The Runes

I have to start with a basic introduction to Runes, also adding and mixing in my own ideas and insights.

The mythology of their Origin is not as clear as one would like, the most favored theory is that Odin
“plucked” them from the World three in his Immolation of himself unto himself. But he only got eighteen
runes, not the full set of twenty-four.

The other myth that deal with rune origins is The Lay of Rig, where we learn that the god Heimdal
traveled the world and spawned the races of man, and then, seeing his royal bloodline in Jarl, he gave
him the secret of the Runes.


This I think is the Biggest block ever. To merge the 22 and the 24.
The Nine with the Ten, the Worlds with the Spheres.

If you merge them with linear logic, you'll end with even more, and this will make it impossible to use
the tree as it is, with the paths it has.

There is some obvious links between the Hebrew and Germanic alphabets, nothing mystical about
that since both were used to express human tongues.

We see Vav with Feoh, Uruz and Wunjo.
We have Yod with Isa, Jera and maybe Eihwaz.
We have Ingwaz and Othalla, all alone, so is Tzaddi and Ayin, Chet and Shin.

What shall we do with Shin? Since it is a composite of S and H,
can we say it is Sowelo and Hagalaz? Or do we keep all of them?
The same goes for Tzaddi, being "T" and "Z".

Ayin can ve equated to Othalla, the "Ohhh" sound, but there is some question about if we can!

If we do, we will have to re-write the balanced powers of 3-7-12.

The three mothers might be destroyed and we will be left with an abomination greater than the Kircher
Tree. Without Shin, we are left in a world where Purity is obsolete.

So how then do we reach Synthesis?

Just look at the Tree, and then at the Runes. Isn't it obvious?

All Runes fit INSIDE the Tree.
They are not PATHS, but combinations of Paths.

From there they gain their Magical Powers.  They connect the "muscles" and the "brain", they give
meaning to the powers, the are manifested uniqueness on archetypal level.

Runes bind principles. They Bind Worlds.

The even bind Whorls, like Feoh runs from Kether in upper-whorl to Malkuth in lower-whorl.

Whorls are combinations of Worlds, like the Upper whorl is the three worlds of Asgard, Vaneheim
and Muspelheim combined. These form the Divine Whorl, or Heaven.  This Divine Whorl is more
understandable when expressed as a sub-whorl, being only half of the upper whorl.  The numeric
beauty is still there.  The prime number is three.

If we explore this idea a little we can draw a guide binary guide:

Asgard = Order
Vaneheim = Life
Muspleheim = Fire and Light

These are all Four powers of Goodness that we see in Germanic Religion,  

Order is opposed by Chaos ( Modern concept of dis-order,
Life ( Sex ) is opposed by Death ( lustful sex is in service of Death since no new life is the Aim,
pregnancy prevention is pervertion, just like it is also said in the Hebrew book of Jasher.)
Fire is opposed by Cold,
Light by darkness.

The Lower Whorl is the remaining Six Worlds.
The only weird world is that of the Light-elves, which for me is a link to Elohim, the guardians of light in
the Lower Realms.  But their function, I think was the awakening of the ewa in humans, so that we can
be the new Guardians.  Apparently, they had urgent business elsewhere.
We can define the Christian hell also as a Whorl, the Bottom three worlds of Jotunsheim, Helheim and
Niflheim combined will shape it.

Man-Whorl is contained in the Middle three worlds of Svartalfheim, Ljosalfheim and Midgard.
There are a few Runes that is not so easy to see as Feoh, namely Hagalaz and Jera.

Here then how I see them:

Honestly I must say that these two are the most difficult to see as they are and if you try to build them on a
tree of points, you will not see their correct shapes.

All Runes drawn in over the Tree.
From this it should be obvious that the Number of Runes used, is not because of an absolute truth, but
according to the needs of the Ancients, they are the Runes handed down from Heimdal to his People.

The Anglo Saxon Futhark has a lot more Runes, but whether they have been crafted by shamans or Odin
is uncertain, although possible. The Younger Futhark has less, maybe showing the maturity of our
Ancestors growing as Time passed.

