The Hebrew Connection

What we need to focus on here is the Mythology behind the apparent mystical depth of the Hebrew
Alphabet, and obviously we would like to ask “why?” a few times to see if it can or should survive as a  
Qabalistic tool.  
That's beside the fact that such a beautiful script! )

The Hebrew Alphabet


The Hebrew alphabet has been ingrained into the Hermetic Consciousness over the last four or five
hundred years as the key to the mysteries.

Institutions like the Freemasons and The Illuminati has insured that each and every one that do start of
on a search for The Truth, will have to learn about Hebrew also.  From one point of view that could
be seen as Jewish Supremacist and on the other hand it gives power to the Church.  Which ever way
we go, it seems as if it is all about perceptual polarization, we must  see Mysticism and Occultism as
somehow unchangeably   connected and fused with the Hebrews.  From a Church point of view it is
then easy to say that “it was the Jews!”, and from the Jewish point, they can happily cling to the notion
that they are Gods Chosen set apart from the Ghoyim masses in the West.

The Christian Church has begun to examine the Hebrew origins of the Word because of the thousands
of inconsistencies, to clarify them, you see.  So there too the study and holiness  of Hebrew is being
emphasized.  Even more, the divine name of the Hebrew God, IHVH ( hwhy ), has been sealed as the
word of power.  All aspects of reality, they say, can be traced back to these four letters and the God
behind it.

No disrespect intended, but I think that is just part of reality.
It might seem odd that I accept the Hebrew God as valid, and preach Odinism, and say that Jesus
was the messiah... too many contradictions.  It seems like teenage pretend witches, that mix and
match every pantheon, because they just don't know that there IS a difference.  I must therefore
clarify this very odd standpoint.

Like mentioned before, the Qabalistic and Germanic traditions are views on the same Reality.  Since
the Qabalah is Hermetic in nature, the philosophies around it has been build mainly by people from our
race, making it Germanic.  Since there is a huge amount of Hebrew involved in Qabalah, one should
acknowledge the Hebraic roots also.  Rationally the Hebrew Alphabet could just have been used to
encode the older system, and the keys to unlock their associations is in their titles and in the Sepher
Yetzirah.  About that I mentioned before that the Qabalah, from the Sepher Yetzirah, is based on
Number AND Letter, insinuating that it must be POST Roman.
Since the Hebrew Alphabet are counted one to nine, ten to ninety, one hundred to four hundred.  The
obvious link to one-to-ten is not there.  If the Kabballah was based on Nine, yea, there we would
concur.  So we know that it might not really be from Abraham.  My personal guess is that the
Qabalah is the Pythagorean heritage.  Incorporated into Judaism by the thousands of migrating Jews
from the Levant into the Hellenistic World from about 200BC to 100AD.  Read up on Philo?  

Next to that assumption I have that the Torah only survived because the Ancient Greeks took the time
to translate the Proto-Hebraic ( my guess is that this Proto-Hebraic was Phoenician, the mother
tongue of Pythagoras ) text to Greek.  Thereafter the Jews rediscovered their “lost” religion and
translated the Pentateuch into Modern Hebrew ( which is a stylized form of Phoenician mixed with
their Assyrian roots).  At the same time, I believe, they saved the Qabalah ( tetraktys ) from death by
incorporating it into their very strict Religion.  Something mentioned in more serious Kabballah books
and studies is that the abundance of Astrological and Alchemical philosophies and symbolisms in the
Qabalah, proofs that it is Heathen and should never be seen as a tool to illuminate the Torah.  

This is the very reason why algebra survived, taken from Europe by invading Moors to their home
lands, where it laid in wait for the Dark Ages to pass and then to be brought back to its parents in
Europe.  The same happened to Alchemy and Astrology.  

So, even though the Old Testament is for the Hebrews, it does have Hermetic keys hidden inside.  
The Qabalah as the Third evolution of the tetraktys, can now be reborn into it's Forth Creation, as the
Germanic Qabalah.

Moving on through the Bible, we meet Jesus.  Again, the whole of the New Testament was written in
Greek.  Not only that, but the terminology used was straight out of Hellenistic Heathenism.  Heaven is
Ouranous( Uranus ).  Earth is Gai ( Gaia ).  Heaven and Hell is being introduced as old Hebrew ideas
( which it is not ), Baptism is shown as the common thing amongst the Chosen!  Nowhere in history
did the Hebrews use Baptism!  They circumcised their boys as a sign of the covenant!

Reading through the Gospels ( ignoring the 5000 or more contradictions and inconsistencies ) one
cannot but see that it is the Third Evolution of Krishna.  Who was the Second?  Hermes the Trice
Blessed.  Ironic that Krishna, Jesus and Hermes enforced the concept that there is just One GOD,
and that that One exists in a state of Trinity?

We can explore Trinity into infinity, since it is an Absolute Pagan concept.
So, I believe that again, the old Hellenists tried to save their wisdoms by embedding the Truth in the
Gospels.  It is unfortunate that the bloody Romans where so rational, otherwise we could have had the
True religion back hundreds of years ago.

It must be very obvious that the Hellenists were not the originators of the True Faith, they just
happened to believe it too!  My ambitions in this is maybe too big, trying to show that the
Monotheistic, Polytheistic and Pantheistic is all redundant, that the truth is all of them, a synergy,
synthesis.  I think all these absolutes are points on a star, forming the greater Truth.  Also, you might
have noticed that I speak about Jews and Hebrews as if they were different peoples, and in my mind
they are.  The Hebrews were the children of Heber ( Eber ), amongst whom were Abraham, The
Chosen.  Much, much later, after the Fall of Israel, the remaining few that stayed in Palestine were
called Jews.  We have no proof that they are still purely Hebrew, since genetic studies showed that
amongst the Priests ( Sons of Aaron, Kohan ) there is only a 47% likeness in their Y chromosomes,
showing that they are not the pure bloodline of Aaron at all.  They might not even be from Aaron but
some other Assyrian priestly bloodline that was incorporated into the Jews in their travels as a
proselytizing nation.  Who can tell?  If we had a statue of Aaron, maybe then we could have had a
better idea.  The timespan is just too big.

Of course, you can say very easily that my assumptions and intuitions are wrong.  I can not say they
are 100% correct.  All I can do is honestly say what I see in my soul.  That, like I said before, can
also be wrong!
In conclusion to this rattling, the Hebrew Alphabet with its literal, figurative and esoteric meanings are
an integral part of the Germanic Tree, since it a different aspect of the Truth, a point of view from
another side.

The Hebrew Alphabet

Assumptions and such things aside, we still have a wonderfully complex system in the Qabalah.  Ignoring
the post-Roman numbers, we can now relax and focus of the Other side of Qabalah, the Hebrew
In previous chapters I illustrated how these letters fit into the Traditional Tree of Life, and then I showed
how I have mapped them into the Germanic Tree.

