Zelda ITG -- Metroid
Click the pictures to enlarge them so you can see them in a magnificent way.
This guy needs to take a chili pill or a wave beam to the head.
Samus sneaks past the confused enemies.
The rain is so real in this game as everything is.  But you already knew that.
Samas is back on the Game Boy Advanced and it is just like Super Metroid.
Click the pictures to enlarge them so you can see them in a magnificent way.
This looks way better than Metroid Fusion and that was a great game.
Samus still gets all of the items that she got in all of the other Metroid games..
Did the X parasite just make her look more sexy.
The Prime Fusion
This is coolest news for any of you people that haven't played the original Metriod.  If you have both games (Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion) you can link them up and play the full version of Metroid.  This game has set the standers for explorasion games.  It was also the game that introduced the first female hero in video games.  Also, you can link it to get the fusion suit on the second adventure of Metriod Prime.  Well either way you look at it, these games are all five star games.  Take it from the guy who played though Metriod Prime and Metriod Fusion.  Five star, all the way.
Metroid Prime
I got Metroid Prime on January 10th and I am simply amazed by the game.  When I first played the game, I thought the game was going to feel like Goldeneye or Perfect Dark.   However, it feels somehow different.  It got everything Metroid is and transformed it into a 3-D way.  In a first person view not only does it make the over world that much better but I am actully proud and happy that they didn't do a third person view.
  When I am finished with the game I am going to review the game and put it on my
Review Page.  That will be sometime next week.  I am so happy right now that the game can be so fun and still be the longest Metroid game ever.  I think that the game will take most people about 20 hours long.  Then if you want to go back to find everything, it will probally take you double the time.  The cool thing is that the game never gets boring through the whole time.  Also the story is so detailed.  The game is an excellent game for teen and mature people because not only is the game fun and challegeing but it is a long and masterful game that is the year's best game!!
A Fusion Review
The History of Metroid!!
Here is a review of the hit game Metroid Fusion.  I played the game through over and over.  Actully three times.  Anyways, Metroid Fusion is just like Super Metroid for the Super NES.  So if you liked any of the Metroid games then this game is a game that you will fall in love with.  It is not better than the new Metroid Prime but if you want a classic Metroid game, Nintendo did not fail.
Eight long years have past and metroid is finally back.  After the tragic death of the creator, people thought that Metroid was gone for ever.  However,  we got not one but two Metroid games in Nov. 2002. The huge news is that one of the Metroid games is on the Nintendo Gamecube. Here is a breif History:
Metroid Samus Aran, the hero of the game, was on a mission to save the universe from Space Pirates who abducted a Metroid, a parasitic with unbelieveable powers. She destoryed the Space Pirates at planet Zebus.. 
Metroid II After she was send to the planet SR388 to destroy all of the Metriods.  Samus is successful in that mission also expect at the end the last Metriod in the universe followed her like a confused child.
Super Metroid The Space Pirates again attacked and took the last Metroid to Planet Zebus. Samus again went to save the day and went against Mother Brain. Right when Mother Brain was going to kill Samus the last Metroid saved Samus but dying in the progress. As a result the Metroids were gone forever.
Samus is the Bomb
Since Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion came out, it started a backfire of fans.  Metroid is back and people are loving it.  Metroid Prime was a part of work.  I mean it took the series to a whole new level and it is very exciting to see what the next games in the Seires could do.  Metroid Fusion was also a great game and was focused on staying true.  But it was limited because it told you where to go.  Unlike the other games where you have to find out by yourself.  But anyways at least Samus is back.
Samus attacks some familar enemies in this game.
Two new Metroids Coming soon
    Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Prime 2 are coming out next year.  In Metroid Prime 2 for the Gamecube it is a sequel to the just released Metroid Prime.  I am not going to tell you guys the ending because I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't played it.  But the ending was a great ending.  At the end it left a cliff hanger and I knew that a sequel the game was right around the corner.  However, the game is still secertly being made so there is not that much information.
    Metroid: Zero Mission, however, was at E3 and hope does it look cool.  By the pictures I can tell that we are back on Zebus.  So there is a very high chance that your going to be fighting Mother Brain which is very exciting.  It looks to be before Fusion because of the original suit.  Also by the name of the game it is going to be before the first game.  So the Space Pirates are here on there first battle. 
    Well Metroid is back and back for good I guess. It was weird that through almost 15 years there were 4 metroid games.  And in just 2 years there are going to be 4 more metroid games.  Wow.  Anyway come back here and visit this site for more news.
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Here is a short review of the game, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.  Well first off, this is a great game and if you liked Mario RPG or Paper Mario you will love this game.  If you didn't, steer away. The gameplay shines through a lot, and the game is based on humor.  The only bad thing is that the game is really short for my liking.  Also it should have been harder, but that is the way gaming is going I guess.
Rating: 86%
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One of the greatest series, besides Zelda, of all time is Metroid.  Samus is the first female video game hero, and plus she didn't get famous because of her looks.  Okay, wait, no Edurado says she is hot, so nevermind.  But if you want to hear all about the space pirates and such click HERE to go the page. 
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