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Came to Port Phillip in 1841
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Coastal shipping - Abeona, Devonshire, Maguasha, Shamrock,

They came by the 'Georgiana' as Self-funded and as Bounty Immigrants in 1841

Use the list of Notes on over 41,500 people, to find the page with details of individual passengers -
this list omits details from the ship list of calling, religion and ability to read and write. Other details of life in Port Phillip are being sought


arrived 19 Feb 1841, barque Stephenson master, from Liverpool 4 Oct 1840 via Cape of Good Hope with 212 emigrants and placed in Quarantine Images 117-124,
The Georgiana was a 406 ton barque under Capt. Stephenson which departed Liverpool 4 Oct 1841 via Cape of Good Hope, carrying immigrants. Captain George Stephenson, Richard Ryther Steer Bowker was the Surgeon Superintendent, James Murphy promoted to 1st Mate, 2nd mate Griffin. Dr Bowker was paid 97/2/6 - 10/6 for each migrant landed safely. He kept a diary on board.

Hunter Valley medicos - Dr Bowker has an interesting write-up. Richard was born 1815 in Lincolnshire, UK and died in 1908. He wed 1858 to Lydia Phillips with 8 chn born at Newcastle, Cedric born 1876 in Paddington, a year later Richard was elected Member for Newcastle in the Legislative Assemble, Lydia died in 1878.
Tuesday, February 23, 1841 The Port Phillip Herald lists Passengers Mrs Drew, Miss Drew, Messrs Francis and John Drew, Mrs and Miss Casey, Mr CA Williams and Mr Henry Morris,
Intermediate - Wigmore family - Rev Mr Wigmore, Mrs Mary Ann, and 6 chn - William, Richard, Ellen, Eliza, Mary, Louisa,
32 Steerage - (most of these men were Bounty Immigrants) John Bland, Edward Broderick, John Byron, John Clark, John Connolly, Christopher B Cud, Matthew Culley, Christopher Donley, Dennis Egan, Richard Evans, John Gibbons, William Gracie, Samuel Halfpenny, George Hennessy, Robert Holt, Abraham Horsfall, Harry Hooton, Thomas Houghton, William Irving, James Johnston junior, Joseph Johnston, William Johnston, David McWilliam, Thomas Mahony, Thomas Nicholson, John C Ridelday, Jeremiah Rigby, William Saxon, John Sikes, John Hoe Waitley, Daniel Waters, Robert Whaternough,
John Gibbons, Samuel Halfpenny, George Hennessy, Robert Holt, Abraham Horsfall, Harry Hooton, Thomas Houghton, William Irving, James Johnston junior, Joseph Johnston, William Johnston, David McWilliam, Thomas Mahony, Thomas Nicholson, John C Ridelday, Jeremiah Rigby, William Saxon, John Sikes, John Hoe Waitley, Daniel Waters, Robert Whaternough came 19 Feb 1841 as Steerage passenger on the Georgiana
and 213 bounty emigrants

3 adults and 14 chn deaths, 216 names, 38 husbands and 23 single men

Bowker's Diary is very disjointed. It names about 20 passengers, namy of them them Paying Passengers. See my notes on Bowkers Diary.

From Perilous Voyages, page 54, "The parson, Thomas Wigmore went to Van Diemans Land in March 1841, was declared insolvent in 1845 and immediately returned to England, followed in 1849 by his wife and surviving children." My data suggests his wife is Mary Ann Wilkinson, son Richard born in Cork died 1862 aged 35 in Victoria
We regulated our messes (the whole number are divided into messes of 12 adults or equal to 12 adults, 3 children under 7 receiving equal to 1 adult and 2 children between 7 and 14 having the same, after 14 they are considered adults. One of each mess is constituted president and his duty is to report what his mess wish to have, they are allowed to have one kind of food instead of another, as oatmeal and flour instead of meat or biscuit etc.), to receive it and carry it to the cook and after it has received his attentions to carry it to his mess and distribute it among them. The emigrants declared that some of their presidents during our first disastrous days were sick and could not do their duty and that others had good appetites and devoured what was prepared for the whole mess.