There are a few issues I have concerning the Letters and their Meanings.
First and foremost is the simple question of WHERE did they get their esoteric meanings?  We know
from various academic disciplines that the Phoenician alphabet was derived from either Egypt of Sumer.
We also know that they had the first real alphabet.  Since the Sumerian heritage was cuneiform and the
Egyptian Hieroglyphic.  Ugrait standing somewhere before Phoenician was pretty much the same
alphabet, only they still used a cuneiform style, and not pictograms.

If we look at the Phoenician Alphabet, I think we have to concur in that it looks like Hieroglyphics, but
pronounced in the Semitic of Sumeria. Yet, the symbols are more abstract, less literal, and not as
abstract as the Cuneiform.

That aside.
The letters had literal meanings to the sounds, with Aleph being a Bull, Beth being a Tent ( Hebrew ) or
a House( Phoenician ).
So it is easy to see that these letters had a real meaning on their own.  But still, that does not tell us
where they got their Esoteric meanings.
There is no mystical framework from whence these letters where plucked, like the runes.  It seems in
reality that they came to being as the most common concepts in that Race mind ( Phoenician ).
So from their very literal meanings we might be able to conjure some special mystical interpretations for
them.  But I truly think that their absolute value is in the common literal ideas they convey, these ideas
are the keys.

This does not mean that they cannot be used to glean some deeper or even Mystical meaning from
combinations of them, it just means that all the deeper meanings they have is in the relative associations
that was made (later) to the Star Signs, the Elements and the Planets.  They are keys left in antiquity to
unlock more dynamic relationships between Star-signs and Planets.

So, to really use them in the Germanic Qabalah, I prefer to use a combination of Literal meaning mixed
with the associative meanings.  From the basic literal meanings, one can get a more figurative meaning.  
Like Zain is a literal Weapon, figurative it could mean Attack, Protect, Defend, Cut, Kill, Slaughter.

This will lead to very personal interpretations of Letter combinations.

Like Aleph-Zain would be Bull-Weapon, which could signify the Horns of a bull, and that could imply
Personal Virility, Potency.  It could also be seen as a Weapon that is as strong or foremost like a Bull,
signifying Military Strength.

I also think that for practical reasons, I should give a table with meanings and associations for the
Twenty-Two Phoenician/Hebrew letters.  This table is not mine, but a general and pretty much accepted
arrangement in this day and age.  I will, however, not supply all the data since I think it's completely

Here is the first five letters and their
accepted associations:


From these very basic concepts one can build very complicated mental constructs.  One can even
attempt to describe Creation or Psychology.  But for our purpose, they serve as literal bonds between
the Spheres in the Tree of Life.  For clarity a mention of the Sepher Yetzirah associations of the letters
in their three classes:

3-Mothers :                             Aleph Mem Shin
7-Doubles:                              Beth Gimel Daleth Kaph Peh Resh Tav
12-Elementals:                        Heh Vav Zain Chet Thet Yod Lamed Nun Samech Ayin Tzaddi Qoph

These divisions form the Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal Paths in the Tree.  They therefore have a
second associative number to each of them.  That of the Path they represent.  Although these Path
numbers are apparently very important in the Tarot, it seems as if the double numeric association should
create a problem.  For now I think we leave that issue until we really MUST deal with it.

Letter to Heavenly Power

What I mean by this is that each and every Letter has an Astrological partner.
This has been illustrated in the previous Table of associations.  What should be odd enough for any Bible
student is that very association!  Numerous times the study of signs and the sky is damned in the Bible,
so the Words of God to be the abstractions of these signs just seems wrong.  Unbeknown by many is
the fact that Traditionalist Hebrews damn the study of Kabbalah as being satanic and anti-god.  This
again draws a picture that exclaims to Heaven that the Qabalah is heathen, removing the Hebraic roots
of this Alphabet and restoring the Phoenician.  What is left to see is that these powers, excluding Aleph,
Mem and Shin, are not as clear cut as we would like them to be.  Further more, I have a definite distrust
in the Sepher Yetzirah annotations  that was added to the original by medieval Occultists trying to clarify
these issues.  

Why do I distrust them?
Who knows what their motives were!
Like Kircher tried to Christianize the Qabalah, so too others could have tried to Dogmatize it to fit their
own zany view of Reality.

I iterate the philosophy that:
  If the Qabalah is Truth, then it must be self-correcting.

This is something that is beyond question. ( My little Dogma? )

It is something very much like Geometry.  If you calculate the inside angles of a two dimensional Triangle
using the laws of cosines, you can check your answers by adding the values of the angles together in
degrees, and it must total 180 degrees.  That is an immutable law of two dimensional triangles.  If this
triangle was spread on the surface of a sphere, the law will not apply since the spherical reality can only
be expressed in three dimensions.  Geometry is self-correcting.  There are hundreds of laws like this law
of inner angles of the Triangle.  All of Mathematics is self correcting.  I sincerely believe that the
Qabalah, being an emanation or realization of Law, must have similar self-correcting routines embedded
in its design.  If not, it is good for nothing.  

Yet some would sat that since Qabalah is Mystical, it is removed from these mundane laws.  My
argument: Mysticism is the unknown, as soon as it is defined by science, its mystical nature is replaced
by awareness.  The Self is such that with knowledge it is clear and obvious, without knowledge the sub-
conscience is more important.  Think about material ambition: I want that car.  Why?  Because I need to
go from A to B, or because it is a status symbol in a group I wish to belong to.  Why?  Why? Why?

Eventually the Truth reveals itself in the very basic FFF acronym.
Feeding, Fighting and Fornicating.  The basis of Freudian Psychology.
One might wonder whether this is the Biblical 666? )  

The disciplines I use to trace these Inner Laws of Qabalah are the very well know “lower” Magick of
Astrology, Numerology, Mathematics and Geometry.  Beyond these, we might have to take a peek at
Palmistry, since it is a vast discipline all by itself including huge volumes written by the Chinese, whom I
think did it right!  Lastly, we measure our reality's merit with the Runes.  The Runes, I will try to illustrate
later hide within them really complex keys, that is almost absolute.  

It it fails, we have to go back in our logic to find the damaged piece of theory, test it, re-evaluate it,
modify or fix it, re-implement and do the whole thing again if it fails.

Let's have a look at the Actions of the Letters that could be implied.

An Astrological Heptagram

Here is my list of Letter to Action and Figurative Archetype.

The First
To Win
The Mother
In, Into
The Lofty
Lift Up
The Key
To Enter
The Elohim
To Reveal
The Builder
To Add
The Warrior
To Cut
The Harvester
To Seperate
The Enemy
To Surround
The Creator
To Make
The Guardian
To Open
The Master
To Control
The Deviant
To Disrupt
The Athlete
To Move
The Liar
To Twist
The Prophet
To See
The Priest
To Say
The Hunter
To Catch
The Fearful
To Pass
The King
To Exult
The Devil
To Destroy
To Mark

Obviously the Figurative list is just an example and not the Law!

