Qabalah Background

Over the years the Mystical traditions developed and changed, and amongst the many,
Qabalah changed also. When first introduced into the Western Mind, it morphed to fit our
collective. But there were obviously men of renown who had control over what was 'leaked' to
the normal man, uninitiated solitary seekers.
Where we first find it, is in the Jewish community, under leader ship of Isak the Blind.

We read in Kabballah books that it was handed down to 'Our Father Abraham' by God or at
the very least, a Messenger from God.

In the 'West', meaning the Germanic world, we really and truly first hear about it from about
the 13th century.

The Rune Lore are longer in our collective, definitely soaring in the Northern Skies around
200 AD, and we learn that they were given to us by Odin himself, long ago. Some Rune
Students claim sites with runes dating from before 200BC.

From the Golden Dawn tradition, a lot of 'Secrets' were let out, the tarot was reborn, qabalah
became known to the uninitiated. Egyptian mysteries were unveiled, Magick came back.

From their work we get a picture of the Tree of Life, and ironically, it is the Kircher tree. Kircher was a
Christian ( Jesuit ) scholar of the Esoteric, and he formulated this Tree.

The Number sequence is logical and straight forward, nothing odd.  Or is there?

The Kircher Tree

From the Top down, we see that the First Path is called Aleph, the Second, Beth. Seems
reasonable, seems good.  But, then there is the Sepher Yetzirah. The Book of Formation.
The alleged source and basis of the Cabala.  We learn that the Hebrew Alphabet is not
linear, it is three dimensional. With layer upon layer upon layer, each layer representing
fundamental powers.    We have the three Mothers, the Greatest of All mysteries, one that if
not faced, will leave the seeker in Darkness.

They are Aleph, Mem and Shin.

Aleph is Air,
Mem is Water,
Shin is Fire.

The Seven Doubles,  Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Kaph, Peh, Resh and Tav.

(b g d k p r t)  They are the Seven Planets of Antiquity.

The Twelve Elementals,  Heh Vav Zain Chet Thet Yod Lamed Nun Samech Ayin Tzaddi

( h w z x j y l n s [ c q )  The twelve Star Signs.

Now have a look at the Traditional Tree. ( Kircher )
Here is the task at hand:
We have three numbers ( 3, 7, 12 ) and we need to see if there is something in the tree that
will tell us more about these numbers.

If you use the Sepher Yetzirah, you would have had your first clue.
What we have is:

3 Horizontal lines, 7 Vertical lines, 12 Diagonal lines.  

No. That's the way it should be!
Beyond that more clues are given:

Shin is above Aleph, and Aleph above Mem.

Aleph is in the Middle.
So, now we know that the upper most Horizontal line is the Path of Shin. The Middle
horizontal is Aleph and the Bottom horizontal is Mem.

Shin is Fire and Mem is Water.

If you compare this with the Nordic creation Myth, you have Muspelheim opposing Niflheim.

Midgard formed in the Middle.
Muspelheim = World of Fire and Light.
Niflheim = World of Ice and Darkness.
Midgard = Temperate World in the Middle.

Compare this with the Kircher way, or even Father Achad's Restored Tree, and you'll plainly
see that they absolutely lack this Order. Crowley felt that he too had to re-order the
placements, but still didn't see this very basic Truth! Either they were all stupid or they lied.

When you've had your mind swirling for long enough, I'd like to present Other Old Trees, from
the Jewish community.

The Ari and the Gra.

In the Ari Tree we have a Beautiful layout of Alphabet Letters in accordance to very probably
REAL positions in the Tree. Obviously being a little bit more skeptical, we will not accept it
as absolute.  Never the less, even if not wholesome, the Ari tree gives us the “Okay” to seek
alternatives to that which is commonly presented.

The Ari Tree

The Spheres are not numbered, but only named. The numbering is, however, implied.
Da'ath has been clearly marked, creating the impression that it is the 11th Sphere,
even though it isn't. Like Jesus being a separate part of One God, forming the Trinity
without violating the first commandment!

Aleph-Mem-Shin placement is correct. The seven doubles are placed in a slightly
odd fashion, with Beth on the Second logical vertical and not the first.

Whether this is right or wrong will be explored later.
The connections from Binah to Chesed is logical, while the Binah to Tipareth is
Traditional.  The same goes for Chokma.  

