About Me

I'm a Hermetic Seeker.

I have some vague ideas about what could be true, but I believe Socrates was correct in saying that we can Never
Really know anything.

So here I confess my ignorance.

I share the little I do because deep down I believe that we as a
Collective can know, and therefore we must share
our little bits of ignorance in a blind hope that one day, we or our children, can be Free.

But Freedom is a can of Worms in itself, what is it?  Is it financial, legal, political, moral, spiritual or absolute?

The eternal question is easier if we see that there is really only one logical and possible absolute, and that is
"I Am".  Beyond that all is subjective and by default relative to subjectivity!
Bringing us back to Socrates, we can really know nothing because the one absolute we can know is relative and
subjective from the Collective.

So, herewith my dribble and drool.

The name "brahmix"

Here then why I choose the name brahmix.

Firstly, my birth name is Abraham Leclerc,

the "brah" is from Abraham, there is a slight play on the slang word "bra" as used in the RSA, which means

The "mix "is firstly an indicator of musicianship, the "ix" relates to the Roman "9", pointing towards numerology,
the "x" is for X-Windows on uni
X.  So, in this one name a lot is being said about me.

The surname Leclerc is form the Latin "Clericus" which in turn is from the Greek "Kleros" meaning "lot".
Family tradition has it that we of this name are the
Sons of Levi.  Eternal priests to the Lost Tribes of Israel.
The related family names are: Clerc, de Clerc, de Clerck, de Clercq, de Clercque, Clark, Klerck, Klerk.
All of these have a phonological connection with the Afrikaans word "Kerk", added in the "L" ( For  Levite ).

The word "kerk" is church, or religious community as was initially intended, the "klerk" is the clergyman, the one
that by Divine Decree is eternally a Priest.  There are obviously purity laws ( in the Torah ) that must be followed.

I need to say straight out that I fail those tests and do not see myself as a fit member for the clergy, but I do have a
lot of ideas and get a lot of "prophetic" dreams, so I think The Heavenly Father does have some use of me!

I believe that the European Nations are those lost tribes, ( see www.britam.org for another Lost Tribes theory ).

Herewith my brief views, I only show what I think is different:

Judah            =        Welsh [ Their language is the closest to Hebrew ].
Ephraim        =        Irish.
Issacar           =        Frisian, Flemish and Boer.
Zebulon         =        Dutch, Prussian.
Reuben         =        French ( Franks ) ,Swabian, Bavarian and Scottish.

The Jews are not Judah nor Benjamin but the children of Japhet, this is clear in their traditions and the Names
they take for themselves.  There are amongst them some of the Lost tribes, but to say who they are is speculation.

The Heavenly Father

What is referred to here is the Divine Being that is our Heavenly Father.  This is the best name we have for Him/It
since we know for a fact that all our Religious traditions has been humanized and polluted with mundane or
profane rationalities and sometimes out right lies.

We can call on him by this title, as is proofed by the
Battle of Bloedrevier" and the Oath sworn on that day by my
ancestors.  That day, I believe was seen by the Biblical Prophet Enoch, where he said that:

I see wagons from East and West, gathering in the South.
I see all the people fall down and call upon the "Lord of Hosts" ( IHVH ha-Elohim ),
I see the Heavens take notice and on that One that One Day the Pillars of Heaven is Moved to a new Place.

Now I know it might seem a stretch, and typical of insignificant humanity to try and focus all the heavenly
importance on the self and/or on the tribe, but something very significant happened at
Bloedrevier, it was not
something Christian because nowhere in the Vow is there any mention of Divinity except "Our Heavenly Father"!

On the Brit-Am site there is a lot of references to the state of the Tribes of Israel at the End of Time, one of which is
that they will mistake "Baal" for the heavenly Father.

There is explicit warning against the "Dying God" cult of Tammuz in the Old Testament, and the Christian Faith is
just the latest version of this Sun-God worship.  ( SUNday is Sabbath? )

Anyways, whether you're a Christian, Jew, Moslem or Heathen, I hope that my studies and notes are not overtly
religious and that, even though it must surely be unavoidable, it is not insulting.

Like it is said in Tarot Lore
"Truth is the Highest Religion"

Blessed be.

                                                                                                                      Abraham Leclerc
                                                                                                                     a.k.a brahmix