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Georgiana 218720101112939373824591831381828

The Georgiana passengers

In this ship list, people are numbered within the classified group - families or single male or single female. In this ship list, people are classified families or single male or single female, and each person has a different number.
Colour code Staff and Crew, Paid own passage Bounty Immigrant Disallowed Bounty departing PP
Mrs Anson (Cabin 1)
Son Anson born 8 Dec (Cabin 2)
Robert Art 39 hus (family 1) Cooks Town
Jane Art 37 wife of Robert (family 1) Cooks Town
Jane Art 19 dau of Robert (single woman 1) Cooks Town
Samuel Art 18 son of Robert (single man 1) Cooks Town
Isabella Art 16 dau of Robert (single woman 2) Cooks Town
Mary Ann Art 14 dau of Robert (family 1) Cooks Town
Robert Art 7 son of Robert (family 1) Cooks Town
Thomas Bell 19 (single man 18) Manchester
John Bland 23 Widower (family 2) Dublin
Bland - wife of John died 30 Jan 41 after premature birth (family 2)
R R S Bowker - Surg Supt (Staff 2)
Edward Broderibb / Broderick 32 hus appointed Overseer (family 4) Tipperary
Margaret Broderipp 28 wife of Edward (family 4) Tipperary
Mary Broderipp 4 dau of Edward (family 4) Tipperary
Mrs Brooks died 16 Dec 40, family back in Ireland (Cabin 3)
Crew Bryant a sailor (Staff 7)
John Byron 32 hus (family 3) Lancashire
Mary Byron 32 wife of John (family 3) Lancashire
Lees Byron 7 son of John (family 3) Lancashire
William Byron 5 son of John (family 3) Lancashire
Abraham Byron 3 son of John (family 3) Lancashire
Alfred Byron 0 son of John born at Sea (family 3)
Mrs Casey - (Cabin 1)
Miss Casey courted by Mr Williams (Cabin 2)
John Clark / Clarke 31 hus Overseer (family 7) Co Cork
Margaret Clarke 27 wife of John (family 7) Co Cork
Francis Coffey / Coffee 15 (Disallowed 5) Kildare
Margaret Collin / Colin 16 (single woman 4) Cork
John Conolly / Connolly 25 hus (family 8) Co Meath
Elizabeth Conolly / Connolly 26 wife of John (family 8) Co Meath
Fanny Crawley / Crawley 23 (single woman 3) Rochdale
Henry Crossley 26 hus (family 6) Belfast
Ann Crossley 26 wife of Henry (family 6) Belfast
infant Crossley died 26 Nov 40 (family 6) Belfast
Christopher B Cud (Steerage)
Mathew Culley / Cutley 26 hus his pannihin was stolen (family 5) Belfast
Ann Cutley 28 wife of Mathew (family 5) Lancashire
Sarah Cutley 4 Died 7 Nov 40 (family 5) Lancashire
John Cutley 2 son of Mathew (family 5) Lancashire
Elizabeth Cutley 0 dau of Mathew (family 5) Lancashire
Patrick Donahoe 32 hus (family 10) Co Cork
Johanna Donahoe 30 wife of Patrick (family 10) Co Cork
Catharine Donahoe 9 dau of Patrick (family 10) Co Cork
John Donahoe 4 son of Patrick (family 10) Co Cork
Christopher Donelly / Donnelly 28 hus (family 9) Fermanagh
Jane Donelly / Donnelly 25 wife of Christopher (family 9) Fermanagh
Eliza Drew 22 (single woman 11) Cork
Louisa Drew 18 (single woman 5) Kerry
Mrs Drew - Mother (Cabin 3)
Rebecca Drew 12 dau (Cabin 4)
Mr Francis Drew - son (Cabin 6)
Mr John Drew - son (Cabin 5)
Denis Egan 30 hus (family 12) Cork
Mary Egan 36 wife of Denis (family 12) Chester