Next, we have the Gra tree:

The Gra Tree

The Da'ath sphere is not here, the spheres where numbered oddly, but the Alphabet
corresponded correctly, as far as we know.
Middle Pillar = 1 6 9 10
( just as the Ari and Kircher )
Right Pillar = 2 4 7
Left Pillar = 3 5 8

The sequences of the 7 ( Doubles ) and 12 ( Elementals ) are straight out of the Sepher

3 => A M Sh ( Horizontal/Blue )
7 => B G D K P R T ( Vertical/Turquoise )
12 => H V Z Ch V I L N S Ayin Tz Q ( Diagonal/Purple )

The very odd path from Tipareth to Binah is redundant, and the whole picture looks

Sepher Yetzirah 1:6

“...and his word in them is running and returning...”

The obvious issue with the Gra Tree is the “Lightning Flash” that MUST be seen.

Sepher Yetzirah 1:6

“...their vision is like the appearance of Lightning”

The Lightning Flash in the Gra Tree

What we see instead of lightning is an odd backtracking line, going down from 1 to 5 ,
passing through 6, and then ascending up to 6, then down in a very skew line to 7. From 7
to 8 is acceptable, but then once more it ascends to 9 after which it drops like a ton of lead
to Malkuth. Very UNLIKE lightning. If it was a better way, then for the sake of consistency
we would need to start the flash from 2, go to 3, then to 1 and then to 4. Blasting the natural
number sequence into oblivion.

Here then, we stand with 3 possible trees, each with it's own set of inconsistencies and
oddities that DEFY the Sepher Yetzirah.

Read 'The Number of the Beast' Bible verse again:
      “Let him who hath UNDERSTANDING...”

This is something frequently mentioned, as if Wisdom and Understanding is intimately
connected in the Bible.
In the omitted Gospel of Thomas, we find something similar.

      “He who shall find the interpretation of the words shall not taste death”.

If we replace “ interpretation” with meaning, we get a pointer towards two major forces:

Understanding and Wisdom.

How shall we find the correct meaning of the words if we do not understand them, how?
Knowledge is the Key. The Rainbow Bridge that leads to Understanding.

( One must distinguish between Human Knowledge and Divine Knowledge, the one will lead
Downwards, the Other Upwards )
Thus and therefore we commence on our Journey for Truth, using what we already Know.

Planets and Numbers

It is not so new to try and equate numbers with Planets.  There are all kinds of places where
we find this, and mostly, the one esoteric system is connected to the other.
Like Kameas were derived from Qabalah.
The Enneagram is related to Astrology, but derived from Numerology.

Numerology is also related to Astrology, but in another manner.

Traditional Qabalah have the planets placed in the tree relative to their apparent speed at
which they transverse the heavens.

Earth, Being the point of reference, is 10.
The Moon, being the fastest heavenly runner is 9.
Mercury = 8,
Venus = 7,
Sun = 6,
Mars = 5,
Jupiter = 4,
Saturn = 3.

Other older Jewish numberings have the Moon as 10, and Saturn as 4.
This left all three upper Sephirah unassociated, in effect: without planets.  The numbers 2 and 1,
are traditionally equated with the 'Firmament' and the 'Zodiac', or some other bizarre and medieval

More modern equators have:
      2 = Neptune or Uranus and
      1 = Neptune or Pluto.

Da'ath is often equated with Uranus, since Aquarius is the eleventh star sign and ruled by Uranus,
and Da'ath is the eleventh sphere ( which is not a sphere ), it must seem straight forward that there
must be a connection.

Logically, we have to equate 2 = Uranus and 1 = Neptune, if we would continue pacing planets
relative to their relative speed.

But if you look at Astrology, you must concur that the qualities of Uranus is not that of The Wise,
being to Airy, and Wisdom is more like Water.

Kether is equally not reconcilable with Neptune, even though one can almost say that the
Spirituality of the Dreamer is like a Crown, but the crown of a Clown.

The other side of this coin with the Uranus-Da'ath, we have one obvious problem, having
everything slowing down as you move UP in the tree, Uranus cannot be lower than Saturn and
Da'ath is not between Binah and Chokma, which will be needed to “fix” the planetary positions,
according to the logic of “relative speed”.

If you swap the two, the age old association of Saturn with 3, will be negated, and all will go to hell.
Not really, but having Saturn as the “Rainbow-Bridge” just doesn't seem right, even though it has
been done by some seekers of truth.

The biggest problem we have is 11 Planets and 10 Spheres...

