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This is a website.  Congratulations on finding it, you deserve a medal.

I was inspired to update it a little bit, but who knows how long the inspiration will last... so we'll see if i actually finish it.
It's just your typical personal site with things about me, blackmail pictures, complaining about things that piss me off, spaces rented by druggies, and scandals!  So take a look around and enjoy.  Or don't.. It's not really going to be a life changing event for you.
Email me:  RevengeIsSweetAndSoAreYou - AT - Yahoo.Com
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This section of my website is rented out to Scary girl who is probably on ecstasy, if not, she will be soon.

Don't Do Drugs Kids.
Song that is stuck in my head, but that's ok because i like it.  Weezer - my best friend

Song I hate lately: stupid rob thomas song that is used in every commercial.  I hate lead singers who go off and have a 'solo' career when they have to hire a band to tour with them anyways.
The Surgery
  The Story of my gall bladder and it's amazing journey  
Dammit all!


Is now updated!!
Thank You, Come Again!
Barbie's Funeral
Oh My Lord I've Updated!
No one really visits this site, I'm glad too.  I don't feel like updating it every day, so at least i'm not disappointing all of my fans.  If you got here by accident, I recommend going to  It's a fun place where you can type in words and see if someone is selling it.  For instance "Swedish Fish"  Someone was really selling ONE swedish Fish.  I almost bought it too.  Luckily I'm not mentally challenged.
My page sucks(like your mom!)
Go to for a much better and cared for site.