Higgins Family Photos
January 2005

Too Much Partying?
(Matt dozing with Emily asleep on
his lap, New Years Day, 2005)

20050103_02a-DaddyMatt_feedingEmily-5mo.jpg 20050103_06a-DaddyMatt_offeringEm_sippycup.jpg

"Hi Dad! What's for Lunch?"
(Jan 3: Matt feeding 5 month old Emily)

Another Trip Out West - For Nicole & Ben's Wedding!
     Jen's sister Nicole got married on January 15th, in the LDS temple in Idaho Falls, Idaho.. Jen and Emily flew out for a couple weeks to attend the wedding and visit everyone for a while... (and, as usual, we took pictures with three different cameras - Lisa's, Dad's and ours, so I only have 1/3 of the pictures at this point - none of the wedding, for example... sigh...)

     While we were at Aunt Jessie's in Roy, we had a bit of a fashion shoot - Aunt April Boulier sent Emily (6mo) and
Sydney (15mo) matching "Maine" sweatshirts and Aunt Barbara Martel's family sent the girls cool hats...
20050107_08w-Sydney-15mo_Emily-6mo_MaineSweatshirts_fromAuntAprilBoulier.jpg 20050107_12w- Sydney-15mo_Emily-6mo_Mainesweatshirts_fromAuntAprilBoulier-SydlickingEmshair.jpg
       "Smells like a cousin...
                               tastes like a cousin..."

"Give Emmie a Love!"
20050107_19a- Sydney-15mo_Emily-6mo_Mainesweatshirts_fromAuntAprilBoulier_StockingCaps_fromAuntBarbaraMartel.jpg 20050107_21w-Emily-6mo_Mainesweatshirt_fromAuntAprilBoulier_StockingCap_fromAuntBarbaraMartel.jpg
         "Hey - neat slippers"

At Aunt Lisa's, we played a lot with Michael and cousin Riley...
        **Later Note: We have since been offered the chance to adopt Michael, whom Lisa was providing foster care for. We have gladly accepted, so y'all will being seeing a lot more of our little man in the months (and years!) to come....
Sometimes it got a little crowded...
(Riley, 10mo and Emily, 6mo)
Mikey (8mo) has learned
to stand, but can only get
down by doing the "splits"...

...but that doesn't seem
to bother him...
20050111_01w-RileyTatlow-10mo_cousins_Michael-8mo_Emily-6mo-TatlowsBlackfootID.jpg 20050111_03b-RileyTatlow-10mo_bypack-n-play.jpg
While Lisa and I made breakfast, we
put Mikey in the pack-n-play with
Emily - and Riley (10mo) wanted in, too!

Good Morning Sunshine!
"I wonder when they'll find me?"
(Michael discovered a fun hiding
 place between the couch and
the giant beanbag chair)

....and Emily got to try out Riley's bath chair in the "big" tub...
"Neat Mom!"
"Come back here, you!"
"Do you like my hat?"

Of course, back home there are more new experiences to enjoy.... like Cookies!
20050122_03w-Emily-6mo_enjoyinganimalcookies.jpg 20050122_06w-Emily-6mo_enjoyinganimalcookies.jpg 20050129_01-Emily-6mo_biterbiscuit.jpg

Unfortunately, Emily had two icky colds in a row at the end of January...

...so she did a lot
of sleeping...

20050128_03b-Emily-6mo_babybath_insideregulartub-midnightbath_forcroupycough.jpg 20050128_05a-Emily-6mo_babybath_insideregulartub-midnightbath_forcroupycough.jpg
...enjoyed more baths
than usual...
(to help ease her croopy cough)

...and had some extra
 snuggle time...

P.S. We're working on some new tricks for February...
(Jan 27 - Daddy helping Emily learn to roll over)

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