Here then, an alternative:
Since we KNOW that there is only seven numeric dimensions, we can almost imply that only seven
heavenly spheres are Original, and that all others has function only as higher or lower octaves of
The Seven.

It is also true that Yotish Astrologers from India refuse to accept the trans-Saturn planets as
meaningful. They claim that all human qualities, patterns and lives, can be described by the seven
traditional planets.

We find this association from modern Western Astrology:

Mercury <> Uranus,
Venus <> Neptune,
Mars <> Pluto.

But it does not Solve our problem. Besides that it is something that is not accepted by all
Besides, Seven planets are not enough!
Now we have to Postulate:

Where in the Astrological Circle do we find Saturn, and can we force it to have an acceptable
number of 3?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and if you count Scorpio as 1, Sagittarius as 2, Capricorn will be 3.

Planets then associated will be:
1 = Mars ( Scorpio, ruled nowadays by Pluto )
2 = Jupiter
3 = Saturn
4 = Uranus
5 = Neptune

...and by now it must be obvious that that's not the way!
Neptune can be harsh, but only in Extreme cases, Neptune is dreamy and artistic, the Absentee,
the Musician, the Martyr God, the Mystical Dreamer, not a power of “Severity”.

When we do the same, counting from Pisces towards Capricorn, we end up with this association.

1 = Neptune
2 = Uranus
3 = Saturn
4 = Jupiter
5 = Mars ( Pluto )
6 = Venus
7 = Mercury ( Virgo )
8 = The Sun
9 = The Moon
10 = Mercury ( Gemini )

All seems well.
We have Venus and Libra as Tipareth and Beauty. Makes a lot more sense than Leo, who is
Strong and Mental.

Mercury through Virgo is Netzach, “Victory”. A bit strange.

8 is the Sun. The Mundane Mind. Also odd, but acceptable enough.

The moon is Traditional Yesod, and Mercury trough Gemini ends as Malkuth, the Kingdom.

Another Name for the 10th sphere is Sekhinah, which is slightly more in tune with Mercury through
Gemini, but not quite. A Medieval association exists where Sekhinah is seen as Mercury, but Gemini
just does not fit the title of “Kingdom”.

It is Airy, not Earthy. It is Mental and not Material.

Again we find the Abstract Uranus as “wisdom”, it can work if we want to, but I feel that it doesn't.
Wisdom seems like a watery intelligence instead of an airy one. The intuitive side of Wisdom is well
in tune with Uranus, but Uranus is just too Mental.

So we are still without a solution, this one just doesn't work.

We maybe need to ask a heretical question, “why MUST Saturn be equated to three? Isn't it true
that Kameas are based on Qabalah and not an original discipline?”

And as if created by the gods to lead us to the light, we have another system that can help. Even
better, it is based on the same mathematical and numerological ideas discussed in the previous
chapter! Truly, we couldn't be luckier!

The Enneagram

Building the Enneagram

What must be shown is the numeric sequence that resulted in the birth of the Enneagram.
This remarkable work was done by the Russian genius Gurdjieff.

Firstly, we have to look at some natural laws.

The Law of Three states that all thing in creation is the result of three forces, the first is
Active, the second is Passive and the Third is Neutral. Neither of these forces are really
passive or neutral, they are all constantly in flux, just at the moment of creation, each took
on a definite role.

The first model we can use is to say that the First Principle is the Active, which is the most
obvious and logical, the second Principle is Passive and the Third Principle is the

This is to say that the Neutralizer is like the result of the mix, if you mix equal quantities of
positive and negative, you'll end up with a neutral.

1 + ( -1 ) = 0

The second model has the second Principle as the Neutralizer, or more in line with Hermes, the
Mediator. The third Principle is then the Passive. The Result is beyond the three primaries.

1 + 2 = 3

Mediator is the “+”, with the three as a result.

Numeric sequence will have this as:

1 = Active

2 = Mediator

3 = Passive

Yet this logic is not good enough. Before there is activity, there must be an initiator.

So lets look at these elements again, removing the polarity:

1 = Element

2 = Mediator

3 = Element

4 – 9 => Results.

What is odd about the sequence {1 – 2 – 3 }?
They are prime numbers, with 4 the first non-prime.
Their sum is 6, the first
triangular number.

In the Germanic Qabalah we can call these three principalities:
Instigator, Mediator and Creator.
Hermetically it will be the Father, Logos and Worker, or Father, Son and Doer.

