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Guide to Medium Strategy
This is a little more advance... but basically it goes a little more into on special tactics that you can do.
Start Off
First off, you should know how to execute a good start off.  But do you really?  You might if you know this spiffy trick.  This works really well on Broodwar, less effective in Warcraft III, but it still helps.

Set a rally point near the minerals after you start building your worker.  This way, as soon as your worker comes out, it is sent near the Gold Mine or Lumber.  This doesnt work with Night Elves but with the other 3 it does.  This will give you an extra edge against your opponents.

Expand and Hold
Now you know on most maps that your Gold Mine doesnt last forever, and if it does, you need to get money faster.  So build a home center near a gold mine that is close to your base.  Send a group of soldiers by it, and have workers mine it.  If you dont need the money right now, then just wait till you do.

This really gets your enemies worried when you have 3 Gold Mines and they have 1.  So try not to lose them if you can.  Remember, this also spreads your armies thin, so be careful.

Defence and Building Styles
Ok, you know how to build some units and set up your buildings.  What you can do, if there is more that one entrance to your base is, shut off one or more, but leave at least one open.  This will help concetrate your defence, but put a gaurd tower or ranged attacker behind it so you can get some cheap hits while you send your main units to aide.

If your not a clogging kind of person, build it so they have to go around your buildings, while your range units are destroying them.  Also, concetrate it so they have to go in narrow paths, and try to make it so they get serperated, less men you fight at a time, is better than fighting one big army.

If you survive, and your feeling aggresive, go counter-attack and kill a few units.