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Sunday, January 30, 2005

My Internet is down. forever!!! =( The modem is Spoilt i think, thus i have to get a new one which is around $100. its not worth it cos i woulnd't be around to use it anymore. so, i guess i'll just visit my friends place more often. hehe. Right now, i'm in Selene's house. She's studying cos she has a test tomorrow. Before that, i went to Sim lim to get a network card. After that went for dinner with family. I ate till damn Full! When Selene saw me she even thought i put on weight because of my protruding tummy!! damn. But the food was great. had Black pepper crab and garlic prawns.. Duck.. vege.. yummie.
Anyway, Yesterday i was at Bugis with my mum. I bought 2 pairs of Shoes from X'odus. It was cheap! =) Then went to meet Dearie for dinner. Then as usual he slept till 6 plus int he morning and went home after breakfast w me. =)
Chinese new year is coming. BUt i'm not in the mood. It seems boring. After CNY, i'll be going back already. for the next 10 months!
I might get a computer in Aussie! And gonna get a new hp i think. My Hp is screwed up. Its too old. Used it for more than 2 yrs!!!
Btw, Dearie and i decided to QUIT smoking. i duno if i can. but if he's really thinking of quitting, i will too. but if he continues, i owuld too. hehe. Meeting teeyu tomorrow! haha. more pixx.

Rowena* @ [9:55 PM]

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Finally my internet's fixed. havent got net for the past few days. I felt to terrible. hehe. But Dearie accompany me lots anyway. However, i can only be online for 5 mins!! then the connection would be gone. WTH right. Today i went Bugis w TeeYu. Went shopping. We bought an identical tee in differnt colour. =) Then obviously we took pics. Then waited for Debbie to come meet us. Sat down at Macs to chit chat. Then i came home, Dearie came to my place about 8pm. Watched the 9 oclock show then went East COast to eat dinner. StingRay, Satay and vege. yummy. ate until damn full! Came home watch tv and we slept.
when we woke up, we went for breakfast. Then Dearie went home. Going back to sleep soon! hehe.
Talked to Karina on Msn just now. She asked me so many Questions! she's so cute. She cant wait to get married! and even asked me when's my turn and who's that gonna be. I miss her, and all my other friends. We're so far away now, but when we go back to Aussie, we're gonna hang out again!
Dearie's leaving for KL on the 4th Feb. sigh. He wont be back till end of Chinese New Year! thts like 10 days? But i believe absence makes the heart grow fonder! its so true. Dearie and i have been together for 9 months. i mean soon. Time passes so fast. sigh.

Rowena* @ [7:00 AM]

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Heh. just finished playing Gunbound with Jason. Dearie's sleeping! i can't bear to wake him up. He's sleeping so Soundly! =) But he has to go home b4 6~ his mum needs the Car. Might meet Dearie for dinner tomorrow. hehe. COs i told him i want to eat Stingray. he got me addicted to it!! =)
I'm so full now. had supper with Dearie just now. The massage is making me feel pain now. i wanna go again! it's sooo relaxing. i must learn to relax and enjoy life right now. In Perth i might not be able to indulge in such stuffs. =( after all, i'm a Student there. Haiz. going to join Dearie now. tata.

Rowena* @ [3:29 AM]

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Love this song.
Listening to Jose Mari Chan- Beautiful Girl
Gosh, I'm listening to those classic corny love songs, but awww shucks I do like this song. Hehe.
Really nice song...=)

Beautiful girl, whereever you are
I knew when I saw you, you had opened the door
I knew that I'd love again after a long, long while
I'd love again
you said 'hello' and I turned to go
but something in your eyes left my heart beating so
I just knew that I'd love again after a long, long while
I'd love again

It was destiny's game, when love finally came on
I rushed in line only to find that you were gone

wherever you are, i fear that i might
have lost you forever, like a song in the night
now that I've loved again, after a long, long while
I've loved again
*repeat c/o

beautiful girl, I'll search on for you
till all of your loveliness in my arms come true
you've made me in love again, after a long, long while
in love again
and I'm glad that is you...
hmmmmm... beautiful girl..

