Enter the Germanic World.  One thing that is almost
Sacred in Germanic Traditions is that the Tree of Life,
Yggdrasil, is NOT and can never be the same as the Tree
of Life in the Qabalistic Tradition.

I Agree! But now we have a new tree, maybe we have a
New Truth?

The way I see it:  If either of these are absolute then the
other must be a lie.  If BOTH are relative, then BOTH can
be relatively true.

From Germanic Traditions we learn that each and Every
race has its own Soul, and the Jewish Community will
agree that they too share a common Soul. Okay, maybe
not ALL of the Jewish Community! The same thing is
apparent when one read the Rosicrucian Mysteries.

These Race Souls have, just like individuals, a very personal view on reality. Reality is the
Tree of Life, the World Tree, Yggdrasil.
So it seems clear that the Truths described in these separate traditions are as relative as
their individual race-souls.

Nordic Lore teaches that the Shaman ( Spiritual Seeker ) is called Ratatosk, the Squirrel.
Imagine that the Western Germanic Race Soul is Ratatosk, and that the Levant Soul of the
Hebrew Race is a little lizard, running up and down the trunk of Yggdrasil, will it not see,
feel and experience it in another way than Ratatosk?

The most hair raising part has always been to synthesize these two very different views. In
the Germanic world we now suddenly hear that the Runes are Paths between the 9 worlds,
24 in total. Coincidentally like the Hebrew Alphabet and the 10 Sephirah.

Although there is enough material to create such a matrix inside Yggdrasil, nobody seems
to actually know how. In my opinion, it is more Speculation than Intuition. Even though it can
be drawn geometrically. There is just no proof that this is where the Runes came from.
Other than that, Odin “plucked” the runes from the World Tree, in my mind, they are too
complex to be simple paths, there must be more here, is what my intuition says!

I think that the Runes are constructs of energy, not base forms.  Unique constructs, but
constructs nonetheless.

Germanic Tradition have 9 worlds, opposed to the 10 sephirah of Qabalah. 24 Letters,
opposed to the 22 of Qabalah.

The runes are divided into groups of eight ( aetts ), while the Qabalah has groupings of 3,
7 and 12.

Futhark squares Aleph-Beth, in pseudo-astrological terms.
Most of the Sounds are similar as are some of the physical symbols.

Like 'Feoh' is domesticated cattle, Aleph is a Bull.
'Ansur' is a wild bull.

Related? Maybe.

But Feoh is Fire, Ansur Earth and Aleph Air.

Beth is' House', while Berkano is 'household and family, female fecundity'.

Again, relatives.

The process of synthesis is not obvious. We have to work step by step to see that we can
MAKE it obvious. We need to wipe the dust of dogma out of our eyes and see!

Things about the writing styles might help, like in the west we write from Left to Right, and
in the Levant, they write from Right to Left. What is indicated is that the West are Right-
Handed and therefore Left brain dominant. The Levant, Right-Brained.

Two very different world views will then come forth from these minds, one the Rational
where Spirituality is encased in the Intuitive, while the other is Intuitive, with a Rational

I think that is why the Hebrew faith was so obsessed with writing everything down, to make
the Real into something Sacred, while the west clothed our Faiths in rituals and feasts, with
elaborate stories about heroes with a sometimes vague picture of morality. It's the Beauty
of the stories that appeal in true Hellenistic fashion.

The 9 Worlds

If we look at the Germanic Tree, one must ask: “Where is The Earth?”

The planet Earth is not a sphere, but an interference point between four spheres, on this
Germanic Tree.

Now we've done it! Look at the Tree and see that there are three places where this is true.
Fill these gaps with worlds, in this order:

Bottom = Niflheim ( Ice and Darkness ).
Middle = Midgard ( Obviously, this is Middle Earth ).
Top = Muspelheim ( Fire and Light ).

What must be clear is that these worlds are not planets, nor are they alien-dimensions or
any other alien-nation hallucinations.

Their Dimensional structure is slightly other than expected.
These realms are abstractions of Human reality.

Niflheim is the Dark world of Ice and Snow, a very clear abstraction for a life without
meaning. Soulless existence. The world of the Thrall.
This does not mean that Thralls have no souls, it just means that they are blinded to that
level of being.

Midgard is the perfect world in the middle, where life is good, clear and civilized. Law and
Order is everything and in everything. Yet we do not KNOW. We are not fully Aware until we
can be Number Four ( Chesed ). Midgard is the plane for the Free-man, the middle class.

Muspelheim. The Fire world. I see it just like the Enochian Realms, as described in the
Book of Enoch. We can, just like Enoch, only KNOW this world, or level of existence, once
we are the “I Am Soul”. Only once we are pure Manifestations of God. The world of Nobility.

The Three Races of Man

It is important to note that the Norse Myths have that there are three races of man. These
races are not divided across normal
race lines, but inside the Germanic Race, since all
three are born from the Sons of Heimdal. So it is the classification of white people. It might
also apply to other races, but I will not vouch for it. It is maybe good to relate these classes to
the Hindu system , since conventional history has it that the Vedic empire was an Aryan

The Lowest Class is the Thralls, materialistic and sensual. What we know of these people is
that they are guided by their passions, their greed and blind appetites. They care for little
beyond that. They do not take care of their own physical beings and are often found with
course hands. In palmistry, these are the folk with Earth-type skin. Females have Fire Skin.

Middle Class is the Free-man, good honest working class. They do care. But, they work
diligently towards material goals. They sometimes venture outside this space and take care
of orphans. They prefer a peaceful life and have good human skills. In palmistry, these folk
have Fire-type skin. Females have Air skin.

