This is a compilation of some of the wisdom gathered (mostly) from discussions on the Rugtalk list.  Generally you'll find first hand experiences and suggestions that you would be hard pressed to find in the books commonly available.
Rag Cutters
Rag Shuttles
Denim Strips
Apron Tips
Rust - Cleaning Reeds / Metal Parts
Estimating Rag Weft Material
Joining Rugs
Loom Tuneup
Cloth Tapes / Substitutes
(RIT) Dying Sheets
Rag Strip Folder DIY
Wool/Nylon Blend & Acrylic Yarns
Weaving Two Pieces At Once
Pendleton Selvedges
Weavers Delight
Rug Removal (before end of warp)
Adding Beater Weight
Rug Related Links
Stair Runners
Weaving Software
Washing Rag Rugs
Sectional Warping Tips
Apron Dowels
Feeding & Finishing Old Wood / Water Spots
Homemade Labels / Hangtags
Wool Rep Filler
Bench- Considerations & Information
Tying On to a Previous Warp
Loose Selvedges / Warp
General Rug Loom Characteristics
Woven Rug / Braided Effect
Displaying Rugs
Warp Weighted Loom Info
Twill Guidelines (Selvedges)
Rewinding Yarn to Smaller Packages
Glueing - Stablizing Headers
Fringe Twister - Heavy Duty, DIY
Warping, Thinking Outside the Box
Woven Bags and Purses
What's a "Shed Regulator"? (Counter Balance)
Clever Designing Tool
Roving Rugs
Rug Smiles, (Dealing with them)
Counter Balance Help
Union Loom Brake Description / Help
Yarn Size Explanation
Necktie Rugs
Rug Weavers Rules
Rug End Treatment / Headers
Dyeing With Black Walnut Hulls
Selvedge Rollers
Bias Cut Strips
Union Loom Manual (a Link to, )
Union Loom - Misc Tips
Lubricants & Waxes
Rag Weft Prep Ideas
Three Shuttle Weaving
Warp Tension Meter ( DIY )
Wagon Wheel /Circular Rug
Soda Ash
Friction Brake Problems
Loom Plan - P.C.Downloadable
Acronyms Used On Rugtalk List
Floating Selvedge
Misc. Rug Wisdom
Lease Rods / Sticks
Shows - Selling & Survival
Places To Visit - Weaving / Fiber Related

Washing Wool Rugs
Ruffled Edges (Selvedges)
Rug Warp
Hammett Stuff
Fleece As Weft
Weaving On Opposites
Counter Marche Help
Shuttles - Old End Feed - Modifying
Rope Brake - Warp Beam DIY
Nut Hulls - Using for Dyeing
Acts 4 : 12
( bottom line )
Scouring Fleece
Equipment & Accessories
Loom Information
Maintain - Repair - Modify
How To
WWW - Resources
Unique Rugs & Items
Warping, Get An Attitude
Sewing A Thick Hem
Bobbins&Adapter for Royal Ball Winder
Repair A Broken Warp Thread
Picture Inlay
Sectional Dividers D.I.Y.
Thicker Rugs
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Heddles, How Many?
Hem Shuttle, Holds 4 Bobbins
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