Higgins Family Photos
February 2005

See how our "dolly" is growing, Grandma?
(This doll cradle was Matt's mom's, and we've use it in pictures since Em was tiny...)

Emily Grace Higgins,
6 1/2 months old
"I don't remember this
being so cramped!"
"Ah, this is better!"

Feb 3: Em has a new playmate these days, a sweet little boy Jen babysits 2 days a week.... Collin turned 1 at the end of February, and he and Emily get along pretty well --- or at least they find each other very amusing!
"Hey - who's got Ollie Octopus?"
(Emily, 6 1/2mo, Collin King, 11mo)

It's our new friend, Collin!
(He likes these peek-a-blocks, too)
(Feb 16)
"Do you like blocks, too?"

(Feb 23)

...Daddy's still pretty fun to play with, too....

20050205 06c - Emily (6 mo) getting ready to pull down Daddy (Matt)'s stack of blocks.jpg
"Here Daddy, just let me
steady that for you..."
20050205_07b-Emily6 mo_knockingoverDaddyMatts_blocks.jpg
"...I do demolition, too..."
(Feb 5)
"These are yummy - want
 a taste?"
(Feb 23)

One Sunday we had the Reynolds family over for dinner...
"Ok, let's see what kind of
toys you have here..."

20050206_19b-EmmaleighReynolds-9mo-HigginsMilwaukee-BigGrin.jpg 20050206_25w-EmmaleighReynolds-9mo_herMomElizabethe-HigginsMilwaukee.jpg
Emmalei (9mo), and her Mom,
Jen's friend Elizabethe (Reynolds)

...if these two are already sharing books, you know they'll be buddies for life!

On Saturday the 18th, we took some pictures to send to family in Maine, Great-Grampie Joe
 & Great-Grandma Stella,
Uncle Bill & Aunt April, and Jen's great-aunts, Aunt Helen, Aunt Marion and Aunt Andy....
"Thank-you for the overalls, Sandra!"
"Hi Everybody!"
"What do you mean we're not going to visit until summer?!"
(and, oh yeah - I'm hungry!)

Teether and drool-catcher all
in one - very efficient, no?

Emily has developed an unusual
of locomotion ...       20050225 12b - Emily Grace Higgins (7mo) - 'this end up' onesie - scootching across the floor on her back.jpg

20050225 14b - Emily Grace Higgins (7mo) - 'this end up' onesie - scootching across the floor on her back.jpg
..it's effective, but a bit rough on
the old  follicles...

"Look what I found!"
(Mommy has a cold, so there are tissue boxes scattered about the house...)
20050225_03w -EmilyHiggins-7mo_MommysboxofTissues.jpg
"I know what they're for, too!"
 - Feb 25, 2005 -

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