However, the question still remains:
Are all the planetary/astrological association correct, and why?  I already voiced my
rejection, but to make it clear, I have to clarify!

The Seven Doubles

We must start somewhere, and the Seven Doubles are less complicated than the Twelve
Elementals, so here goes.

These letters are associated with the Seven Traditional Planets.
Beth seems straight forward, the symbolism attached match that of Cancer and the Moon.
It is House and Tent, who but the Moon as Mother craves a Home which is the key for
So we move the Traditional sequence up, instead of having Sun as the Beth, we use the
Moon.  Keeping the Order of planets, we now have the following.

Next up we have Gimel, and Mars.
The literal association is “movement”, and Mars as the Planet of activity fits the bill!

Daleth as the Sun.  Here I feel a warning.
Can we equate the Lord of the Day to “accessibility”?
Not without reservations!  We can see why the Dark Age mind could think that, since they
believed that the Sun entered the “World-Sphere” via a “Door” in the sky.
What else can we link to the Sun?  Millions of things, so let's walk through what we have here..

We have Peh, the mouth.
We have Resh, the Head,
we have Kaph the Open Hand.
We have Tau, the Seal.

Peh seems right with Mercury, the mount speaks.

Kaph is the generous Jupiter, learned from the Lore of Zeus and Thor.

Tau ,the Seal resides with Saturn, which marks the end of the visible planets, the Sabbath of
the Hebrews.  Saturnalia of the Romans, Kronos of Crete.

Venus is the morning star, the Doorway to Day.  She is also the evening star, the same
doorway that the sun uses to exit into night.  ( Our Dark Age reference! )

The Sun is the “Head” of the celestial family.  It is the bearer of enlightenment.  ( Reference
here the cults of Mithra ).  Thus, the Sun is Resh.

That was too easy. )

Here then a modified list of the Seven Doubles and their respective Astrological associations.
Please, this is not a Law, just a Temporal Mapping )

Astrological Link

( This is NOT a final table, this is just to show possibilities! )

What is wrong with this?  There is no numerological, astronomical or astrological order is the
planetary arrangement.  It has no other resonance.  It lacks synthesis.  But we cheat.

The following Heptagram is the result when you look at the Astrological progression of

Sun(Leo) Moon(Cancer) Mercury(Gemini) Venus(Taurus) Mars(Aries)
                                                Virgo              Libra             Scorpio       
Jupiter(Pisces)        Saturn(Aquarius)
     Sagittarius              Capricorn     

The progression is then:
     Mars-Venus-Mercury-Moon-Sun ( Ignore the Reversed Repeat )                                         

It creates an unique order, and mixed with the current associations of Letter to Planet creates the
Astrological Heptagram.

The Sacred Seven Point Star

We have to, for the sake of clarity, look at other possible configurations.
Firstly, we have to look at the geometric laws of the Heptagram.
We've been here before, noting random things concerned with the number seven, here then
we have to review some of them and see whether there's some deeper meanings to them.

This is the Heptagram of Luna.

What it means is that the Moon is seen as Ruling this configuration.  It is modern western, since
the outside arrangement of Planets is in accordance with the order of the Days.  If you take the
Numeric arrangement of Days as a key, the Heptagram of Luna will create a Jupiter-centric
Hexagram, Thursday being the Fourth day.

What does “outside” mean in this regard?
If you add a circle to the heptacle, you will in reality have a heptagram!  What is now clear is that
the Titles of the points of the star will be on the OUTSIDE, creating an outside-order.  In other
words, moving along the outside of the circle in a clockwise manner, one will see the order of
arrangement of Planets.

This opposes the INSIDE order, because now the order is created by the paths INSIDE the star.

Inner and Outer Orders of Heptagram

Let's begin with Paths:
     One:                From Moon to Jupiter,
     Two:               Jupiter to Sun, ( Sol, Helios )
     Three:              Sol to Mercury,
     Four:                Mercury to Saturn,
     Five:                Saturn to Mars,
     Six:                  Mars to Venus,
     Seven:              Venus to Moon.

The Inner Numbers represent the Points of the Inner-Order.

Now for some fun:
We take this inner-order created by the outer-order of days, and use them as a new outer-
order.  What do we get as a new inner order?  Have we seen it before?

The new inner order is as such:
Moon –Mercury –Venus –Sol –Mars –Jupiter -Saturn.

This is the arrangement of traditional Qabalah, order of Planets arrange by relative speed.

Here then we have a link between the Days and the Traditional Qabalah. We can now call the
Traditional Qabalah Order, the
Relative Order.

This brings us to a next issue:  Astrology.
We must start with the assumption that Astrology is Valid.
I'll vouch for it if nobody else will!  Moving into the starry field, do we loose our sense of
rationality and order, or do we use it to see what is real?   

Astrological Rulerships

In most parts this is a discipline as important as Mathematics.  One can even argue that Astrology
is a branch of Mathematics.
We have the Power of the Twelve signs and the Seven Major planets.  We have Music, we have
the Days, Months, Years ( Time ).  We have some Modern ideas and three modern planets.  We
even have theories of another great planet, we have asteroids and other small “dark” bodies
floating through space.  We have philosophical points like the Nodes of the Moon, the Dark
Moon ( Lilith ) and even more obscure things like the Uranians.

The Astrological basis of the Qabalah is obvious, that the “Gods” of old are names for Planets
has been discussed a million times before.

This is fundamental.  So, what do we need from it?  We need to see the relationships of the
Seven planets with each other.  We need to see mathematics in it.  This then is my attempt to

In the following picture we have the Planets placed at their traditional ruling points.
The Cardinal star signs are shown, the Green Paths are the Planetary opposites, the Red Paths
are the Planetary Couples.  Example, Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, the Modality of
these signs are Mutable, leaving to obviousness the Mutability of the their Ruling planet.  Next,
One is Earth, the other Air, linking these elements.  One is Male and the other Female.  This is
then an explanation of the elemental relationship, Female Earth matches Male Air.  Mother Earth
and Father Uranus.

At the Crown of the sun wheel we have Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, followed by Aquarius, also
ruled by Saturn.  Opposing the dual house Saturn we have the Moon as Cancer and the Sun as
Leo.  Saturn then is the only planet opposed by two planets instead of one.  What does this

Inside this sun wheel we have a cycle of Time.  Inside the Cycle of time we have two other
opposing directional cycles of Expression, or gender.  The direction of time is indicated by the
linear and anti-clockwise movement of signs, and this is opposed by the relative movement of
the Houses in the opposite and clockwise direction.  What this means is that if the Signs are seen
as static, the dynamic will express as moving houses.

The opposing genders as star-signs, we already know ( or should ) are alternating Male and
Female, what is less obvious is that these cycles are in opposite directions.  These directions are
ruled by Father and Mother of the Sky, the Sun and Moon.  Saturn is in both cases the
Termination point.  What is more, these “cycles” are not really circular, but impersonates the Old
Lightning Flash from the Tree-of-Life.  Herein is another clue, Sun and Moon as Sky deities are
above the planet of Elemental-Earth, Saturn.  Yet the traditional Sun-Wheel have that they are at
the Bottom, to have a more logical time illustration.