Upper Class is the true Nobility. Through time our culture got corrupted to believe in lies. Our
“nobility” betrayed us. They didn't keep to the law that nobility is not by default passed from
father to son. The law that each potential noble must prove themselves as such was
abolished. Instead we got power hungry families exploiting the middle class, murdering the
real nobility, enslaving the lower class. The Roman Church had a lot to do with this Cultural

Who are they, that we may know them when we see them?

They are the Warrior Class. Strong and Honest. Straight as an Arrow with no hidden
agendas or intrigues ( which are very much a lower-middle class thing ).

Talented with their hands and minds. Apt to stand and fight when it is a good idea to run. To
speak the truth despite of impending doom if they do.

They are the tall bright eyed people that are truly spiritual, care takers of the world, healers
that seek no reward. Keepers of Magick and Wisdom. Those who know right from wrong
without being taught. Those who are ruled by a pure heart.

We can conclude that the Truly Noble will have it easier to understand the Spiritual Realm of
Fire, and so too it is noted in the Mythologies! Enoch was a King of Nations.

In palmistry, these are the folk with Air type skin, with long clear lines. Females have Water

One thing must be said about water skin is that if a male has it, it more often than not
indicates an abomination. The case where a soul of refinement incarnates into an unfit host.
Some malfunction on the Spiritual plane where the soul got twisted, and so too the body it
occupied. Or where a demonic soul “steals” the body of an infant. There has been cases
where such an individual learns to control the very subtle energies of the Soul, but mostly it

There is a lot to be said about corruption and what it means, how to find it in the self and
what to do about it. But, not now.

The Whorls

Our Real World is very much
contained in the bottom seven
spheres of our tree, something that
must be explored.

This seven fold structure can be
called a whorl, for lack of a better

It is not a world, but a collection of
worlds. In our tree of ten spheres,
we have too clearly definable

The Upper Whorl


If we consider that any one human can only exists in one of these whorls, the importance of
Seven becomes very clear.

There are 12 Tones, but only 7 notes in a scale for music.

The Seven Notes in another Form

The Heptagram of Music shows some things about music. Start from “A”, it has two notes
beside it, one on each side. Moving clockwise, the next note is “E”, the 5th note to “A” in
the C scale ( Natural Scale ). Moving anti-clockwise, the next note is “D”, the 4th note to A
in the Natural C Scale. The same goes for each and every note except for B, whose 5th
note is F# and not F.

In the second picture we have each note connected to its 4th and 5th notes, again only B is
the exception. This we will deal with later.

Thus, this heptagram replaces the circle of 5th and 4th notes we had to learn as young

The 5th and 4th dyads are known as Power-Chords, because they have a pure
harmonizing effect on each other.

( Dyads are combinations of two objects, in this case: Notes ).

If you take a three dimensional graph, with the x-y-x dimensions marked, you will see that
you have seven 'points' , Max and Min of x, y and z, adding to 6, The Zero point, adding to
7 precisely in the middle. This alludes to a verse in the Sepher Yetzirah.

3D Number Graph

A Cube has six planes,  but it has Seven middle points.

The Seven of the

Above, Below, Left, Right, Front, Back and Inside.

Seven in the

The Seven spheres of a whorl forms a Hexagram ( Star of David ) with all points
interconnected, creating the 7th point in the middle. This is not as important, but I think
relevant enough to mention.

There are Seven 'Major' Planets, that forms the Mystical Heptagram, this will be linked
directly to the seven doubles of the Sepher Yetzirah.

There are seven days in the Week, named after the Seven Major Planets.

What we see here is that the number seven connects FORM and MUSIC, under the
guidance of Planets. The element of Time is associated with both Music and the Planets
and therefore forms a very important part of our Seven philosophy.

Music is an abstraction of Sound ( Word ) and Order ( Number ).

The Planets are Divine Powers, yet trapped by time like all of us.

In their orbits they exhibit both Order and “Sound”, this sound is notes as the “Music of the
Spheres” named by the Pythagorean Brotherhood. This “sound” is the absolute essence of
Astrology. As yet, this is something utterly undefinable. We have been trying for ages,
naming it Aether, denouncing it as rubbish, seeking again as quantum physics emerge,
renouncing again. I do not know what this “sound” is, yet, studying Astrology you must come
to the conclusion that there is something that has translated the movement and placement
of planets into the Human Individual.   What is more, these individuals will exhibit traits of
the Stronger planets, they will be sensitive to Transits and progressions.

The final note is that the most sensitive people are responsive to the most distant planets,
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The Seven traditional planets are the most important in the
Lower Whorl.

Moving to the Upper Whorl, we find that there is a lot more to be said about the more
Subtle energies.

Neptune, as the Crown of the Lower seven, very conveniently also rules Music. This last
point is only very clear when you look at the Extremes in Music. Venus is also accredited
with Musicianship, granting the talent to her natives, but Neptune is the octave of Venus,
and that is why it governs the extremes.

The ages of Music can be traced by the time Neptune spends in each sign. Look at any
extreme for of music, and you'll find Neptune behind it and there you will see the pattern
most clearly. In the late eighties, Satanic music came to the fore in the Northern Lands,
while Gangster Rap came into being amongst the ghetto-dwellers ( ghetto-creators ).

That's something so typical. The satanic movement of young Aryans are a spiritual
rebellion, while the ghetto thralls react in a purely materialistic manner. I think it is very clear
that Music as an arm of Neptune, has an effect on ALL musicians, whether they be from the
Thralls or Nobles. This is quite cool. It means that inside each sub-class, you have yet
another level of classifications! Therefore we have Noble Thralls, and Thrall-like Nobles!

