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All of Race Special Heroes
Mountain King -  Pretty strong fighters, really high damage, but their lack of speed and good magical spells, balance them out.  Bash really owns though, passive, gives a chance to do 25% more damage.  GOOD.

Arch-Mage -  Pretty weak, but massive spell caster.  You definately want to give this guy a try.  If your ally gets Paladin, or Tauren Chieftien, or any other melee hero for that matter, get this guy.  Blizzard and Water Elemental are pure ownage, plus mass teleport is nifty because you teleport to any non-air unit.

Paladin -  This unit rarely dies.  With massive damage and life, it truely owns.  Plus, Divine Shield, sets an invincibility wall around him.  He also has ressurect which can raise 6 of your once fallen comrades, back to fight for you.
Blade Master -  Quick speed, good damage, decent life.  Overall good melee hero.  Great special abilities too, Wind Walk is good because he becomes invisible for awhile.  Critical Strike OWNS, because 20% chance to do massive damage.  Blade Storm is good because it does good damage.

Farseer -  Somewhat weak, and not to fast.  But a lot of magic and spells to cast.  Far Sight is good for scouting and last resort detection.  Chain Lightning, good for armies.  It shreds units that it attacks.  Earthquake is ownage too because it slows and hurts for 25 seconds, of coarse not that much on heroes.

Tauren Chieftan -  Has huge amounts of life, and does massive damage.  I think he has highest life in game.  Well he also has a spell called Reincarnation, that when he dies, he gets reborn.  Cool, I know.

Death Knight -  Good hero, had really good damage, really good life.  Since he excels in both, he is pretty slow, well slow compared to other heroes.  What is cool is he can raise units to fight for him.

Dread Lord -  Not to great damage for range melee.  He has good life and some nifty spells.  he puts units to sleep, he also can send bats to attack you.  He also can send down an Infernal, a Burning Legion unit.

-  This unit is a spell caster.  He can cast good cold spells.  One is Frost Nova that does damage and slows the units.  Another is Frost Armor which adds armor and slows attacking melee units.

Demon Hunter -  Possibly best physical hero in game.  Good life, ok damage, and great speed.  It also has Focus Fire which tears up, and Evade, which gives you a 1/3 chance to dodge.  Pure ownage.

Keeper of the Grove
-  Good hero, can turn trees into Treants which will fight for you.  They arent very good, but use them as a meatshield. 

Priestess of the Moon -  Spell caster which is good.  Trueshot Aura owns, because it increases damage for all units within the range.  Starfall owns too,  It 'rains' stars that do a stunning 30 damage each, for 30 seconds.