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New link! If not Kirk, why not Pambo?

1/23/00 New write-ins, vp candidate, and more.

Tired of the other candidates? Can't tell the Democrats from the Republicans from the Klingons anymore? Want someone who'll kiss from the lip, shoot from the hip, and always save the ship?


"Some people find the future very frightening."

-ST VI: The Undiscovered Country

 The Following 100% Clean-Minded Shatner Party Literature Is Now Available:

Who's Number Two?:Veep Candidates In Search Of....a side order for our favourite ham.

A Definitive Veep? (New York is over-rated anyhow.)

Another Definitive Veep? Probably not, but good talent-level-compatibility.

Your Write-In VP Candidates! Rest assured, we take you as seriously as we take ourselves.

The Competition: How does Bill compare?(Our Voter's Guide! Bush Vs. Gore Vs. the Shatnerator. Our money's on Bill!)

The Shatner 2000 FAQ: (You have asked...we have answered. A quick guide to the Shatner Party Way.)

Updated! Links to Canadian World Domination and Shatnerology on the Web! More! More! More! All your Shatnerology needs satisfied, plus! Canadian World Domination, How to Be Evil and the Pamela Lee Plot!.

 The following links will be activated as the will of the forces of the Commonwealth Conspiracy and Canadian World Domination(tm) dictate. All Hail the Mighty Queen Elizabeth II (Translation: Yeah, yeah. We're gettin' around to it.)

These Party Manifestos/Origami Kits are Forthcoming:

The Look of Leadership: Bill's Rugs(He's not only a client...he's the leader of the Free World!)

The Sound of Leadership: Bill's Musical Stylings (Lucy in the Sky With Shatner.)

CWD (tm) and the Commonwealth Conspiracy:The Campaign Begins (Deep Background: Shatner, and CWD)


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