Rowena* @ [5:56 PM]

i went to IDP wantingt o do my VISA, but wth, the server down! SO didn't get anything done. Then i went to meet Wengui at his workplace for lunch. we ate at PastaMania. He accompanied me shop for some stuffs too. heh. Then he gave me Derek's number so i called him. and he still remembers our lil' nicknames. how amazing! Then went to meet mum at club. she was playing Jackpot. she only know how to waste money! =(
After that , i forced my Mum to go w me for a full body massage. heh. We did an hour one. She rode on me a few times! and she sqeezed my ASS! so damn painful. And touched my Boobies too. She said she's checking if there's any lumps or whatever. BUt its good. i feel so much better. my back isnt that pain anymore. =))
Dearie gonna meet me later after his dinner. and i'm going to old Airport road to meet some friends for dinner. aights, going to watch tv now. tata.

Rowena* @ [5:00 PM]

Watched a few shows today. Without a trace, Simspons and so on. i downloaded them! hehe. Went for supper with Dearie. but he didnt let me eat at all! but of course i stole some bites from him. hehe. There were so many cockroach there! so damn disgusting. i could even smell them before they appeared! damn i hate insects.
Going to do my visa tomorrow, then might do my medical checkup as well. After that, no more plans. Go home and slack. Maybe Suntan again. hehe. Going to bed soon. nights peeps.

Rowena* @ [1:39 AM]

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'm feeling so weak now. feeling fatigue. and my stomach very pain. went toilet twice! This morning, after Dearie went to send his sister to school, he came over my place to sleep. Slept for few hours, woke up and went to have lunch and brought me to see a doctor. heh. so SWEET of him. *hehe* then he sent me home. I went to Suntan again. after a while, i had a splitting headache so i went to take a shower. Now still feeling sick. argh!
ANyway, friends are in town. Ain't sure if i should go and meet them. Cos they're going shopping, and i have done mine. and waste of my money to take cab here and there. Besides, its so damn hot. but i might go. hehe. still considering.
I still need to get a pair of heels. I'm thinking of getting the one at M(phosis. but $50 plus for a pair of short black heels, like not worth it. i Spent alot already!! =(( heh. and i'm craving for something delicious right now. i cant think of what it is. hmmm, something sizzling hot and creamy and soft. i think i'm going to watch DVD now. tataz.

Rowena* @ [4:07 PM]

I went Town today to buy some new year clothes. I went alone! (Though Dearie promised to go with me. =( ) Anyway, i bought an Armani top and a Stussy pants. Finished shopping then i went to Dearie's house. Its been 6 days! i missed him so much! *hugz* We chit chatted a while and i could see that Dearie missed me alot. hehe. Then went to pick his Sister up from school then came to my place for dinner. Dearie and i watched Flight of the Pheonix. The movie is ok i guess. Then we went to Gelera~ came back to my place and chill out. then he went off le.
I just finished eating my supper. hehe. i was so damn hungry just now. anyway, i'm off to sleep.

Rowena* @ [2:48 AM]

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hmmm.. i just got back from my holiday. I didn't really enjoy myself! Firstly, the stupid weather makes me upset. It's damn cold. and i don't know why my hair was so entangled! i got so pissed off trying to comb my hair. Lots of hair dropped too! The food there is damn oily! I think i put on some weight cos have been eating alot due to the cold weather~
Anyway, before i left for the airport tht day, i was out with Dearie. We went shopping! I bought a Mango top which cost $49. i think it's pretty though it's a lil' costly. Dearie bought quite a number of clothes, cant remember lah. heh.
I bought only a few bags in china. One pathetic wallet and some accessories. But i Bought 20 DVDs! its damn cheap. it's even cheaper than Malaysia~ Going to watch a movie soon. hehe. hopefully the quality is good.
Anyway, tomorrow gonna meet Dearie. I wanna go get my Surfshorts and a pair of black pants! and maybe a pair of black heels. and maybe another top. And maybe a skirt. heh.