Bartholomew Egan 10 son of Denis (family 12) Cork
Denis Egan 5 son of Denis (family 12) Cork
John Egan 3 son of Denis (family 12) Cork
Ellen Egan 0 dau of Denis (family 12) Cork
John Egan 24 hus (family 13) Cork
James Egan 22 (single man 3) Cork
Mary Egan 28 wife of John (family 13) Cork
Richard Evans 40 hus (family 11) Chester
Jane Evans 39 wife of Richard (family 11) Chester
George Evans 20 son of Richard punished (single man 2) Chester
Samuel Evans 15 son of Richard (family 11) Chester
Rosanna Evans 10 dau of Richard (family 11) Chester
Mary Flanagan 21 (single woman 7) Drogheda
Mary Ann Fox 28 (single woman 6) Manchester
Crew Freeman Boatswain (Staff 6)
Edmund Gallagher 38 hus - servant to Wigmore (family 14) Yorkshire
Eliza Gallagher 35 wife of Edmund (family 14) Yorkshire
child Gallagher died 13 Nov 40 (family 14) Yorkshire
Francis Gallagher 15 son of Edmund (family 14) Yorkshire
Mrs Garrow Paid own fare did not like Wigmore (Cabin 9)
Margaret Geavey / Geary 17 (single woman 10) Cork
Mary Gary / Geary 20 (single woman 9) Cork
John Gibbons (Steerage)
James Gibbons 21 appointed Overseer (single man 5) Eameskillen
Jane Gracoley / Gracely 23 (single woman 8) Samskillen
William Gracie / Gracy 20 (single man 4) Wigton
Edgar Griffin - 2nd Mate Friend of Doctor (Staff 4)
Samuel Halfpenny 37 hus (family 21) Newcastle
Ann Halfpenny 30 wife of Samuel (family 21) Newcastle
Sarah Halfpenny 8 dau of Samuel (family 21) Newcastle
John Hanson 30 hus (family 15) Yorkshire
Mary Hanson 29 wife of John (family 15) Yorkshire
Charlotte Hanson 7 dau of John (family 15) Yorkshire
Tamar Harding 18 (single woman 12) Cork
George Henessy / Henessey 30 hus (family 18) Cork
Ellen Henessy / Henessey 29 wife of George (family 18) Cork
Robert Holt 35 hus (family 19) Lancashire
Mary Holt 35 wife of Robert (family 19) Lancashire
Esther Holt 11 dau of Robert (family 19) Lancashire
John Holt 9 son of Robert (family 19) Lancashire
Sarah Holt 5 dau of Robert (family 19) Lancashire
Elizabeth Holt 2 dau of Robert (family 19) Lancashire
Henry Hooton 31 hus (family 20) Lancashire
Harriet Hooton 27 wife of Henry (family 20) Lancashire
Alice Hooton 6 dau of Henry died 6 Dec 40 (family 20) Lancashire
Abraham Horsefall / Horsfall 28 hus in fight over Cully's pannikin (family 17) Yorkshire
Ruth Horsefall / Horsfall 25 wife of Abraham (family 17) Yorkshire
Mary Ann Horsefall / Horsfall 0 dau of Abraham died 6 Dec 40 (family 17) Yorkshire
Thomas Houghton (Steerage)
Robert Hudson 20 hus (family 16) Sligo
Mary Hudson 27 wife of Robert (family 16) Sligo
John Hunter 38 hus (family 22) Antrim
Ellen Hunter 38 wife of John (family 22) Antrim
Daniel Hunter 15 son of John (family 22) Antrim
James Hunter 14 son of John (family 22) Antrim
William Hunter 11 son of John (family 22) Antrim
Mary Hunter 7 dau of John (family 22) Antrim
Dau Hunter died 11 Nov 40 (family 22) Antrim
Eliza Hutchinson 16 (single woman 13) Armagh
William Irving 31 hus (family 24) Scotland
Jane Irving 31 wife of William (family 24) Scotland
James Irving 13 son of William (family 24) Scotland