The answer to this riddle is that each Individual is a mix of planetary influence and genes.

Neptune has influence beyond the norm, as if it is loose from the laws of time and space.

This can be illustrated by the Placement of the Twelve Elementals. Later!


The Bottom Four spheres, creators of Niflheim, has some interesting news about truly
Mundane existence. Truly mundane existence IS thralldom.

The Planets:
Jupiter : In this lower world it is Religion ( and Law ), as the highest possible manifestation
of being. Positions of Power appeal in the individuals ruled by it.
Mars : He who fights as a Soldier, not the Commander. Here we have a chance to be
exalted, if we die as heroes. Athletes fall in this group, those that really can do nothing else
but run or jump. The complexity of activity is limited.
Mercury: The Servant. ( Virgo as the 6th house in Astrology ). Here we find people that really
cannot do anything else but work with their hands. Simple manual labor.

Now we can have a more generic look at music.
Each Planet/Sign will be the “muse” behind the themes of the artistic expressions.
These muses will effect
musical ages.

Jupiter/Sagittarius -> About Freedom/Religion/Philosophy ( 1968 - 1983 )
Mars/Scorpio -> About Sex/Death/Occult    ( Also Aries )    ( 1953 - 1968 )
Venus/Libra -> About Love/Society/Beauty ( Also Taurus)  (  1938 - 1953 )
Mercury/Virgo -> About Life/Purity/Skill ( in musicianship, like Jazz ) ( 1921 - 1938 )

I think that ALL music will fall into these groups, or in combinations of these.
It also seem that Music is the only
salvation or truth for the thralls, they are enthralled by

The world of the Thralls is the World of Shells, in Qabalah it is the manifestation of Mem,
guilt.  It is the prime mechanism by which the West is
forced  to bear the burden of the Third
World.  As a Collective we are being pulled down to the Realms of Niflheim by imposed and
artificial guilt.

In the Myths, the 3rd of the Norns, Skuld( Debt ).

Again we can look at the symbolism of Niflheim as the Realm of Ice and Darkness.

Ice :
           1 Apathy
           2 Drowsiness
           3 Forced to Instinctive Level of Existence

           1 Blindness
           2 Ignorance
           3 Fear Driven

The Primal nature of this Realm makes one think that those who live there cannot be
Human, and indeed, since they live in the Realm below Midgard, they are the Sub-Human,
3rd class. The


The Middle world is more in line with our Western World, where we see the lines drawn
between people by different rules.

The Planets:

Jupiter = Here we have the Politician and Priest.
Saturn = The Businessman and Money hunter.
Uranus = The Scientist and Visionary.
Neptune = The Artist and Spiritualist.

The Politician seeks Power.
The Businessman seeks Riches.
The Scientist seeks Invention.
The Artist seeks Meaning.

Each of these have different drives. What makes each of them rise each morning from
slumber and face the world.
It is strange to note that sometimes we have overlapping qualities, like a scientist-artist, or
But when we have this divided worlds, we very seldom make a very great success of either.
Success is obviously related to achieving that which Drives them.

In Qabalah, Midgard is Aleph. Strong and Inspired, the judge, the moderate. The ideal
candidates for the Buddhist Middle-Way philosophy. As a Norn, we have Urd.

The Music:
( I only note the Dark Extremes from the Cold North )

Saturn: Black Metal  -> Capricorn         (1983 - 1994 )
Uranus: Industrial      -> Aguarius           ( 1993 - 2004 )   
Neptune: Gothic        -> Pisces              ( 2004 - 2012 )


Not that I'm an expert in Muspelheim, but these are my intuitions.

The Planets:

The Sun : Noble Born, Kings and great Leaders. Those who can lead us to true
enlightenment and freedom.
The Moon: The Mystics and Healers who help those in need to face “reality”, healers,
prophets and clairvoyants.

Mercury: The Magus. Powerful minds that can see clearly the workings of Magick, great
Teachers, the Keepers of Truth.

Qabalah yields Shin, as the final mother, and Verdandi as the Norn.

The Music:

Moon : The Soul. Life of Spirituality.
Sun : Life affirming. Purity of Joy.
Mercury : The Mind. Realization of Self. ( as Gemini )

The Ages will have a
buffer period, from Pisces to Cancer, we will go through a Mars and
Venus periods, a rebirth so to speak, before the higher levels can begin.

Then it is just a question of time.
This Musical Ages
theory seems to predict that some major event is about to happen in
2012 also.

I will not venture much in
how this will happen or what will happen, but in line with the rest of
theory, it seems obvious that the Music after that date will be quite different than what
we've ever known.

From this world we get very little inspiration for Art, since Art is more needed in the Lower
Whorl as a means of closing on truth. Here, we have it, the rules change, as does the
meaning and purpose of existence. The musicians in
our world that work according to
these rules will probably always be unknown and unpopular. Their work is for the few.

The Other Six Worlds

So, now we see! The three primal worlds are clear.

These six other Realms are spread over reality,
distinctive worlds where Gods rule.

2 = Asgard, Ruled by Frigga. ( The Moon )
3 = Vannaheim, Ruled by Heimdal. ( The Sun )
5= Ljosalfheim, Ruled by Frey. ( Uranus )
6= Svartalfheim, Ruled by Loki. ( Saturn )
8=Jotunsheim, Ruler by Tyr. ( Mars )
9=Hel, Ruled by Freiya. ( Venus )

These rulers are maybe a bit unappetizing and
oozing wrongness.  Like, how can the Beautiful and
Perfect Freiya Rule Hel?

