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Link looks at you thinking in his mind, "Can you dig that Sucka!"
The Legend's History
Just like all Zelda games, Link sword fighting comes in play again
Look at the knight. He doesn't look like he likes link very much.
This bird looks very hungry. I think his favorite food in Link sandwich..
No matter what people say the backround is unbelieveable
Link awakes to a grandma giving him his tunic, how sweet.
Even the inside of a house is really real. Look at the details..
Click the pictures to enlarge them so you can see them in a magnificent way.
No one, not even the creator possiblly, knows the order in which the zelda games suppose to be in. However, this is somewhat the order of the games. First is Ocarina of Time. The first incounter with Link and Zelda. At the end, the evil king Ganon was sealed away in the Sacred Realm.  In Majora's Mask, the moon is falling in the city of Termina. After Link again saves the world and then Ganon escapes in A Link to the Past. He creates the Dark World and the merges two worlds. Link again sends him to the Dark World.  The next are the two Oracles. They are just tests to Link. After that we have The Legend of Zelda. The first Zelda Game made.  Ganon again captures Zelda and takes her to Death Mountain. Link is sent out to get all of the pieces of the triforce. He does and finally puts Ganon away. In Link's Adventure, Zelda is in a sleeping spell and the Link is sent to get the triforce of Courage.  Ganon was trying to come back and if Link died he came back.  Link was sailing the Hyrule Sea when Lightning stuck.  This is where Link's Awaking took place.  After that weird dream he had, he went to get the triforce of Courage. Then he had the biggest battle in the world. He fought himself. He won and saved the world again.
Adventure's in the Wind
Adventure is in the Wind.  That's right Ocarina of Time had it's item, the Ocarina of Time, a no brainer. And now for the new zelda game the item is a item that changes the direction of the wind.  I now you are thinking what the heck kind of weapon is that? However, the game is based on the sea.  You go to island to island on a ship.I don't know if the wind will be a factor but I will tell you when I find out.
  This game was and still is being smashed and been called a stupid game because its graphics turned to a cartoon style graphics.  At first I hated it also. However, I can't say it is a dumb game just based on that. I have to see how it is played first.  So after seeing all of the movies of the Legend of Zelda for the Gamecube. I have to say that this is one good game.  It coule be better with the cartoon looking graphics because I loved the animations.  It also adds hundereds of gameplay to it.
   You can kill an enemy and take there weapon as your own weapon.  There is also a weapon called the gripling hook (which is already my favorite) and a weapon called the Deku Leaf that allows you to glide for a while. .
The Ocarina of Time / Ura-Zelda
In Japan, if you reserved The Legend fo Zelda for the Nintendo Gamecube you get a free gamecube disk.  On this special disk there is not one but two games.  First it is the best Zelda game in the world Ocarina of Time. Second is the game that never came out, Ura-Zelda.  It is sorta on Ocarina of Time add-on with new dunegons and new buddies. the good thing about it is that it is free!! However, they haven't said if this disk is going to come out in USA or Europe. Hopefully it does because America's went it as much as Japan wants it. So all of you people complain and ask Nintendo to give us free games.:)
On 1991, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past came out on the Super NES. It was voted the best game on the Super NES.  It is was a game that made the Legend of Zelda a world wide success. Now for all of you lucky Video games out there, the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is back for the Game Boy Advanced.  So for those of you who have never played the game, Go get it right away because it is one of the most unbelieveable games ever seen. Also for a special bonus there is a mutiplayer Zelda game called The Four Swords.  It is going to be a Zelda Year!!!
A Link to the Past  on GBA!
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*The Hero of Dreams is going to have more than 5 citys to visit.
*The game is huge, it does take a little while just to get to the first level but then you relize that this is huge game.
*You play as Link, but he is not the same Link is the other Zeldas.
*This game takes place after Zelda II.
*Started working on it late Jan 04.  Didn't finish the first level until May 04.
*I am making the game as perfect as it can be. I am trying to make it fun.
*There will be camos including some of my friends and Mario.
*The Story is something that I am focusing on also.  I want everyone to remember the story and actually think that it is a zelda game.
*This game is made with a program called Zelda Classic by Armageddon Games.
*I hope to finish the game by November.
This is my personal website for me and my friends.  The video game news and games are from their repected sources:  Nintendo, GCAdvanced, etc.  This site makes no profit and it only me and my friends and I am not involved with any company.  And Zelda Classic is a program from Armageddongames and the game Hero of Dreams is made by me, however, I am not getting any profit, I am just making it because it feels nice to finally make my own game for people to play.
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Here is a short review of the game, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.  Well first off, this is a great game and if you liked Mario RPG or Paper Mario you will love this game.  If you didn't, steer away. The gameplay shines through a lot, and the game is based on humor.  The only bad thing is that the game is really short for my liking.  Also it should have been harder, but that is the way gaming is going I guess.
Rating: 86%
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One of the greatest series, besides Zelda, of all time is Metroid.  Samus is the first female video game hero, and plus she didn't get famous because of her looks.  Okay, wait, no Edurado says she is hot, so nevermind.  But if you want to hear all about the space pirates and such click HERE to go the page. 
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