The deviation that was later propagated in Christianity had it Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
The Father here is the Creator, the Son is the passive element and the Holy Ghost the
mediator. Sins against both father and son is forgivable, but not so with the Holy Ghost.

The idea of the Holy Ghost came from Genesis where it it stated that the “Spirit of God was
over the Waters”, this spirit could be translated into breath, like the Greek
pneuma, as in
ghost is actually “breath”.

The concept of “breath” as spirit is not spiritual at all since breath is a sign of physical life.

The Hebrew for this "Breath of God" is "ha-ruach", from Hebrew grammer rules we know
that the pre-fix "ha" ( meaning "of" ) can never precede a proper person, thus, this "breath"
is not the "Holy Ghost" but simply just "The Breath of God".

Hermes stated that:
“The Mind is in Reason, Reason in the Soul, Soul in the Spirit and Spirit in the Flesh.”

Spirit was seen as the animal part that animates the Flesh, breath, just the proof that there
is life.
Thus, Spirit has no relation to consciousness.
Now imagine that the divine Father has a Spirit, then it must be logical that he also has a
physical body. If he has a physical body, where is it? It must be huge! And if he is bigger
than the Earth, his breath on it probably caused it to be formless and void!

No, somewhere along the line the Church corrupted the message.

Enough of that. The Law of Seven is the next thing to consider.
If you have three elements { a, b ,c } you can have exactly seven possible combinations.

1 a 001

2 ab 010

3 ac 011

4 b 100

5 bc 101

6 c 110

7 abc 111

There is off course the 8th possible, the “” or the “000”. Since it is nothingness, we ignore it
for now.  Although adding it would bring us to the
I Ching.

This forms the basis of the enneagram.

Gurdjieff took 1 as a master, being equal to 7/7 from there he took the parts of seven:
{ 1/7, 2/7, ... 6/7 } calculated their decimal values and studied the results.

Here is a list of their rounded results. Each and everyone is an endlessly repetitive fraction,
the part that is repeated is these 6 digits after the point.

1/7 = 0.142857

2/7 = 0.285714

3/7 = 0.428571

4/7 = 0.571428

5/7 = 0.714285

6/7 = 0.857142

Now, none of these sequences contains either 3, 6 or 9.

and their cyclic orders are actually just one, differing only at the starting digit.

Gurdjieff took the first one and drew it inside a circle, this is what it looks like:

You can trace any sequence inside this one, just the number where you begin will be
different. The numbers that is left out, is the 3-6-9, as mentioned before.
Adding them as a connected entity will leave you with the completed Enneagram.

Number Runes I showed that 5 and 7 had really interesting resulting shapes, reflect on
 Both of their sequences contained all natural numbers except the 3 and 6.

These two numbers are then identified as special. Their otherness is only in the fact that
their dimensional sequences contain all numbers except three and six. Linking them to the
triangle-less enneagram but capped with a nine. That's just for interests sake.

Gurdjieff went on as said that the points on the enneagram corresponds to the musical C
Major Scale. The places in the scale where you have no sharps, he called shocks.

Adding these shocks to the seven notes, you end up with nine elements.

Unfortunately the shocks does not conform to the scale!

0 = C
1 = D
2 = E

3 = Shock!

4 = F
5 = G

6 = Shock!

7 = A
8 = B

9 = C

It must be plain to see that he added the 0 and lined it up with the 9 as the third shock and the
shock effect is removed by the fact that we scaled up one octave.

Maybe Gurdjieff didn't know, but there is a scale that conforms to the enneagram without
having to justify the misplaced shock between G and A.

Here then, the F Melodic Minor in the Aeolian Mode:

1 = D
2 = E

3 = Shock!

4 = F
5 = G

6 = Shock!

7 = A-Flat
8 = B-Flat

9 = C

10 = D, An Octave

It must be obvious from the above arrangement that the Laws Gurdjieff spoke of, is present in
this Scale.

Seven Notes, and two Shocks where we would naturally expect them, there where the space
between notes is just a semi-tone and not a whole tone.

Using the Enneagram

The Enneagram presents us with another planetary arrangement, this time we have only nine
planets to concern ourselves with.

I have to start of by saying that I associated the planets to the numbers, using my knowledge
of Star Signs and the meanings of the numbers from Enneagram books and meditations.
There are readily available on the Internet or any good bookstore, enough books to help you
along nicely.  I also have to say that my associations differ from that of most other
Masters of
the Enneagram

The Enneagram

It should also be mentioned that the Enneagram is not generally accepted by Qabalists as
meaningful.  Even Astrologers have issues with it. Not all, but enough to keep the question
But since we're on the Path of the Heretic, we might as well dance with this devil too!