The Sun Sequence is thus:
Sun ( Leo ) -> Mercury ( Gemini ) -> Venus (  Libra ) -> Mars ( Aries ) -> Jupiter ( Sagittarius
) -> Saturn ( Aquarius )

The Moon Sequence is thus:
Moon ( Cancer ) -> Mercury ( Virgo ) -> Venus ( Taurus ) -> Mars ( Scorpio ) -> Jupiter (
Pisces ) -> Saturn ( Capricorn )

Mapping theses sequences into the Sun Wheel, we get something very familiar.
The impression of DNA, or the Caduceus of Hermes.  We will only note that, since I'm neither
medical doctor or gene-engineer, we leave that until we understand better.

So, herewith our Graphic, Red snakes out the Path of the Resonating Sun, and Silver counters
with her sensitivity, creating cosmic balance.

If we take these sequences we can easily construct Hexagrams to illuminate the relationships
between these planets in their relative movements.  These we can call the Lunar and Solar
Hexagrams.  These constructions are very important in understanding the manifestation of being.  The
Moon, rules the Inner worlds, the Receptive, the Female.  The Sun, rules the Outer worlds, the
Projecting, the Male.  These issues about Inner and Outer must be faced.  Like the genitalia of all
mammalian females it is receptive, it takes into itself, the male is projecting, its phallus is an Outer
extension.  All we must realize is that our sexuality is as natural as the cycles of time.

I've read about a cult that called itself gnostic and hermetic, who claimed that homosexuality is the
pure way.  If you're not homosexual, at least be celibate!  

In my opinion, that is Evil.  Life is sacred, the mechanisms and the cycles thereof is sacred.  As the
Trees are sacred for their natural life sustaining properties, so too is our sexuality.  The irony of
homosexuality is that it is not sexual at all, since sex pertain to the sexes, in effect, male and female.

Look at this idea:  If you would mindlessly exercise your body to perfection, would you be able to
claim that you are in harmony with nature?  Or if you studied endlessly the disciple of mathematics,
would you then be able to claim harmony then?

I said it before about Christianity and I'll say it about these
gnostic cults, if it is anti sex, it is anti life,
it is a Cult of the Dead!

All I'm trying to say is that the natural  thing to do is to get both sides well tuned.  Any cult that claims
that their philosophy is holistic and natural but also claim that homosexuality or celibacy is a must is
anti-life, and anti-life is death.  Beware of them.

Here we have our Solar Hexagram:

We've seen this before, slightly modified, with the Moon at the bottom and the Sun in the Middle.  
Yes, it is the Lower Whorl or the Traditional Qabalistic Planet placement.  So, to correct this one
we need to add the middle planet, which is the Moon.  

From this addition we get the following:

  The Luna-Centric Hexagram.  

This arrangement of planets is as one would see the planets in space, ignoring Earth.
Sun-Mercury-Venus-Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn.  Swapping Sun and Moon, we find the
Lunar Cycle, and this is what it looks like as a Hexagram, note the Sun is already included.

This arrangement is the same as the in Traditional Qabalah, but I prefer to label it a bit more
scientific.  The Planets are arranged according to their apparent
Relative speed as they move
through the heavens.  Thus, I call it the
Relative Seven.  

But, we are dealing with patterns of Seven, and a Hexagram is based on six, so we need to do the
simple thing to translate this Hexagram with a Center, to Heptagram.

So far we have shown three models for mapping Heptagrams, the
Days-of-the-Week, the
Celestial and the Relative. Referring now to the Sepher Yetzirah, we find that there is a statement
made about the Middle of the seven.  It says that the Heavenly Palace is precisely in the Middle
and acts as a Balance of the other six.  In the previous hexagrams we had the Sun and Moon
respectively as centers, or middles, creating balance, or being the point of balance.  Now we must
find which planet the writers of the Sepher Yetzirah saw as the  Heavenly Palace.  It is in the
Classical Hebrew Mysticism that we find which one of the planets are called the Heavenly Palace.  
It is Saturn.

Now we have a Problem.  How do we modify either of our three models to have Saturn in the
Middle?  Or is there another way, that is logical and astrological, to do this?

Remember that I talked about taking the Heptagram and using its INNER order as a new OUTER
order?  We've done this before. Lets revisit.

The Chronocentric Heptagram

Lets start with the Relative Outer Order, the Inner Order is then that of the Days of the Week.  If we
move the
Days of the Week Inner Order to be the OUTER order we get this arrangement as a new
INNER order:


If we do this Inside-Out mapping again, we will end up with the Inverse of the Relative.  
Effectively the order will then be counter clockwise, if we started with clockwise.  The one rule
we followed so far is always to start with the Moon, she is the closest to us.

Now we have our Heavenly Palace in the Middle. That was so easy!

The next problem is that, now we have a Heptagram arrangement, where the word middle doesn't
mean much when drawn as a geometric picture.  We have to translate this to a Hexagram again, to
illustrate the centrality of Saturn.  We resort to the lightning flash for this.
The Flash is indicated in Red on the Hexagram and it moves through Saturn, starting from the Moon
and ending in Jupiter.
The very next “why” is:  Why do we have Mercury on the top if we persistently started with the Moon
as one?

We have to look at the Astrology behind this arrangement and still be happy, the self correcting nature
of truth will fixate our arrow and show us up and down.
Firstly, let's dig up some old school Astrology.

What did the ancients say about planets?  What is still persistent in Vedic Astrology?
The planets are grouped by expression.  Not male and female alone, but also by Good and Evil. Or
more palatable, Benevolent and Malevolent.  

The Benevolent is Jupiter, with Venus a lesser Benefic.
The Malevolent is Saturn, with Mars the Lesser Malefic.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are Neutral, where the Sun amplifies the expression of any planet it
contacts, the Moon soften all she contacts and Mercury is mutated by whatever it is contacted by.  It
does not have power of its own.

This balance of Benevolence and Malevolence across the triplicity of the Neutrals, creates a very
interesting pictogram, with an aesthetic Up and Down.

We simply take the Hexagram arrangement, wipe the lines away and connect the groups with new
lines. What we have left, could be called the Rune of Chronos.  I choose this name because Chronos
was the Greek god of Time and the equivalent of the Roman Saturn, it all comes back to the same
thing, it is just that Chronos is evident in words like chronology, synchronous, etc.

The Triangle is the Neutrals, the Vertical is the Malevolent, the Horizontal is the Benevolent.

Rune of Kronos

The following is a little complex, but easy enough.
We start of by focusing on the Dualities, Mars and Saturn, Venus and Jupiter.
What do we know about them?  Each of them rules two signs, the signs have a balance as shown in
this table where we look at Mars and Saturn:


Adding the Neutrals, we see that:


The Left Column means that Aries->Square->Cancer->Opposed->Capricorn.
The Top Row means Aries->Sextile->Gemini->Trine->Aquarius.

