Just when you thought it was safe to enter the filk room . . .

Amalthea and Celano
Bitter enemies imprisoned together from Peter Beagle's The Last Unicorn

At Giant's Dance
A song about Stonehenge and the pagan in all of us.

Babylon 5
Well, it's not a very original title, but then, that's what it's all about.

The Ballad of Otto Frank
Or how Anne Frank's diary came to be published . . .

Beggar at the Feast
For all my friends who are chasing dreams.

The Bored Programmer
Important safety tip. Don't piss off the tech support

The Boy Left Behind
Based on the end of the Stardance trilogy by Spider and Jeanne Robinson

Closer to Zen
It could always be worse.

Clothing Time
Who says filkers can't be costumers too?

Dying of the Light
Another "From the book of the same name" filk.

Elder Gods
Or the true story of Jack and Jill.

Fantasy Couples
What happens after happily ever after?

Filker Takes a Wife
This is Gingi's fault . . .

Fortune Spinner
Finding your fortune isn't always the easiest thing . . .

Co-written with Seanan McGuire and Batya Wittenberg, in the week following September 11th.

For Shel Silverstein, one of my greatest teachers.

Jenna's Plea
From Jane Yolen's Sister Light, Sister Dark and White Jenna.

Kokepelli's Smile
For anyone who's ever tried to follow the strange and ghostly music to its source.

The Lion, Dorothy, the Tinman and Me
Friends on a journey.

Lysaer and Arithon
Unbreakable curses, and the search for immortal love.

Many Huns, One War
The WhirledNightmare song.

A love song.

The Miller's Daughter
Rumplestiltskin seen from another perspective.

Ode to a Cold
An early attempt at filk, circa age 12 . . .

Panther Queen
Partially inspired by Gargoyles the animated series.

Prisoners of the Waves
Song of the nameless unicorns from The Last Unicorn

Religious Confusion Tango
And you thought your religion was trouble?

Sleep on the Ledge
For the favorite feline of my childhood.

A Song for Arbonne
After the Guy Gavriel Kay book of the same name.

Soul Vampire
As a famous filker used to say "I still get angry just thinking about this one."

Star Tears
If you haven't read Brightness Falls From the Air go out and find it!

The Stars Compel
Childhood, Judaism, heartache, and the stars.

Still Filking
Oh my god! They filked Tom Petty! Those Bastards (tm)!"

A Thousand Ships (Take II)
Helen of Troy meets the Proclaimers.

The Three Fine Slayers of Rupert Giles
Written at Buffycon with a whole roomful of people.

And then we tied Jordan to a chair ...

In the Wake of the Stars
About fandom, filk and family.

The Westing Game
Do yourself a favor, read this book . . .

When She Comes
Dave Carter loved life and laughter. I'd like to think he would have liked this.

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