'Libra' as a divinity must be Freiya, just like Venus of
Rome is very closely related to Freiya, as an
abstraction.  Imagine, you're ( a man and ) in love
with a Perfect Woman, who does not share your
affections or obsessions. Where will you be? In Hel!

The Nine Worlds
In Relation to
The Germanic

That aside, we know from Mythology that the Hel world is ruled by the goddess Hel, so what
now? More on this later.

I must stress that the divinity ruling the world is not from the Myths but purely from my
intuitions. I might be VERY wrong!

The association of Deity to Sphere/World is relative to the point of reference, which is Odin.
I feel that this arrangement is very good and should yield great results for all hermetic minds.
This is Odinism after all!

Other associations might seem clear, like Loki ruling Svartalfheim, the world of dark
materialist beasties, created from the maggots is Ymir's flesh. One goal: Material Gain.

From the Eddas we learn that there are obvious opposites:

Asgard vs. Jotunheim,
Vannaheim vs. Hel,
Ljosalfheim vs. Svartalfheim,
Muspelheim vs. Niflheim

With Midgard balanced in the middle.
These polarities are symbolic of these balances:

Order vs. Chaos.
Life vs. Death
Light vs. Darkness
Heat vs. Cold

Life could be replaced by the word sex or procreation, since life can never defeat death,
except by producing new life.
That is the eternal symbol of the god Frey, he that stands behind the power ( priapus ) that
can defeat death.

This is also the irony of Christ, saving
old life instead of bringing forth the new.  Perpetual
virginity is the enemy of Life.
Abstinence is service unto Death, that is why Christianity is a Cult of the Dead.

It is absolutely against everything in the Old Testament.  It is a
New Religion.

The Sad Truth

I think most seekers should agree that our current world, even though we have the reality of
Midgard around, are mostly Niflheim.
If you take that more than 70 percent of all people live in 3rd world countries, we must
concluded that this mundane world is Niflheim.
We are forced to admit that this is a Thrall planet, and that the civilized people are the
insignificant minority.
Finally we must realize that the “world” we live in, is a “world” that we create.
Seeking a better world elsewhere is pooling your being to that place, and if you are a thrall
living in Asgard, you will do damage! Civilization is not producing civilized people, people
produce Civilization. On the other hand, if a Noble move to a Thrall region, he/she can
influence it in a positive way. That is if the Thralls does not murder him/her!

This is the law: “Culture follows Evolution”

If you honestly look, you will see that we lack true scientists, we lack the truly spiritual fours,
what we have is 'glamor' puppets, Lords of Illusion, champions of disassociation, pompous
politicians, greedy businessmen and billions of Thralls.

Business? This is the world of the Svartalf, crafty and greedy. Even though they are highly
skilled craftsmen, their blind greed rules them. The politicians are no mystery, power hungry
megalomaniacs with no care for real people. Only their 'party', their power. Even the “party” of
the politician is mostly who are willing to put up with them, or who pays the most.

Democracy and capitalism are tools used to control the masses, not free them. The System
we live in is a prison of consumerism and illusion. The Walls of “Thrallheim”.

In essence I would say that we have a 5-sphere reality, ruled and dominated by the dark and
schizophrenic Saturn, manifested as a Negative Capricorn. The lying Loki.

From the Circle of Ostara we learn that Loki, as the father of the Fenris Wolf, is the father of
our Machine World. The absolute beast that will devour us in the end. The gods managed to
bind it, with the help of the dwarfs ( svartalf ) and Gleipnir, but we are untying it with every leap
of technology we take, Loki is pulling us deeper into the web of lies, blinding us, every step of
the way. One thing that must be a point of worry, mythologically speaking, is that Gleipnir is a
Dwarfish creation, can we be sure that it does not come as a Trojan Horse?

Now, look at the Qabalistic symbols.
Svartalfheim are the 6th sphere, the sephirah Tipareth.
From years of qabalism, it is very difficult to see Tipareth as Saturn.

It's the Sun!  It's title is Beauty!  

But think about this:
If you move away from this technological world, and you ignore the fact that vast oceans of life
is being destroyed for our materialistic world to prosper, it is beautiful. The ease of living, the
medical advances, the plethora of choices! The speed at which we move from continent to
continent, Space – waiting for our glory. Entertainment at our finger tips.

It is beautiful.
The perfect illusion.
An old saying: “Beauty is only skin deep”, might help you to see this a little clearer.
Look at the planet Saturn, with it's beautiful rings, of Ice and Stone. It is probably the most
beautiful of all heavenly bodies.

Reading the Greek mythologies we learn that Kronos was a handsome man, very able at
seducing beautiful woman, as prizes. The historic Saturn as the King of Crete was a Sun-
King, inventive and prosperous. He transformed Crete from a Dead Island to a Cultural

Ironically, the Roman feast of Saturnalia became Christmas. The lord of the Material world,
celebrated with the Slain God. The Taker, equated with the Giver. Very odd, me thinks.

Lower Six Spheres

Looking at the 3 pillars, we will see that tipareth resides in the group of the Rational. And in
our world, the rational leads with the clever words of prosperity and advancements. Of riches
for all, luxury and bliss. The mystical and spiritual are dissected by “scientist” who lack
intuition, who lack insight. Our intuition is disassembled and sacrificed to the Lord of Lies.

We only hear about great scientists.
Albert Einstein said that imagination is the Key to science. Intuition.
Our scientist are mostly employees of great companies, who must prostitute their brilliance
and intuitions for fun and profit. This is as old as time, one “recent” event was Tesla, who 's
brilliance was restrained by the greed of others.

Some truly scientific people work in Universities where disillusion and alienation frustrate
their efforts. Dead-lines make people dead. Budgets make people despair.

