Finding a Player

During the course of a tournament, you may need to find where a player currently is. Typically, this is when a player posts a win but forgets the table number or types it wrong.

The find player feature allows the host to quickly find if and where a player is currently within the bracket.

To find a player, start typing in the player's name in the space provided below the menu (shown to the right). As you type, the first player matching the letters typed will be found. The current details of the player are shown in the box to the right.  If the player name doesn't exist, the box will be left blank. If the player was in, but is out now, it will show the player as "Out". Otherwise, the player is still playing and it will show the current round number and table number.

The Finals

Now all the information to conduct a tournament has been described. The last actions to be performed are associated with the Finals. The finals are different for the two current elimination formats.

Single-Elimination Finals Format

The single-elimination has a simple semi and grand final format. Three or four player's play the Semi-Finals (if only three are available to play the semi's, then one will have to receive a bye for the semi's), and the two winner's of the semis play each other in the Grand Final.

Double-Elimination Finals Format

The double-elimination format is a bit more unusual. As you would know, everyone who loses, has a second chance, and these players end up in the "losers bracket" or the "One Loss Bracket", and also called the "bruised bracket"!

The first thing that happens is there is an preliminary final for the two winners who have not lost a match. These players play off in the Winner's Finals to decide which of the two go immediately into the Grand Final (or Finals). The loser of the Winner's Final continues into the One Loss bracket and has a second chance like everyone else.

Eventually, there will be two left in the One Loss bracket. These two players play each other in the Semi-Finals for the other spot in the Grand Final.

How the Grand Final is held is up to the host. There are two common ways of performing a Grand Final:

  • The most common is the player from the Winner's Final has two chances in the final while the player from the Semi Final has only one chance. So the player from the Semi Final has to win two complete matches to win the Grand Final where the player from the Winner' Final only has to win one match.

  • The other, not so common is that the match has more points to win than normal matches, and the winner of the match is the overall winner.

Final steps to perform during the Finals

When the finals have been started, 4 spaces appear in the Grand Final bracket. These are spaces to optionally insert the e-mail addresses the finals contenders. As each spot is filled, the player's nickname will appear next to the corresponding box where the host can fill in the player's e-mail address. These addresses should be filled in where applicable before the Grand Final winner is declared (a normal procedure).

Once the results of the Grand Final have been posted in the lobby by the winner, you can click on the Winners button in the tool bar (below the main menu bar) to activate the "Announce Winners" standard message.

Now the points can be tallied up (they are actually tallied during the tournament and shown in the summary box!) and be e-mailed to the director of your room.

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