One thing that is obvious is that the Paths Shin and Mem are NEVER used. Aleph is used only in
Hagalaz, and skew at that. It could be that these paths ( Mem/Shin ) are unused because their presence in
certain runes are implied or insinuated.

The power of Runes is like the power of any Magical recipe.
You have a combination of Powers. Order and balance. Focus and Force.

Pure essence of Number, Planet and Star Signs, mixed and cemented with the Semitic Aleph-Beth. The
wholeness of Left and Right.  The
absolute system of esoterica!  Goodness!  Runes even surpass the
brilliance of Pythagoras!  They, if nothing else on this planet of darkness, must surely be the only link to

The system reached synthesis.

All that now remains is to see if this
Synthesis has in it, or is itself, part of Truth.

Feoh Explained

The Paths used to Construct Feoh are five in number,
the associated letters are from the Gra system, just to see if it makes any sense.

See, the reason behind looking at the Gra system is an attempt to avoid that which is illustrated above.

Normally, one would make an Observation, from the Observation one can do Property Identification, this
being a process by which we look and order the properties of observed object.

Then, we mix in a little rationality, which will bring us to some form of conclusion, the final deduction.

An example:

"I see a Machine."   

This is Observation  right through to deduction, so the complete process would be:

I see a Thing.

Property Identification:
It is made of Metal,
It has some sort of extensions and wheel.

Man creates Metal Things.
Metal Things with Wheels and Extensions are properties of a Machine.

Therefore, I am looking at a Machine.

If you look at this primitive function, you will see that the process inside is not really absolute.

For example:
The Property list could have been longer, if I knew about engines, I could have listed "It has an Engine"
also,  If I knew about hydraulics, I could have mentioned that the "extensions" where Hydraulic arms.

The reality is that our ability to get to a correct conclusion is directly related to our knowledge of the parts
of the object we observe and that ability increase with the scope of knowledge we have about physics and
nature in general.

If I say that I saw a crane, it would be very obvious which properties are important, since we know what
cranes are used for.  The definition and the function is connected.

The function is derived from the Parts.

The definition is the summery of the
system used to connect the Parts.

So, to have an accurate as possible estimation of what is real, one must have more inputs, data storage,
references of systems and of Parts.

We can see that the Gra systems has an unique way of defining the Parts, as does the Germanic.

Since these two systems are the closest to each other, we should compare our different results to see
which are closest to illumination.

I think we can safely ignore the Golden Dawn system because of the previously mentioned Distortions.

I also pointed out that the Gra is not acceptable, but we must be honest in our quest, and not be single
minded with out reason.

So, we look at the Parts of the Gra system and see if it explains anything about Feoh.

The Paths used to construct Feoh are:

             Beth -> House
             Zain -> Weapon
            Kaph -> Open Hand
             Lamed -> Cattle Goad
             Tav -> Mark.

The Sphere Numbers invoked are 1,2,4,5,7 and 10.

The Middle Pillar is binded to the Right Pillar.

To get the meaning of this rune from Qabalah we follow it through the Tree, see where it goes and with
whom it speaks. Get to know it a bit better.

Being real right through the Middle Pillar, we know that it is something to do with Time and Fate.
The binding of Midgard and Asgard let us know it's a Divine.

This property of divinity we can see in the words of Krishna:

That which you see of me in this world is only part of me, because I extend beyond this world into
the heavens and into the abyss.

This same stance is often taken by Pagan gods.
Jesus came forth and claimed to be the Alpha and Omega, referencing the Greek Alphabet.  

( See, if he were truly the Hebrew Messiah, he would have said "I am the Aleph and the Tav". )

A quick look will show that the Greek alphabet consisted of three levels, much like that of the Hebrews.
Thus Jesus suggested or insinuated that he was the First and Last, but also spread over three levels of

Looking now at the Literal Hebrew letters, we try and glean a more figurative meaning from them.

Beth tells about Home and Family,
Zain about weapons, maybe a need for defense,
Kaph is a sign of kindness,
Lamed one of Control,
Tav say it's marked.

If we know that Feoh means domesticated Cattle, all of the above seems obvious!