From the Crown of the Enneagram, we get the 8-9-1 on top, we find something we've seen

The 9 crowns 3 and 6.

The 8 crowns 2 and 5.

The 1-8-9 sequence has also been seen before, it is the numerological sequence of the
Cubes. Leading us to the idea that the Enneagram is a key to the three Dimensional Reality
we call our Inner Lives.

Thus, from the Enneagram we find that the Numbers 3, 6 and 9 are connected, likewise 1,4
and 7 and 2, 5 and 8, just like our Number patterns in Chapter One.

Planetary associations are like this, counting from one to nine:
Mercury, Moon, Sun, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus.

It does look odd, doesn't it?
If we move the starting point just a tad, we find that we have a more logical order, even though
it is

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

And Adding the 10th sphere, Earth, in the beginning, we have:
Earth, Sun, Moon, ... etc.

Yesod as the SUN doesn't work. Neither does the MOON as Hod.

So AGAIN, we are left with nothing.  That much done, we have to keep going.

We push our occult noses to the maximum and dive into that beautiful old world of Egypt.
What do we learn? The Great Architect of All is Thoth ( Tahuti ).
We find his messages on the Emerald Tablets, We hear about him in Hellenistic Papyri as
Hermes the Trice Blessed, we learn that he is Self Created...

Odin is the Germanic deity closest to Thoth, so now we look again at our sequence of
planets, and we begin with the planet associated with both Odin and Tahuti, Mercury, which
takes us back to the first sequence listed from the Enneagram.

This table maps the Human inner Consciousness, Animal Paths will be limited to some of the
lower spheres, but since we have no absolute knowledge of the inner workings of animal
psychology, we can not assume anything more.

Inner Being
Outer Being

The first odd thing here might be Uranus = “Intuition”.

But ask yourself this:

Which Planet brings Altruism?

Is it not that Altruism is a manifestation of Empathy?

Isn't it also true that Empathy is an irrational feeling?

Then, Uranus is the Keeper of the Highest Feeling.

This irrational Feeling is that unreasoned knowing that we name Intuition.

The Second oddity is Pisces as “I Am Soul”.

But, this “I Am” is not the Ego self, like Tipareth, but the Soul Self. This self-awareness is
the awareness that “I am Soul”. It is the Spiritual nexus, where our divine essence and
mortal consciousness becomes one. Pisces, to me, seems perfect for the role. It is the
place where we have totally lost our stupid mundaneness and truly became Human. It is
also a misty world of dreams and visions, not as clearly etched as we would like it to be,
but I believe it has the potential for absolute clarity. Later, in a section called
, we can look at Neptune a bit closer.

Third Oddity, Odin as Gemini and Virgo. The first is the Lord of the Universe, the primal
essence of Intelligence. The Hermetic Master.
The second is the immolation of Odin on the World Tree for the sake of Wisdom. It is also
a symbol of our own material incarnation as bearers of the divine light in this mundane
world, where we have to struggle and suffer against all odds just to remain true to
ourselves. Here is where WE learn about wisdom as the children of Odin. This
association cements our Allfather as the backbone of our religion.

The Final Sphere being ruled by Mercury through Virgo seems good to me. Reworded it
can read “Awareness of Material Form” when we realize the Earth Element of Virgo
tempered with the crisp mentality of Mercury. Here we have the perfect synonym for
Sekhinah as Mercury.

Please recall the Number Runes from Chapter One, remember that the Runes for five and
seven where the only ones with real form?

Now look at the Table and see that “five” is Uranus, and “seven” is Jupiter, the Germanic
Thor. Uranus is the Archetype of Altruism, ruled by Frey, the Lord of the Light-Elves.

This, I think is just another sign that we are on the right path.

To help visualize the formative energies of creation, here is another representation of the
process in a more scientific way.  Energy is the most basic building block of all things.

As it moves, time is created. Effectively there were no time before movement. The First
Action, created time as a by-product.

Energy Manifested


The Lightning Flash

The Number arrangement is positively blasphemy against traditional Qabalah.
Here my Tree with a line tracing the path of the Lightning flash from Kether to Malkuth.

This arrangement of Number to Spheres are as Wrong to the modern qabalist as the
Gra-Tree graphic, but again, please give us a moment...