This logic in these Tables is LAW.

The added signs and aspects are in line with the previous arrangement.
Horizontal        = Easy or Positive Aspects ( Trine and Sextile )
Vertical            = Hard or Negative Aspects ( Square and Opposed )
What is more, these aspects are crossed-over-balanced, a pattern is clear.

Now for a look at Jupiter and Venus.


What we have extra here is that Mercury ( Gemini and Virgo ) is aspected on the Left, but both Sun and
Moon are aspected on the Right as (Leo and Cancer).  Their ( Sun, Moon ) aspects are again
Explanation:     Taurus->Sextile->Cancer->Square->Libra
AND               Taurus->Square->Leo->Sextile->Libra.

From the Mars-Saturn table we see that Sun and Moon are balanced with Mercury as a the balance
point or middle.
In the Jupiter-Venus table we see that Mercury opposes the Sun-Moon conjunction.
That to me is a very strong indication that our aesthetic rune is correct, with Mercury as the head of the
Triangle.  This Triangle has been seen before, it is the top triad of the Germanic tree of life, the Sun and
Moon is just swapped around.
Placing this arrangement of seven inside the Tree of Life is now really easy, we have the aesthetically
astrological top and we have the middle.

We have to use this placement to see whether it is still in line with our Germanic Tree.  The
Path between 1 and 4 is ruled by Mercury, we have Gemini as One, Pisces as Four.  
Gemini makes sense, but Pisces can only be logical in a negative manner, since it is opposed by
the negative Virgo/Mercury, the double negative creates a positive.

( That might be reaching to far... ) So it is acceptable.
The Mercury path is crossed by the Sun-Moon path, and Mercury is the Second body in both
the Relative and Celestial Sevens, making that also acceptable.
4 to 7 is Saturn, Pisces to Sagittarius, this path is then crossed by the Capricorn-Aquarius path,
both being ruled by Saturn.  Pisces is sextile to Capricorn and Sagittarius is sextile to Aquarius,
a harmony exists.
7 to 10 is Mars.  The opposite of Libra, the Ruler of Scorpio, the native of Aries which is Trine
with Sagittarius and sextile with Gemini, there is some synthesis here.

Mercury is Mind, Mars is Passion, Saturn makes a wonderful middle to Mind and Passion,
doesn't it?

Aries is Square Capricorn, Aquarius is Square Scorpio, this is a major stress, it is why the
Mars-Saturn path is the one moving up-down, and not side to side like the harmonious Jupiter-
Venus path.

What we learn here, is like what Jesus said:

“Those who have, will get more, those who doesn't have, the little they have will be
taken away”.

It is really as simple as Positivity breeds positivity and, like Ozzy Osbourne said: “No rest for
the Wicked!

The triplicity of Sun-Mercury-Moon has been cleared, but let me re-iterate:
The Sun will intensify any power it contacts,
The Moon will soften,
Mercury will be changed.

Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost is Mother.
The Middle Pillar has been weighed, now we move towards the right and left pillars to see if
we can glean some wisdom from these new placements.

The fist oddity is that the Sun and Moon are now contained inside the Lower Realm, can we
accept this at all?  If we take them as purely astrological entities as described before, we must
concur that since they do not represent something moralistic, we should look for any morality
here.  We must clearly then just see what is there to be seen!


Look at this:  The paths on the left hand side, ( The Rational ) is not rationals!
The Connection from Heimdal ( Sun, 3 ) to Loki ( Saturn, 6 ) is the planet Venus.
The star signs inside these spheres are Leo -> Capricorn, the balance around the Sun-Wheel
moves in both directions, the one side we have Venus as Taurus, on the Other side we have
Venus as Libra.  Again the gender is obvious.

Two directions, both have three signs, each direction is dominantly male or female, dependent
on the balance of gender in the three.  The Easy aspects is where there is a dominance in

Leo –
Sextile – Libra – Square – Capricorn: Easy Male, Frustrating Female.
Leo –
Square – Taurus – Trine – Capricorn: Frustrating Male, Easy Female.

Here then a very important fact:
The Downward energy is Male, it flows easily but is terminated in frustration.           
The Upward energy is Female, it flows difficultly and is terminated with ease.

What can that mean?

Energy from the Sun, or the Blessings of Heimdal is easy, to accept these gifts and to make
their truths part of yourself, that is hard.  To contact Heimdal is hard, but he accepts you gladly
once you've succeeded.

Suddenly the Mythologies comes into play as instruments of enlightenment.  The important
lessons on this path is described in the
Lay of Rig.

The second left-hand path is from 6 to 9, Loki to Freya.  Here we have the Moon.

Capricorn Opposed – Cancer Square – Libra: All Hard aspects.

We have only one path here and it is tormented with negativity.  The evils of Gullveig is
illustrated here and resonates with the
End of the Golden Age, before the War in Heaven.
It is also an indication towards the Biblical story of Adam and Hawwa( Eve ),  the Fall of
Man, where Hawwa is Gullveig and Loki is the Snake of Eden.

The apple of Eden is the Gold of Gullveig.


The Right-Hand Paths are ruled as such:
     2 – 5 :                       Moon – Jupiter – Uranus
This translates to:

     Cancer Trine – Pisces Semi-Sextile – Aquarius

     Cancer Quincunx – Sagittarius – Sextile – Aquarius

The Male and Female connection is again here, and as one should have expected the same rules
does not apply.  The divide between
Rational and Intuitive is obvious.
What is clear from the patterns is that the Downward energy is only accessible once one is Receptive,
and even then the message might not be clear as the semi-sextile indicates.

If you try to force your own energy Upwards, you'll simply miss the point as the quincunx aspect
illustrates, initially  everything might seem fine but the philosophical nature of Sagittarius is not
compatible with the Wisdom of Cancer, here we deal with two opposite elements, Water and Fire.  
Too much Fire and the Wisdom will evaporate.  Too much Water and the Fire will die.  The symbol
of Jupiter here is clearly associated with the Wise Aspect of Zeus, and the Protective aspects of
Thor.  Biblically we see Moses as an Archetype, the Bringer of Law, the impure messiah who could
not enter the promised land.

The parallel goes deeper still- The rationality of the Talmud in not in Harmony with the wisdom of the
Torah.  Solomon failed to respect the subtle balances in his quest for more when he was already given
so much by hwhy.  The self-righteousness of Christianity is not in harmony with the wisdom of Jesus.  
One can really go on forever if you want to, like the later Hinduism is not in harmony with the early
Vedas, the Kabballah is not in harmony with the Sepher Yetzirah.  Everywhere one tries to rationalize
the Intuitive, one will miss the point!