Rowena* @ [11:51 PM]

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I wanna buy :
1. Voodoo doll white top
2. Surf shorts (Ripcurl)
3. Jacket from Bebe
4. COMFY Black Heels
5. A pretty dress.
6. New make-up set

Goals in AUst:
1. Driving
3. Spend less.

Things i wanna do:
1. Another haircut, shorter one this time.
2. full body massage.
3. Spend more money
4. EAT less
5. Spend more time with family
6. SPend more time with friends.
7. alot more...

Rowena* @ [7:39 PM]

Finally, i'm done with my School stuffs. I've got my airticket! Went town to look around, didn't see anything i like. But Mum bought me a VooDoo doll top! heh. thanks mummy! hehe. ( like she's gonna read this blog of mine! ) Dearie went for his medical checkup today. he had to draw blood! Ma poor lil' baby. i love you. Came home and played gunbound for 2 hours! my neck hurts like hell now. Soon, i'm going to meet Teeyu to accompany her eat her dinner at parkway.
I havent Packed my luggage! and i'm leaving tomorrow le. so damn lazy to pack. i dont even know what to bring. it's zero degrees! but anyway, i am gonna bring my boots! and mini-skirts. hehe. Not sure when i'll be back. Perhaps a few days only. Dont think i wanna stay there for long. well, we'll see lah. For one thing, i'm gonna miss Dearie. ain't sure if he's gonna miss me anot. i dont even dare think about it. Going for my HG break now.. tataz

Rowena* @ [7:27 PM]

Monday, January 17, 2005

I'm so looking forward to go back Perth and stay in my teensy-weensy room! but i know it'll be a cozy place. However, its really too costly. A$1000 a month just for rental! that's almost S$1300! so damn ex! i could do so much more things with that amount of money. perhaps save it up and buy a car. Talking about Car, my dad's getting a new car again. He seems to be changing car every 5 years. I told him to get a decent car so i can drive when i'm back. heh. And he still refuses to sell that pathetic "sports" car. haiz.
Anyway, went to town today with Dearie and his fren hoping that we could get out airticket! but no! Tomorrow i'm still going down. Early in the morning too! Then going town with Mum for shopping!! my dear chuins is ill, so Jo and i are gonna pay her a visit and stuff her mouth with food. haha. she's so damn skinnY! *miss yu babes*
Went to Dearie's house and slack, then went dinner with his family. Then went to the Airport to send Dearie's dad. he's going overseas so often! Anyway, had fun today. His parents are really nice people. =) *sweet*
miss u Dearie. good night peeps. *hugz* and Jason, GUNBOUND time!!!

Rowena* @ [11:59 PM]

I wish i could have thousands of doggies in my house! look at all these puppies. they're so damn cute! i want them all! Dearie and i slept the whole night again. heh. Oh 3 cheers for Singapore! heh. Today's gonna rain! so i cant sun tan anymore!
I'm leaving for China on wed night. ANyone wanna send me off? hehe. Oh man, i love those puppies. they have cute names like currypuff, bean and tipper! so damn cute! Asterix: Woof! Woof!
GirlGirl: Woof! Woof!
Nala: Woof! Woof!
Cookie: Woof! Woof!
Tipper: Woof! Woof!

Rowena* @ [1:32 PM]

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dearie just left my place. We were watching the first half of Man U that match, then fell asleep from 9.30pm till 4.45am~ heh. 7 hours! then went for supper. then Dearie went off.
Waiting for him to be back right now. hope he's driving fine. still very tired. Now my stomach feels so full. *Yawnz* gonna sleep soon. i wanna go sun tan later! =) good night. heh.

