The Tetraktys

We have to return to the Tetraktys to see some other affirmations of Theory.
Do we see the initial number propagations in the Tetraktys as we must expect?
Does it contain some other messages that we can decipher from the structure alone?

Herewith some ideas.

Inside the Tetraktys we have a few cool goodies, the big Triangle connecting all the outer spheres, leaving
only one inner sphere.
Inside the big triangle we have three smaller triangles arranged in a quasi-Odinic fashion, like an inverted
Valknot. One must note that the Valknot consist of three interwoven triangles, and what we have here is
three stand alone triangles that just incidentally connect to each other.

Now we can ask whether there's some other stuff hidden here except for a very vague reference to the
Valknot. The Inner triangles connect only six spheres to each other.

The number six is the base for the hexagram. So we replace these lines with that on a hexagram and see if
we can find anything else.

Inside we have now a hexagram. Four other spheres are now excluded, the three outer points and the
inner middle point.
If we now proceed to number these hexagram point relative to the whole structure, we might get the

Number one is added where it is since it is the First point on the Hexagram and the Tetraktys. There
is, however, one other option: to replace the “10” with “0”.
The logic behind that is made clear when we do some other odd things.

Lets imagine that we can take each path in the Tetraktys and halve it. Then we will get a new hidden
object which will look like this, when you connect each new
point to its nearest neighbours:

The hexagram that is drawn connect the mid-points between 1 and 2, 2 and 4, 4 and 5, 5 and 7, 7 and
8 and then 8 and 1.
The numbers inside this sequence is obviously all numbers except 3, 6 and 9.
We have seen this sequence before: in the Enneagram. Just there we had numbers in an odd sequence
: 142857.

Just to recap:
0/7 = 0.000000
1/7 = 0.142857
2/7 = 0.285714
3/7 = 0.428571
4/7 = 0.571428
5/7 = 0.714285
6/7 = 0.857142

7/7 = 1.000000

All right, now look at these sequences as vertical sequences.
After the equal sign we now have the 000000, really nothing cool about that.
Next we have the points, equally useless and then we have this: 124578.

Let me give it all away. The first vertical ( ordinal ) series of numbers after the point is inverted that of
the fourth ordinal. ( 875421 ).
The second inverted to the fifth,
the third inverted to the sixth.

From the fact that each horizontal starts with “0”, we might take that as an indication that the zero must
be part of any holistic diagram, or we can take the fact that 7/7 is equal to 1.000000 ( six decimal
positions to create equal ordinal sequences ) might point to the same thing.

Adding to the hidden figure some lines, we will see that there is indeed an inner Tetraktys here! Using
numerology, we will find that the points are now numbered slightly different.

In the picture we have a lot of numbers, the outer numbers ( the ones not inside small circles ) are the
original Tetraktys numbers, the new numbers ( Italics ) are the results of numerological summation.
You will notice that each of these new numbers are between two original numbers, for example, the new
“1” is the middle of the original Zero and the Original One.

Here are the numerological calculations:
0 + 1 => 1, same logic for all numbers in series { 1,2,4,5,7,8 }.
The corners of the new Tetraktys have the three and six swapped, these corner numbers are the results of
their adjacent numbers.

If you do this numeration into infinity, starting by fining the middle points, assigning these numbers from the
numerological sum of the points adjacent to the mid-point, you'll have one and the same figure always.
This then leads to a conclusion that there is two forms for the Tetraktys: The Original and the Real. I call
the second form the Real since it will be the greater part of reality!
( 1 :: infinity ).

The centrality of zero is very obvious to me. If you repeatedly take the middle points of one Tetraktys to
create the new inner Tetraktys, the Middle or Inner Sphere will always remain. It is pure and constant.
It is unaffected and non-effecting. It must be zero.

Here then the Real form:

The inner hexagram with the three little triangles create yet another wonderful symbol.
Three circles.

We assume that the circles begin with the numbers connected by the small black triangle.
Outer Circle = 1 8 1 8 1 8 ( clockwise and anti-clockwise );
Middle Circle = 3 6 9 3 6 9 ( clockwise );
Inner Circle = 1 2 4 5 7 8 ( clockwise ).

From these three sequences we get yet another link! Back to our first chapter and the table of
dimensional ordinals.
From them we see that only the ordinal sequence of One has the 3-6-9 in it,
and then One and Seven each has the 1-2-4-5-7-8 sequence inside them,
and that only Three has the sequence 1-8-1-8-1-8 inside it.

Bringing us to number resonants:

 Outer Circle is the resonant of Three,
 Middle Circle is the resonant of One and
 Inner Circle is the resonant of Seven.

Now we recheck the statements of Gurdjieff.
All things in existence is there because of Three Forces:
The Creative ( 3 ),
the Created ( 7 ) and
the Mediative ( 1 ).

The Forces then work their magic according to the laws of the numbers that they represent:

The Creative work through the Numbers One and Eight;
The Mediative work though Three, Six and Nine;
The Created is manifest in One, Two, Four, Five, Seven and Eight.

The Numbers One and Eight is the likeness of Created to the Creator, thus, the Enneagram Archetypes
that resembles the Creator of Man the closest is then Eight and One. Please refer to the Old Testament
and look at the character of hwhy myhla (YaHWeH ELoHIM).