The 5 – 8 path:
     Uranus – Sun – Mars
Here we have a duality in Termination

     Aquarius – Opposed – Leo – Square – Scorpio

     Aquarius – Opposed – Leo – Trine – Aries

Here we also have an anomaly, one path is purely Male.
The Scorpio receptivity is  not open to the energies coming through the Sun, it is after all a sign of
darkness and the Crone in the Mother goddess trinity concept.  Seen as a manifestation of water, it
will be Ice.  This path then is one of difficulty.
The upward energy here is male, starting off on a happy note but again terminated in an opposite.  
Fortunately the elements is more friendly, being Fire to Earth.  The distressing quality here is that
Fire is the active source, and it “eats” air to live.

The conclusion we must draw is that ultimately the energies of Frey and Tyr can never be
harmonious, there is always some distention.


Now that we have a skeletal arrangement of planets, we must also connect the Hebrew letters to
them, but doing so, we would also need to connect the qualities of the dualities to both letter and
planet!  This is quite a complicated thing!

We have a power that is Wisdom and Folly.  Most Astrologers will say Wisdom = Jupiter. Palmists
will agree, that when the Jupiter line is long and well formed, a person will have wisdom, but if the
native has the Ring of Jupiter, there will be no question in his wisdom.

Can we honestly say that Jupiter is also Folly?  No.  The absence of Jupiter energy will create folly.

This is the issue at hand.  Each of the Double Letters and their planets MUST equate to the dualities!
 To really get closer to these meanings, I realized that traditional western astrology will not help, so I
turned to the Vedic, where the qualities of the Seven Ancients are well documented.

Here then my Final Association:


What could be wrong is my logical approach I used at the beginning of this section connecting
planets to Literal Letter meanings.  Finally, my
logic might also be wrong in linking the Double titles
to Planets, but it makes sense to me.

Let me elaborate a bit.

Wisdom and Folly
The Moon in classical astrology is seen as the Sensitive, the Emotional.  In Antique Egypt, the god
of Wisdom, Thoth, had the Moon as his sacred planet, but he was associated to Mercury.  The
Sigil of Mercury is the Cross of Matter, capped by the Circle of the Sun, capped by the crescent
of the Moon.  The Uppermost part of the Symbol is the Perceptive Moon.  Wisdom is not an
Active force, it is the Realization of what IS, thus, Lunar.  On a more Personal note, Cancers are
all about People, their lives are always turmoil, seeking stability. They are forced to learn by
making stupid mistakes, which leads them, if they so choose, to wisdom.

Jupiter is exalted in this sign and in a Positive manner it will bestow Wisdom as a boon.

The planet in Detriment here is Saturn, in a very Negative way its materialistic notions cannot be
seen as anything but folly.  It is a grave warning towards our society so obsessed with things.  Jesus
said :”You cannot serve God the Father and Mammon”, Mammon as we all should know was the
Palestinian god of Money.

Jupiter on the 2-5 path is now a bit clearer also, the Wise aspect of Zeus.

Wealth Poverty
Mercury was the easiest to spot.  The Lord of Commerce in both Astrology and Palmistry.
Either you have that knack to be wealthy, or you're poverty stricken.  Mercury cannot grant you
wealth, it will drive you to seek it.  It cannot create poverty.  But it'll make you forget the
seriousness of life and you can be the fool and spend it all, even if you have to borrow to do so!

Jupiter here is in extreme negative, even though it can never be evil it can use some extreme
measures is teaching us real values, here it teaches us the humility of poverty.

Mercury is the highly flexible businessman that is not only opportunistic, but shrewd and creative.

Looking at the path that cross it, we remember that it is ruled by Shin ( X ), the Purifying Fire of
the Heavenly Father, the essence of your wealth or poverty is either a purification or a blessing.  It
is relative to the end, one man is tormented with wealth, another by poverty.

Fertility Desolation
The Sun rules the fifth house.  The house of Children, being afflicted, you'll have none.  Being
something like Pisces, you'll have an abundance of children!  The sun is the Fertile power behind
the Rain forests, it is the barrenness of the Deserts and the Poles.  It is that simple.

Exalted here is Neptune, god of the sea and as the sea indicates a multitude of souls, so does it
indicate a multitude of children!

Detrimented here is old Saturn, again, in a Negative way it will bar any growth, any production or
reproduction in this case.
Refer back to the discussion on the 5-8 path where the conclusion was that it is a difficult path in
both directions?  If you have children you must know that it is not the easy way, and like Rig, the
Test is in love and acceptance of what they are.  There is elements of Pride, deep emotions,
conflicting issues of right and wrong, philosophical difference, etc.

So many things involved in having or not having children!

Dominance Subjugation
Saturn has this very odd attachment with Power.  It will do anything for it.  The stereotypical
Accountant doing the most boring of all professions because it pays well.  For their ambitions they
will do whatever is needed.  Once in power, they will not Subjugate themselves or let someone
subjugate them, they will Dominate like their greed dominates them.

The story of Kronos is the absolute indication of this principle.

Exalted here is Mars, the god of war, the power of the Despot.

Detrimented here is the Moon.  Like the Moon is always second to the sun when we talk about
light, it is the Waning moon, where all things tend to fall, the ending of an empire, the destruction of
your temples.

The horizontal path is Aleph ( a ), the exaltation of Saturn in Libra, the mentality of deconstructive
logic, forming the path from Capricorn to Aquarius, traditionally both ruled by Saturn.  From
Aquarius to Capricorn the logic is Constructive.

Peace War

Venus, that soft and voluptuous woman of the Decadent Rome.  No, she isn't much of a Warrior.  
Freya, now that is a woman!  Very much in line with her Sumerian counterpart, Ishtar, she is the
Bringer of Glory on the Battlefield!

So, this womans life is always defined by whether she is in War, or Peace.  The scales of Libra is
seldom in balance.  Like the horns of Taurus is not always there to impress cows, sometimes they
are for War.

Love, the true standard of the Roman Venus, is the opposite of War, because in times of peace we
multiply and prosper!  The Moon, here is exalted ( Taurus ) and Saturn ( Libra ).  What we learn is
in Peace, we are in possession of Wise Power.

The energies of Beth and Tau expressed as Wisdom and Dominance.

The hard lesson here is that you cannot have peace when you are Ruled by Folly, or when you are

Mars here is in detriment, all is not well and order must be restored.  War, seems the only way to
cleanse the World of Folly, to free yourself from subjugation.

Beauty Ugliness
Jupiter, the Open-Handed Kaph, I equate with Beauty, or like some other translations of the
Sepher Yetzirah says, “Grace”.  It is that fine qualities that makes the Wealthy Nobles loved, and it
is the very Ugliness of the smug and corrupted who think they are special because they have
money.  It is sad.  They too have been blessed by Jove, and they pollute the collective with greed!

Venus is exalted, the stylish and sensual.  Remember that Venus is also the icon of Peace and War,
so be warned, balance ( Libra ) must be maintained!

Mercury is in detriment, like a poor person, here we lack refinement and class.  Crudeness is a
better term than Ugliness.  There is also a sense of insensitivity towards others, like seen in the
snobbishly rich.