Rowena* @ [5:20 AM]

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Remember the times in the kitchen where we would fight over who cooks better pancakes? Those were tears of happiness. Now they're tears of regret and sorrow. In 4 days i'm leaving for the icy cold Shanghai! it's -2 degrees today! how i wish it would snow. Heh. anyway, Dearie came by just now but he went off again to play golf. Will be coming to watch soccer with me later! Love u Dearie.
This morning i went to east coast macs to have breakfast with brother. heh. I was quite full, but kinda hungry now. havent eaten anything since 9am! *weeps*
I really cant wait to leave Singapore. I love Aussie so much. Well, not because i have HIM there, but for everything else. freedom, independence and so much fun with other nice people! the weather and stuffs! Singapore is just boring. Except for the times spent with Dearie and my dear friends! hugz.

Rowena* @ [5:24 PM]

Havent met Dearie for 1.5 days. i miss him so much. =( Went supper with my mum. Saw jacky and the others there. Went to settle my university stuffs again. i've been going there umpteen times, yet nothing seems to be done!! i'm so fed-up. well, at least i've got my accomodation. and course that i want. and now is my flight! Dearie never comfirm with me anything. haiz. and my dearest kenneth might be pivking me up from the airport! so sweet. haha. Then came home and suntanned at my backyard~ the sun was so hot! i was only under the sun for an hour then my Mum chased me in. sigh. so i'm still not tanned! tomorrow i'll be suntanning again! everyday i'm gonna do tht. Was home with my maid the whole night. so damn boring.
and pebbles sun-tanned with me today! she laid by ma side. heh. so cute.

Rowena* @ [12:38 AM]

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hmmm.. just hang up the phone with pearl Lin. she has some problems herself. =( might meet her tomorrow with my dearest busy Teeyu. Went to parkway with Dearie this afternoon, then went to his house stayed till dinner then came home. Dinner was great Dearie! =)
i wanna go suntanning tomorrow! hopfully the sun will be out! else i'll be so disappointed. =( And i'm thinking of cutting my hair shorter! and i wanna remove tht stupid hair extensions! It's freaking dry and it drops hair! i cant comb my hair as well! Very tired now. going to take a smoke than a short nap. *Tata.

Rowena* @ [10:16 PM]

Just got home from Zouk with Chuin and Chao. Had great time w them and their friends! Glad to know 2 more ppl going to UWA as well.
I'm not going to stay the same hostel as him. he got what he wanted. He doesnt want to meet me, he got what he wanted. Public apology : i'm sorry dear. Aint sure if you're gonna read this, but i'm sorry.

Rowena* @ [3:20 AM]

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

heh. so many entries in a day. crazy me. well, i'm tickled pink by what Dearie did. It may not be much, but i know he's trying his best. i love you Dearie. sorry about what happened earlier on. Anyway, you already know what's the cause of my ghastly behaviour! =) I'm so sorry. Dearie came to my home this afternoon just to accompany me. =) Not sure if we're gonna meet later but heh.
i'm still discombobulated. I duno where should i stay!! haiz. going town soon. i think i'll go for retail therapy. heh. I wanna go have a look at Calvin Klein and Zara. and may be AX again. =) Home is boring. I slept for only 3 hours. =(( I'm dog-tired!

Rowena* @ [3:41 PM]

i duno what has gotten into me. I knew i didn't have to do that but i still did. I'm afraid i'll scare u away once again. i promised to change and i'll do this once more.
As time is drawing by, i'm getting more confused. I don't know what i should do. I'm stucked for choice of which accomdation i should go into. I thought it was easy but now it's not. A physical living barrier is stoping me from making the choice i really want. It hurts like fuck. Making this choice once and for all might change everything that my life's going through right now. Is it that big a problem? i don't know.
one month and 8 days approx. left for me in SG. Out of these 38 days, 10 days is gone because i'll be overseas. out of this 28 days left, i think i spend 6-10 hours awake doing something, the others - sleeping.
It sucks when yu have to decide and sort things out. It sucks to be lonely with no close friends ard yu. then now i have to depend on myself, which is a really cool thing! Ok, i dont even know what i'm saying. But whatever it is, i cant sleep right now. Something's not right. and i'm feeling lost and sad. in few hours time i have to make up my mind! i just cant sleep! it keeps popping into my head. fucking hell, where should i fucking stay! Surfing all the webbies on the accomodation doesn't seem to help. i still cant make up my mind. i dont wanna make the wrong choice!