I marked the letter Vav in green, just to show that there is no relationship between this Feoh ( F ) and Vav.

Peh is sometimes used as the F sound, but Peh is the path connecting 5 and 8, again, not related.

It might be noted that Feoh touches at least one of these sounds through a sphere, but I think it is

Now, the deduction part is simple enough:  The Gra Systems Works.

Feoh in the Germanic Tree

Firstly we have a complete mixing of letters, a lot of the obvious links are completely gone and a few new
ones, even more expected and less expected are visible.

The Middle Pillar now consists of:  Peh - Tav - Gimel,
The Word, the Sign and the Action.

The two upper-cut arms of Feoh are now, Vav and Yod.

Inside this symbol, we now have both Hebrew sounds ( Peh and Vav ) that we would associate with Feoh,
but we also mis the Lamed, Beth, Kaph and Zain.  Control, Home, Kindness ( bovine? ) and Weapons.

But we have more
spiritually potent associations:
The Middle Pillar is now a symbol for Divine Creation, Word - Sign - Action.
This is completely out of sync from the Gra, where the Middle Pillar was Beth - Kaph -Tav, or
Home, Kindness, Sign.  It is as if the Gra was pointed towards creating docility, not realization!

Anyways, the upper-cut arms of the Gra was Lamed and Zain, Control and Weapon.
Feoh, even though it is
Wealth, and wealth more often than not needs protection in this world, that was
not the case in the Germanic world!  Back then we had a mutual understanding and respect, we would
never take that which belongs to another.  It is a violation of
ewa.  These "needs" of weapons and
Control, is alien to us.  
( Where I grew up ( Farm ) people still lived by those principles until the strangers of different cultures came.  
Now we all live in little prisons, steel bars before our doors and windows.  Very, very Wrong and Alien.

What we have here is Vav and Yod.

Nail and Closed hand.

What I literally get from this is that
Property and Wealth are Nails that bind you to the mundane, while
Yod shows a simple sign of possession, having, holding on to.  The implications are tremendous.  From
the floor of our modern consumerist world, it is insane because we've been brainwashed to believe that
"Money brings Freedom", here we have a quasi Buddhist view that claims that Wealth ( Money ) is
bondage, even though it still is a divine "blessing".  It is part of the
illusion, it is Maya.  The Corpus
Hermetica also points out that the Worldly things are the spinners of the Webs of Illusion that traps the
soul in lust and prostitution.  The
Nag Hammadi library have a few books teaching on the same subjects.
The main idea even survived into the New Testament.

The Final Conclusion, the deduction we have from this is unwanted in a world of Money and the
Glorification of Wealth.  But it is an Ancient Truth that has been preached for ages, really for Thousands
of Years with no effect on the masses, since they are lower-whorl inhabitants with no concept of the
bigger reality.  The
enlightened minds are few and very far between.

A deeper meaning can be gleaned:
Vav as a figurative is "build" and Yod is "create".

What we then learn is that wealth is a responsibility, it is a cross to bear just like poverty, but here we can
have a care free life if we ignore the Divine.  Here then is the Cross I see for those
blessed with wealth.

They Must Build civilization, create industry, advance technology.  They do not have the ability to do this
with their own hands, but they have the means in the form of Money to get it done.  They are the focus
points that must direct resources to where it is needed.  In our selfish times, people direct these funds
towards building palaces for themselves, yet in a hundred years their names will be dust, they buy
carriages of glamour for themselves, yet in a hundred years, they will be gone from here for ever.

Gilgamesh, after his failed quest for Immortality came to the conclusion that the only thing he can do is to
make his
Name immortal, and to do so, he build a Great civilization.

The lesson is very clear to me.  Idealism is Naivety.

We all know that it cannot work.  It will not work.  The world does not work like this.  It's very
man for

But I still believe, and I agree with the leftist liberals who claims that education is the means of reaching
Utopia, just, I differ on what we must be taught!

The Binary Reality

We had a look at these concepts before, Chaos and Order, Life and Death, etc.
As a side note I would like to offer the following as a point to ponder:
If the
one is a function of the other, which is the other when we deal with Order and Harmony?

