 5 X 7 8 X
7th : X 2 X 4 5 X 7 8 X

We find : 2 4 5 7 8 at the same ordinal positions forming common link between 1 and 7.
This leads me to assume that 1st and 7th dimensions are intimately related. A type
resonance seems to exists.
The next level of resonance might be deemed a stretch, but bare with me, if you would.

In numerology we find that number can never be bigger than 9, lifting 9 from the status of
ordinary odd number, to a symbol of completion. Then, looking at the other numbers we
accept that they have a need for completion, and the commonality they have with humans
are highlighted when we see that they need mates to be complete.

A mate being the number that will round that number to 9.
1 + 8 = 9 ( 1 is the mate of 8, as is 8 to 1 )
2 + 7 = 9
3 + 6 = 9
4 + 5 = 9

There is also another link that cements the mated qualities of these numbers, but I'll talk
about that later when we look at Number Runes.
Whatever does that have to do with our sacred sequences?

Ordinals : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 => 2 4 5 7 8
2nd :     X 4 X 7 7 X 4 1 X => 4 7 7 4 1
5th :      X 5 X 7 2 X 4 8 X => 5 7 2 4 8

We must note that ordinals 2, 5 and 8, stands out as the places where we find completion,
and that ordinals 4 and 7 are inverse their numbers. Also, 4th and 7th ordinals are effectively

            3rd : X 8 X 1 8 X 1 8 X
            6th : X 1 X 1 1 X 1 1 X

Here we have the 4th and 7th ordinals as ones, unmated.

And again
            4th : X 7 X 4 4 X 7 1 X
            7th : X 2 X 4 5 X 7 8 X

The 4th and 7th are fours and sevens. If you now include the First Ordinal, you will see that
the places where you find the unmated numbers are at ordinals 1-4-7. The mated ordinals
are 2-5-8 and the already complete numbers ( happy singles! ) are 3-6-9.

            4th : 1 7 X 4 4 X 7 1 X
            7th : 1 2 X 4 5 X 7 8 X

The resulting relationships between the 7 dimensional sequences can finally be seen when
we group these numbers.

1-4-7 as the Twins,
2-5-8 as the Mated,
3-6-9 as the Singles.

And that is the keyboard of a common pocket calculator, missing the zero and all the
function keys.
Seven Dimensions group over three levels.
Number Runes
This is something I'll add for the absolute intuitive keys they contain. If you take each of the
number sequences and draw them inside a circle with the 9 numbers in a linear fashion
around the perimeter, you will get these “number runes”.
What is interesting is that if you cheat a little, you can get other runes for the same
numbers, like the sequence of six is “119119119”, which is a pretty boring single
connection between one and nine. If you replace the nines with their ordinal values, and you
redraw the rune, something odd happens. You'll get the Germanic rune of Tyr with one leg
slightly too long.

Really interesting rune numbers are five and seven, they form “shapes”.

The seven is identical to a north Italian “Hammer of Thor” worn by peasants in that country.
A practice still current.

The five is slightly more obscure and detailed. It looks a little like a caped super-hero,
posing for a celebrity photo shoot. Like it is the Archetype of Altruism... The only two
numbers NOT in the five and seven sequences are three and six. Ego and Materialism.
The two things Altruists and Super-Heroes must lack to be True. These coincidences will
be more meaningful later in the discussions around Planets and Numbers.

I made a promise before, about the “mated qualities” of numbers. To recap: 1 + 8, 2 + 7,
3 + 6, 4 + 5. If we look at their multiplication tables, filtered through numerology, we will find
that each number has a repetitive number cycle.

1 = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
2 = 2 4 6 8 1 3 5 7 9
3 = 3 6 9 3 6 9 3 6 9
4 = 4 8 3 7 2 6 1 5 9
5 = 5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9
6 = 6 3 9 6 3 9 6 3 9
7 = 7 5 3 1 8 6 4 2 9
8 = 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9
9 = 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

If you create Number Runes for these, excluding the unmoving 9, you will find that there are,
in fact, only four possible runes, and these are for the mates!

1 + 8 = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 =(reversed, moved one)= 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9
The same is true for the other sequences.

Another way to remember is:
Remove the nine, reverse the sequence, place the nine at the ninth ordinal,( or last ).

Here are the Number Runes:
1 + 8
3 + 6
4 + 5
And that's the case for the “mates”!
I think it is very clear that there is a definite relationship between numbers, and if we tune
our mystical souls to find this mystery, it will unlock other mysteries!
In the Chapter Two we will be looking at the Enneagram and the mysteries Master
Gurdjieff unveiled.