Lightning Flash in Germanic Tree

The traditional order of the four worlds remain, now with an Elemental order.
1 ( AtzILVTh )= Gemini + Cancer + Leo => Air, Water and Fire. The three Mothers as
Primal Signs, in order of Creation. Architect, Mediator, Worker.
2 (BRIAH)= Pisces + Aquarius + Capricorn => Water + Air + Earth. The Mother.
3 ( ItzIRH )= Sagittarius + Scorpio + Libra => Fire, Water and Air. The Son and the Word,
the Worker.
4 (AyShIH )~ Malkuth/Sekhinah = Virgo => Earth.
We also see an odd formation when we look at sign-qualities, or their Modal Expression.

Here we have a graphic, to
illustrate the
Modality in the Tree.

The Middle Pillar now are ruled by Mutable signs, the Right Pillar ( Capped by 2 ) are
Ruled by Cardinal, but 2nd and 3rd places are Fixed,  The Left Pillar are Capped (
Ruled ) by Fixed, and 2nd and 3rd places taken by Cardinals.  Refer to the “mates”, we
see that the Mutable Pillar is the unmated, the Cardinal Pillar is the mated, the Fixed
Pillar is the self fulfilling.

What is the most obvious wrongness of this configuration?
The missing star signs, Aries and Taurus? Or the dysfunctional order of signs? Or even
that Mercury has 2 spots on the tree?

Lets have a look-see.

Double Trouble

All planets used to rule two signs each, except for the Sun and Moon.

Mars has Aries and Scorpio,
Venus has Taurus and Libra,
Mercury has Gemini and Virgo.
Jupiter has Sagittarius and Pisces.
Saturn has Aquarius and Capricorn.

If we amend with new knowledge the Rulers of Pisces and Aquarius, we are left with only the
Dualities of Mars, Venus and Mercury.

But then, we can continue onto Pluto....

However, replacing Mars with Pluto as ruler of Scorpio, we will loose the fire qualities of
Mars, which is fitting to the lower realms of existence. Pluto, the Roman Hades, has a very
different role to play, as will be seen. The realm of the Dead as a Fiery place is a very
recent thing and cannot be seen in the Old Mythologies of either Egypt, Athene, Rome or
Germania. So, Pluto does not have Fire, but cold icy Death. The only link with Scorpio then
is Death itself. There is also the dynamic of Mars == Venus to consider, replacing mars with
Pluto will have Female Sexuality == Death, instead of Male Sexuality.

Moving on...
Why do we have Libra as Yesod ( Wrongness getting Worse! )?

Traditionalists will have that we should rather have Taurus than Libra as Yesod, after all,
astrologically, the Moon is exalted in Taurus.

And why Scorpio as Hod? It just Seems WRONG! Again, Aries is more in line with the rash
mind of Hod?

Saturn as Tipareth just screams to heaven for some salvation! The Sun as Binah is

But I refuse to budge! This is how I have it.

This can only be clear once we see something else.

Where on this Tree do we find the Material World?
The Real world were our bodies live, where we eat and procreate?

Is it in Malkuth/Sekhinah?
I honestly do not think so.
Let us look at the bottom four signs:

Capped by Sagittarius, flanked by Scorpio and Libra, anchored by Virgo. What is obvious?
Fire, Water and Air, Earth.

Can we with rationality equate the Element Earth to the Planet Earth? Can we say that our
Material world is embodied in that one Element? Never! From space we would see it's a
ball of water, with pieces of Earth sticking out, blanketed with clouds. Cutting it in half we will
find oceans of magma, earth and fire mixed.

Our World is a Dynamic interaction between all four elements.

From this it seems that this world is not elemental, it is an Illusion created by Elemental

Earth gives us a Base, air and water breaths and breeds life, fire keeps it all going.
Now, can we replace Libra and Scorpio with Taurus and Aries?
From this configuration we also see some other odd things.

Drawing a new lightning flash that follows the star signs, we see this:
Gemini, Cancer, Leo => 1 – 2 – 3,
Then to keep the astrological order,

Virgo => 10,
keep going:

Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

We now have 2 flashes, one Flashing Downwards, the other snaking up to the 4th sphere.

The downward flash is the Power of God, while the Upward is the Human response. Like
energy works in physics, we cannot use the Downward energies to propel us up to God, the
best we can do, when relying on that Energy, is move up to number four.

Dualistic Flash

This little rune created by the two flashes, divides the tree into Two parts: the 1-2-3, and the
4-10. we have a very traditional connection here, most qabalist will see the Rainbow Bridge
here , Da'ath, between the two.