Life and Death

Mars as a virile spirit, brings us the symbol of life, the muscles of  an athlete, the passion of a lover,
the strength of a Warrior.  Yet the vibrancy is temporal and fades away into a natural point of
death.  The Rulerships of Mars, Aries and Scorpio is such beautiful icons of this concept.  When
we grow older, our physicality is replaced with a deeper need to face the coming end.  Our
mortality is then more important.  We strive in mid-life to face these dark issues and we have help
in our quest!

Exalted here ( Aries ) is the Sun, that vibrant Ra.  Such a powerful symbol that our ancients
worshiped it as  the god.  Uranus, or positive Saturn, is exalted in Scorpio.

So when we reach these times in life, we will face them, reacting to them in accordance with our
Sun-signs and our Uranus-signs.  The Sun, in youth, will drive us towards our ambitions and goals,
as long as we stay true, all will be well.  In maturity, Uranus brings deeper insights, awareness of
souls, the concepts that we are the world, and it is just as good or evil as we are.  Balance must be
maintained, natural balance and not the artificial nonsense of our modern political world.  
Remember the lessons of Frey, of the Light Elves, of the Guardians of Life.

Venus is in detriment, so evil things to do with Sun energy is to be driven by
sehnsucht, driven to
satisfy our senses, as if the presence of sensory input is the only link to life.

The Evils of maturity is Materialism and cynicism.

The Horizontal path crossing Mars here is Mem ( m ), Water, there is nothing easy in this lower
realm, conflict and opposition is all around.  Wisdom and Understanding is the only keys to

Directions as Indicated

From the previous Table we got associations of Letter to Direction.  This was done in a straight
way, connecting the Number to the Direction.  The associated letter is then determined.

If you create a Hexagram from this, you'll see that on the six points, each will be opposed by
another.  For example, Up = Moon, Down = Mercury.

Saturn in the middle is effectively ignored from the balances since it is the point of balance.

Saturn is connected with the Letter Tav, so you are left with BGD KPR, and when you draw these
in on the hexagram you'll see that they link up in a very obvious and logical way, B-G-D and K-P-
R, with T in the Middle!

Here we have the Directional Configuration.

And here we have the Hexagram:

This final connection tells us that our all our elements in our Final Table of Associations are correct!  
We have it, the order of the Seven Doubles.

Now we must look at another side of the Doubles.  It is noted that they assisted in the creation of
specific things:


Seven Planets in the Universe, [ Space ]

Seven Days in the Year,            [ Time ]

Seven Gates in the Soul”          [  Man ]

These “Gates” spoken of in the Sepher Yetzirah has always been connected with something more
akin to “holes”, like the later annotations claim that these “
Gates” are the two eyes, the two ears,
the two nostrils and the mouth.  It just does not seem right to me.

Why is the link from Space to Time to Senses?  Is it because our physical existence is affirmed by
our senses?  What then of the reference to “Soul”?  The soul is not physical in any real or scientific
or sensual way, so can this be correct?

I think not.  Here we have the link to the idea that our souls are connected to the universe through
the planets, here we have something more subtle in operation.  I believe these “Gates” are the
Chakras and that each chakra is ruled by a planet as indicated by the seven doubles.

That is it for the Seven Doubles.  A lot more can be said from the Hexagrams, Heptagrams and
associations made in this part, but that I'll leave that out.

What I must stress is that the Lessons contained here is vital.  You can easily see that what you want
always have a price, and to keep what you want always taxes you with its own load of lessons, the
work is never done!

The Elementals

Now that we have a more detailed idea of tools available, we can look at the twelve elementals with
a little more confidence.  What we have more in the Sepher Yetzirah about the 12 as opposed to the
seven, is a very detailed explanation of
Being numeric and directional gives us an excellent base of reference, and all we really have to do is
fill in the blanks.  We have that East is the point of importance, since we are dealing with a Sun
Wheel ( Zodiac ) and the Sun Signs.  East is the Primal point.  

The Sepher Yetzirah starts of by saying that the first is the “East Upper”, then the “East Northern” (
North-East ), and then the “East Lower”.

Taking the equinox-point of Aries as East ( Vedic and Modern ), we see that “East Upper” will not
equate with it!  Instead, “East Upper” will be Pisces.

Following this logic, we can map the key out and have a new symbol.
The traditional movement of HVZ ChThY LNS OTzQ is still here, but now the Directions has been
added to place these letters where they should be.  To check, we use the figurative meanings of the
Letters and compare them with the Signs they are now connected to.  A picture and a Table
illustrates the concept.

The Elementals inside the Sun-Wheel
( Testing the Logic )

East Lower
South East
South Up
South Low
South West
West Low
West Up
North West
North Low
North Up
North East
East Up

There are a few oddities.  Like Yod as Cancer and “Make”, Leo as Nun and “Activity”.  The
Activity of Nun is that of Fish in water, the Symbol of Cancer is two fish swimming in opposing
directions.  Leo being ruled by the Sun is the Creative Force,  the “Make”.

The question is now open:  Do we have the Directions correct?
Is Capricorn North and Cancer South just because we are used to seeing a compass with North
at the top, must the Sun Wheel follow the same convention?

Free your mind and stand on the Equator.  Look in awe at the Heavens above, see the Patterns.
Mapping the directions to the movement of the Sun across the Ecliptic, we will see that North is
where the Sun is across the Tropic of Cancer, and South is where the sun is across the Tropic of
Capricorn.  Thus, the directions of North and South is INVERTED to  that of the convenient
Astrology Wheel!  The Astrological Wheel is designed as a map of TIME and not direction, with
Capricorn associated with the mid-day sun and Cancer with mid-night.

Now we must correct!  But what about the Upper and Lower?  Can we assume that Up is the
same way as North? I don't think so.  Up is above the Horizon on the Horizontal, and  East on
the Vertical.

So, here we have a new mapping!  With North and South corrected.
What should be clear is that the odd mapping of “east upper, east lower and north east” creates
a situation where the swapping of North and South is not simply a turning upside down of the
wheel, but really a major shift in balances!

The corrected Sun Wheel.

Aries is East, Capricorn is South, Libra is West and Cancer is North.  The Letter are now
correct, their meanings clear.

And the corrected Table will be:

East Lower
South East
South Up
South Low
South West
West Low
West Up
North West
North Low
North Up
North East
East Up

Now the simple associations of Sun = Make is still gone, but a new greater truth has been

Creation (Yod) is ruled by Sagittarius, the house of Faith, Religion and Philosophy.

Cancer, even though simply seen as two opposing fish, is now equated with Qoph, “behind”, the
back of the head, the sub-conscience and the center of intuition.

The deconstructive nature of Saturn is evident in the word “separate”, the right wing movements
of the world are all conservative and want people to be separated from each other, apartheid
means just that.  Ironically the Conservatives are also paternal, seen as male chauvinists and
concerned with Hierarchy and Order, the true Industrialists, just like Capricorn!

This wheel of Associations illuminates, it doesn't confuse.

