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Night Elves
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Warcraft III
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The Shadowy Night Elves
The shadowy creatures in the night... Night Elves...
The reclusive Night Elves were the first race to awaken in the World of Warcraft. These shadowy, immortal beings were the first to study magic and let it loose throughout the world nearly ten thousand years before Warcraft I. The Night Elves' reckless use of magic drew the Burning Legion into the world and led to a catastrophic war between the two titanic races. The Night Elves barely managed to banish the Legion from the world, but their wondrous homeland was shattered and drowned by the sea. Ever since, the Night Elves refused to use magic for fear that the dreaded Legion would return. The Night Elves closed themselves off from the rest of the world and remained hidden atop their holy mountain of Hyjal for many thousands of years. As a race, Night Elves are typically honorable and just, but they are very distrusting of the 'lesser races' of the world. They are nocturnal by nature and their shadowy powers often elicit the same distrust that they have for their mortal neighbors.
Night Elf Gold Mining

Night Elves mine Gold by having their Tree of Life/Ages/Eternity "Entangle" the Gold mine. Up to five Wisps are placed inside the Entangled Gold Mine where they mine Gold without having to travel back and forth between the Tree of Life and the Entangled Gold Mine. Unlike the Undead, the Night Elves Wisps cannot be attacked while inside the Entangled Gold Mine. Night Elf players can use the Wisp's Renew ability to heal or repair damaged Entangled Gold Mines. Only Wisps can enter the Entangled Gold Mine; workers of other races cannot enter an Entangled Gold Mine.

To Entangle a Gold Mine a player can select the "Entangle Gold Mine" button and click on the Gold Mine the player wishes to Entangle. The Tree of Life will move to the Gold Mine, will Root, and will Entangle the Gold Mine.
Heroes Click Here

Wisp -  Worker bee, miner.

Archer -  Ranged attacker, basic soldier.

Huntress -  Soldier that helps archers      with upgrades.

Ballista -  Siege weapon, used for towers.

Dryad -  Fast, strong, helps army with    passive spell..

Duid of the Claw -  Soldier that morphs into a bear.
Druid of the Talon -  Soldier that morphs into a crow.
Hippogryph -  Flying beast.  Can pick up an archer for better attack.