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Warcraft III FAQ
Will there be a Warcraft III Collector's Edition?
Yes.  There will be one, in fact you will get many great items, I recomend it.

Where will the storyline pick up?

The storyline picks up from about the middle of what Warcraft Adventures' storyline would have been. It also includes characters from WarCraft Adventures, such as Thrall, the Orc leader. For more information, see the
storyline section.

Will gameplay be more like an RPG or more like an RTS?

A confirmed by the beta experience, gameplay will be much more like an RTS, as opposed to an RPG. However, Blizzard has added fundamental elements of an RPG, such as heroes, skill point placement (leveling), questing, and NPC's (Neutrals) with whom one interacts as merchants and as monsters to slay for hero experience points. Multiplayer will be even more like a traditional RTS than will single player.

Will players be represented by a character in the game?

No. Although players will command up to three heroes, there will not be a specific one representing them. This helps to set Warcraft III apart even further from an RPG.

What resources will there be?

The primary resources for all races and units will be gold and lumber, which can be collected in various ways, depending on which race the player is using.  In addition, the Undead utilize corpses for some of their summoning processes.

What is Upkeep?

Upkeep is a device that Blizzard created to discourage "turtling," that is, sitting back in one's base and amassing large number of units prior to battle.  Upkeep extracts a price in gold income for units above a certain number.  All battle units cost between 2 and 8 food units.  Upkeep allows 100% mining income for up to 40 food units.  Between 41 and 70 food units, only 70% of the mined gold will be deposited into the coffers ("Low Upkeep"); between 71 and 90% (the food ceiling), only 50% of mined gold will be accrued ("High Upkeep").

Will water depth affect speed and/or movement?
Yes, and no. If water is too deep, then units cannot move through it, and must go around. However, if the water is shallow, then it can be traversed by units but it will not effect the speed of the unit.

Will daylight and nighttime affect the game?
Yes.  The
Night Elves and Undead attain benefits during the night time.  The beta is seeing changes in this area, and the released game may have more or fewer varying effects of daytime and nighttime.

Will terrain have an effect?
Yes, the terrain will play a role in some battles. For instance, if a unit is on a hill, he or she will have an advantage against units who are positioned below.

Will trees have an effect on gameplay?
Yes, trees will be very important for strategic purposes.  They can form defensive barriers that can protect one's base.  They can provide hiding places behind which to collect an assault force.  And of course, the Night Elven hero, the Keeper of the Grove, can create melee units directly out of a cluster of trees.