I'm happy.

FINALLY! We have arrived at a corrected arrangement of Hebrew Letters to the Germanic
Tree of Life.  In my opinion, the Lore of Pythagoras has been restored.  
We can know see what the dynamics are inside the Tree, which powers serve as blocks, and
which of them are helpers.
It is like Terry Prachett said, Angels and demons are like Terrorists and Freedom-fighters, the
definition is relative to where YOU stand!

Yahweh, aka hvhy

This last part is really not part of the whole quest, but I feel impelled to include it
nonetheless since it is really good brain food, stuff your mind can chew on.
From the Tables and the Corrected Tree we get the follow truths.

  Yod, y          =          Sagittarius, Fire
  Heh, h          =          Pisces, Water
  Vav, v          =          Taurus, Earth

The sigil of Taurus is the crescent of the moon above the circle of the Sun.
If  you do simple substitution, you will get a formula which will read as elements:

     Fire, Water, Earth, Water

The suggested cycle here is that of Water, not just because it is mentioned twice, but
because there is a picture here of evaporation and condensation.

Fire causes Water to evaporate, and Earth will cause it to Condensate.

If you would add the
Shin to the formula as suggested by messiah prophecies, you will get
a very strange effect of Fire, Water, Fire, Earth, Water.  It seems as if the Fire and Water
elements are balanced, which will cause a mutual cancellation of Powers, leaving the Earth
alone.  That Earth element, as we know, is embodied inside Taurus, whose sigil of Sun and
Moon tells the story of Water over Fire, the neutralizing of the Two leaves the Earth.  I
think it is very interesting that this sign of the Bull combined with the action of
Neutralization, is connected to the Hebrew Messiah.  It is very interesting because that very
concept is behind the mythology of Mitras, the Bull slaying Messiah from Persia.

According to church historians, Mitras formed the blueprint of the Jesus Mythology.
I call it mythology not in disrespect, but since we are still seeking, all unknowns
must be acknowledged as such.

Here the Question:  Am I wrong?  This I cannot answer, consider it homework.
If I am right, the implications is astounding.  It actually validates the claim of Christianity that
Jesus is the Messiah, but it also makes it clear that Jesus is Mitras!

The next brain cruncher is contained in Ezekiel 8 verse 14.

“ 14 Then he brought <0935> (8686) me to the door <06607> of the gate <08179> of
the LORD'S <03068> house <01004> which was toward the north <06828> ; and,
behold, there sat <03427> (8802) women <0802> weeping <01058> (8764) for
Tammuz. <08542>”
The numbers in brackets are the Strong's reference numbers.

Why I quote this is because Tammuz is the Babylonian/Akkadian counterpart of the
Persian Mitras!  Effectively, if the Messiah is named Yehoshua ( Heh-Vav-Shin-Heh-Yod),
then we have very real contradiction here.  Who's wrong?

There is quite a few verse where the High Lord, Yahweh Elohim (hvhy myhla), states very
clearly that there is “no Saviour besides me”.  Far be it from me to say that that is proof
against the Trinity, because one of these verses actually states “I am United”, Elohim being
a multiple, one might think that that is an indication towards Trinity.  Very confusing stuff.  
One can honestly argue both ways.

My final note of insanity:
     Were the Hellenists, Teutons and  Sumerian evil for thinking that there is no real
difference between them and the Gods except that the Gods were immortal, and that only
because the ate Golden Apples?

Here another biblical quote:
Romans 5 verse 12:
“12 Therefore <1223> <5124> , as <5618> by <1223> one <1520> man <444> sin
<266> entered <1525> (5627) into <1519> the world <2889> , and <2532> death
<2288> by <1223> sin <266> ; and <2532> so <3779> death <2288> passed <1330>
(5627) upon <1519> all <3956> men <444> , for <1909> that <3739> all <3956> have
sinned <264> (5627).”

We can clearly see that Adam got the blame for mans mortality.  Worst than that, here is
the clear insinuation that Adam was immortal before the great Sin.

Look now at the Real story:
Genesis 3 verse 22:
“22 And the LORD <03068> God <0430> said <0559> (8799) , Behold <02005> , the
man <0120> hath become as one <0259> of us, to know <03045> (8800) good
<02896> and evil <07451> : and now, lest he should put forth <07971> (8799) his hand
<03027> , and take <03947> (8804) also of the tree <06086> of life <02416> , and eat
<0398> (8804) , and live <02425> (8804) for ever <05769>”

The LORD God here is "hwhy myhla" ( IHVH Elohim ) which is as expected, but look,
here it is clear that Adam ( the man ) was banished from the garden before he took from
the Tree of Life, if he did, he would have been immortal. But he didn't.  The verse in
Romans is wrong.

Worst than that, the Hellenists, Teutons and Sumerian worshiped gods very much like  
hwhy myhla, because of this piece of Logic:

God Created man in his image,
Then when man ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, God exclaimed that the
man was now like them.  This clearly shows that the image referred to before is an Outer
likeness, and the Knowledge is an Inner likeness.

Man was here just like the Elohim! The difference between the man and the Elohim was
then very simply put: Their Diet.  The Elohim ate from the Tree of Life, and the man did not.

Here a promise that in “Heaven” or the New Earth, the saved will ave access to the Tree of
Life.  The Correct Diet?

Revelations 22:2
“2 In <1722> the midst <3319> of its <846> street <4113> , and <2532> on each
<2532> side <1782> <1782> of the river <4215> , was there the tree <3586> of life
<2222> , which bore <4160> (5723) twelve <1427> kinds of fruits <2590> , and yielded
<591> (5723) her <846> fruit <2590> every <2596> <1538> <1520> month <3376> :
and <2532> the leaves <5444> of the tree <3586> were for <1519> the healing <2322>
of the nations <1484> .”  The tree is very clearly mentioned here, even though we can say
that the "tree" is Israel being divided in twelve
kinds over twelve months.

Again in the Book of The Revelations of John, where the Tree of Life and the Book of Life
are pretty much the same thing ( Rev 22:19 ).
“19 And <2532> if <1437> any man <5100> shall take away <851> (5725) from <575>
the words <3056> of the book <976> of this <5129> prophecy <4394> , God <2316>
shall take away <851> (5692) his <846> part <3313> out of <575> the book <976> of
life <2222> , and <2532> out of <1537> the holy <40> city <4172> , and <2532> from
the things which are written <1125> (5772) in <1722> this <5026> book <975> .
{out of the book...: or, from the tree of life}

A full circle then.  In my opinion this simple connection shows that the Heathen traditions is
really just distorted oral Traditions stemming straight out of the Hebrew Bible.  The
implications is enormous.

My final note:  

BibleTime is a free program written for Linux that is an enormously helpful companion in
Bible Study.  I figure that since Christianity dominated the last 1700 years of our History,
there must be reason behind it and its source so Bible Study is
good  when you do it to find
truth.  It is not the unpolluted word of IHVH, but an encoded hologram containing keys to