Joseph Irving 11 son of William (family 24) Scotland
John Irving 9 son of William (family 24) Scotland
Jane Irving 8 dau of William (family 24) Scotland
William Irving 1 son of William died 16 Dec 40 (family 24) Scotland
James Johnston / Johnson 21 son of James Fought with Readon, knew pan belonged to Cully (single man 6) Eameskillen
William Johnston / Johnson 19 son of James on 12 Dec did not like brother being punished (single man 7) Eameskillen
James Johnston 38 hus (family 23) Antrim
Elizabeth Johnston 39 wife of James (family 23) Dunmore
Joseph Johnston 17 son of James in trouble 12 Dec (family 23)
Thomas Johnston 15 son of James (family 23)
Robert Johnston 13 son of James (family 23)
Archibald Johnston 11 son of James (family 23)
Eliza Johnston 8 dau of James (family 23)
Mary Keiler / Keilan 22 (single woman 14) Cork
Henry Leader 20 (single man 9) Staffordshire
John Lord 27 (single man 10) Rochdale
Thomas Mahony / Mahoney 31 hus (family 25) Cork
Julia Mahony / Mahoney 34 wife of Thomas (family 25) Cork
Catharine Mahony / Mahoney 4 dau of Thomas (family 25)
Daniel Mahony / Mahoney 3 son of Thomas (family 25)
Eliza Mansfield 26 (single woman 16) Cork
Ann Mccarthy 24 (single woman 17) Cork
Crew McCraham Sailor in fight over Cully's pannikin (Staff 5)
Ann Mcmurtley / McMurltig 24 (single woman 15) Antrim
John Mcwalter 20 (single man 15) Cork
David McWilliam (Steerage)
Michael Meskill / Miskill 20 (single man 11) Cork
Henry Morris / Moris 21 2nd cabin (single man 12) Wales
Alice Mullin 23 (single woman 18) Armagh
James D Mr Murphy - not liked by Wigmore (Staff 3)
Catharine Naylor 19 (single woman 20) Cork
Thomas Nicholson 20 (single man 13) Down
Jane Nicholson 25 (single woman 19) Kerry
Thomas Ortin 25 (single man 8) Manchester
John Oshea 33 hus (family 26)
Sarah Oshea 22 wife of John (family 26)
Mary Ann Oshea 9 dau of John (family 26)
John Oshea 7 son of John (family 26)
Honoria Oshea 22 (single woman 21) Cork
Robert Purlingham / Partingham 30 hus (family 27) Leith
Lucy Partingham 31 wife of Robert (family 27)
Christopher Peed 27 insulted in fight over Cully's pannikin (single man 14) Cork
Isabella Purvis / Purves 22 (single woman 22) Cooks Town
John Reardon 27 hus, a tall Irishman Fought with Johnson (family 30) Cork
Bridget Reardon 26 wife of John (family 30) Cork
Mary Reardon 5 dau of John (family 30) Cork
Robert Reardon 4 son of John (family 30) Cork
John C Ridelday (Steerage)
Jeremiah Rigby 24 hus (family 28) Lancashire
Ann Rigby 26 wife of Jeremiah (family 28) Kilmarnook
John Rigby 1 son of Jeremiah (family 28)
Thomas Rowe / Roe 30 hus (family 29) Sheffield
Hannah Rowe / Roe 37 wife of Thomas (family 29) Sheffield
William Saxon 20 hus (family 31) Lancashire
Betsy Saxon 31 wife of William (family 31) Lancashire
Nicholas Saxon 1 son of Thomas (family 31) Lancashire
Ann Sprigg / Sprig 20 (single woman 24) Cork
Ann Stanton 22 (single woman 23) Cork
George Stephenson - Master (Staff 1)
John Sikes / Sykes 37 Widower (family 32) Yorkshire
Wife With Sykes - wife of John died on voyage (family 32) Yorkshire
