What one night can bring
Alternate Surprise/Innocence... Short and sweet

Cat D
Buffy and Angel break Buffy's birthday tradition of gut wrenching misery and horror.

Comes the son - R -
The oracles couldn't erase the soncequences of the day Angel spent as human so Buff is pregnant but doesn't remember how. Five years later, Angel is still watching, can he get her back?

Ain't that enough - NC-17 -
Future time line implied, Buffy visits Ange shortly after her twenty firts birthday, she intends to tell him how he ruined her life, but when do things ever go to plan?

One Day
- R - [Tissue Warning]
Buffy is in LA visiting her father when she runs into Angel and they have a confrentation.

The wildest times in the world - [Tissue Warning]
Years after they seperate, Buffy and Angel reunite to give love one last chance.

Death Breeds Life
In the aftermath of Buffy's death, Angel learns of his daughter

Willow casts a spell with some amusing results

Angel reflects on what it means to be human

Dust and Sunlight
Buffy and Angel comfort each other after a day's battles.

On Ancient Wings
Buffy is transported to the future where she encounters a very different Angel.

Touched - NC-17
Epsiode Rewrite - It is Buffy who gets split in two during 'The Replacement', The Slayer seeks out her mate and Buffy seeks out her lover.

After Effects - NC-17 -
Alternate Eternity, the initative capture Buffy but she escapes to Angel.

A cleansing fire: An elseworlds fic - NC-17 -
AU: Angel and Buffy Roarke are in the midst of disolving their marriage but not eveything turns out as planned.

The Happy Endings Series
Alternate IWRY
Episode rewrite

Angel comes to Sunnydale to visit Buffy

Back to home
Angel comes home

Sharing secrets with mixed reactions

Buffy and Angel talk about his humanity

Christmas Worries
Buffy and Angel celebrate christmas with their family when an unexpected visitor arrives.

Alternate Graduation Day II
Episode rewrite

Kerry Blackwell
A young girl comes to LA in search of family

Speaking with the Angel
Buffy finds comfort in her child after Angel's death

Out of Order - NC-17 -
A few years after Angel becomes human he and Buffy are trapped and they reconcile.

A little girl
Buffy is forced to give up her daughter but five years on learns it is Angel who has been caring for their child

I'm the lucky one - [Tissue Warning]
One woman's destiny is ANgel's death

As the storm clears
AU: Vampires and Demons aren't the only evil in the world.

Snowed In
After the end of days, Buffy has disappeared and is believed dead, but Angel knows the truth.

Remember Me
Following 'Becoming' Buffy must enter hell to save Angel

Broken Angel
Sequel to Remember Me: The long and painful road to recovery.

Closing Chapters
Sequel to A broken ANgel: Buffy and Angel have to deal with everyone they left behind.

Angels in the Dark
Angel regains his humanity but loses something almost as precious

Shattered Dreams - R - [Tissue Warning]
With IWRY not reversed, Buffy and Angel face an uncertain future.

Dreams of Lonliness
Sequel to Shattered Dreams: Buffy has to face raising her son alone.

Dreams of Eternity - NC-17
Sequel to Dreams of Lonliness: Angel takes his rightful place as husband and father.

A Glimpse of His Face
What if Angel really had been in the Bronze during 'The Freshman'

Memories From a Forgotten Day
Buffy and Angel can't live without each other

Back in Time -NC-17
Buffy is told she must go back in time to kill Angel but at the last minute realizes another way

Enshrined in my soul
- NC-17
Post 'The Gift', Angel is grieving until he learns Buffy has returned

A Timeless Love
Buffy is in a coma and only Angel can wake her up

Let me be you're hero - [Tissue Warning] - Unfinished
AU: Buffy and Angel go on the run to escape Riley.

Death Becomes Her - Work in Progress -
Buffy is back from the dead, she just doesn't knnow why

Oranges and Lemons - R -
Willow inadvertantly casts a spell which lands the scoobies and the fang gang in eighteenth century Europe.

Rainy Days - R -
18 years after IWRY Buffy and ANgel meet and reconcile

He listened to my prayer

One year after IWRY Buffy turns up on Angel's doorstep with a surprise for him.

Forever can wait
What happens in those last few moments of 'Forever' before Angel leaves for LA

One Year Ago
Song Fic: Buffy's POV walking home in 'Helpless'

This isn't goodbye
Buffy's pov at the end of Graduation day II (un-betta-ed)

Reflected Fire
Angel reflects on how Buffy touched his life

God took her
Poem for Angel after he learns of Buffy's death

The one I waited for - R -
What if Angel really had been Buffy's history tutor

Rain - NC-17 -
Buffy reflects on her seventeenth birthday and thunderstorms

Beyond the storm

Sequel to Rain: Angel relects

The Motions - NC-17 -
Angel helps Buffy cope with the death of her mother.

Shannon Clegg
The Babe
Angel encounters Buffy in the last place he'd ever expect, concinving her to make a decsion that will effect the rest of their lives.

Landslide of principles - NC-17 -
Rewrite of 'The Yoko factor', ANgel decides he wants Buffy back no matter what.

I need to know - [TISSUE WARNING]
Anya deals with Joyce's death.

I need -Co Written by Anez Wooley - NC-17
(Spike/Anya) Anya gets bored of waiting for Xander.

How did I fall in love with you?
(Xander/Willow[ish]) Xander reflects during Becoming II

Une petite morte - NC-17 -
(Faith/Spike implied) Faith's pov on sex and death.