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I won't want to give to much away, but the story in this game is like no other.  Here Link accidently hears something important.
The Hero of Dreams
This is the Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Dreams.  My main goal in this game is to see if I can make this game as good or even better than A Link To the Past, which is a hard standard.  However, working on this is making me think that this would actually be a really great game.  So far I am enjoying it and I am the one who made it.  As time goes by I am going to tell you how you can play the game yourself but for right now, I just started it, so I think I should finish it by August, but I want to make it perfect so I say I will most likely delay it to November.  However, you guys will understand why when you play it.
                                          --Michael the Magnificent
The Beginning
Link must travel through a weird puzzle looking cave which is part of Donmore's test of becoming the "True Hero".
Link fights horrible creatures in this great game.  Notice that Link doesn't know how to use the sword very good.  Later in the game, Link well learn how to use his sword better.
More Screen Shots
Here is Link's favorite spot on Palm Island.  All of his childhood he would pretend that he was a warrior and would pretend to fight evil for a pricness.
Here are some weird looking enemy's, and that is just the first of them.  Link has never seen creatures like this before, however, this is just the first of Nightmares to come.
The first thing you must do in this game is go through Ruto's House of Fun.  Ruto knew that the hero would come one day and get his Father's sword.
Like any Zelda, riddles are a huge part of the game.  In the first level the puzzles are pretty easy, however as you go through the game you find out that this is one hard game.
In the first level, there are many hidden serects that you can find that you don't have to, to beat the game.   This is one of them, I mean....
Here is Link, as in the other games, breaking the law.  Here Link is checking mail that isn't his!!! When will he Learn?
Here is the west side of Hyrule Field, and by the way, Hyrule Field is huge, and it is has many many many secerts hidden in the Field as you can see.
After the first level, Link was told to travel to a weird forest.  And he soon finds out, the legend.  However, to know about that, you will have to wait for the game.
The Island Sorrow has been sealed away in this place for years and years.  It has only one friend and one love, it's "Happiness".  However, it is not very happy that you are after its "Happiness".
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Here is a short review of the game, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.  Well first off, this is a great game and if you liked Mario RPG or Paper Mario you will love this game.  If you didn't, steer away. The gameplay shines through a lot, and the game is based on humor.  The only bad thing is that the game is really short for my liking.  Also it should have been harder, but that is the way gaming is going I guess.
Rating: 86%
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One of the greatest series, besides Zelda, of all time is Metroid.  Samus is the first female video game hero, and plus she didn't get famous because of her looks.  Okay, wait, no Edurado says she is hot, so nevermind.  But if you want to hear all about the space pirates and such click HERE to go the page. 
The Hero of Dreams
I Will Write about the Beginning Soon