From this rune, I must agree.

The Planet of four is Neptune. From the Enneagram we learn that the four is the Symbol
Maker, the elusive Mystic Dreamer. In Mythology and Religion, this is the Martyr God =>
Tammuz, Dionysus, Jesus and Balder. The Sign of four is Pisces.

Being co-ruled by Jupiter, we see where the judgmental attitude of Jesus comes from when
he whipped peddlers in the Church, or when he cursed the Barren fruit Tree.

From this we learn that it is possible for Man to emulate God. Understanding this will enable
one to “tear the Temple Curtain in two”, revealing the Holy of Holies. Only from this esoteric
point can one attempt to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

This duality divides the Ten Spheres into the upper three and lower seven. The three is the
Realm of the Gods, while the seven is the realm of Humankind. From the Mythologies we
learn that Odin, after his Immolation on the World Tree, took the Runes to Asgard.

Later, Heimdal, that elusive and strange Guardian, took them to Midgard where he gave
them to his third and Noble son, Jarl.

What is important here is that Heimdal is the Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, and that he
gave the Noble ones a key. The Runes. Later more about this.

Another new thing is that the Pillars are now classified differently.

The Right-Pillar I see as the Intuitive, while the Left is the Rational. The Middle Pillar is the

The Gender of the Pillars is divided according to qualities, and not ruling “gods”, The
Rational is the Male, the Intuitive, the Female.

The Middle Pillar is Neuter.

Finally, do we “mis” Aries and Taurus? Not really, since they have their places with their co-
ruled, their manifestations are contained in Qualities, Planets and Numbers. But, they still
have a place in the Tree, it is just not as obvious as one would like.

Odin, Freiya and Tyr

By now it should be clear that the Planet Venus and the Star-Sign Libra are parts of Freya.

The question we have then, in “missing” Taurus, is “Does Freiya link up with Taurean

But, remember if you can, that when she came to Asgard, she wasn't “Freiya”, she was
Gullveig. ( There is obviously no agreement on this! ) Gullveig infected mankind with the love
of gold, with the obsession of possessions. As Gullveig, she is Taurus.

So we can see that she was transformed, and like her, Tyr.

He is/was the god of War and Justice.

War is obviously the Aries energy. The fight for what's right is ingrained in our race soul, so
War is about Justice.

The Taliban is Evil, America must purge.
Saddam is Evil, America must purge.

After his Sacrifice, Tyr became more as a Spiritual being, and less as a physical being.
Here we see the deep and dark Scorpio emerging.

That then, is where we find Aries and Taurus in the Germanic Tree.

Mars and Venus are married in Roman Mythology, and so too are the planetary energies.
But, this marriage is more a merging to oneness in Germanic minds, where Freiya is
Beauty and Love, Greed and War, all in one.

Tyr is the more forceful, the rash, the daring.

These two then rule our Passions.

Odin is the one that was transformed the Most. He hung on the World Tree, he drinks from
the Well of Mirmir, for which he sacrificed an eye.

Then to conclude, we can see that it is good to have the “double-trouble” planets associated
with the transformed gods.

But this leaves a question of transformation. By what power does it occur that even Odin
was subjected to it?  That'll be dealt with next!

Wyrd Ain Soph

In the Jewish Kabballah traditions, the Ain Soph is of fundamental importance, if one
subscribe to the doctrine of emanation, which is seen as out right blasphemy by Torah

Since it is clearly impossible to say whether one school of though is absolutely right or
wrong, I will not try and proof this one.

As a brief outline I need to say that the Ain Soph is seen as the Nothingness that is
manifested through the Sephirah, it is the ether of the tree of life, it is its substance.

Even hwhy is a manifestation, or emanation of the Ain Soph.

In the realm of Number the Ain Soph is the Zero. There is really Nothing there but it is
possible to create an abstraction of it, yet the “it” will remain undefinable.

Immeasurable and incomprehensible.

The Ain Soph as Nothingness is equally supernal to Eternity and Infinity.

These three concepts that evolved out of mathematics had major influence on the thinking of
Occultists of those times. It caused the basis of the Qabalah to be slightly morphed to
include these new ideas.

In the Sepher Yetzirah we read that :
“before one, what would you count?”

From the Bahir, Zohar and other later Talmudic works, we see that before the One, we have
the Ain Soph effectively contradicting the Sepher Yetzirah.