When Man manifest the properties of God the Creator on Earth, it is the qualities of  
One and Eight that
he must manifest.  Here we have a very direct link to the Creator. Review these numbers and their
associated Forces.

One and Eight are the Creative, what is the focus of their creations?

One is obsessed with newness whereas Eight is more inclined towards creating systems and orders.
Militancy's is one manifestation of Eight, programming is another, what I'm doing here, yet another.
Granted, these separate directions of creative focus is relative to secondary and even tertiary energies,
but the main focus will be what it is: Being Creative.

One can compare the creativity of One and Eight with that of Four, the Artist, and one must ask whether
the ancients did not maybe have it right that Artists are craftsmen and not creators.

Three and its consorts are what we might call mediators. The forces of Creation and Creative is ever
dynamic and that which is between them must also be dynamic, here another link to the Enneagram where
Gurdjieff called the 3-6-9

It's like telecommunications, or data networks, or even more common, the Internet.

The Creator is the Web-site you visit, the place where the Knowledge resides. Your web browser is like
the Created, seeking union with the Creator, the data network connecting the two of you is the Mediator.
It is not a passive force, just like the Web-site and the Browser is not passive. Their activities are
concerned with the Transport of Data, the flow of Knowledge is from Creator through Mediator to
Created. One direction.

We've been here before, when we spoke about the double lightning bolt of the Germanic Tree of Life.

The Three and Six in particular is interesting since they represent the shocks of the Enneagram, with the
Nine as the point of the Octave, or the point of
Very cool indeed.

The Hexagram inside the Tetraktys is also important since each of the triangles consists of the number
pairs 1-4-7 and 2-5-8, just as we had it all along inside the Germanic Tree and then later also in the

The last sequence of Numbers is straight of the Enneagram again, but here we also have that link towards
the dimensional ordinals which we discussed in chapter one.

One can now look at the hierarchy of these numbers and the associations, Three is the Outside and the
Creator. The number three here for me is a very clear and apparent indication of the holiness of the
Trinity. If that trinity is Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Isis, Osiris and Horus, is still not clear enough.

Regard the mythology of the Sumerian, read the Enuma Elesh, pay special attention to the Glory of
Marduk, and then see what a striking resemblance there is between him and the Creator of Genesis. The
link to One and Eight remains. In the Egyptian pantheon the Creator is Ra, or Thoth. Not as clear as one
would like it to be.

From the Germanic Mythology, the Trinity is Odin, Frigga and Balder. Even though Thor will do very
nicely also. We will be taking a very close look at the Messiah cultures and the Truth of Salvation.

The three-six-nine cycle as the Mediative force is very interesting. If you recall numerological theory, then
the Nine is the Number of completion. The only “perfect” number that is the equal to the perfection and
purity of the Zero. This is the only circle with a nine in it. Here then we have the Archetype for Perfection,
the Mediator is the Pure one. Christianity teach that Jesus is the Mediator, the New Testament teach that
it is the “Holy Ghost”, the Roman Church says it's the Pope. You can choose then, which of the three
seems the most likely candidate for perfection?

The Odinic tradition has it that Balder was the only Pure god, he is the resonant of Jesus, so from
induction we can say that Jesus must be the Mediator. The concept behind the Christ figure is the
salvation of man, the softening of the Blows dealt by God the Father to Mankind. This is very much in line
with the Mediator.

But the lesson we have here is that there is a better way of being. Like Krishna said, if you follow in his
footsteps and emulate him, you too can become perfect.

I just love the way Number is Truth!
The Mysteries of Pythagoras is a storehouse of enlightenment!

The inner circle we already looked at, and now we know that it is bound in with Music.

The Corpus Hermetica

There is some very important lessons contained in this marvelous piece of work. It has a questionable
origin, but still resonates with a sense of trueness.
I know that the mixing of too many disciplines might lead to unavoidable trouble later on, but I feel that the
Quest is too important not to take note of great pieces of work like the Corpus Hermetica. Besides, we
are the brothers of Hermes when we quest for Truth.

The Corpus Hermetica divides reality into three parts:

   God, Man and the World.

We can equate these three Objects as Creator, Created and Mediator. The interaction here is very
dynamic! The World is a constant in the creation of Man, and Man is a Mediator between God and the
World. It goes the same in reverse where Man is a constant in the creation of the World, creating in effect
virtual realities on and in the World.

But, in relation to realization, the flow of Energy if from God, through the World, into Man.
Each of these Objects have relative qualities.
I will attempt to illustrate how this relates perfectly with this new Germanic Qabalah. The most difficult
aspect is to keep a clear picture of the geometric tree in our minds, with all we have learned so far. If all
goes well, the next chapters will be less taxing on the Visual Mind.

The most significant thing that we have to take from this work is the relationships that exists between Man
and the Powers around him. It is not a simple case of Microcosm and Macrocosm anymore, but a true
matrix of inter-relationships. This can be simplified to the point of Macrocosm, Cosmos, Microcosm. But
this keeps with what we just saw in the Tetraktys, and before that in the Enneagram, it is a constant.

The link between the prominent three Archetypes is not linear and transparent as we would like it too be.
It is almost a nest of Illusionary entities that need attention, that thrive on drawing human souls to it and
away from the Path.

This is why we have to look at all the possibilities before we claim that any one of them is valid or more
valid than the rest.

