Victoria before 1841

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From Victorian Periodicals and the Empire, "The March of Civilisation, or News from Australia!" The Illuminated Magazine (vol. II) Jan 1844.

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The march of Civilisation




Bounty Vessels of 1841


Di Cummings - To South Australia
Passenger lists - NSW as families or singles
Victoria has age of individual,
My Resume and Pioneers site
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39 - David Clark, John Barry, Westminster, William Metcalfe
40 - Andromache, China, Coromandel,
Glenhuntley, Himalaya, Isabella Watson, John Bull, Orient, Theresa
Agostina, Agricola, Alexander, Allan Ker, Argyle in March, Argyle in April, Ariadne, Branken Moor, Brilliant, Catherine Jamieson, Diamond, Duchess of Northumberland, England, Enmore, Ferguson, Forth, Frances, Frankfield, George Fyffe, Georgiana, Gilmore, Grindlay, Intrinsic, John Cooper, Lysander, Marquis of Bute, Mary Nixon, Middlesex, Neptune, Royal Saxon, Salsette, Sir Charles Forbes, Strathfieldsaye, Thomas Arbuthnot, Wallace, Ward Chapman, Westminster, William Abrams, William Metcalf, William Mitchell, York, Ferguson newspapers 1840-45.
Hobart Courier
Baptism of first set of triplets

Notes on over 41,500 people.
Churches before 1848

Geelong Advertiser for 1840, 1841, 1842, omits issues for 1843.
Melbourne Times began Volume 1, Number 1 on 9 April, 1842.

The extracts from a diary of Victoria dated from the first settlement until 1842, was posted on Rootsweb Sat, 30 Oct 1999 by R + L Fletcher, whose email has bounced.

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