Since the concepts of Nothing and Infinity is beyond the Sepher Yetzirah, one must ask if
that is enough reason to say that the Sepher Yetzirah is not True, and that the later Talmudic
works are true?

Does the concept of nothingness not rule the Sepher Yetzirah?

“Ten Spheres of Nothingness...”

Need I say more?

Yes. We learn that Nothingness is the Substance of the Spheres, that they in fact cannot
exist as real things, that they will eternally remain in the world of Abstraction.

Thus, placing a point outside the Tree and calling that above the tree, or before the tree is
absolute nonsense! The concept is not new or alien to the Sepher Yetzirah, it is an integral
part thereof, it is its Substance.

What we see again here, is that the Talmudic traditions tried to out-wit the Sepher Yetzirah
like they try to out-wit the Torah. It is not a Talmudic only evil, the whole of organized
Christianity is guilty of the same evil.

Finally we must say that the Ain Soph has a partner in crime from the Germanic traditions:

The exact same can be said about Wyrd than what was said about Ain Soph, we can just
add that Wyrd also rules time and Fate, it is the force behind the Runes, it is the Ultimate
and Absolute Truth. The Space between the Atoms and Electrons are more important than
the Atoms and Electrons. If not for the ever present nothingness, nothing would have been!
A master musician once said :”It is not the notes, nor the speed at which they are played
that makes the music, it is the spaces in between them...”

Modern Rune-Masters have it that there is in fact twenty-five runes, the abomination at
position twenty-five they say is Wyrd. If Wyrd is the power behind and throughout all Runes,
if it is the WHY it works, does it even remotely seem sensible, rational or intelligent to say
that it must be symbolized by a blank Rune?

I'll leave it there.

All right, I wont!

The Blank Rune idiocy is absolutely the same as saying that the Ain Soph is a non-real
sphere before the first one!

All right,now I'll leave it!

The 1 crowns 4 and 7.

Through the map of reality energy manifested as chaotic. But it was meaningless,
from chaos came order as the laws of physics where brought into play to form the “Abstract
Spatial Reality”. In short, the three dimensions of up-down, left-right, forward-backward.
Thereafter energy could materialize, and the materialization created the “Formal Reality”,
the world of Form.
Time must be inspected, since it is so tightly interwoven with Reality.In this map of reality,
Time is the Middle Pillar. It can be associated with the Vanir god Njord and should not be
seen as an Evil thing. One could also assign Njord to Saturn, but Njord is an emanation of
Goodness and not Restriction. Imagine a Flower garden without Time. Nothing will grow, no
birds or bees, no sweet fragrances on the breeze. Nothingness. A photo, at best. The
enemy of Time, is an enemy of life. Hermes said that Time is the Corruption of Man. With
too much time on our hands, our idle minds turn to malice. So, even though old Father Njord
is Neutral, the wickedness of man isn't.

The Middle Pillar is clearly divided into three, each one in turn is associated with one of the
Norns, from top to bottom we have:
Future, Present and Past. The Future is in “heaven”, eternally unspoiled and full of promise,
the unchanging unreality.

Is seems contradictory to the map just discussed, but the Norns are not keepers of
Creation, but the Fates of Man. Where Gods work DOWNWARDS in the tree, we work

Then, seen from the Human world it is easy to understand why everything in our world
needs constant tending and caring. If we stop working, there will be no energy flow in our
world, everything will sink down into the lower realms, and left untended long enough, will

We can also see the Genesis Story played out over the seven Levels of the Tree.

Light was first, bringing Awareness ( Mercury ).
The “waters” ( Moon as Cardinal of Water ) are the primal matter of creation, while heaven (
Sun as Fixed Fire ) is the “beth-shemesh”.

Earth from water can be seen as Water solidifying ( Neptune ), raw emotion evolving into
spiritual awareness. Here we must realize something else, the “Earth” that was taken from
the Water, is not in Neptune, but in Midgard, which will be discussed later.

Saturn and Uranus as the End of our vision and the beginning of the outer reality, where
outer indicates an almost trans-human awareness. Saturn is the seal of humanity, the
perfection of man, while Uranus is the next evolution.

Jupiter is the Patron of the Living. While Mars and Venus are the Core of human reality.

What is a good story without the tormented lovers? And the protector Angel that will keep
them from casting their sins in stone?

Finally, Mercury completes the cycle of Odin giving himself up to himself. The final place of
being, in the Material form. God saw that it was good!


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