The terminology used in the Corpus Hermetica is in relation to the Germanic tree a little confusing, for
example, He reference that the Universe is divided between the Reasonable and the Sensible.

Both of these has gained in reputation through the ages, and now wise people are considered Reasonable
and Sensible.

One must examine these terms before one can continue.
What is meant by Reasonable?
It is he who is governed by Reason.

The Sensible is then he who is governed by his Senses.
He does not mean our subtle sense or intuition.
No, sensibility is all about the basic five senses. The sensible is like the sensual, just that the sensual is
striving towards sensual stimulation, and the sensible is guided by their senses. In a very obvious way is
the Sensible the Materialist.

The Reasonable is Immortal. The Focus is on the Inner Realms.

The Sensible is Mortal. The Focus is on the Outer Realms.

Immortality is Goodness.

Mortality is Evil.

The Unchanging is Goodness.

Here we have an argument against the Roman Church and their systematic destruction of the Hebrew
God by giving a substitute divinity. Nor did they stop there, oh no, they even appointed an Eternal Peter
in the Title of the Pope. Strangely, the Title is also from the
previously persecuting Roman Senate. Just
a quick look at Peter, who was a great Apostle, but it was also he that betrayed Jesus three times in one
night! A very fitting Archetype for the Roman Church!

The Changeable is Evil.

All things are Connected.

All things exist as Duality.

All things move, bound by Time.

All things are Moved by Soul.

Here we find a link between Time, Movement and the Soul. The tree basic dimensions get meaning from
the Soul. What, one can ask, is this

All things Sensible Suffer.

This isn't strange at all if you think that all that the Senses can perceive is Mortal, in effect they will all
perish or die. It is Death and Loss that is at the root of

Time is Divine.

Law is Human.

This statement is so powerful that I get goose bumps!

Remember that I equated the God Njord with the Middle Pillar and the Three Norns? Here then, the
divinity of Time is mentioned. This is not new, since Cronus was also called “Old Father Time”. Yet,
Cronus might not be the same as Njord. It is also stated that Cronus was the Divine King of Atlantis. I
know nothing of that, it could be when you read the Mythologies, but the oddities of the Outer world is
not the Topic of this work!

What is even more scary is the statement that “
Law is Human”.
Since Man is both Mortal and Changeable, Man is Evil.
If Man is Evil, can he conceivably create something Good?
Obviously not!

Here then a massive (apparent) deviation from the Hebrew Traditions.  They have it that Law has been
given to man by God, therefore Law must be Divine.

The contrast is incredible. Why? The Divine is not bound by law, and law is redundant on that level of
being. As Humans we have to control or hide our crudeness by inventing laws. There is some deviations
on this rule, like most humans will take it without saying that cannibalism is immoral, yet there is no laws
written to forbid it, not in society nor in the Bible. This is at least prove that some laws are silently
accepted as real even though it it not so stated. But imagine those poor rugby players who crashed in the
Andes, if cannibalism was outlawed, the survivors would have been locked in jail. The line here has
become bit vague.

We cannot continue until we looked at the
Divinity of Hebrew Law.
Historically we have two traditions, the Books of Moses, and the Book of Jasher.

The dividing line is simple: Moses said the Laws came from God himself, with His own finger did he
engrave the Law into Stone. Jasher said that it was Jethro, the Egyptian Priest who gave the Laws to
Moses, making the crude Israelites into a Lawful People.
We have a choice then, do we believe Moses or Jasher? If the Corpus is our temporal guide, we can
happily accept that Jasher was truthful, and that Moses or the stories of Moses has been colored by the
need to believe in Divinity. Just like Constantine decided that Jesus was a God in true Roman style, so too
did the old Hebrews deify the Law of Moses.
The Hermetic tradition has one major deviance from Germanic in that it says that there is ONE god. The
Odinist Culture seems very convinced that all the gods of their pantheon must be “as real as you and me”.
Here we struck a wall.... Unless the ONE of the Hermetica is Wyrd? Or maybe the ONE is the primal
head? Or maybe the Corpus is post-Christian and really did not want to be associated with the Trinity

Mathematically we can say that, “before one, what do you count?” The absoluteness of one, I think, is
what is pointed at, that two is after one, and that only one can be seen as being at a nexus point of
Divinity, all else must by consequence be less, being created by the one or after it. Divinity cannot be zero,
for it must exist, but everywhere you look you'll see nothing hidden and placed between everything.
Nothing is Everywhere. Thus, Wyrd as the objectified nothing can never be the One.

There is a Trinity concept inside the Corpus, that of Father, Logos and Worker.

The Head, the Mouth and the Hands. This is also manifested as the God-World-Man connection, the
Macrocosm, the Cosmos and the Microcosm. A simply iteration of triads will create a Universe! The
Father is the Mind, the Logos the Word, and the Worker is the actual creator. Very much like Odin is the
Mind and Heimdal is the Creator, or like Thoth is the Mind and Ra is the creator.

