Daily Images Of GAPP 2000

Here is the place that you will be able to follow our exchange on a daily basis.  Come back every day to see the previous day's events!  A new day will appear most every day.  Please remember that while we are on our bike tour of the Tauber River, there will be no uploads until the day after the trip.  The day after the trip I will post three days worth of uploads which will cover the bike tour.

Erich, Steve, Vanessa and Dave watch a movie about Oberfranken during 2nd period.

GAPP 2000 By Day

Sunday, July 9:  We finally meet!

Monday, July 19:  Wiesenfest in Gefrees!

Tuesday, July 11: Welcome Evening

Wednesday, July 12: In School and Gefrees

Thursday, July 13:  City Research and School

Friday, July 14: Visit to Mayor and Bayreuth.

Saturday, July 15:  Herr B. goes to Bamberg.

Sunday, July 16: At the Theater and some partners!

Monday, July 17:  Museum of the Wall in Mödlenreuth

Tuesday, July 18: Job Shadowing Day

Wednesday, July 19: Excursion to Waldsassen

Thursday, July 20:  Hiking in the Fichtelgebirge I

Friday, July 21:  Hiking in the Fichtelgebirge II

Saturday, July 22: More Partners

Monday, July 24: Off to Rothenburg!

Tuesday, July 25: Biking along the Tauber, I

Wednesday, July 26: Biking along the Tauber, II

Thursday, July 27: Biking along the Tauber, III

Friday, July 28: Biking along the Tauber, IV

Sunday, July 30:  Kurort Bad Berneck

Wednesday, August 2: A Day in Berlin, I

Wednesday, August 2: A Day in Berlin, II

Wednesday, August 2: A Day in Berlin, III

Friday, August 4: Fishing and Good-Bye Evening

Friday, August 4: Good-Bye Evening, II