Automatons and Puppets are the eventual result. Others work for Companies and are being
kept busy trying to survive. The idealism of their hearts slowly being replaced by sporting
highlights, new entertainment systems, better toys, better things to fill the void of idealism.

Intuition has been vilified to something that some women have to guide them in romance?

All Human Beings have intuition! We have just been taught never to listen. Intuition is part of
being Human! It is almost guaranteed by our evolutionary state!

But we are programmed to do and believe and say the things that'll wipe it from our beings.

Rationalize.  Dissect.
Remove all possible spiritual or mystical meaning.
Lay it bare, rape it with disrespect and disown it.
“Intuition is a lie!”
Something “special” people have that can talk to the dead, charlatans and liars.

The true beauty of intuition can never be verbalized nor rationalized.

That aside.
Lets look at what happens when we “upgrade” our world to a six sphere reality.  Now, if we
add the 6th sphere to our Saturn ruled world, we have a more balanced world.  

Lower Six Spheres

This World is no longer Ruled by a single power, instead, the power is shared between the
Rational and the Intuitive. This is here where the manifested being have larger frontal brain
Only when we are here on our path of evolution, can we be called Human. Because the
qualities of the humane are locked in refined behaviorisms, in empathy, abstraction, science.

We learn that in groups we prosper.  Single minded and self obsessed people are not fit to
Dictatorships are for primates, not
We learn that by sacrificing the living things for dead things are Evil.
We learn that we are the Guardians of Life, and that we have a Sacred duty to this Planet
and all its life forms, to protect, to heal, to ensure survival.
We realize that we are alone against the multitudes driven by chaos and animal greed.
We learn that we have to stand strong, never falter, for if we do, the whole world will suffer.

This is the Germanic world.

The very apt Hebrew title for this sphere is Severity.

It is not balanced on pure spirituality, it is an extreme. Here we have to do harsh thing from
time to time.

Imagine you have a farm and on it cattle. You must know that the land you have cannot be
exploited indefinitely. You must know that the amount of cows you can have is finite. You must
balance the order, what the land can provide continuously so that your cattle will never starve,
and the land must never be depleted from its resources.
When the cattle increase is too much, you have to cull.
If you have a clear goal of milk production, you must insure that your cattle is in good shape.
You also know that you should not have too many bulls. The weaker genetic bulls must be

It's a Severe world. Unsavory things must be done. When a cow goes into labor with
complications, you have to help the little one into this world ignoring the absolute gore and
blood that will go with it. No one ever said that being a guardian of life would be easy. No one
ever said that it was fair.

If there is a big carnivore living on you farm, you must make a severe decision: Either kill it or
feed it. If you feed it, you have to kill your cattle. So, no matter which way you go, it'll be
UNFAIR to something. Removing it from its home is equally cruel. But at least it'll live...
maybe later to return, stronger with a couple of friends...
That is the reality. We do not live on a planet of infinite resources.

We cannot pretend that we are Mr. Niceguy forever. Somewhere along the line our niceness
and our fairness will be the ax chopping of our own heads.

A simple lesson.
The Yggdrasil Deity is Frey, and the World is Ljosalfheim, the world of the Light Elves. The
Guardians of Life.

Then there is another point to ponder, in Traditional Astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn.
The difference between Aquarius and Capricorn is that Saturn manifests as a Positive force
in Aquarius and as a Negative force in Capricorn. Its negativity manifests as materialism and
restriction, its positivity manifests as Altruism and erratic behavior, which is a softer image of
being untrustworthy.  The positivity is in expression, while the negativity is more like gravity.

The Lower Whorl, defined

The Lower Whorl is based on the Seven Sphere reality from ten (10) to four (4).
We still have the greater arrangement of Heavenly Spheres, but now they are “trapped” in the
minds of the Lower Beings, which are the unenlightened souls.  Here the boundaries are
neatly carved from ether in the Zodiac.  This is how the Normal Man and the Low Man will
see and experience the “World”.  The Higher or more refined aspects of Spirituality will be so
obscure, that in most cases it would be seen as
the far fetched.

Religion on the other hand is a more serious matter, since that has, especially in the
Christian sects, a greater element of Fear, tinted with that Hope of everlasting life.   
Looking at the Whorl we see that it is capped with Saturn, moving from there downwards
through all the planets excluding the Modern Planets and Earth.

The Paths that forms between the Middle sphere ( Sol ) and the Outer Spheres are ruled by
the most powerful star sign with the outer planet as ruler.  The outside paths, those between
the outer spheres are ruled by their most powerful signs.  Horizontal paths has no place here,
something we will see a lot more when we deal with the Runes.

Qabalistic Distortions

In traditional Qabalah, we learn about anomalies inside the tree.  Things that the Shaman or
Mystic will encounter on his Astral or Meditative quests into the inner worlds.  When we go on
these journeys we often find these anomalies just as explained, validating the taught
structure. The questions one must face from a Germanic point of view is whether these
anomalies are still there, do we find them in similar places, do they affect us in the same way.
These are things we must look at before we can continue.

The Mirror of Souls

In traditional Qabalah, be learn about the Dark Night of the Soul, the Halls of Tipareth. A world
of Mirrors and of Ego-destruction.  We also learn about the Veils, of which one runs straight
through Tipareth. Very important is also the Veil of Truth that is just below Tipareth, separating
Midgard from Niflheim.

The ability of the meditating shaman must be great, they say, to conquer this realm of
Tipareth. Others claim that it is nothing to worry about and that the only real challenge is

Looking at the traditional tree of life, lets say that of the Golden Dawn, we will see the mirror of
souls clearly, as it is my opinion that the distorted tree will result in failure to cross the Veil of
Truth! Whether this distortion is only for the uninitiated, I don't know. But the Veils and what
they stand for seems to be correct.