Theoretically I think that the Germanic is the oral Corpus, the concepts of reality translated into easily
remembered tales of heroes and gods... And that is why we have a Pantheon. I think, when one look at
the Greek Philosophers of 400BC, they were decidedly non-religious, and the Universe was a mental
construct that could be comprehended by studious observation and mathematical exercise.
The fall of Troy of which Snorri spoke, was when the Germanic Tribe had to flee before the advancement
of the Macedonians. The pattern that was created is like the patterns created inside families. If Father was
an Alcoholic and Mother a Prostitute, will little Billy and Sarah be well balanced and loving people? If
Father was a Well balanced Man and Mother a Woman of Character, what then? The issues here is
genes and environment. What you learn is true, it is what you will believe, what you accept is what you'll
do. These patterns are the same for collective partitions. Once a cycle is completed, and there is a definite
lack of awareness, that cycle will repeat, the same evils will happen, the same lessons must be faced.
Growth is inevitable, but failing too many times will necessitate a re-creation, a systems reboot.

I must point now to the Bible. The word for “created” is bara, ( arb ), which can be translated into
“create, shape or form”, “birth, miracles, to cut down or out”, “to be fat”.

Do you see why the Bible thumpers have such a difficult task before them, to believe the interpretations
given them by the Church and to do research, find it wrong and still believe?

Anyways. It is taken as obvious that God created in the beginning, since there was nothing before that.
But, imagine for a second that the beginning spoken of was just the beginning of our world, that before
that there were others, that this “creation” have been formed, or re-created. Then the cycles of the World
Collective, Gaia, will go through tremendous cycles herself, that the Monster and Mother of Monsters,
Tiamat, will reshape herself and be destroyed by Marduk in an infinite cycle, that we are not even a nano-
second, that we are not even a stage in her reality?

The Collective, is one of the most fascinating concepts of the last century. Maybe of humanity. The time
when we as a group can become aware of the Greater Cycles, learn from the past and apply the

                                           “Truth is Usefulness”

The task at hand is to assimilate knowledge, to integrate the wisdoms of the Past into our modern concept
of materialist reality. The be reborn, to realize the Truth.

The Collective

We must deviate from the Hermetica for a little while, we must look a bit closer at the concepts behind the
My wife told me her view of it, long ago, and I found it to be so beautiful that I keep it close to me.

Imagine you're walking in the Woods, it's a dark night and the path you're on is meandering through the
thick darkness all around. Suddenly, up ahead, you see a glimmering amidst the trees, a beautiful glowing.
Intrigued you creep forward, unsure whether it is good or bad. It is lovely, and as you get closer you see
that it is moving, that small sparks fly from it, and others return to it.
When finally you're close enough, you realize that what you're looking at is a hive of fireflies.

The Collective is very much like that. We are the fireflies, it is the hive. It is a more complicated than that,
or rather more complex.
Now imagine a typical fairy tale mushroom. One of those big ones that a gnome can build a house in. You
can see it from all angles, from above it is round, looks like a ball lying on the ground. From the bottom, it
looks like an eye, with the stem forming the pupil, the rays around it the iris. Look at those wagon wheel
spokes, look at the core of the stem, look at the edges of the disk.

The collective is partitioned, the various sub-cultures within our group, creates partitions in which their
respective dogmas are seen as truth. If something is not useful it will fracture and either dissolve or reform
into something new. Sometimes the core of the original will survive while one of the fractures will grow as
it assimilates other truths.

For example, the Roman Catholic Church fractured with the rebellions of Calvin and Luther, but still it
endured. Both these fractures grew bigger and better, and through time they too fractured until finally we
have 512 Christian denominations across the world with no apparent stop to the fractioning, nor to the
mothers at the root.

Truth inside these partitions of Christianity is relative and only valid inside it. Greater truths are Jesus, the
Crucifixion, the Divinity of Christ, the Trinity, the Gospel. Beyond the Faith, there is other faiths with their
own partitions, and over all faiths there is the concept of God. The Counsel of World Religions, with
consent of the Pope, is evangelizing the Oneness of all religions, that these branches are all valid. From
inside the partitions, it is a frightful event. From outside, it seems senseless as the religions themselves.
Polarities and Dualities, dynamics of reality.

The edges of the mushroom is the reality that we are aware of. The Core of it is that we are. This
mushroom, I see as a being of flowing colored light, like a cult of Seth said, “Streams of Consciousness”,
the manipulations of a divergent mind from the zero point of divine Time. Nostradamus said that “Time is
One”. In contrast a Scientific Christian Creationist said that “Time has three Dimensions, Past, Present
and Future”. I think any scientist will agree that Time is a Line, with imaginary boundaries and divisions,
but ultimately ONE dimension only.

Nostradamus had a point on a simplistic level, that the One dimensionality of Time makes it One, yet the
implications run a lot deeper, he saw things in other times. It is like there is no line, that all that ever existed
exists in one single moment.
This is a hairball of note. Imagine that your perception of time is a little ball, like a planet, revolving around
a Sun, which is the ONE point of Divine Time. The only reason why you experience Time as a Line, is
because of your Mortal Movements.
Like Sepultura said :” Meaningless Movements”. Now, other times are other little spheres or planets that
sometimes forms aspects to your time, sometimes they form conjunctions, other times these planets can
even cross paths ( Pluto and Neptune ), being non-formal, these time-spheres can even coexist in one
place. I know this is not common or easy, using a three dimensional model to explain oddities in a One
dimensional reality is really just looking for trouble. Please keep in mind that it is just an attempt to
illustrate something that has no form, has no manifestation, and in all honesty is only real because we are

Back to the Joseph Mushroom ( cool name, isn't it? ).