Martin Sykes 11 son of John (family 32) Yorkshire
Mary Sykes 9 dau of John (family 32) Yorkshire
George Taylor 28 hus (family 33) Lancashire
Agnes Taylor 21 wife of George (family 33) Lancashire
infant Taylor died 28 Oct 40 (family 33)
James Thomson / Thompson 22 hus (family 34) Manchester
Mary Ann Thomson / Thompson 24 wife of James (family 34) Manchester
Joseph Thomson / Thompson 2 son of James (family 34) Manchester
Thomas Vaughan 28 hus (family 35) Cork
Mary Vaughan 26 wife of Thomas (family 35) Cork
Benjamin Vaughan 0 son of Thomas (family 35) Cork
John Hoe Waitley (Steerage
Daniel Waters 26 insulted in fight (single man 16) Kildare
Silvester Waters 24 (single man 17) Kildare
Mary Waters 16 (single woman 26) Richmond
William Watmore 24 hus (family 38) Lancashire
Mary Watmore 24 wife of William (family 38) Lancashire
Jemima Watmore 1 dau of William (family 38) Lancashire
Robert Whaternough (Steerage
William Whittaker 38 hus (family 36) Samskillen
Elizabeth Whittaker 27 wife of William (family 36) Samskillen
Albert Whittaker 17 son of William (family 36) Samskillen
Caroline Whittaker 16 dau of William (single woman 27) Eameskillen
Charlotte Whittaker 10 dau of William (family 36) Samskillen
William Whittaker 2 son of William (family 36) Samskillen
Georgiana Whittaker 0 dau of William born at Sea (family 36) Samskillen
Revd Thomas Wigmore - hus Irish clergyman (Intermediate 13)
Mrs Wigmore - wife of Thomas nee Mary Ann Wilkinson (Intermediate 14)
Richard Wigmore 14 son of Thomas Richard born in Cork died 1862 aged 35 in Victoria (Intermediate 15)
Ellen Wigmore 12 dau of Thomas wed 13 Jan 1848 to Robert Whiteway at Bothwell,Tasmania (Intermediate 16)
Eliza Wigmore 11 dau of Thomas wed 01 Mar 1851 to Matthew Kennett at Hobart,Tasmania (Intermediate 17)
Mary Wigmore 5 dau of Thomas (Intermediate 19)
William Wigmore 3 son of Thomas (Intermediate 20)
Louisa Wigmore 0 dau of Thomas (Intermediate 21)
Catharine Wigmore 27 (single woman 25) Cork
Sophia Wigmore dau died 6 Dec 40 died 6 Dec 40 (Intermediate 18)
Mr CA Williams (Cabin 8)
David M Williams 26 hus, an Irish farmer, (family 37) Wilton
Catharine Williams 29 wife of David (family 37) Wilton
George Wilmot 36 hus used improper language (family 39) Manchester
Elizabeth Wilmot 37 wife of George (family 39) Manchester
Anna Wilmot 15 dau of George (single woman 28) Manchester
Robert Wilmot 11 son of George (family 39) Manchester
Emma Wilmot 9 dau of George (family 39) Manchester
Georgiana Wilmot 7 dau of George (family 39) Manchester
Elizabeth Wilmot 5 dau of George (family 39) Manchester
William Wilmot 2 son of George (family 39) Manchester

July 9 - cleared for Calcutta, in ballast
On 17 July 1841 arrived in Sydney from Port Phillip, and departed 18 July bound for India
Nov 2 arrived - Georgiana barque, 500 tons, Robinson master from Rotty and Timor, Passengers Mr Dunlop, Captain Lemin and Mr Lane, and one in the steerage.
17 Nov - cleared for Calcutta. Passengers Mrs and Miss Devereux

17 Nov 1841 cleared from Melbourne for Calcutta

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