What I now want to illustrate is the simplicity of defining Good and Evil.
For me it is a simple binary that has the key: Life and Death.

The Law is:
If your actions is in Support of Life and the Propagation thereof, you are Good.
If your actions Prevent and Frustrate Life, you are Evil.

Life is not definable as the pattern of your personal existence, but by biological condition.
See Good and Evil together form a binary themselves, where Evil is the
absence of Goodness.
It is not polarity where Evil is an Active element anti-Life, Evil is an abstraction.
When we talk about personal polarization, the binary ( abstract ) morphs into a polarity ( personal ).
I know that it might look like a contradiction, but the only thing that will make it clear is to understand the
place and purpose of terms like personal, relative, absolute and abstract.

In this model, there cannot be an Evil Over-Lord, there cannot be a Satan or a Lucifer, the abstract Evil
cannot be personified, but on a personal level it  can and will be experienced as a possible polarity.
This is so because
non-existence cannot exists as an entity.   Good and Evil is an absolutely relative to
Humanity, without
humaneness there is no morality.  Divinity then is only applicable in relation to mankind.

The Hermetic model must be seen again: God :: Man :: The World.

All that is was sprung from the being of "God", and "God" is Goodness.  Or presence, or Energy.

If Goodness is Energy, how can Evil be equal to Energy or the possessor of Energy?
No, Evil is the Absence of Energy.  It is not the nothingness inside creation, since that nothingness still
serves as a medium for transporting energy.  Evil is non-existence, evil people strive towards non-being,
destruction, the delusions of an infernal empire motivates them, just like some people are motivated by the
promise of heaven, Valhalla or Nirvana.  

In this world of ours, the Spiritual is the Service of Life.

You cannot be an Evil Spiritualist!  The service unto Evil is the service unto Non-Existence, unto death
and decay, it's a service unto chaos, coldness and darkness.

Spirituality is the realization of Life, it is the service thereof, the Spirit is Breath, Pneuma, Ruach.  
It is so absolutely simple that I more often than not stand in amazement that we as a group can be so
deceived into thinking that the Spiritual is the service unto Dead things, that the Spiritual is the
contemplation of things beyond the "
Gates of Death" and/or about when we ourselves will be beyond
those Gates.  It is insane!  We constantly think that
The Spiritual is somehow above us, where the reality
is that the Spiritual
is us!

See, somehow the Soul has been confused with the practice of Evil.  That is probably why our world is so
contradicted within itself.  Evil and the Priests of Evil is ruling everything, from our political to our religious,
from our social to our global, from our schools to our entertainment.  It is everywhere.  Anybody that lives
in accordance with the
Protocols of the Elders of Zion ( whether it is a hoax or not ) are in an active
sense busy with evil since the whole thing starts of with a decree that the non-Zionist is a non-being, it is a
manifest by which to thwart life energy, by constraining, by deception and by murder.
It is
dishonest, where open Warfare would have been honest.

The Gnostics ( ) believed that the
True God is in exile and that the only link we as his
children have to him is our souls.  They also believed that this world is ruled by the Evil God that has one
goal and one goal only:  Chaos and Death to the children of the
True God.  This Evil God is really an
interesting concept since it assumes the possibility that Evil can and do exists as a  Super Being,
contradicting my simplistic and lineal logic that claims that it cannot be.

It is a very hardcore view on Reality.  It is judgemental and opinionated.  It is conservative and right-wing.
Yet, it is liberal and communist at the same time.  Like Thomas Covenant said: It is the Nexus Point of my
inner Contradiction.

( Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever, it the Greatest expression of Modern Mythology I have seen so far.
An absolute MUST.)

But I propose that the
Evil God is no god at all, but our own inabilities to realize Spirituality.  The Evil god
is our fear of Death, it is our silent participation of the cycle of Decay.

Again we face the seemingly immoral Germanic
fertility gods and ask why they had such a focus on
sexuality?  Again we must realize that Life conquers Death by procreation, procreation is successful sexual
union.  Thus, sex is the primary mechanism of defeating Death!  It is so simple!  Why do we invent
Suffering gods to symbolize this rule?