The upper side is the greater truths, the ones that surpass our dogmatic and bestial minds. That is where
we want to go, moving through the core, spreading over the surface, realizing and becoming truly aware!

Keeping to my example of partitions, the polarity of Christianity is Satanism. But only from inside either of
these. A Satanist is not an antagonist of heathenism, they are in fact accepted as people of the Wyrd.
There is Duality is the Old and New Testaments.

What about Judaism? Their Duality is the Torah and the Talmud.
The more enemies you see, the greater your own corruption. The less you see, the lower your awareness.
A paradox of morality. Some would say that the amoral is the way.

One of the Buddhas, the famous fat one, said indulgence is the key to enlightenment. The first said it is to
abstain. The dogma is evident. The Truth is lacking since it is not immortal, it is not divine. It is Human

The funny thing is this: “
Malice is the Food of the World”.

Christians hate each other ( domination against domination ), Islam hate the Jews and Christians, Jews
hate the Christians, Heathens laugh at all of them, Christians condemn them, Jews say they are “like cattle
and sheep”, “goyim”. Beyond them the atheists think them all mad for believing in the “unseen ghosts”.

It is malice upon malice. The evil is paramount. There seem to be no escape, everywhere you turn, the
Labels, the stigmata, is evident. Everything here is Evil.

Then we hang our heads in shameful awareness, we seek absolution, we seek salvation.

Christianity feeds upon this level of morality, this awareness. In my opinion, it is a good faith to follow with
honesty. That, however, is not for all of us. Sometimes we seek.

Jesus said “
He who seeks shall find.

To make it your own, ask this: “What to seek?”

As a youth I was constantly harassed for my love of Heavy Metal, so many came to “save “ my soul, to
show me the demons. I never listened. ( Obstinateness! )

Then I realized something. These people cannot know how I experience my music, they cannot
understand because they just don't! What struck me as odd was that I looked at their choices of music
and judged it immoral. How can one with moral consciousness be so sentimental, so obsessed with human
love? Worst were the Gospel people, who tried to save you by damning you with chants how they will go
to Heaven, and if you don't change your ways and follow them, you're going straight to Hell.

They saw the demons where I didn't. Does that mean, I asked myself, that there are demons and I am
blind or does it mean that there aren't, and they find them there because they seek them? The final key
was that back-tracking nonsense. Who in their right minds will play a record backwards? “Satanists”, they
claimed, while in fact they were the only ones who did it? I realized that in their own definition, they were
the enemies!

This simple lesson taught me that “He who seeks, shall find
what he seeks”.

The proof of your character is then in the what you seek. Beyond that, why you seek it will illustrate you
awareness of self. Those who persecuted me were themselves vile, and their own vileness made them hate
others. Yet they wanted more, they wanted others to convert so that they can feel justified. This same
pattern is evident is almost all religions and political movements. That sense of self-importance and being

The opposite of Judgment is Acceptance.
So, we accept everyone, every faith, all races and cultures.
Who are
we then? Do we by simply being accepting become free of Judgment?

Or do we just modify our criteria for who we Judge? If I claim to be a White Nationalist, does that make
me a Racist? What if I was a Black Consciousness Leader? Or a Maori Identity supporter?

The malice remains. What happened to our Collective is that we were polluted with guilt.
With self hate, with Lies. Anything that has a Negative as a Result, must contain a negative in the equation.

                   1 + 1 = 2

A positive and a Positive remains positive.

                   1 + ( -2 ) = -1,

                   1 x ( -1 ) = -1;

These are simple laws. Lets look at our guilt. We conquered less developed nations.

The Lion is Evil because it hunts the Gazelle, the Lion is evil, the Gazelle good.  The Gazelle is Evil
because it eats the Grass, so the Lion is good and the Gazelle evil.  The Grass is Evil because it feeds on
the ground.  The Ground must be the only good then. But it consumes the dead!

Can you see the fallacy? The natural is that which does what it is meant to do.

The Lion must hunt and kill, it is a Lion after all, the Gazelle must eat the grass.
Watch The Lion King with adult eyes and learn the eternal truth behind the
Circle of Life.

The Duality of our Society is that we strip-mine the planet, and use Biodegradable Products. We say that
we must respect Nature and propagate an unnatural relationship with her. We say that “The Strongest
Will Survive” is a corporate slogan, yet socially anything goes, just like anything goes for a profit is true
inside these corporations.

We live lies. The TV set you watch at night is programming you.

Who are you?

Globally the divide between Haves and Have-Nots is increasing. Social tensions are rising. Religious
intolerance is blowing trains, planes and buildings to nothingness. Hate rules. Yet we say that we live in an
enlightened age. That the enlightenment was a social stage that we passed. That the future is a glorious
place and the now is nearing perfections every day. But still our cities turn to slums and our children into
drug addicts.

Where is the problem?
Awareness of Self.

Who are we, what is our purpose, what is our goal?

The Symbol of Blood

Biology. The blood in the veins of mammals all behave in the same way. There is a cast system in place
that governs the blood.
Red cells are carriers, White cells are Warriors, Yellow Cells are healers.
Black cells are cancer. It is the White cells that must clean the system of a virus, of bacteria. The Yellow
Cells will mend when there's a need for them. The Red is vital for survival of the organism.