Rowena* @ [4:56 AM]

We've had such a great time
In these past few months
I never laughed so much
In my life
It's been all about us
Since that time we had
That intimate talk
Suddenly your actin' strange
Plus your conversation
Just upped and changed
Is it because your afraid
What you feelin' for me
Is the beginning of a
New heart break?
Hear me when I say

You know just like I know
We've been broken by love
We both need time to heal
That's why
In this short amount of time
We've grown so close
'Cause you relate to
Everything I feel
So let's not complicate things
By placing titles on you and I
But what we can do
Before we make the next move
We gotta find the perfect
Reason why
So believe me when I say

Anyway, tomorrow i'm going down to IDP again. haiz. Thanks Jo for sending me the pics. =) And just today, i heard Bryan speak chinese! He has an accent. cute!
Feel like going shopping for shoes. *rolls eyes* and i'm comfirm leaving for china on 20th Jan early morning. Big shopping spree for winter clothes and hehe, imitations. =)

Rowena* @ [12:41 AM]

Monday, January 10, 2005

Just got home with my Mum. We went to the temple and then went to IDP. FInally i'm gonna get my offer letter tomorrow! *So long* I'm still pondering. I'm not sure if i should stay in the Hostel or find a place outside. i Just cant stand Staying in a small room! =( Should be going back on the same flight as Dearie. hehe. I bought my Guess watch today. I'm glad i bought it. i think it's pretty. Cost $189.
This afternoon, i went lunch with Dearie. We ate Prawn noodle. so yummy. I'm kinda hungry right now. Stomach is growling. =(( And i seriously hate the on-going rain! just spoils my mood.

Rowena* @ [5:37 PM]

Slept till 6PM today~ heh. woke up ate dinner, download songs and watched TV. Dearie called me and asked me out. so i rushed to take a Shower~ went Tampines mall to watch Phantom of the Opera. It's a pretty good show. I LOVE the music. i simply adore it! Love their costumes and dances! then reached home about 1230Am. Dearie sleeping again. He said my bed super comfortable. =/ and he'll come and sleep on it when he feels like it. *WTH* =)
Gonna wake Dearie up in 45 mins time. Then we're going out for supper. *bleah* Have to wake up early tomorrow for sure. havent fulfilled my mum's wish to go out with me. That's why i am going to chase Dearie home early today. hehe. sorry baby.
and i'mgoing town tomorrow! shop!

Rowena* @ [1:28 AM]

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Dearie's sleeping like a pig now. Talking to Jason on MSn. (i had to mention his name, else he'll get angry!) Anyway, was out with Teeyu, then we walked from Boat Quay to Citylink to Bugis. on our way, the 2 of us ate alot. haha. right Teeyu? Then waited for Dearie to come pick us up. Then we went to East coast lagoon food centre! tht place is awesome! nice benches and tables. Great atmospheric toilets. heh. Ate Rojak and Stingray! yummy! Then fetched ty home and then Dearie came my place. to sleep. =)) Duno what to do tomorrow. Sunday. if it doesnt rain, i think i'm going swimming at Tanah Merah! eh, ok. nothing else to say. =)

Rowena* @ [2:46 AM]

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Just came back from supper with Dearie. we went to Bedok to eat the Mince meat noodle. Damn yummy! Ordered some dim sum too. heh. I'm really eating alot. Dearie, please control my eating! i'm sorry for not listening to you. =(
Slept the whole day as usual. Then went Tampines Mall with my brother, Roy and sis-in-law, Jo. Dearie joined us! 4 of us watched Ocean's twelve. heh. Jo treat us popcorn, drinks and movie. =) Then Dearie and i came back to my place. We slept. My life's seems to be eat and sleep and nothing else.
However, i'll be out with my mum tomorrow. then evening meet Teeyu for her haircut. Gotta sleep soon!! waiting for Dearie to be home. haiz.

