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Where and What are Items?

Items are neat little things that can be found all around the world in Warcraft III.  They all can aid you in combat and help defeat your enemies.  Your powerful, skillful, strong hero(so you would like to think) can wield up to 6 items it their inventory.  Each item contributes to the power of your hero to massacre the enemy, or bring them to fight for you!  Items can do a slew of things, from offensive to defensive.  It also can give your hero a skill, or add to its statistics.

How to get them?

Well they come in treasure chests.  Where are the treasure chests?  They drop when a
creep is killed.  You might have noticed they dont show up on the mini-map(bot left corner) but you can see them on the screen.  If you killed all the creeps and havent got that awesome item you dreamed for, then you can buy them at the Goblin Merchant.  You cant sell them back, but the stocks will replenish from 15-60 seconds.  You can throw them on the ground and they wont dissapear.  If your hero happens to die, its items wont fall to the ground.  You just simply ressurect the hero, and the items are still there.
Why are items so useful?  Well if you have ever been in a battle where the odds just seem to be against you, then you must know that you prey for that extra edge.  The hero can be.  What if thats not enough?  Then you can equip your hero with items.  And when you are in a very large battle, you can just bust them out.  If you have ever been delt a Crown of Command, you know what it feels like.  Its not pretty, you bang your head on the keyboard and then you cry cause you broke it.  So always remember, use heroes, WITH items, and the worl will be happy!
Belt of Giant Strength - Adds 6 to strength, which gives 150 more hit points to that hero.
Ring of Strength - Adds 2 to strength, which gives 50 more hit points to that hero.
Boots of Elvenkind - Adds 6 to agility, which gives improved speed and armour.
Ring of Agility - Adds 2 to agility, which gives improved speed and armour.
Circlet of Insight - Increases intelligence by 6 which gives 150 more mana.
Ring of Intelligence - Increases intelligence by 2, which gives 50 more mana.
Ring of Protection - Increases defence or armour by 4 giving it a better chance to survive a fatal attack.
Ring of Wizadry - Increases mana recovery rate.
Ring of Health - Increases hitpoints by 300.
Gem of True Seeing - Sees invisible units in line of sight.
Orb of Lightning - Adds 6-12 damage.
Orb of Frost - Adds 6-12 damage but slows target when hit.
Consumable Items can be found here.
Wand of Illusion - Makes an invisible double of unit selected, deals no damage, takes 2x damage, and dies after 60 seconds.
Crystal Ball - Allows user to veiw lands far away from the spot it was used.
Crown of Command - Allows user to permantly control a non-hero unit and non-resistant magic units.