Too many Whites and they will kill each other, kill reds, damage the system. Too many Yellows, and the
Blood will coagulate. Too many reds and the heart will suffer.

What is AIDS? The dysfunction of Whites. The Immune system doesn't work.

Impurities are rampant, no stop in them.

Now, what is wrong with this World?

Humanity is the Blood.
The Enlightened People must sustain balance.
We are not doing our job, we are castrated with guilt.
The World is dying of AIDS.

Mother Nature is trying to fix this imbalance by “
Killing Fire with Fire”.

The ones that had to be controlled by the whites are now suffering the worst assault from Mother Nature.
If we don't do it, she will. The only difference is that we must pay a price for our weakness, our ineptness,
our failure at being. Our children will pay the price for our stupidity and arrogance. Why arrogance?
Because we think that we are above Nature. We admit our unnaturalness. We admit being Evil.
Corrupted. Sick.

Microcosm reflects Cosmos. Man is reflecting World.

Back to the Corpus and the last statement noted:

God above the World, The World above Man.

Mother Nature is just another word for The Hand of God.

Think about this.


What are we? This is how we start on this quest. First, identify what is, then set the goal, then work
towards it.
Do this exercise: State your specie, your sub-specie ( Race ), your Gender.
These are things that is beyond question.

I am a White Man.
There is no mistake in this, no uncertainty.
What was I born to be without question?
Precisely what I already know:

I must
be a white man.
I must uphold the Honor of my sexuality, the civilization of my Tribe.
Nothing beyond that is absolute on this physical realm.

The World is my civilization and my Planet. One cannot be True if one doesn't take ownership of the
Responsibility. One cannot be aware if one cannot see the Light and Dark.

I must uphold Order. I must preserve that which is Good.

   “Guilt is a wasted Emotion”


We already learned that Time is a Divine Thing.
What we must learn next is that “
Time is the Corruption of Man”.
Time is Njord, the Great Father of the Vanir, the Principality of Fertility.
The Three Norns are sub-divisions of Time.
The Past is Skuld, the Present is Ord, the Future, Verandi.

The Past is everlasting Dept,
The Now the changeable
The Future the immortal Never.

The Levels of Time, or the abstractions of time is clear inside the Germanic Tree.
The Upper middle pillar is the Future, the pure.
The Middle middle pillar is the Now. The Realization of Being.
The Lower middle Pillar is the Past, the sinful guilt, the lower being.

In a previous chapter I made a very clear statement that Time cannot be evil, since it is part of the fabric of
life. Can we now, with honesty, say that “Time is the Corruption of Man”? Obviously! The Corruption of
Man is not the same as Evil. The Corruption of Man can be seen as two things, one is the aging process
that takes us all from birth to death. The second is moralistic and subjective: The sinfulness of mankind. If
the second was a true statement then the whole issue of spirituality is useless. We will fail. Such is the view
of about every Christian church on this planet. But is it true? Can it not also be that Time is the link
between sin and forgiveness? Sin and Purity?

Maybe it is like paint, a little black ( sin ) in white paint makes it gray. A little white paint in black simply
disappears! The proportions of good and evil is not equal in need.

We must linger here for a while, looking at corruption, to clarify what it means, to learn how to identify it
when we see it. Is corruption Evil? Is Evil Corruption?  

Is corruption amoral? Maybe it's just a mechanism to identify which is strongest who must survive to
make the statement true?

The whole can of worms is exploded to impossibility when one consider our
Justice systems.

But, there is yet another thing to consider first:

The Hermetic Structure of Man.

Hermes went a long way to say that:
Man is like a pentagram, existing in five modes or directions, but all connected to create a whole.

The parts he mentioned is:
Mind, Reason, Soul, Spirit and Body.

This is so cool, he went on and said that:
Mind is in Reason, as reason is in Soul, as Soul is in Spirit and Spirit is in Flesh."

Mind is that part of man that is the closest to Deity, while Flesh is the part closest to the World, or the
real planet.

In this view we as humans are the intermediaries between GOD and World.
Each of these five parts has a very specific function:

Flesh -> Our link to the World,
Spirit -> That which animates the Flesh, that which gives it reason to be,
Soul -> The Morality centre, where Justice is the key and tone,
Reason -> The mental functions, the ability to think,
Mind  -> Our consciousness and divine essence.

The following picture shows the corresponding levels from a seven-sphere Whorl view.

Each of these named levels one can see as manifest in binary realities.
Each one of these binaries have balanced pairs of opposites, but the negative is always just a state
where the positive is absent.

MIND         =>         Light vs Darkness,
REASON    =>        Order vs Chaos,
SOUL         =>        Morality vs Crime,
SPIRIT       =>        Life vs Death,
FLESH       =>        Strength vs Weakness.    

The top sphere here is that of the Planet Neptune, the ruler of Mind.
The second and third spheres form level two, the Reason part of man.
What we see is that
Reason is divided, the planets behind it is Saturn and Uranus.
The properties of these are:

Saturn  -> Structured Cold Logic
Uranus -> Intuitive and Imaginative.

That pretty much summarizes the left and right brain, doesn't it?

The forth sphere from the top is Jupiter, and it is the ruler of Morality and the Soul.