Moving through the tree we can note the numeric progression as such, counting down from
Malkuth to Kether.

10 – 9 – 8 – 7, so far so good,
6 – 5 ~ or should we say:
6 – 7 – 8 -9 -10.

Let me explain.
The 5th sephirah is associated with the Planet Mars, but on the new tree, Mars is the 8th. The
quality of Severity has been explained as Uranus before.  Moving back down, away from the
mirror, we are easily lead to believe that we are advancing upwards and onwards.

Sephirah 4 we had Jupiter, and in this new tree?
At position 7, however, we have Jupiter. Ruled in Germanic lore by Thor. Victory is his over
the Giants at Ragnarök, even though he too must die. But he was also the protector, the
Guardian of Midgard and the special Deity to the Peasants. Once you re-attain victory, it is
easy to feel “merciful”. Like the filthy rich, feeling like gods when they part with a small coin,
given to a beggar.   There is also a cosmic link between Jupiter the planet and Protection of
the Earth.  
Jupiter acts like a great magnet for all space debris that might enter our  Solar system.  By
sucking these astroids and other junk into itself, it protects the inner planets from having to
deal with them  

However, this is not a failsafe, a lot of rock and ice will penetrate the inner rings of the Solar
system and the Danger is not nullified.   
Hod now replaced Binah, the material mind instead of true Understanding.
Sephirah number 2 has been an object of debate, do we assign Neptune or Uranus, in
conventional Qabalah?

The confusion is easy to explain, once you realize that the Mirror has not been breached and
that the inquiring and misled mind stands before the great Freiya, ruler of Libra.

Venus as the Lower Octave of Neptune, as the emotive thinker, Libra is peacefully trine with
Uranus, the pastel blue easily mistaken for the heavenly blue. The Sensual confused with the

This is where most meditations break off. Unable to really be this place of confusion, most
turn back, claiming that this holy place of Wisdom is only attainable by the Chosen ( like
Moses ). Most are very happy with this, trained to believe that this how it is, no need to
question, this is the Way!

You should note that as sphere 2 I have The Moon. The same argument I use against the
Traditional, can therefore be used against me.
But then again...

Old Pagan traditions have it that the Moon is the Keeper of Wisdom. Some say that Allah,
god of Islam, is the Moon God. As the great Mother Frigga in Northern Heathenism, she is the
gentle one that gives us the gift of Wisdom. The sacred Mother of all the Unborn.

In the Germanic Tree we can trace the Path of meditation and the unfortunate meeting with the
Mirror like this:

One of the greatest dangers in the inner world is disorientation.

You think you know where you're going, but it is very easy to deceive the self, or to be
deceived.  It is like mediums that channel Ghosts. They know that they're connecting
to the right soul, because that soul says so.  On these levels, most of us are naive.
Again I reference the physical brain. Studies have shown that the frontal lobes are
responsible for detecting deception.  ( Utah Research Facility for Traumatic Brain
Injury )
But when we deal with the INNER world, we need even more refined tools. Here we
deal with energies much more subtle than that we perceive with our eyes.
Things get a thousand times more complicated when we go into this world with a
distorted preconceived idea of what to expect.

The probability of bending inner-space to become some alien thing is just too great.
Rightly so most prudent Seekers avoid the Inner Realms and are happy dealing with
the more controllable Ritual and Magick.
The perfect symmetry of this tree is very seductive.
Something from the Sepher Yetzirah points to this symmetry.

Five opposite Five,
           with the Covenant of the Tongue,
           with the Covenant of circumcision,
           precisely in the Middle.

The traditional tree just doesn't have this symmetry.
In fact, if you divide the traditional qabalistic tree, 5 opposite 5, the symbols
emerging are those of a House over a Cross. Forcing us to finally admit that the
Kircher tree, used by qabalists, will transform the qabalist into a cabalist!
Transforming the Hermetic Seeker into a Christian proselyte. If we have a clear goal
to color reality with our religion, all these occult works can just as well be burned.
The Tarot Lore teaches that Truth is the Highest Religion.

Mirror of Christianized Kircher Tree

It seems very clear to me that old master Kircher had one objective:  
Christianize the Qabalah.

What makes me worry is that other open-minded seekers have never had a problem with this
distortion of reality.
I have found in my studies, notes made by seekers regarding the odd shape of the Tree, but
they always do their best to rationalize it, to MAKE it true. I did the same when I started on this
journey, but at some point you have to ask yourself:  “Am I Stupid?” or maybe “Is it me or is
there something wrong here?”

I think it is slowly becoming clear that the Traditional Tree of Life used in the Qabalah is a
Distorted Jig, created to force the True Seeker into a pliable Christianized Occultist.
Something that cannot be a threat to the powers of the Church. Its very much like the hippie
idols of the sixties, preaching and marching against the money machine, right up to the point
where they too were rich, and in the disillusionment of their followers, they said: “You're
jealous because we made it and you didn't”. Suddenly being shaken and hurt, it was so easy
to think in the shadow of pain, that, maybe “they've got a point”. All this idealism is for
In the Jewish communities the same distortion was propagated. We even have a Crop Circle
with that very configuration, that can be seen as affirmation that the structure is correct.

It has been ingrained into the collective unconscious of all the children of Tahuti and we have
been misled!
So, here we have an alternative.
A Map of Reality build on honesty, using basic truths that is easy enough for anyone to follow.

As a point of interest I will add one of the pro-Kircher arguments.