Our attention is drawn back to Astrology and the sign of Scorpio that has the titles of "Sex, Death and the
Occult", Life and Death and the mechanisms of Understanding.  The
Round Art of Astrology, by AT
Mann presents us with logarithmic Time cycles inside the traditional western Sun Wheel, where
Conception and Death share borders of the 8th house, the mundane domain of Scorpio.

Where do we find Scorpio in the Germanic Tree?  As the pole of Libra, spheres
Eight and Nine, the level
of Existence is instinctive, driven by Passions, primary motivators behind population control, i.e. Birth as
product of Sex, and Death as product of War.

I made a statement earlier about Good and Evil where I stated that Evil is when one goes against Life.
Does this mean that we must live in a Californian delusion that we are all rays of love 24-7 and that idiotic
concepts like War,
is Evil?  

Or do we approach this with caution, and ask if War is not a necessity of Life?

Necessity is the gate to Providence.

Wouldn't it be obvious that War would be redundant when we have a Stable population, meaning that we
have no more children than the amount of people dying of naturally, or when we are Immortals and have
no children, while still bound to this one planet?  We can see that it is a
necessity to cull cattle, but it is
inconceivable to cull humans, who do you kill?  I think that war is the
natural process of culling, even
though it is ugly and unwanted.  It cannot be Evil since life needs balance, overpopulation is destroying the
planet, the planet is the habitat of ALL life, and must get priority when we do our selfish considerations of

One cannot be in Harmony with Energy, Life or God if you do not accept the Realities of Energy, Life and

There must be balance before there can be
Peace, where peace is not the opposite of War, but the
realization of personal purpose.  We all know that the accepted definition of War is the absence of Peace,
but I say Peace is the
absence of War!  Now look at the natural balances of the previously mentioned
pairs, we already saw that the Good side is where Energy Manifests and the Evil side is where there is an
Absence of Energy, Light is Good, it is Energy, Life is good, it is Energy, but Peace is the Absence of

War is the application of Will and Force, it is Energy, it is GOODNESS!

So now we are left with a seemingly contradicting rule, where Life = Good =War.

How do we make
peace with that or do we say that since it is not what we believe, it must be wrong?

I just say that we must look at Nature, where our selfish
moralities are absent, and see how the
Goodness of God is manifested.  I also say that we must realize that we are ambassadors of God here and
that our own opinions is irrelevant, we must uphold Natural Order.

A great part of criticism against the Old Testament God is based on His command to kill others, life for a
life laws, stoning of the adulterers, things that are not part of our unnatural societies.

We look with great criticism and even disgust at the Ancient Mayan priest who believed that Human
sacrifice was an Absolute Necessity, we judge the Baal priests evil because of their child sacrifices, we
want to
abolish War.  Yet we promote abortion and contraceptives, be accept lesbians and gays who will
not produce children, we say do whatever you like, we preach
love and ignore hate.

If you switch on a Light ( Love ), you drive away darkness, but each illuminated object will retain a dark
side, each object will have a shadow ( Hate ).  This is a Law.  You cannot have roast beef without killing
a cow, you cannot have Yogurt without Milking a cow and then fermenting the milk.  The dark side of
reality is halve of reality.  We, as a collective, are self deluded, self deceived.  We are obsessed with
replacing Natural Order with personal frailty!  The reality of absence as an abstraction is not one that fits
well within accepted ideologies!  

Isn't it time that we stop and just be honest?
Accept that reality is a binary of Energy and Non-existence.


Back to the point to ponder, Is Harmony a function of Order or is Order a function of Harmony?
Or, as a Third position, there is no relation at all, or finally as the Fourth, they are the Same?

In music the Harmonic quality is there to indicate Order, accepting natural order is to be in harmony with
nature.  The two concepts are so closely connected that it is easy to confuse them.

Take War, is it disorder created by disharmony? Or disorder creating disharmony?  Is the one a root of
the other?  