The fifth and sixth spheres are Mars and Venus, dominant in the realm of
Spirit, where we can easily
replace the world Spirit with Passion.

The Seventh sphere is Mercury in the manifestation of Virgo, the material being, the Body.
Virgo is an Earth sign, and Mercury is about awareness, thus the symbol being
Physical Awareness.   
The importance of Virginity and Purity is slightly skewed bu the emphasis on the Body as being Flesh,
yet one must remember that from bottom up, the flesh will be "pure" because lust which pollutes are only
real one level higher, where passion comes into play.

Now if we look at corruption again, we must ask "on what level?", since sexual corruption on the
seventh ( bottom ) is realization of the sixth level, and not corrupt or immoral or even so absurd as
amoral, it is

This obviously does not claim that perversion is natural, because corruption in not the same as
perversion!  Corruption is about not being pure.

The real oddity here is that continuous corruption is a process of refinement when the flesh is seen as
initially pure, again from the assumption that the seventh and bottom sphere corresponds to Mercury
through Virgo.

Looking at the Garden of Eden story again, we see that Awareness brought Sin.
The awareness they got was that they were in fact naked, insinuating the sexual or fleshly nature of us.  
The nakedness spurred the passionate ( we assume ) which brought forth our morality, which sparked
our Reason ( we were bad, now we must hide ), resulting in our possession of Mind.

This does not mean that Adam had no mind before the
Fall, but that he had no Mind is obvious, since
the latter is equivalent to Consciousness.  Here a question: does a criminal have consciousness if they
lack a conscience?

From what we see here, it seems that such a
creature does not have reason either.
Since Morality is below reason, and we know that the criminal has none, we must conclude inside the
boundaries of our system that such a criminal cannot be
conscious!  But, there it is, walking talking and
joking.  Planning and interacting with all around it.  It must be conscious!

What do have here now?  A really confusing situation where we have to define consciousness.
Somehow we must see if our Hermetic model is right or wrong.


The problem I see is that we have a current definition that says you are a conscious or sentient being
when you are aware of your environment.

Here a quote form for sentient:

"Having sense perception; conscious: “The living knew themselves just sentient puppets on God's stage”
(T.E. Lawrence).
Experiencing sensation or feeling. "

It is noted that to be truly conscious you must be inwardly aware.  
How can you then define the consciousness of a tree if you have no means by which to communicate to

is consciousness?

You might have guessed that I have some sorry excuse of a theory at hand, so if you did, here it is!

The inward awareness is defined by esoterica.  
So as arrogant humans always do, I assume that there might be levels of awareness, and further more I
assume that these levels of awareness must be perceivable from outside.  How consciousness manifests
I then assume must be related to it's level.

So, an amoeba is aware of it's surroundings, since it tries to eat everything it comes into contact with.  
We can deduce that it has a primary drive towards physical survival, but we do not see it exhibit
anything that might be considered passionate, yet it seems as if it is alive.
So we can safely conclude that the level of consciousness in an amoeba is

Next we take a mammal, for example mice, do they exhibit something that we might call passion?
Apparently not.

We take simians, Chimpanzees, do they exhibit anything that might be called passion?
Well, they do get really excited when you threaten them, they have  the ability to express emotions, get
attached to humans and even pets, like a cat or dog.

So we might safely assume that simians must have an awareness more than merely environmental.
We can call it: group or herd awareness.
Funny thing is that most simians will think they see another when presented with a mirror.

So here we go into the next level: Individual awareness.  The place where we come to say "I am", or
like that philosopher said: "I think, therefore I am".

Is that it then?

Environment, Herd and Self?

I think not.  Most hazy and crazy new-agers will cry that next we are aware of our
Souls, or our god-
selves, or our immortal selves.  How does that manifest, I ask?

Well, next we do have the Soul level, but the awareness is of
Looking now again at our criminal, we ask whether it knows the difference between
Right and
?  Mostly, we get the answer: "Yes".

"Why do wrong then?"
"Don't know, thought I could get away with it."

The fact is that mostly they don't see
why something is wrong at all.  They know that the Law says that
it's wrong, but not why the law says so!

Here we have a line that's drawn.  The moral awareness manifests as social consciousness.
In a place like Germany where there are rules about how to use an escalator, we see a higher level of
social consciousness than in Africa, where we see a stronger focus on individual consciousness.

The balance between the I and We is clear.
Suddenly the awareness or consciousness is extended outside of the self, projected into another and
then dealt with.  The ability is also called empathy, and like so many other refined human qualities, it too
is a function of the Frontal Brain Lobes.

So here we cross a bridge from being
inwardly mindful to being mindful of another persons inner
being.  Being
empathetically aware is then related , if not equal, to being Morally aware.

Here then we see that if a criminal has this type of awareness, they cannot be called criminal anymore
evil.  Willfully and with full awareness of impact to violate another, is evil.

But here we are only at the middle of our structure, and already we see that if a criminal cannot see why
something is wrong, they cannot be truly aware and therefore not truly conscious!

The real thorn is that
we, the empathetically aware, cannot believe that anything Human can be
without this essential part of awareness.  But observing the criminals will prove it to be so.

It is very easy to confuse sympathy and
emotion with humanity.

