O Mei Shan Monk Council
Welcome to the tome of the O Mei Shan Monks Council, translated this means The White Mountain Monks, we are an independant roleplaying guild in Europa who interact with many other roleplaying guilds.  The Monks are mostly based on Shaolin Temple ideals with a mind of bringing peace to the lands of Sosaria and guarding against evil.  Much like Knights they seek to protect the innocent and good but will not involve themselves in battles over territories, nor do they serve one town or ruler.

They travel about the lands in small groups, most often as two, which would be a master and his student.  Often to visit the different towns in the lands and undertaking tasks that have been handed to them through the Council.  Sometimes the Monks travel in larger groups when there is an important event to attend to.   All monks are taught the arts of self defence which they learn alongside their studies so they may be able to defend themselves and those who seek their aid.  The Monks only fight by following a strict code of conduct and do not allow themselves to enter petty fights or territorial battles.

The Monks are willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with the peoples of Sosaria but do not force their doctrines on others.  They believe in the individual being responsible for their own path, and actions are not dictated by their race.  Someone can not be born ultimately good or evil, it is their seers who teach them what is right and wrong but it is up to the individual to then choose which path they lead.

Following a path of simple living the monks only carry what they need and own very little that is made of metal.  Preferring to work with nature they do not believe in wastefullness and would often seek to reuse items discarded by others.  Sometimes a group of young students are sent around areas known to contain items dropped on the ground for reuse or exchanged for goods the monks themselves need.

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Rules of Engagement
Roleplaying a Monk
Eight Fold Path
Four Noble Truths
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Be your own light, your own refuge.  Believe only that which you test for yourself.  Do not accept authority merely because it comes from a great man, or is written in a sacred book, for truth is different for each man and woman.