Rowena* @ [4:47 AM]

Friday, January 7, 2005

I think my sleeping hours are screwed. i have been sleeping only when the sun comes out. same goes to Dearie. Today is the first time i got stopped by the police. yes, road block. Dearie and i were planning to go eat supper. It was 3am then. Both of us got called out of the car, Ic had to be presented. Argh. damn scary. but it was over in about 5 mins. =) Had a heavy supper! then came back to my place. Before that, Dearie was sleeping! Slept for almost 2 hours! and guess what i was doing, i was singing qi li xiang and jie kou non stop! think i'm in love with those songs.
Anyway, might meet Dearie tomorrow for shopping. heh. but will be accompaning teeyu to have her hair cut! (Provided can book appointment.)
Its friday already. i'm going china on 20th and Thailand for CNY. But i told my dad to go Perth instead of thailand! My 2nd brother wants to go Perth too, but he's making me do the talking! hah. Dearie just went out with his mum. then he's gonna watch golf. bleah. gonna slp now. tataz

Rowena* @ [6:53 AM]

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Slept alot today. Both times i woke up was Bryan who keep coming into my room and jumping on me, screaming "Wake up Gu jie!" Dinner was great. I've been eating alot these 3 days. i think i'm putting on weight again. heh. Dearie has been stopping me from eating! =( heh.
now watching channel 8 show. Dearie's watching it too. hehe. going to smoke now.. tataz.

Rowena* @ [9:23 PM]

Went to town to meet Teeyu~ went to Paragon's armani exchange. I bought 2 tops! at last i bought something in singapore. heh. Love those tops. Then Cherie came to meet us, sat down at coffeebean and chill out. Took pics as usual. heh. Saw an old friend there too. =)
Then Teeyu and i went to Bugis to meet Huimin and Kalyn for dinner. we ate at Pasta mania! =)) After dinner i went home straight. Dearie came my house about 12. then we went for supper and went to east coast park to chill. came back about 3 plus, i watched soccer match till i fell asleep. heh. Then we both went out for a drink outside then Dearie left. I'm scared that his mum will scold him for coming home late. =( anyway, i'm really tired now. have to wake up early tomorrow. haiz.

Rowena* @ [6:01 AM]

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Happy Anniversary Dearie. heh. just watched soccer matches till their half-time. so damn tired. Slept when i came back while Dearie played this new silly game called maple story. Had prata for supper as usual. so damn full now. but i just love onion prata! =)
Waiting for Dearie to reach home and give me a call before i sleep again. have to wake up at 2 plus tomorrow! so early! i'll only have 8 hours of sleep. =( When i came back, i took a shower. I was so gentle while washing my hair. i'm so afraid the hair extensions will come out! heh. now my hair's so curly wavey. not very nice. still not used to having dark coloured hair. Just now someone even thought i was a japanese. What the hell right? hehe.
as planned, we watched meet the fockers. damn comedy. so tired now...

Rowena* @ [5:00 AM]

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Just finished dinner at Dearie's place. yummy food! heh. Was at IDP this morning, and i decided to go UWA! Dearie's kinda not happie with my decision. =(
After that i went to do my hair extensions! i did 2 strands of maron coloured! i think it's nice as it matches my hair colour. =) did it at Hair Profile (Far east), cost me $30! i duno why is it so expensive. Then after that i went over to Dearie's place already. i slept at his place. i was so tired!
Soon, we'll be going to watch meet the fockers! (though i have the DVD.) now Dearie's place got a number of ppl, and most i duno. *shy*
Meeing Tee yu in town tomorrow. might do some shopping. heh.