If Order is an Abstract, then Harmony is the Personal or relative condition.
Order is the principle, Harmony is the experience.  When you experience something that is harmonious, it
is an indication of a relative order.  I am in harmony with Mozart, we share a likeness.  However, I am not
Mozart nor do I have his insights nor do I share his passion.  I am not him, nor am I like him, we just share
a likeness when it comes to music.
I experience a feeling of discordance when I hear hip-hop, it does not harmonize with me, but it does so
for those others who frequently flock to hip-hop shows.  They harmonize, I don't.  The harmonic quality is
then relative.  The Order is there, since we have people that share that experience.

We might ask what it is inside of us that harmonize with music, is there little pieces of crystallized
which have resonant frequencies or is it that we can assign frequency to the fractal of being that can in its
own complexity resonate and harmonize with an outside source?

There is also the question of whether we share a likeness with the words in songs, the rhythm, the
harmonies or the melody.  We should then be honest enough to admit that if we listen to Mozart, the
likelihood of the Words or Rhythm being the catch is very small, where these qualities are more important
in pop music.  

I would suggest an experiment.
Listen to all music, dance to all music.  Theoretically we all should be able to find a balance point between
ourselves and any form of music.  It is in the letting go that we have issues.  Some forms of music are

Now I would suggest that when you listen and dance to music, feel the place where the energy enters you,
the place of impact, Ground Zero of interference.

Some people would say "I feel it in my feet", but the feelings in the feet is in fact a secondary manifestation.
Where do you feel it?  Do you need to intellectualize it before you can experience?  Can you switch of
your mind and still feel it?

The Power

In the previous picture I marked the places of resonance that I experience.
Did you feel them too?  If so, is it not strange that these spots or regions share localities with our chakras?

You probably noted that in the Head I did not mark Crown Chakra ( The Seventh ), I left it out because
it does not have a
physical locality, so the harmonic quality is derived from the mental awareness or the
mental processes at time of perception.

Having only six physical localities, we can divide and see that there is a pattern, the lower three localities
are directly related to physical existence while the upper three have more to do with our humanity.

Let me quickly list the lower three:

Solar Plexis         -> Survival, need to Eat;
Loins                   -> Survival, need to procreate;
Base of Spine      -> Survival, awareness of Physical Being.

Heart                -> Feeling;
Throat              -> Expressing;
Mind                -> Thinking.

Hermes             Realize        Locality        Element
Mind                   Head           Head              Air

Reason                Throat         Throat            Air/Fire      

Soul                    Heart           Heart             Water/Fire

Spirit                   Loins           Loins              Fire/Earth

Body                  Head           Base of Spine  Air/Earth

Above is the Five Hermetic principles related to the musical localities, noted along with elemental quality
and place of realization.  The Solar Plexis ( Stomach ) is missing from this list.


If you consider the Lower Whorl of the Germanic tree, you will note that it consists of five levels, as
noted before.  You will also see that the second from the bottom level is ruled by Two Spheres, Mars as
Venus.  The planet Venus is Earth element, the planet Mars is Fire.  
The signs ruled by these two are Libra as Air and Scorpio as Water.  On this level all four elements are
represented, thus the above table with Spirit as Loins through Earth and Fire is only half the story, the
other side of that coin is Air ( Realize ) and Water ( Feel ), so a better representation of these balances
would be:

              Stomach -> Stomach -> Air/Earth  ( Libra )
              Loins      -> Loins      -> Water/Fire ( Scorpio )

This reminds me of a very old tasteless joke, a condom company once used it.  The scene:  A desert,
The Scenario:  A man and beautiful woman crawling through the sand.
The Story:   As the crawl, the see a shop ahead, the focus shift to the woman as she reach a vending
machine, fiddling some coins from her torn jeans, she buys a cold drink.
              The focus shifts to the man when he looks at the few coins he have, indecision twists his brow   
as he look at the Soda machine and then at the Condom vending machine, eventually, he choose a

High hopes?  Or primal instinct?
real life the choice would probably not have been the condom, since we all know that we must
survive.  But the joke/add is successful because it targets a part of us where we just don't care.
It is a place where passions rule, and it is void of logic or reason.  We are all capable of doing extreme
things if our biological survival is at stake, and not all of those things will qualify as being moral or

Another important thing seen in the table above is the last locality, the point of realization I listed as the
Head, linking this model back to the complete Germanic Tree.