Here some insights from the
Oera Linda Book, claimed to be a hoax and a fake, but still it has this
piece of truth: In the hearts of the Children of Freya,
Wralda placed the ewa, and the ewa is that which
they use to know
Good and Evil.

If you've never heard of the
Oera Linda Book, well, will help you along!

The Book of Enoch states that there are people alive with no souls, meaning that they are Morally
unaware, they do not have that
ewa spoken of before.

Moving on, we see that above this level of morality, we get to a place where we are truly aware and
mentally able to create Law that will enforce the principles of civility unto those who are not able to do
so.  It is also a level of awareness that enables us to conquer space, to create monoliths and to explore
sub-atomic levels.  It is the realm of higher intelligence.

This is where our model crashes head long into the accepted view that "All men are created equal", here
we see that it is NOT TRUE, that those with intelligence have the ability to rule and that they should,
because they have a guide called conscience!

But there is a warning that the non-human beings alive with no souls do in fact have

How do we see then who has
ewa and who doesn't?

Simply by observation.  That intelligence which promotes natural order, that intelligence which is in
service of Life, that intelligence that is questing for improvement and creating a better world through
systems that makes life easier and better is born from those who have

While that intelligence which is continually plotting and planning towards it's own enrichment and
towards systems that will confuse and mislead, systems that is nothing else but mental prisons, these
things are born from the Soulless beings.

Now we can honestly see the truth about corruption and we can clearly define it:

Corruption is violation of Ewa.

The Gnostic's that left there believes in the Nag Hammadi books called this Frisian
Ewa Sophia.
Kabbalah refer to it as
Sekhinah.  Christians call it "The Holy Ghost".

Do you see the religious significance here?  Christians are lead to believe that this level of consciousness
is not Human, but part of God himself.  It is something that visits you sometimes, and not part of you.  
Here also we can see that the new age
you, the inner god, is born from the confusion that arise when
you believe that morality is a god and then finding that it is part of you all along.  The Kabbalah is closer
to the truth in saying you must seek to unite "God" with
Sekhinah to reach perfection.  The Gnostics
drifted away in the same way as the Christians, seeing
Ewa as a separate Divinity, but at least they
realized that it is always with you.

David Icke has a theory that we as a planet is under attack from Reptilians of some sort, read www. to see what that is all about.  I mention it here because he too believes that they are
Soulless, but he also believe that they are shape-shifters of which I know nothing about.

I can also quote Jesus ( New Testament ) when he said that the Jews are the children of the adder and
the father of Lies.  Pointing towards an insinuation that they are the Soulless ones.
Far be it from me to say: "It's the Jews", since I just don't know, all I can say is that the
concept that
there are humans or humanoids with no souls is very old indeed and present in all our western systems
of believe.

In Conclusion we can say that Humans have
Ewa while the Other Things doesn't, leaving us with
structures for each.
Humans have Five levels and the
Other Things have only Three.

Now imagine why the Pentagram is seen as Evil and the Trinity as Good?
Who is in charge?


Finally we get to the fifth level, Mind.

From what is said before we know that Mind is the presence that transforms Darkness to Light.

The Light is obviously that which we receive at the moment of
enlightenment ( theoretically ), and once
we have it we should exhibit Buddha like qualities, apparently.

But is this right?  We now know that this fifth level must be a level of awareness, following the pattern
created by the lower four, but awareness of what?  We have little bits of information related to this last
bit, in the words of Eliphas Levi,  Enoch and Hermes.  They all seem to agree that the knowledge of
God is enlightenment.  New agers again wail that God is just the perfect self, Christians complain about
the fact that we even talk about God in such a way and that we bring in Luciferian terms such as
enlightenment.  But I insist that we have the answer:  Mind is awareness of God.

Look again at the Genesis story, we see that Adam gain a few things after following his lady, first of he
realized that he's naked, that she's a
she, and that God is a GOD.

Before the Fall, he never realized that God was more that himself, or different, he had a special case of
naivety brought about by ignorance.  But the Realization brought Reality.  God, is a GOD!  
Adam, like all of us, needed a Mind to realize that.

Now we can argue that the
Religious mind is Mind, since it presumes the existence of deity.
But I would point out that presuming and assuming is not awareness!

There is also the superstitious elements of Religion that might be confused with awareness of God, and it
is at the Heart of Paganism.  Having more than one
god is confusion.  I propose that we call them
Elements of Reality.  They are port-holes to the One, gateways to Realization.  Through them we
empower ourselves, through them we get closer to the One.   They are mythological mnemonics, they
are real and they are a very active part of ourselves but they are not GOD.

I am reminded of the Elohim, which we can translate as gods, but I think that the Elohim is like the
Heathen pantheon, very  powerful archetypes, but not
The One.  Odin is the closest thing we have to
this One, but he is a
mythological reality.  Just because we can experience him on a personal level,
and just because our prayers to him is answered, does not mean that he is
The One.

It does not even mean that he is a god because the term has a definition that surpasses the experience!

To equate the pantheon to gods is like calling angels the same!
Imagine the fallacy of praying to Michael, the angel (angel means messenger ).

End Note

I must end this chapter with this thought:
To learn the Truth about the Germanic Heathen Pantheon, we must look at the Runes.

We must keep in mind the historic realities, like the old Teutons did not have a Church, nor did they
Worship a pantheon, they did have a God and they called him Wotan. ( Tacitus )