Higgins Family Photos
  March 2005

For Matt's Birthday, we had the Reynolds and Wells families over....

Emmaleigh Reynolds, 10mo,
finds Matt very amusing...

Just for variety, I used one big
candle and 36 little cakes....
Ladoya, Marcus (age 1)
and Brent Wells

20050303_02a-DaddyMatt_feedingbottle_sleepyEmily-7mo_roughday.jpg 20050306_01w-DaddyMatt_takingEmily-8mo_1stwalkofSpring.jpg
Daddy and his sweetheart...

20050310_02w-Emily_playingwithBib.jpg 20050313_19w-EmilyGraceHiggins-8mo_ScootchingacrosstheFlooronherBack.jpg 20050304_01w-Emily-7mo_legsunderCurtain.jpg
At 8 months, Emily still gets around by scootching on her back...

     On March 19, our ward's Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts participated in the annual "Scouting for Food" drive, Matt is Cubmaster and Jen's on the pack commitee, so we packed up Emily and went to help pick-up the food people set out....
  Scouting For Food Collection 20050319_07b-CollectingforScoutingforFood_EmilyHiggins-8mo_EmmaleiReynolds-10mo_checkingdonations.jpg  ScoutingforFood_PatrickReynolds_JanFugal_trailerofdonations
              Cub (Jaron) collecting           Emily and Emmaleigh               Patrick & Jan with trailer of  food      
              bag of donated food      our "quality control" inspectors       the Scouts and Cub Scouts collected
(Emily crashed out on the way home... doesn't that "snuggle suit" look comfy?!)

Throughout the month, Jen tried a few more "photo shoots" with Emily...
20050311_06b-EmilyGraceHiggins-8mo_greenvelvetoutfit_fromGrandmaBrendaHaroldsen-lookingbehindherchair.jpg 20050311_02w-EmilyGraceHiggins-8mo_greenvelvetoutfit_fromGrandmaBrendaHaroldsen-rubbinghereyes.jpg
     On the 11th, I tried for some pictures in our favorite green outfit from Grandma Haroldsen... Em was very interested in the process and props, but not necessarily cooperative with my attempts to pose her....
20050311_09b-EmilyGraceHiggins-8mo_greenvelvetoutfit_fromGrandmaBrendaHaroldsen.jpg 20050311_13b-EmilyGraceHiggins-8mo_greenvelvetoutfit_fromGrandmaBrendaHaroldsen-PulleddownBackdrop.jpg

On Sunday the 13th, Daddy helped out, and we were far more successful...


"Daddy wears fun clothes!"
So on the 14th, I tried some updates for our "dolly" pictures...
"See the Dolly, Emily?"
(Well, you do munch your own toes, too...)
(...not too sure about sharing?)

20050314_09w-Emily-8mo_laughingwhenDaddyMatt_SqueaksherBlock.jpg 20050314_11b-Emily-8mo_laughingwhenDaddyMatt_SqueaksherBlock.jpg
Emily thinks it's hilarious when Daddy squeaks her blocks
at her, especially since it puffs a little air in her face, too...

"hmm... I wonder why this bald spot
keeps expanding..."

(March 18)

"Boy, you never know what
noise this thing will make next!"

20050321_07d-EmilyGrace-8mo_MommyJennifer_TickleTime.jpg 20050321_10b-EmilyGrace-8mo_MommyJennifer_TickleTime.jpg
...Just a little "tickle time" with Momma...
(March 21)

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