Dimensional Propagation

It is very cool indeed. But is it so cool that all intuitive warnings must be ignored?
In the Germanic Tree the most prominent differences are the Plane, now pointing Up, and the
Polygon, as Form. From the Kircher tree it seems very obvious that the last 4 spheres form a
polygon, it is almost as if there is no effort involved to see this. And again, there was even a
Crop Circle with this formation!
Can the more simple form be correct? Ignoring the important point of symmetry, we can really
fray away at our confidence.

This form in the final manifestation of the Germanic Tree is like a Pyramid seen from the top. It
takes more to see it, the truth is not always obvious. So, I am happy.

Anyways, the sequence can also be seen as a simple progression of numbers. The odd, the
even, the triangle and the square. Or if you like 1,2,3 and 4.
The last four spheres form also, if you remove the cross on the inside, the Rune of Ing, the old
Teutonic fertility god.  

The number sequencing is just the link to another old truth.
I will look a bit deeper into the Tetraktys in Chapter 5 ]


The Pythagorean Brotherhood used this obscure symbol as their most sacred. They even
swore oaths on it. We cannot for certain say that this is absolutely and without question the
form of the Tetraktys, but this is what survived under that name, so we might as well look at it
and take from it whatever we find useful?
It is based on Number Theory or Number theory is based on it.

From the top down, we have the Numbers 1, 2 & 3, 4 - 5 - 6, 7 - 8 – 9 – 10.

The Point, the Line, the Plane and the Polygon.

I doubt that this is the precise pictograph of the Tetraktys used by Pythagoras, since we
have no written records of any kind left by him. So, his Tetraktys could just as easily have
been our Germanic Tree, or the Kircher one, or even some other form.

Ten is a triangular number, as should be clear from Tetraktys.

It is also a Mystical number, being the sum of the first four sequential numbers,
   1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10.

We can see from this symbol that the obviousness of the implied forms are not obvious at all
and therefore there is no need for it to be so.  What we must keep in mind is the very definite
need for consistency and honesty.

Knowledge enlightens the Being.  Knowledge of
Elohim is enlightenment.

Here then we can look a bit deeper into number again...

If we number the Horizontal levels of the tree, from one to seven, we will see some other links
between the form of the tree and number. Firstly we have a perfect likeness in terms of
odd-even alteration. Secondly, we have a progression in number of Elemental and Double
geometric shapes, with each odd number representing an Elemental and each Even
number representing a Double. For example, the Line is Two points, the point being
Elemental or Simplex, the resulting Line is Complex or Double.

If we propagate this logic, the Number 8 will logically land on a Double, where it could be
seen as an Simplex, being the First Cube.
But, like the Square is a next evolution of Lines, the Cube is an evolution of Squares. This
propagation of numbers, being divided into Simplex and Complex does not last forever, for
right next to eight we have sacred number nine, falling on an Simplex, but it is a Square!

So here we need to derive a next law:
   The Propagation of an Simplex to a Complex, excluding the Two, is an Simplex.

Thus, if you take three which is an elemental, and lift it to a square, which is a double, the
resulting entity will still be an elemental.  This is a repeat of the mathematical law that the
Product of a Negative number with a Positive number is still Negative.   A table to list all the
numbers, starting at one and ending at twenty-two.

Pure, Point
2 Points, Line
Pure, Triangle
2 Lines, Square
Pure, Pentacle
2 Triangles, Hexagram
Pure, Heptagram
2 Squares, Octagram
3 Triangles, Nonagram
2 Pentacles
Pure Hendecagram
2 Hexagrams
2 Heptagrams
3 Pentacles
2 Octograms
2 Nonagrams
2 Decagrams
3 Heptagrams
2 Hendecagrams

I think it is obvious that the Pure Simplex are Prime numbers, and all others are not.  But
what we see with number fourteen is that this Simplex raised to a Complex is a Complex!
This violates our new law!

Or maybe we just have to correct it:

   The Propagation of an Simplex by an Simplex number,
   is an Simplex.
   The Propagation of an Simplex by a Complex number,
   in a Complex.

Look again at nine.
It is the Product of 3 x 3.  It is clearly not a prime.
It is a Simplex raised by a Simplex.

Fourteen is 2 x 7, [ or more correct 7 x 2 ( Two Heptagrams ) ],  

Thus it is an Simplex raised by a Complex, creating another Complex.

Reviewing the Mathematical Law we must realized that the Simplex numbers have a link to
positivity and the Complex numbers have a link to negativity, or receptivity.

How far can we propagate this system?

I don't know. Although I am pretty convinced that the Basic rules will apply.

Why is this important?
Well, it just goes to emphasis that the foundation of a system that merges Number with Letter
must be in Mathematics.

If the basic realities of mathematics are not evident in the geometric shape, then the shape
is distorted.

This table of propagation just cannot fit onto the Kircher tree, no matter what laws you use or
how you modify them.


From the graphic [ Power of Numbers ] one can see another resonance illustrated.

Three spheres in the Right Pillar.
Four spheres in the Middle Pillar.
Three sphere in the Left Pillar.

( This is nothing new. )
The Heavenly abode consists of three spheres.
The Human abode consists of four spheres.
The Infernal abode consists of three spheres.

Here is just a few other things about 3-4-3.

4 - 3 = 1 ( Prima Deus )
3 / 4 = 0.75 ( The Seven and Five, 7 + 5 = 12 )
4 / 3 = 1.333 ( One and Three )

3 + 4 = 7 ( Planets )
3 * 4 = 12 ( Star Signs )
3 + 4 + 3 = 10 ( Numbers )

3 * 4 * 3 = 36 ( 26 + 10, The complete Roman System? )
The 36 is indicated as meaningful, but I have nothing to say about that now. All we can see
from the basic pattern above, is that it must have something to do with Numbers.  One
possible is the 36 decans in Astrology?