Rowena* @ [7:48 PM]

Just got home from supper with Dearie! he's really making me fat! Was out with my sister-in-law this afternoon. we both went to the hair salon. I cut my hair a lil' shorter and coloured it black. Well, almost to black. i think i look so inoocent and young now! hopefully my hair will grow faster. the fringe is a lil' too short. =) Dearie loves my hair now. he says i look better now and he loves me more. heh. what nonsense right. After the salon, i went to Jo's place for dinner with the other babes. took some pics too! Hanged ard for a while, then nette's mum came to pick chang-z and i up. When i got home, Dearie called and said he's coming over to my place. yupz, tht's it about my day. Spent quite a while putting the pics into my new photo album! heh.
I was thinking of getting pink and purple hair extensions. (Teeyu's recommendation, heh.) might go down to Far east and do it.

Why am i not suppose to be too commited into the relationship? *wonders*

Rowena* @ [3:06 AM]

Monday, January 3, 2005

Dearie just left my place. i miss him already. We wanted to go catch a movie but we were too late, no more movies showing. so ended up at coffeebean chit-chatting. then came to my place, hanged out then went for prata as usual.
Dearie woke me up this afternoon about 3pm. i was still sleeping! then watched seed of chucky and oceans twelve~ Went to parkway for a while to develop photos and bought 2 happyhouse photo albums. =)) Gonna collect the pics tomorrow, cut my hair if i have the time.
Gonna meet the babes at jo's house for dinner tomorrow night! damn excited. hehe. gonna sleep soon. long day tomorrow. *love you baby*

Rowena* @ [2:48 AM]

Sunday, January 2, 2005

Heh. happy new year everyone. one year relaly passed so quick! well, got so much to say! here goes : Bought a few packs of cigs and Dvds from JB. hehe. Kenneth drove back to Sg with the others. Reached my place about 5pm. We watched a horror movie , One missed call. then we went to pick Teeyu up then went to Parkway to eat our dinner at Pastamania! AFter dinner, we went to town, sat at spinelli outside heeren~ chatted a while, took pics then went off to Esplanade for countdown. However, we missed it. we countdown at the carpark. =x Well, the few of us bought about 30 cans of the snowsprays so we played it there. Then we walked to boat Quay, sat down and had some beer. then walked back to Esplanade to meet Dearie. then came back to my area and had prata and drinks. Then all came to my place. All of them slept except me, Teeyu and Jason. Dearie went back bout 7am in the morning. =((
Then 3 of us plus Kenneth went to the airport to send steph off. she went back to Perth! then came home and sleep till 2pm. They packed and got changed, then we headed down to American Club for heavy lunch. Gan ordered so much for himself! he's grown fatter! HAHA. then we played pool and table tennis.. then they went off to Johor. teeyu and i went to town to shop. she bought something but i didn't. =( once i reached home, went to have dinner with Dearie at katong. Then went Bugis to catch a movie, kungfu hustle! Yes, second time i'm watching, but its ok. =) then Dearie and i came back to my place, watched soccer and played computer. then went to have prata outside. Saw jacky and gang there. heh. Anyway its getting late. waiting for Dearie to reach home.
this year for me is definatally a good start. i love you baby. Dear, i apologise for the bad times i had made u went through. But i promsise u that from this year onwards, you will only have good times and not bad. i love you so much! Our 8th month anniversary is coming up so soon. i love you.
Hafis, i love you too. you're a great friend. i'll see you soon! oh and thanks for letting me drive your car. i'll never forget that stupid terrifying incident outside Jason's place. heh.

Rowena* @ [4:04 AM]


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____~*stuFfX that I wan...

*More mini-skirts
*Roxy Jeans
*DKNY bags
*Roxy jacket
*Von dutch T-shirt
*Guess watch
*Driver's License in Aussie
*Fcuk T-shirts
*More supre
*Nokia 7280
*get a degree!


Pearl Lin*
Thient Thient*


*Manchurian Candidate
*Dawn of the Dead
Bad Santa
*kung fu hustle
*Team America
*Meet the Fockers
*Blade Trinity
*The Incredibles
*National Treasure
*The Grudge
*White Chicks
*Shrek 2


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*Chu Hui