3 – 7 – 12

From the Sepher Yetzirah we have these three numbers as the most sacred, and it is used
right through the Bible as such. Even in the New Testament the sacredness of numbers as
stressed. But what we need to see is how all the criteria for the correct tree are met. We
already saw the placements of them in the Germanic Tree with the lightning flash, with each
of the groups colored uniquely. We saw how the Three Mothers must be placed.

What must still be shown is that we CANNOT transpose these to the Kircher Tree without
violating a statement.

The Seven Doubles in Both Trees

The yellow( left ) is the Germanic Tree, while the Brown( right ) is the Kircher tree.

The vertical paths are the Seven Doubles.

It is written that:
“3 oppose 3 as if in war, with one in the middle keeping peace”.

What is obvious from the graphic?

There is again, symmetry and balance( Peace ) in the Germanic Tree, which is missing in
the Kircher Tree. What's more, some paths in the Kircher are longer than others, something
that is not in the Sepher Yetzirah. One can however try to justify that by saying some planets
are more important that others. But, it is the argument of which is most important: The
Stomach or the Heart? Without either, life will seize, so there is no level of importance. All is
Equally vital.

The Horizontal Lines are the Three mothers, with Shin above Aleph, and Aleph above Mem.
Aleph is noted as the Balance between the other Two.

If you look at the Kircher Tree, does is seem balanced around Aleph?

There are 3 spheres above it and 5 below ( the obvious Cross formation ).

Secondly, the path from Kether to Tipareth are crossed by both Shin and Aleph, while the
path between Yesod and Malkuth is uncrossed, making the
Unbalance towards the lower
worlds even more prominent. It is as if Kircher tried to trap the Hermetic seeker in the
Material, or in the Lower Whorl.

The Twelve Elementals in Both Trees

Again we see imbalance. The Sepher Yetzirah say that the 12 Elementals are placed as if
in war, 3 against 3, 3 against 3.

In the Germanic Tree we see this placement:

Blue against Green, and Red against Purple.

In the Kircher tree, we do not see such balance.

We do see some order, with Tipareth as a pivot, the tree diagonals on the top left oppose
the diagonals on the top or bottom right, and vice versa. But the note that they stand “as if
in war” is not clear in this symbol.

From the 3 – 7 – 12, I think it must be obvious that the traditional tree of life used by
Qabalists is indeed twisted.

The Gra Tree

Just as illustration, the assignment of Hebrew Letter to Path:

The Germanic Tree might have the same placement of Hebrew Letters, but this might not be
totally correct. More work will be done to see if there is a better pattern than this.

The uncertainty is around the seven Doubles and the twelve Elementals. There is no doubt
concerning the three mothers.
The arrangement of Hebrew Letters here is slightly different than that of old Rabbi Gra, he
had to modify his logic to fit the odd placement of Numbers in the tree.
Next, we will look a little closer at the Hebrew alphabet to see whether we can accept what
we have so far or maybe we need to look even deeper.

Lower Whorl

Now we are ready to deal with Numbers again, luckily only seven of them!
I mentioned earlier that the lower whorl has a set of rules quite different than that of the upper
whorl. This leads us to some deviations and unique manifestations.  Firstly, we must note
that the Lower Whorl is ruled by Saturn.  But, if we look at our tree, the seventh from the
bottom, we see Neptune at the top, so what now!?
The realities of Whorls are not Absolute. They are relative.
The relativity of the Whorls are locked in Astrology and Number, like almost everything in the
realm of the occult and the manifest.
To see it as it is, one must reconstruct the lower whorl ignoring the upper realms, one must
go back in time and learn all about the astrology of the dark ages.
One must be blind to Higher Evolutions, be ruled by fears and passions, to see it clear.

When that is done, we have to take that knowledge and merge it with our new understanding
of mystical numbers, re-align it with planetary and divine dynamics, and create a picture of it!

Lower Whorl

The Qabalistic Whorl

Beautiful new insights are revealed when we look at this configuration, for example, Aquarius
is the Path between Saturn and Jupiter. The Expansive and Positive Power of Jupiter
sharpened with Saturn's discipline and sense for Technology. Pisces is the path between
Jupiter and Venus, adding the sensuality of Venus.

The Strangest Path is Leo, being the way between the Moon and Venus. But I'm sure that if
you think about your Leo friends you'll notice their sociability ( Libra, Positive Venus ) and
their Loyalty ( Positive Moon ) as being their most powerful traits. Yet, Leo's can be harsh,
that comes from the Balancing sign of Aquarius.

The inner signs are those that is the purest expression of the outer planets energy.
Like no other sign but Cancer can be on the Path between the Sun and the Moon.
What should be blatantly obvious about this Whorl is that is in effect the middle seven
spheres of the Traditional Tree of Life, what we short is Malkuth, Chokma and Kether.

Further there is the direct path from “Binah” to Chesed, which in the Traditional is absent.
Here now we see why such a path has value, as it illustrate the being of Aquarius beautifully.

But, then what will the lower Whorl look like from the Upper Whorl? The answer is that it does
not look like a separate Whorl at all, since the Being with Upper Whorl consciousness will be
aware of the Whole Tree, effectively both Whorls.

We can draw the lower part of the Whole tree and call it the Relative Lower Whorl, but in that
configuration we have important things that must be very clear. So we will do that a bit later.

Power of Numbers

The Alphabet in the Tree - Version